15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings

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Let’s face it. Finding an SEO company in San Jose is not a walk in the park. It’s not like you can go on to Google and trust the first company that pops up. With something as crucial and complex as SEO, you need to collaborate with the right people and the right team to get a good ROI. 

So, if you’re looking for the best SEO company in San Jose, read on. We have vetted almost all the agencies based in and around the city and produced this list of the fifteen best San Jose SEO companies.

Let’s see what each of them has to offer.

1. Milestone Inc

Milestone Inc
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 16

Founded in 1998, Milestone enhances conversion by boosting your site’s search engine rankings and giving your brand more visibility online. They often get listed among the best San Jose SEO companies.

Moreover, they collaborate with huge brands as well as mid-sized companies across multiple industries to get the best results from multichannel marketing powered by SEO. 


  • The Manifest, a well-known business magazine, has listed them as one of the top SEO agencies in San Jose. Some of their key clients include Hyatt, USBank, Interstate Hotel and Resort, and Renault.
  • They offer you a free SEO audit. You can avail of it by filling out a basic form on their website. After the audit, they connect with you to discuss where you are lacking and how they can help to improve it. 
  • The agency has won US Search Awards 2022 among many other awards. Industry publications like Search Engine Land have recognized them as being among the best SEO and SEM companies.


  • They don’t accept every project and only work with a limited number of clients from a limited set of industries. 
  • Their SEO services may seem expensive if you’re a small business or a startup.

2. ResultFirst

ResultFirst providing SEO services in San Jose
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 17

ResultFirst is a well-known name for providing SEO services in San Jose. 

The agency offers a broad range of comprehensive marketing solutions for companies of all sizes and types. 

The agency works on the basis of highly data-driven methodologies, where they align with your goals and offer customized services as per your website’s SEO audit data.


  • The agency has generated $870k+ revenue, 48k leads, and placed 29k keywords in the top 3 positions. They have successfully satisfied 3k+ clients with their services. 
  • The best way to get to know them is to go through some of their past clients’ case studies on the website. They are an indication of the kind of results they can bring to your business. 
  • Their central commitment alone makes them stand out: No monthly fee until the keywords are not ranked. That’s very unusual in the industry.
  • You also get a free SEO analysis before you work with them. 
  • Some of the top companies in the world choose to work with them. Their key clients include Subway, Charge.com, Ricoh, and Hotelwards. 


  • Though they’re an 18-year-old SEO company, they have not won any awards for its SEO services. Neither have they been featured or prominently ranked by industry insiders, publications, and experts.

3. Finfrock Marketing

Finfrock Marketing Company
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 18

Established in 2010, Finfrock Marketing is an SEO and digital marketing company offering its top-notch service in San Jose. 

The agency employs SEO techniques like link-building, keyword placement, tagging, and coding optimization to increase the site’s visibility to Google.


  • The agency offers you a free SEO consultation. You can easily ask all your questions and get clarification on all your doubts regarding its SEO services and results during the conversation. 
  • They are a Google-certified partner agency. It means that they are at the cutting edge of all new trends and algorithmic updates. 
  • The company believes in giving back. They have been helping people in developing countries with food, education, and necessities. A small portion of your fee goes to helping vulnerable people across the globe. 
  • They understand that every company has a set of unique requirements depending on its size, goals, and motives. That’s why they provide customized plans to every client who chooses to work with them. 


  • This agency falls a bit short in terms of notable awards, accolades, or recommendations from SEO experts and publications. 
  • One of the best ways to understand an agency’s past track record and strengths is through case studies and testimonials. But you’ll not find any case studies on their website.

4. Stark Marketing

Stark Marketing agency
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 19

Stark Marketing offers affordable SEO services in San Jose, frequently serving small- to medium-sized regional enterprises. 

The company was established in 2006, and since then, they have provided outstanding SEO-related services to help its clients rank in Google search results.


  • A well-known business magazine, The Manifest, has listed them as one of the top SEO service providers in San Jose. Many other SEO sites have recognized them as one of the best in the business. 
  • You also get a no-obligation free SEO audit, delivered directly to your email inbox.
  • The agency offers customized plans and serves all kinds of businesses. Some key clients include the Phoenix Lounge, Dollars & Sense, San Mateo County Bail Association, and Neon Media.


  • They have also not released any SEO-related case studies or portfolios on the website, which may make it hard for you to assess their rate and degree of success in the past.

5. Sure Exposure

Sure Exposure SEO agency
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 20

Established in 2006, Sure Exposure is among the best San Jose SEO companies. They have helped many businesses with their digital marketing services. 

They aspire to provide solutions that not only meet but surpass their clients’ demands. Furthermore, their primary goal is to support your company’s long-term development as a business partner.


  • According to the well-known business publication, The Manifest, they are among the top SEO service companies in San Jose. Some other reputed sites have recognized them for excellence in both SEO as well as web design services. 
  • They offer a free SEO audit tool on the website where you can quickly get an audit report of your website within 3 minutes.
  • They believe every business has unique needs depending on its size, objectives, and motivations. Therefore, they offer specialized strategies and plans based on each client’s demands.
  • You are not bound by any fixed or long-term contract with them. You can cease to do business with them any time you wish. On top of that, you are under no obligation to pay anything if, after 30 days, they have not fulfilled your expectations. 


