15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings

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New Jersey doesn’t lack SEO agencies but finding a New Jersey SEO agency that is affordable and reliable isn’t going to be a cakewalk.
There are various factors that you need to consider before you choose any agency and choosing an ill-suited agency can do you more harm than good. Hence, we have listed the fifteen best New Jersey SEO agencies to save you from choosing the wrong agency.

Let’s see what these agencies offer and how they’ll help you increase your search rankings, domain authority, and much more.

1. SmartSites

Founded in 2011 by two brothers, SmartSites is a renowned and award-winning web design and digital marketing firm in New Jersey. Their primary focus is SEO and PPC. 

Awards and recognition are just the tip of the iceberg for them. The agency quickly rose to the top of the list of fastest-growing American businesses thanks to their ingenuity and creativity, a lot of effort, and outstanding results for their clients.

SmartSites Features

  • They are a Facebook marketing partner, a Google premier partner, a Microsoft advertising partner, and a Hubspot certified partner as well. 
  • The agency has won numerous digital marketing awards and has been listed six times in Inc 5000 magazine as one of America’s fastest-growing companies (2017–2022). Furthermore, Better Business Bureau has also accredited them with A+ ratings. 
  • The agency has worked with small companies as well as large Fortune 500 companies. Regarding the quality of their work, they have generated $100M+ revenue for their clients. 
  • They have a track record of delivering a 200% increase in web traffic in the past for clients. You can review some of their past clients’ results in the case studies section of their website. 
  • You get a free consultation to understand what they can do for you before you commit to a paid plan. 

2. Organical

Organical SEO Agency
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 17

Since 1998, Organical has provided top-notch digital marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses. They consistently rank among the top SEO Agencies in New Jersey for their exceptional service.

Alex Miranda, the agency’s founder, is an industry thought leader and has spoken at many universities, conferences, and workshops. His “Google Loves WordPress” presentation at WordCamp NYC 2012 was and still continues to be one of the most impactful presentations on SEO-related subjects. 

Organical Features

  • The agency has served more than 100 small businesses with a 95% of client retention rate. They have also helped clients rank on the first page for over 5000 keywords, along with a 150% average increase in sales and a 100% increase in traffic. 
  • They offer a free SEO audit and consultation to their potential clients. You can take advantage of it, analyze your business website’s SEO status, and discuss how the agency can help you with your issues. 
  • You are free to choose multiple contract options from 3,6, and 9 months as per your convenience. You are also free to cancel the contract anytime. 
  • They have been in the digital marketing business for over 20 years. They offer you a real-time interactive dashboard where you can monitor their SEO tactics and results in real-time anytime you wish. 
  • The agency is a Google partner and is recognized by various industry experts and sites as the best SEO service provider in New Jersey. 

3. Sagapixel SEO

Sagapixel SEO
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 18

Since 2017, Sagapixel has helped hundreds of companies with their SEO services in New Jersey to get online and connect with their target audience. They have experts who can advise you on SEO, site design, and other related services.

Sagapixel SEO Features

  • They have delivered a 6x increase in traffic to some of its clients. The agency’s previous results are available in the website’s results section. 
  • They provide access to their project management system to each of their clients. It contains a real-time overview of all their SEO tactics and the implementation thereof. You can monitor the progress of your projects in real-time.
  • Many leading business as well as SEO-specific sites and experts have ranked them among the best New Jersey SEO agencies.

4. Sagefrog Marketing Group

Sagefrog Marketing Group
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 19

Sagefrog has worked with numerous B2B healthcare, technology, and business services companies since 2002, and their team is very knowledgeable about a wide range of markets and businesses. They provide web design, SEO, email marketing, media relations, advertising, and branding services.

Sagefrog Marketing Group Features

  • The agency is a Platinum Certified Agency Partner with Hubspot. Furthermore, they are also a Google partner. 
  • It’s intriguing to see how many case studies the agency has posted on its website. They can help you to understand the agency’s expertise and see how their services may benefit your business. 
  • The agency is one of the top fifty fastest-growing businesses and workplaces in the area and that’s no wonder because they have worked with many well-known businesses like APEX, Core Solutions, Razor Technology, Defibtech, and McCallion Staffing.

5. Shoreline Digital Marketing

Shoreline Digital Marketing Agency
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 20

Established in 2010, Shoreline Digital Marketing works with companies in Jersey City as well as those from other parts of the country. Thus, if you’re reading this from outside New Jersey, you can choose this agency for your SEO needs as well. 

Their main objective is to help clients improve their position in SERP so they can attract more leads and generate more sales for better results. 

To accomplish it, the agency offers strategic solutions that produce substantial outcomes.

Shoreline Digital Marketing Features

  • The agency is a Google partner, a WPengine agency partner, and a HubSpot agency partner. 
  • The agency has generated 986k leads and 651k calls for their past clients. They have ranked 89k keywords on the first page of Google. You can analyze the company’s past track record in the case studies section.
  • You can track the real-time progress of your website. Their custom reporting tells you about each conversion, ranking keywords, and other vital data. In addition, you get will weekly and monthly reports about the progress of your projects. 
  • Before you enter into a contract with them, you also get a free SEO audit of your website. An SEO audit will help you understand exactly where you need assistance before you hire the agency.  

