The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario

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The search engine optimization (SEO) industry has outgrown its dark past. Today, you will not find ugly empty websites ranking high on Google results. The death knell has sounded for black hat SEO agencies, and the best SEO agencies in London, Ontario, now embrace white hat SEO tactics.

They use tactics like content marketing, local SEO, and mobile prioritization, spurning tactics like keyword stuffing and spammy link-building processes. 

In their place, they employ SEO tactics like page usability, relevance, and quality, to please the Google search algorithm. As a result, these SEO agencies will help your website rank high on Google. 

Which Do the Top SEO Services in Ontario Offer?

The best SEO services in London, Ontario, will improve your website’s visibility on search engines. In addition, their processes attract potential clients to websites drawing organic traffic from search engines like Google or Microsoft Edge.

Data shows that organic search is responsible for at least 53% of all clicks on a website. In contrast, paid search only brings 15% of traffic to a webpage.

Then, the best SEO agencies in Ontario could push your website to the first Google search result page. The top page on Google organic search results receives 10X more clicks than other top ten pages. In contrast, only 0.63% of searchers visit results on the second page of Google organic search results.

For this reason, 55% of businesses invest in professional SEO services. Some services that affordable SEO services in Ontario offer include:

  • Technical, off-page, and local SEO
  • Content marketing and creation
  • Website UX or user experience enhancement
  • Feedback metrics and analysis
  • Backlinking services

Below are the top SEO services in Ontario:

1. MoonShot Social Media

MoonShot Social Media
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 15

MoonShot Social Media is a young, agile digital marketing company in London, Ontario. It is also one of Forest City’s (London, Ontario’s other name) best SEO agencies. Moonshot kicked off its operations as a social media management agency.

Its initial focus was to provide services that increased local small businesses’ brand visibility and audience engagement rates. However, Moonshot was soon overwhelmed by client demands for affordable local SEO services.

Today, at least 80% of Moonshot businesses are in the SEO sector. In contrast, 60% of their portfolio is social media management. This agency also offers Google Ads management services.

Most SEO agencies adopt hourly, performance-based, project-based, or monthly SEO contracts. In line with most Toronto-based SEO agencies, Moonshot has adopted a  monthly pricing model for its services.

Fortunately, while the average monthly cost of SEO services in Toronto is $3000-$5000 CAD, Moonshot service charges are a real steal. Likewise, their affordable white hat SEO services in London, Ontario, will only cost CAD 500 per month.

2. Momentum360

The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 16

Planning to start your SEO journey but need help figuring out where to start? First, book a free 30-minute strategy session on the Momentum360 website. Then, use the session to pinpoint your business’s SEO needs and costs. 

Momentum360 offers its clients keyword research and on-site optimization services. On top of that, they will perform technical SEO on your page. They will, for instance, fix bugs, low speeds, broken links, and your site’s structure to enhance user experience.

Other Momentum360 services include directory citing, listings, and web content creation and optimization services.

3. Iron Rhino

Iron Rhino
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 17

Iron Rhino is a marketing agency that offers its clients a diverse range of services. Most integrated marketing agencies, like Iron Rhino, have creative, marketing, social media management, and web development departments under one roof.

This agency’s SEO department launched in 2021. The main focus of this launch was to boost the Canadian city’s service industry business website SEO. After all, London is a medical research, technology, and manufacturing hub. It also goes by the name University City because it is home to the University of Western Ontario. So, the service industry SEO needs is bottomless.

Some services that Iron Rhino offers to its clients include access to high-authority backlinks. Backlinks are a signal of site authority. To this end, businesses that reach out to Iron Rhino will rank higher on search engines. They also offer content marketing and business listing services.

Then, Iron Rhino does not outsource its services to overseas hubs. Rather, its professional SEO experts will first listen to you and diagnose your SEO needs. Then they will develop a personalized strategy for your business that gives you a hedge over the competition.

To learn more about SEO service prices, visit their website and request a personalized quote. That said, review websites show that Iron Rhino’s monthly service price tag is in the $1000 to $2000 CAD range.

The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 1
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 18

4. Ontario SEO

Ontario SEO
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 19

Ontario SEO is a leading London agency specializing in developing effective digital marketing campaigns. Their superpower, however, is easing their client’s understanding of the ‘pretty friggin’ complicated’ SEO process.

So, if you are worried about zigging where you should have zagged in your SEO process, contact them for guidance. Ontario SEO specialists have winning search engine visibility and digital advertising tactics awaiting you when you hit their inbox.

On top of that, they provide social media marketing support. And if you are looking for a comprehensive digital strategy, they are your huckleberry. Ontario SEO will provide a framework incorporating winning digital marketing initiatives and implementation processes.

The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 2
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 20

Best of all, Ontario SEO has excellent reviews on the Google Business Profile. Their customers laud them for high-quality service and attention to detail. In addition, the Ontario SEO team is friendly and not dabblers, per the amazing reviews.