  • They have not released the details of their past projects in the form of case studies. 
  • They have neither won a lot of laurels from reputable bodies nor have they been ranked by industry publications. This may be a concern if you are a big enterprise but, in any case, their services are mainly geared toward small to medium-sized businesses.

6. Spectrum Group Online

Spectrum Group Online
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 21

Spectrum Group Online is an SEO company based in San Jose that adheres to search engine standards and optimizes material for precision and user satisfaction. 

When conducting SEO audits, they also look at competing domains to identify potential improvement areas. They aim to design a vision for their digital marketing services, a comprehensive plan based on the financial objectives, and smooth execution.


  • The agency is a Google Certified Partner and Microsoft Advertising partner. This means that they are always abreast of the latest trends and changes in digital marketing platforms and can quickly adapt their strategies and tactics to ensure optimum results. 
  • You get a free 30-minute consultation where the agency checks your website SEO authority and clarifies your doubts.
  • They have provided numerous case studies of their past clients on the website. Case studies help you see the results of their SEO services for their past clients and enable you to make an informed decision.
  • They have served businesses of many sizes and from many industries. Some of their top clients are United Way Bay Area, TEDxBerkeley, Centered Leadership, and Valley Home Builders. 


  • You do not get any free SEO audit report, unlike most SEO companies in San Jose.
  • They have not included their email address in the contact us section. You can only call them or talk to them through the live chat option.

7. SocialSellinator

SocialSellinator SEO agency
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 22

Started in 2017, SocialSellinator is an SEO agency for small and mid-sized companies. Its mission is to provide affordable SEO services in San Jose.

Their data-driven approach to search engine optimization and other digital marketing solutions is effective in generating more leads and raising brand awareness among potential customers.


  • They have featured in some top newspapers and magazines like Disrupt, SuccessXL, Socials Insiders, and Los Angeles Times. In addition, they have been named as one of the best SEO agencies in San Jose by publications such as The Manifest among others. 
  • They are an ideal choice if you are a small or medium-sized business. Some of the companies they have worked with include ON24, Frontdesk AI, Aerospike, Escalon Services, and Spicely Organics.
  • They offer you a 15-minute long free consultation over the phone, where you can discuss your requirements and evaluate how they can help you get leads and improve search engine rankings. 


  • It would have been better if they had provided a free SEO audit report or consultation for prospects so that you could have assessed their capabilities before choosing to do business with them. 
  • They are relatively new to the SEO market and lack the decades and years of experience that other agencies on this list can boast of.

8. Builds Worth

Builds Worth is an internationally recognized company that ranks among the top San Jose SEO companies. 

Their methodology involves combining the best human talent with cutting-edge technologies to deliver results that significantly increase the digital growth of the business. 


  • The agency offers you an instant website audit in your mailbox. You can also avail yourself of a free SEO consultation which can help you understand your issues and whether this agency can help you overcome them. 
  • If you want to know if they are a good choice for your business, go through their case studies section, where you can see the results they have brought for clients in the past. 
  • They are ideal for small as well as large enterprises, as their SEO plans start at $199/month, which is quite reasonable if not the most inexpensive out there. 


  • They have not won any awards or gained significant recognition among leading experts and publications for their SEO services.

9. Demand Boost

Demand Boost SEO firm
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 24

Established in 2010, Demand Boost is a San Jose-based SEO firm that works with businesses of various sizes and from various sectors. 

The company’s SEO experts concentrate on accelerating sales, i.e., conversions by boosting brand awareness and increasing organic website traffic. 

Moreover, long-term commitment and partnership are one of their main mantras. They seek to work alongside you, provide you with the best results, and help you navigate the muddy waters of SEO in the long run. 


  • The agency is a Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner. So you can rest assured that they’ll be on top of the latest trends and updates and will be able to adapt their strategies and tactics to ensure the best results for you. 
  • They offer you a monthly report, quarterly account review, and monthly newsletter. All this helps you to get an idea of the tactics being implemented for your business, the results, and a lot of other useful information. 
  • You get a dedicated client portal where you can log in and monitor the progress of your projects and get a lot more real-time data regarding all the things the agency is doing on behalf of your business. 


  • As a prospect, you can’t get a free SEO audit report which could have been a way for you to judge their competence/expertise in the field. Moreover, there are no case studies on their site, so there’s very little information that can help you judge how effective the company will be for your business unless you hire them.

10. ER Productions

ER Productions
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 25

The next on our list of top SEO agencies in San Jose is ER Productions, which was established in 2001. 

The company develops successful SEO-focused marketing campaigns. The business also provides support for paid marketing initiatives and website design jobs.