6. WebiMax

WebiMax Agency
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 21

WebiMax’s primary operating principles revolve around the idea that they should become reliable long-term partners for their clients instead of just being an agency to which they outsource some of their business processes. 

This SEO agency based in New Jersey is more focused on smaller businesses, assisting them in growing their online presence and attracting more customers by boosting their Google search engine rankings.

WebiMax Features

  • The agency got featured in leading newspapers and magazines, including Forbes, Bloomberg, CNN, CNBC, The Washington Post, and Fox Business. 
  • Inc. 500 has listed them three times as one of America’s fastest-growing private companies. Furthermore, many other esteemed publications like International Business Times, The Manifest, and Newsweek have accredited them as the best digital marketing companies in the area. 
  • They offer a free website analysis tool that gives vital information about website speed, performance, security, and other technical aspects. 
  • Once you choose them, you’ll get a client login where you can see the real-time dashboard of your website. You can analyze the results of each technique the agency is applying to improve your website. 
  • The agency has an experience of over 14 years in the SEO field. They are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses but they have worked with renowned large companies as well. Some of their top clients are Novotel, Oracle, Great Wolf Lodge, Owens Corning, Liberty University, and the State of NJ.

7. Incrementors Web Solutions

Incrementors Web Solutions
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 22

Incrementors Web Solutions is a New Jersey SEO agency that aims to make marketing simpler for everyone. The goal is to help businesses concentrate solely on developing their products while the marketing and SEO are taken care of by them.  

They assist companies with services like SEO, PPC, email automation, social media optimization, and web development. 

Incrementors Web Solutions Features

  • They offer a 30-minute growth strategy session via phone call. It is a free, no-obligation call that is hypothetically worth $1000. During this session, the agency analyzes your site and presents you with a strategic growth roadmap.  
  • Leading newspapers and magazines like Forbes, Databox, Business News Daily, Tech Republic, Welp Magazine, etc. have featured them quite prominently as a result of their impactful work in the field of SEO. 
  • They understand that every business has its unique requirements and objectives. That’s why they provide customized packages. 

8. iQuanti Inc.

iQuanti Inc.
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 23

iQuanti was founded in 2008 with the mission of providing robust & reliable digital marketing services for global businesses. They help clients build their businesses, outperform their rivals, and take control of their markets. 

In addition to its headquarters in New Jersey, the agency now operates worldwide through its offices in cities including Bangalore, London, Mexico City, Toronto, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

iQuanti Features

  • In 2019, iQuanti appeared for the seventh time on the exclusive Inc 5000 Hall of Fame list of the nation’s fastest-growing private businesses. Furthermore, the agency is a Google, Meta, and Bing partner. 
  • They have successfully generated an 88% increase in organic traffic, a 45% increase in conversions, and a 90% increase in CTR for some of their past clients. And their past clients include some top companies like Citi, BBVA, LG, Webster Bank, Purepoint, and Vineyard vines.
  • It would have been better if the agency had provided their potential clients with a free SEO audit and consultation. But they do take the time to understand your issues and offer a customized plan as per your requirements and budget. 

9. Lform Design

Lform Design
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 24

Established in 2005, Lform Design understands the importance of precision and consistency. They offer SEO services that aid business owners achieve more organic traffic, convert more prospects, and earn more revenue. 

Lform Design Features

  • The agency has won the AVA awards four times. It is a worldwide contest that honors creative experts who have contributed to the conception, direction, design, and creation of media that has been distinctive in the world of digital media and marketing. Among many such awards, they have also won the Wimgo Awards in 2021 for being the best B2B company. 
  • The agency offers customized packages tailored uniquely for each client. 
  • Some key clients they can boast of include renowned companies such as AAA Innovations, Bergen Cable, CAST Lighting, Dauphin, Kulite, Mitsubishi, Fuso, Fuji Film, and Modern Restaurant Management.
  • You can schedule a 30-minutes consultation call by filling out some basic details.

10. Ridge Marketing

Ridge Marketing
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 25

As a full-service approach to digital solutions, Ridge Marketing offers web design, advertisement, content marketing, SMM, and SEO services. 

Its team of experts assists companies with website optimization to increase organic traffic, brand recognition, sales, and much more. 

Ridge Marketing Features

  • The agency has won several awards for excellent digital marketing services. For instance, they have won The Communicator Awards, Astra Awards, and GD USA among many others. 
  • They are inbound certified by Hubspot Academy and Google Analytics certified. 
  • You can quickly review the details of some of their past work on the website. You can read them to get a better sense of their expertise and services.
  • The agency has 17+ years of experience in providing SEO and other related services. They have helped hundreds of businesses and successfully sailed through algorithm changes over the years while delivering superior results consistently. 
  • They are ideal for businesses of all sizes. For instance, they have worked with small local businesses and also assisted top brands like Ansell, Brother, Exederm, Valiance, and GE Healthcare.

