Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region

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We won’t blame you if you’re tired of looking for a reliable SEO consultancy in Manchester. Finding a service provider that offers quality work and delivers on its promise takes a lot of work. Therefore, we have vetted and listed Manchester’s 16 best SEO consultancies. 

These agencies have served Manchester city, Greater Manchester, and even the rest of the UK with top-notch SEO services and a good track record. Moreover, they surpassed several key standards for inclusion in this list.  

Let’s see how these agencies will help you grow in Manchester!

1. Net Sixty Six

Net Sixty Six
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 17

Net Sixty Six is an SEO consultancy in Manchester that develops websites and provides top-notch SEO services. They provide customized strategies to maximize your website and brand’s advantages, effects, and exposure.

Net Sixty Six Features

  • The agency has 16 years of experience in digital marketing. Further, they have an impressive track record of ranking 8,486 pages on the first page of SERPs. 
  • You get a free SEO audit and consultation. An SEO audit will help you to understand your website’s SEO status.
  • The agency got featured in major magazines like BBC, Manchester Evening News, and PR Web.
  • They have provided some of their case study results. You can examine the outcomes of the company’s previous clients and set correct expectations.
  • You get custom reporting about each conversion, ranking keywords, and other data. 

2. Custard

Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 18

Since 2007, Custard has provided advanced organic search, sponsored search, and paid social services in Manchester. 

The company aims to raise brand awareness by exposing your business to a broader audience and enhancing your website’s search performance.

Custard Features

  • A listing agency named GoodFirms has accredited them as one of the top SEO agencies in Manchester
  • You can get customized packages that cater to your specific needs. As a result, you get one of the most affordable SEO services in Manchester.
  • The agency has 15+ years of experience in the SEO field. Moreover, they have helped hundreds of businesses and successfully faced various search engine algorithmic changes while ensuring consistently positive results.
  • The company has worked with notable clients like National Tyres & Autocare, Kelkoo, Bunzl Plc,, Spartoo, Lakeland Leather, and Vivastreet (international).
  • You can find case studies published on their websites, which will help you understand how their services have helped their clients achieve their desired outcomes.

3. Red Cow Media

Red Cow Media
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 19

Award-winning SEO agency Red Cow Media is an excellent option if you want amazing results and ROI. 

The company’s primary offerings include SEO, PPC, paid social media advertising, organic social media, and email marketing.

Red Cow Media Features

  • The agency has won numerous awards, like the Talk of Manchester Business Awards (For SEO), Best Digital Business, and CV Magazine Awards.
  • They are a Google, Shopify, and Facebook business partner. 
  • You can analyze the company’s past clients’ results in the case studies section of its website. 
  • They provide you with customized reporting to help you track your business growth.
  • The agency has been featured for its excellence on BBC Radio 5 Live Interview, Manchester Evening News, and AdRoll.

4. Ad Rank One

Ad Rank One
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 20

Ad Rank One is one of the UK’s top digital marketing agencies with a worldwide client base. 

The company’s team aligns with your goal and works with you to develop an online presence, data-driven decisions, and in-depth research.

Ad Rank One Features

  • The company is a Facebook marketing partner.
  • The well-known and renowned listing agency Bark has accredited them with a certificate of excellence in 2021.
  • They offer you a free, no-obligation website audit to help determine how well your website works. 
  • The agency has successfully ranked 2,768 pages and 11,632 keywords on Google’s page #1.
  • You can find several case studies published on their website. Reading case studies will give you a better idea of what the company can do for your business.

5. Gorilla Marketing

Gorilla Marketing
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 21

Since 2015, Gorilla Marketing has been offering companies a complete internet marketing & site management service that yields long-lasting benefits. They keep a clear focus on your objectives from exploration to development.

Gorilla Marketing Features

  • The best thing about this SEO agency is that they provide you with daily ranking and spending reports.
  • They are a Google Premier Partner and Bing Accredited Professionals. 
  • Numerous case studies regarding SEO and PPC published on their website show how they have benefitted their clients’ businesses.
  • They support one marketing student’s education for an entire year as a way of being socially responsible. 
  • Some of their top clients include SureStore, Smith Jones, Ecoscape, Oh My Smile, Chelsea Corporate, and Cosmetic Dental Practice.

6. Candidsky

Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 22

Candidsky has been providing SEO services in Manchester since its establishment in 2006. The company helps its clients achieve and grow online visibility via data-driven strategies. 

Furthermore, they support their clients’ growth in lead generation, targeted website traffic, brand awareness, and establishing and managing brand reputations.