  • The agency has served 120+ clients and completed 240+ projects since beginning its journey in the SEO industry. 
  • They offer you a free consultation, which is the perfect chance to get to know them better and ask all your questions regarding SEO services, pricing, past successes, and more. In addition, you can go through various case studies to understand their past track record. 
  • They believe no two businesses are the same in terms of requirements. So they analyze each customer’s needs and offer a customized plan. 


  • The only area where they lack is industry recognition. They neither have too many awards nor do they have recommendations from industry experts or publications.

11. Kat & Mouse Co.

Kat & Mouse Co. SEO service company
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 26

Initially started as a web designing company in 1995, Kat & Mouse Co. is now among the best San Jose SEO service companies. 

Their only aim is to align with the business goals of their clients and provide the best SEO service that will drive more traffic and increase revenue. 


  • The founder of the agency, Kathy, was the winner of 2012 Bruce Clay’s Local Discovery Contest for her outstanding work in the realm of Local SEO. 
  • Many esteemed bodies have recognized them for their SEO services. Many leading experts and sites have rated them as one of the best SEO agencies in San Jose. 
  • You can receive a free SEO audit and consultation. A free consultation helps you clear the air before you put in real money for their services.
  • The agency has received A+ ratings from Better Business Bureau
  • Since they’re more focused on local SEO, they’re a perfect fit for small businesses and startups.


  • The fact that they are suitable for small businesses may mean that they may not have the expertise or the experience to deal with large enterprises with operations spread across the country or the globe.

12. Mentality Designs

Mentality Designs
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 27

Mentality Designs uses organic marketing strategies including technical SEO such as sitemaps and SEO-friendly web development to increase the search engine rankings and overall digital visibility of businesses. 

In addition to technical SEO, the agency employs other SEO techniques like SEO-optimized content and link-building to increase the search engine rankings of websites. 


  • You get a free website analysis when you choose them. This helps you understand some things about your site but, most importantly, is an indicator as to how effective they could be in identifying and perhaps even solving your problems. 
  • You don’t get bound by any contract. You can subscribe to a monthly plan that can be canceled anytime if you find that it’s not worth it. 
  • The best thing is that they provide you with work and executive reports. You can see what tactics they are implementing on your behalf and what sort of results they have brought in. 


  • In addition to the fact that there are no case studies of past clients on their website, the agency doesn’t really have too many awards and recommendations to boast about. Hence, assessing its suitability for your business may be a bit hard.

13. Infigic Technologies

Infigic Technologies
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 28

Infigic Technologies is a San Jose-based website designing and SEO firm that offers clients distinctive web design and digital marketing services. The expertise and data-driven approach this company brings to the table enables it to deliver superior results to its clients in terms of key SEO metrics. 


  • The agency offers you a no-question asked, 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with their services. 
  • They are a Google partner and Magento 2 certified associate developer. It helps them to regularly learn new technologies and implement them when developing and implementing SEO initiatives for their clients. 
  • The agency has served 160+ clients and successfully completed 220+ projects in the last ten years. Hence, they have a good track record of handling complex projects. 
  • If you’ve more queries about their services, you can get review their past client’s results in the case studies section. 
  • You get biweekly and monthly reports of your project about site metrics such as keywords rankings and conversions. 


  • They don’t offer a free SEO audit or consultation to their prospects. Moreover, they fall short in terms of awards, recognitions, and recommendations from experts.

14. Blue Astral

Blue Astral
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 29

Founded in 2016, Blue Astral SEO agency provides affordable SEO services in San Jose. You also get related services like web development, PPC management, and e-commerce development. 

They provide their services at the most competitive pricing, thanks to their technology specialists who are incredibly creative, passionate, and goal-oriented.


  • You can go through several case studies of their previous customers to get to know them better.
  • The agency has been listed among the top SEO service providers in San Jose by the renowned business magazine, The Manifest, and many other industry blogs.  
  • You get a free SEO audit and a report about your website’s SEO status which can help you understand where you are lagging behind. 


  • They are relatively young in the SEO industry and so lack a lot of meaningful experience in dealing with changing tides which be a drawback if you want a more reliable long-term partner for your well-established business.

15. 77 Million

77 Million Digital Marketing Agency
15 Best San Jose SEO Companies That Will Get You Higher Rankings 30

Finally, 77 Million is another agency that ranks among the best San Jose SEO companies. The agency is an innovation-driven, ROI-focused digital marketing agency. 


  • They are more focused on small and medium-sized businesses. 
  • The company provides you with a customized plan because it believes that every business is unique in its own way and has unique goals and requirements. 
  • In addition to SEO, you can also get related services like SEM, SMM, and email marketing here.


  • The agency has not released too many details about its past projects or clients. Combined with the fact that they have not been prominently featured by renowned SEO-related blogs and publications, that leaves you with little information as to whether they can successfully actualize your goals.


SEO is crucial for being discovered by the right audience, getting traction among them, and making them your loyal customers. And if you’re in San Jose, these are the San Jose agencies that can help your organization achieve a better SEO position and generate more revenue.

Finally, we’d recommend that you do your own research, make use of free consultations and audits, and get to know as many of the agencies mentioned here as possible before zeroing in on one.

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