11. Fullestop

Fullestop Agency
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 26

Fullestop is a renowned New Jersey SEO agency, offering solutions to clients throughout the globe since 2001. 

Their SEO experts employ innovative strategies and techniques to increase traffic, including keyword research, link building, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and competition analysis. 

Fullestop Features

  • The agency has 21 years of experience and a record of 2500+ satisfied customers. 
  • They have included some of their work in the case studies section of their website. 
  • Some of the most respected SEO experts and publications have recognized them as one of the best SEO agencies in New Jersey. And one of the reasons behind that is the fact that they are a Microsoft and Google Cloud partner. 
  • The agency is ideal for all types of businesses, whether you own a small or a large enterprise. They have worked with many companies worldwide, like Skoda, Volkswagen, Adidas, British Council, Timex UK, and Cinepolis. 
  • They are an ideal fit if you are looking for multiple services at a single destination. Along with SEO, you can get other services like mobile app development, web development, IT consulting, staff augmentation, cloud computing, and SEM.

12. Bizmap Marketing

Bizmap Marketing Agency
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 27

Founded in 2018, Bizmap is a newcomer to the list of the best New Jersey SEO agencies. Their primary aim is to help businesses invest in SEO to become more visible on search engines, gain more traction among their target audience, and enjoy better sales. 

Bizmap Marketing Features

  • In just a small span of 4 years, the agency has served 129 clients and completed 230 successful projects. 
  • The agency offers a free video SEO audit and consultation for potential clients. A video SEO audit is something that you’ll not find at many agencies elsewhere, let alone in New Jersey. 
  • The agency provides a variety of SEO packages for all types of businesses. You can even pay monthly or choose any one-time package depending on what works for you. 
  • In addition to being lauded by industry experts and publications, they have earned a great reputation among clients as well. For instance, they have worked with notable companies like Fox Shipping, Blunger, and Classico.
  • They provide free web redesign with all comprehensive packages, and opting for a 3-month package will give you one more additional service for free. 

13. 9Sail

9Sail Agency
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 28

Established in 2015, 9Sail is a data-driven firm providing affordable SEO services in New Jersey.  

They aim to assist their clients in growing leads, attracting targeted website visitors, raising brand awareness, and establishing and maintaining brand reputations.

9Sail Features

  • The agency has published case studies on its website. It’ll give you a clear image of how they operate and the results they have been able to achieve in the past. 
  • They give prospective customers a free SEO evaluation and advice. You can use it and examine your company website to determine if it is SEO-friendly. Following that, the team’s professionals will discuss how they can help you make improvements. 
  • As a result of their stellar work, 9Sail has been featured on leading websites and journals, including Inc., Forbes, Search Engine Watch, The Wall Street Journal, and the New Jersey Law Journal.
  • They keep in touch with you about the progress of your SEO project through regular reports. These reports contain all the information that you’d need to assess how your site is performing as a result of the agency’s efforts. 
  • Their expertise includes SEO for law firms and contractors. So, if your business falls under these categories, they could be the agency that you’ve been looking for.

14. Digitalux

15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 29

Digitalux has been helping numerous small, medium-sized, and large enterprises worldwide since 2013. The agency has the expertise and experience to transform your digital marketing and generate extraordinary growth. They can help you achieve exceptional growth in lead and revenue generation.

Digitalux Features

  • The agency offers you a free SEO consultation. You can get it by filling in a few primary forms on their website.
  • If you want to know if they are the right agency for you, go through the case studies section to see who they have worked with in the past, what they have done, and whether they can make a meaningful impact on your business. 
  • You don’t need to sign a long-term contract with them. Instead, you can choose not to continue with them any time you wish. Moreover, you can break down the pricing and timeline according to what works best for you. 
  • They have bagged several awards and successfully handled 230+ campaigns. Interestingly, the agency claims its client’s satisfaction rate is 100%.
  • Some of their past clients include reputable organizations such as the New York Medical College, Yonka, Engnet Engineering Network, Feldman criminal defense, and Alignit.

15. Saffron Edge Inc

Saffron Edge Inc
15 Best New Jersey SEO Agency To Increase Your Search Rankings 30

Finally, Saffron Edge Inc is a New Jersey SEO agency that collaborates closely with its customers to implement SEO strategies and help them rank higher on Google and other search engines. 

Saffron Edge Inc Features

  • The agency has successfully worked on 1500+ projects and helped 2500+ global businesses. 
  • In the 14 years that they have been in business, their success rate is said to be 99%. If in doubt, you can read the case studies on their website. They can help you understand the team’s capabilities and judge whether they can help you actualize your goals. 
  • They are a Semrush-certified agency partner. It allows them to collaborate with Semrush to learn and implement new marketing techniques. They are also Google and Facebook marketing partners.  
  • You get customized packages as per your business needs and goals. There are no fixed packages to which you must commit irrespective of your needs and budget. 


So, this was our list of top SEO agencies in New Jersey that you can rely upon. All of the agencies listed here are impeccable service providers. Choosing the right agency from this list will ensure better search rankings, more leads, and revenue in the upcoming years.

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