Candidsky Features

  • Their journey in the SEO industry is more than 16 years old. They’ve successfully sailed through various SEO changes throughout these years.
  • Candidsky has assisted notable businesses like Peninsula, Citation, Radisson, Fortis, The Alchemist, and Buddy Loans achieve phenomenal success. 
  • Their clients have 120%+ growth, which you can verify in their case studies section.
  • They provide brief monthly reports highlighting your website’s updates and possible growth areas.
  • Though they require a 6-month minimum contract, you can pay their fee on a monthly basis. This makes it one of the most affordable SEO services in Manchester.

7. Embryo

Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 23

Whether your company is new or already established, Embryo can help you bump up your SEO status and help boost your sales. 

They collaborate with their clients to bring their products and services to the forefront of their consumers’ purchase journeys. 

Embryo Features

  • The agency is a Google and Shopify partner and works closely with them to transfer their expertise in digital marketing. 
  • They are accredited and recognized by the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce, Prolific North, and Manchester Digital.
  • The best thing is that the agency has enclosed numerous SEO case studies of their previous clients.
  • They offer a 30-minute growth strategy session via call. It is free and comes with no obligation. Further, they will discuss your queries and ask how to take your website to the next level. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you are a small or big business; they offer a customized plan for each client.

8. Soap Media

Soap Media
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 24

Established in 2005, Soap Media is a multi-award-winning SEO consultancy in Manchester. They deliver the best user experience for organizations throughout their digital platforms. The only objective of their company is to provide best-in-class services to rank their clients on Google.

Soap Media Features

  • Renowned agencies like Google and Awwwards gave them the Mobile Excellence Badge.
  • They were honored with BIBA awards, Lancashire’s Premier Business Awards. They also got nominated multiple times in the Northern Digital Awards.
  • The agency provides a free consultation where they will solve your queries and guide you as to how to improve the SEO of your website.
  • They provide regular updates on their SEO work on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, or any other schedule that is convenient for you.
  • Some of the key clients of Soap Media are Adobe, Booths Supermarkets, American Golf, The AA, Redrow Homes,, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, and Merlin Entertainment. 

9. Pixel Kicks

Pixel Kicks
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 25

The Manchester-based digital agency Pixel Kicks offers a broad range of services, including branding, eCommerce, SEO, PPC, social media, and email marketing. 

They work with brands to use a variety of strategic approaches to enhance their online presence to assist them in leads and revenue.

Pixel Kicks Features

  • The agency has won MPA Awards, Laboratory Awards, and Talk of Manchester Awards.
  • The company never repeats a campaign. Moreover, they conduct research, pay attention, absorb information, and offer a tailored plan for you. 
  • You get monthly reports that include a thorough analysis of each development and precise data on all important SEO metrics.
  • If you want to see how they’ve done in the past, visit their case study section on the website.
  • Since they offer multiple digital solutions, you may opt for other marketing-related services besides SEO.

10. Reward

Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 26

Reward is a sustainable marketing agency that assists mindful direct-to-consumer brands in standing out in congested online environments. 

Their marketers, designers, and strategists in Manchester combine a human touch with data and analytics to drive sustainable, profitable growth.

Reward Features

  • They are Google-certified, Shopify, and Semrush-certified agency partners.
  • You get a phone-based 30-minute growth strategy consultation. Throughout this meeting, they will address your concerns and give you recommendations about how to improve your website.
  • The results section on their website includes a few case study results that help you to evaluate the outcomes for the company’s previous clients.
  • They are B Corporation certified. A company can get the B Corp certification if it meets strict criteria in terms of performance, accountability, and openness in areas ranging from employee perks to charitable contributions.
  • Since 2014, they’ve collaborated with 50+ sustainable DTC businesses. As a result of their efforts, eCommerce brands report enjoying an increase of 30% or more in terms of average order value.

11. Candy Marketing

Candy Marketing
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 27

Manchester-based digital business Candy Marketing offers web development, digital campaigns, and SEO services in Manchester. Their powerful digital strategies boost online visibility while engaging people with your business or product.

Candy Marketing Features

  • You can see some of their past clients’ lead-generating and SEO projects on their websites.
  • They offer a free SEO audit and consultation for everyone. You can take advantage of it by filling in the basic details of your business. 
  • You get monthly reports regarding your website’s status.
  • They understand that every business has its requirements and objectives. That’s why they analyze and align as per the company’s goals and provide customized packages to fulfill their requirements.