They have the tactical chops to knock the socks off your skeptical boots. However, they have not listed their price range on their webpage but have provided an easy contact form for easy and quick communication.

5. 44 North

44 North
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 21

44 North is a leading SEO agency in London, Ontario. Unlike other platforms on this list, 44 North’s main clients are real estate developers, builders, and contractors. Builders turn to 44 North to sell their units, leaning on them for professional branding and website lead generation enhancement.

But besides the building industry, 44 North also provides SEO services for skilled trade companies. So, if, for instance, your electrical, plumbing, renewable energy, or HVAC company has low web sales, talk to 44 North’s SEO experts.

They will develop a rewarding digital marketing strategy for your business. In addition, their processes will enhance your brand’s visibility and sales. 

Like, Ontario SEO, the 44 North Google Business Profile has many positive reviews. Their clients laud their ability to listen to their needs, professionalism, and efficiency.

44 North Review
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 22

6. Arcane

The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 23

The Arcane team says they are ‘rad marketing strategists,’ generating bespoke SEO solutions for SEO London Ontario businesses. 

Besides its success in digital marketing, Arcane has a robust creative culture that “gives smart workers the freedom to perform excellent work.”

To this end, the 65 creatives’ strong digital marketing department oozes creative and innovative solutions that positively impact their client’s businesses. As a result, they have earned awards for their excellence. 

Arcane Awards
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 24

A few services the Arcane team offers businesses include technical SEO, optimized landing pages, accessibility auditing, and page speed auditing. Unfortunately, the Arcane page does not provide information on their SEO service charges.

But, unlike Ontario SEO and 44 North Google Business Profiles with nearly excellent reviews, Arcane has an average 4.5 review rating from 21 customers. Some of their former customers seem unsatisfied with their costs.

7. Pace Creative

Pace Creative
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 25

Pace Creative is one of the top SEO services in Ontario. They are also a communications and marketing agency with nearly a decade of experience. 

Unlike MoonShot Social Media which focuses on B2C startups, Pace Creative’s sole focus is B2B businesses. They provide creative SEO services to businesses, helping them attract more website clients.

Pace has a variety of services besides SEO. They include web design and development and digital marketing. Consequently, your business can contact Pace when needing 2D or 3D animation services. 

In addition, they will provide top-of-the-range marketing strategies, audits, and lead-generation tools. 

On top of that, they provide content development and marketing services. They also have outbound and social media marketing gurus on their team. Kindly reach out to Pace for a custom quote for services.

8. Growth360

The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 26

Growth360 is one of the best Toronto SEO agencies. They are a London, Ontario-based agency specializing in SEO, PPC, and conversion optimization services. 

They also offer their clients top-of-the-range Google Analytics audits and digital marketing services. Last but not least, Growth360 has a social media advertising arm.

Growth360 services are perfect for small and medium businesses. So, your startup does need to hire a digital marketer. Reach out to Growth360 and hand over your SEO needs to their skilled team. 

That said, if you have a digital marketing team but require specialized SEO skills, Growth360 will give you that helping hand.

They are, however, flexible and could guide any franchise’s lead generation process. Their processes are comprehensive, and they will market your website as if it were theirs to ensure maximum visibility on search engines.

Their one-time SEO project charges are $5,000 – $30,000 CAD. Then, they will levy a monthly average of $650-CAD 3,000 on recurrent SEO needs. In addition, you will pay an average of $150-$300 CAD for consulting services.

9. Slyfox

The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 27

SlyFox is a leading SEO agency in London, Ontario. It is an integrated marketing agency that provides web and graphic design, digital and social marketing, and SEO services. SlyFox’s SEO services include high-quality content generation and website optimization.

On top of that, they provide keyword analysis, backlinking, and reporting services. Customers love Slyfox’s SEO services. 

Slyfox Reviews
The Best SEO Agencies in London, Ontario 28

This agency has over 50 positive reviews on its Google Business Profile. Most customers love their creativity, professionalism, and responsiveness.


How much does SEO cost?

SEO service costs vary as per niche, location, and type of business. That said, for a start-up, local SEO services in London, Ontario, may cost an hourly average of $50-$100 CAD. Larger companies may pay a  monthly average of $3000-$5000 CAD for SEO needs.

Are SEO agency pricing models flexible?

Yes, they are. Most agencies offer a variety of pricing models. You could request an hourly, monthly, performance-based, or per-project payment model for your business as per your SEO needs.

What are the advantages of Top SEO services in Ontario?

The best SEO agencies are professional, efficient, and transparent. They will help your website rank high on search engines.

What are the disadvantages of Top SEO services in Ontario?

Some SEO agencies are shady and do not offer proof of success. They also may insist on long-term monthly commitment charges for short-term SEO work.


The best SEO services in London, Ontario, are vital to organic traffic growth. Organic traffic is as beneficial to an e-commerce site as foot traffic is to a physical store. 

So, approach one of these agencies above and access guidance to top-notch audience targeting, SEO reporting and analytics, and advanced SEO strategy planning.

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