12. Aqueous Digital

Aqueous Digital
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 28

Aqueous Digital is a multi-award-winning family-run digital marketing company. 

Aqueous Digital’s time-tested and effective paid and organic search methods will strengthen your company’s reputation, connect with customers, and help you drive better results. They collect, analyze, and turn digital data into scalable revenue for your business.

Aqueous Digital Features

  • The company has won Global Search Awards in 2021, European Search Awards in 2021 & 2022, and UK Search Awards in 2020 & 2022. Apart from that, they also bagged Halton Business Awards and UK Business Awards.
  • They provide a free SEO audit and consultation to discuss and analyze your business before making you commit to a paid plan.
  • You get a month-end report to help you understand the current status, applied techniques, and upcoming strategies. 
  • Numerous case studies are readily accessible on their website. It enables you to comprehend the outcomes of their previous clientele.
  • They are suitable for all types of businesses, whether you run a small company or a big enterprise.

13. Pearl Lemon

Pearl Lemon
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 29

Pearl Lemon is among the best SEO consultancies in Manchester. The agency is internationally recognized and offers SEO, lead generation, content generation, and sales services. 

Irrespective of your size or industry, they aim to comprehend your company and a tailored approach that fulfills your needs. They adopt a goal-focused strategy to assist you in maximizing your growth and ROI.

Pearl Lemon Features

  • The agency got featured in BBC, Inc., The Huffington Post, Forbes, Deloitte, and Search Engine Journal.
  • It’s intriguing to see how many case studies about services the agency has posted on its website. 
  • They offer you a free, instant SEO audit of your website. It’s a great way to analyze your company before hiring them.  
  • The agency has won Manchester Prestige Awards 2019 for being the best SEO service company in the region. 
  • They are more focused on local SEO. Therefore, this agency is ideal if you are a local business owner.

14. Fly High Media

Fly High Media
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 30

Fly High Media offers digital solutions that improve your marketing strategy to increase traffic. They invest time, effort, and resources to produce results for you. 

Furthermore, the SEO agency aims to help you get the most out of your marketing budget. In addition, they have assisted many businesses in enhancing conversions, lead flow, and generating financial results.

Fly High Media Features

  • You get campaign reports to track essential metrics like rising traffic, conversions, likes, and rankings every month.
  • They have delivered up to a 200%+ increase in organic traffic for a few clients — which is an impressive result. You can see it in their case studies.
  • They are a Google Certified Partner, Semrush Agency Partner, and Mailchimp Partner.
  • Some key clients of this agency are Access Skills, Hampshire Constabulary, the University of Portsmouth, and the University of Surrey.
  • Foundr, Prolific North, and Social Media Examiner feature this agency.

15. Digital Next

Digital Next
Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 31

Digital Next is next on our list of the best SEO consultancies in Manchester. As a top digital firm, its goal is to maximize the potential for growth for your online business through effective SEO, innovative content marketing, and unmatched user experience. 

Digital Next Features

  • Digital Next provides monthly reports of your project, which helps you stay in the loop and see what they do with your money.
  • They are Google Analytics, Bing Accredited Professionals, and Microsoft Partners.
  • If you have any doubt regarding their services, look at their past clients’ case studies.
  • The agency offers you a free SEO audit where you can track your current SEO Status.
  • No matter your business size, you can ask for a customized plan per your business requirements. For this reason, Digital Next is also among the affordable SEO services in Manchester.

16. Tecmark

Best SEO Consultancy In Manchester: 16 Top Services in the Region 32

Tecmark has assisted clients in growing their online exposure and lead generation. They always stay abreast of the latest SEO trends and search algorithm updates. Crafting a unique, imaginative search-driven strategy provides online exposure and highly targeted profitable visitors.

Tecmark Features

  • The agency has won Web Excellence Awards and Global Search Awards 2022. In addition, they were also finalists in the European Search Awards 2022.
  • It is excellent that they have included some of their previous work on their website as case studies.
  • They have spent 14+ years in the SEO industry and have successfully ranked 900+ pages on the first page of SERP.
  • The agency has assisted top businesses like Sony, Bupa, Simple Tax, Holiday Gems, and Sainsbury’s.


As a business owner, you must know the importance of SEO and its impact. 

It can help you in increasing online visibility and will lead further to generating more sales and revenue.

However, picking the best SEO consultancy in Manchester can take time and effort. But with this list at your disposal, you’re one step closer to getting the agency that’ll deliver you superior results.

It would help if you chose an agency with a solid reputation that has produced exceptional outcomes for previous clients.

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