13 Best Software Companies In Arizona

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Arizona is the 6th largest and 14th most populous state in the US. It is an important business marketplace in the US that contribute a GDP of 356.42 billion USD to the country in 2022.

However, finding the top software agency in Arizona that offers you reliable services is an uphill task. 

But you don’t have to worry; we’ve done the hard part. This article lists the top 15 best software companies in Arizona, rated by experts on their services and expertise. 

From startups to well-established firms, the software companies in Arizona offer innovative solutions across a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, and education.

Let’s get you top class services.

1. Gate6

Gate6 - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 14

Gate6 is a top custom software development company for digital businesses in Arizona. The company has an independent expert team of UX designers and custom software developers.

Gate6 provides a wide range of services like UX design, video production, software development, mobile development, e-commerce solutions, enterprise software, system integration, cyber security, and much more. 

Gate6 Features 

  • The company has worked with some big names like RingCentral, WHEN, Southwest Medical Imaging, NinjaFocus, and pool brain.
  • Gate6 has more than 25+ years of experience serving a variety of industries with a team of more than 50 experts. 
  • It specializes in healthcare software services like LIMs Development & Integration, Enterprise Patient & Resource Scheduling, EMR/EHR Development & Integration.
  • The agency has been listed by top listing companies like The Manifest, and DesignRush.
  • They make easy-to-use, effective, efficient, and affordable software with good customer service as per requirements. 

2. Five Jars 

Five Jars - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 15

Founded in 2017, Five Jars is a leading web development company in Arizona. They transform existing websites and make new ones in accordance with brand identity and designs. 

FiveJars also provides related services like Web Development, Website Hosting, System Integration, and support services. 

Five Jars Features 

  • Its experienced team has launched various projects for more than 30 million users representing collective revenue of $5bn.
  • It uses advanced measurable KPIs to measure the success of your projects. 
  • The company has received numerous awards, including Top Design Agency by The Manifest and Best Web Developers by People’s Choice 2022. 
  • The agency has been featured in CNN, The Washington Post, Business Insider, The Guardian, etc.
  • It has listed some of their case studies in different industries in detail. Reading through case studies will help you make an informed decision.

3. Vincit 

Vincit - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 16

Vincit is among the best software companies in Arizona that offer web development, custom software, business design, and mobile application. 

It caters to various industries like wholesale and retail, manufacturing, public sector, banking, finance, etc. 

Their committed software development staff has worked closely with customers to plan and create their web platforms and digital presences.  

Vincit Features 

  • Vincit has more than 16 offices worldwide with more than 800 expert employees. 
  • It is a company that offers its customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for custom software.
  • It has completed over 700 successful projects and won 32 company awards for its excellent services.
  • The company is listed in Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Businesses and accredited by The Manifest and DesignRush.
  • On their website page, they listed their significant case studies of working with companies like the New York Times, Kwiver, Ancient Faith Radio, etc. 

4. Ephibian

Ephibian - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 17

Established in 1996, Ephibian is a yet another software development company that focuses on providing SaaS services in Arizona. 

The company supports creative problem-solving and inventive thinking and prioritizes increasing customer pleasure.

Ephibian Features 

  • This company’s team has over 26 years of experience in creating custom software and mobile app development. 
  • It has served some top companies like Honda, AQL, Sears, Intuit, General Motors, Weil, at&t, etc.
  • If you want to know if they are the right agency for you, go through their past clients’ results in the case studies section. 
  • Ephibian has served more than 500 projects, and no projects ever failed, giving them a complete success rate. 
  • The business offers comprehensive and custom software solutions to help you accomplish your goals.

5. Data Titan 

Data Titan - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 18

Founded in 2004, Data Titan is one of the top software agencies in Arizona generating over $20mm in custom software applications and mobile apps. Alongside, it offers databases, prototypes, and MVP among other services.

It’s a national technology Solution provider that designs Google apps, web applications, Apple mobile apps, continual improvement, etc. 

Data Titan features 

  • It specializes in custom Software development for small businesses with less than 200 employees that produce 50% of the nation’s GDP.
  • Under technological consulting, Data Titan provides short and long term financial planning with technological solutions.
  • To date, it has served more than 200 companies with 50,000+ wire frames and 4,500+ scoping meetings.
  • Some of their key clients include Fidelity National Title Group, SavCoins.com, Texas Asian Chamber of Commerce, Continental Floral Greens, etc.

6. Tucson Bizz

Tucson Bizz - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 19

Tucson Bizz is a leading software development company in Arizona that has completed 100+ projects from various companies. You may opt for web development, mobile app, and custom softwares for all types of businesses. 

Tuscan Bizz caters to six market segments, including B2B, B2C, medical, logistics, real estate and e-commerce.

Tucson Bizz Features 

  • The company focuses more on small and medium sized businesses making their websites to large enterprise systems.
  • You can understand the outcomes of their former clients by reviewing several portfolios on the website.
  • The company believes that each business has specific requirements. That’s why they offer customized solutions.
  • The agency is rated among the Top Mobile Development companies in the list released by Goodfirms. 
  • It has assisted companies like Jasper Watch company, Chairished Chair Design, Smart edge Landscaping, Momma Said No, Lax Home Inspectors, and Laguna Properties. 

7. OpenteQ 

OpenteQ - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 20

Next on the list is OpenteQ, a professional IT services firm with a global reach and expertise in offering IT consulting and technology solutions. 

It has experienced staff experts in multiple technologies and industries. Working for 10+ years, they have over 98.5% Client satisfaction rate.

OpenTeQ features 

  • The company has worked with 50+ Fortune 500 companies with 47% repeat and referral business. 
  • OpenteQ has a local presence, but it has a framework that offers global delivery of its services. 
  • The best part? You get a free consultation before buying their services.
  • On their website, you can read their case studies on using AI for education, Automation of Law practice using legal Technology, and Healthcare claims process with EDI technology. 
  • DesignRush, a listing agency, has recognized them for their software development services.

8. Velocity Labs

Velocity Labs - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 21

Velocity Labs is a top software agency in Arizona that specializes in building and maintaining custom web applications using Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. The company follows the best industry practices for coding and includes a fully automated test suite in them.

It evaluates the existing processes, identifies the scope for automation, and implements a solution to provide the maximum ROI. 

Velocity Labs Features 

  • Some Velocity Labs clients include Tap Inspect, Princess Dental Staffing, Stahls, The Trumpet, Go Swim, X3 Watch, and Valley Metro.
  • Velocity Labs provides various SaaS services in Arizona, like web development, maintenance, upgrades, and code audits. 
  • GoodFirms, and The Manifest have listed them as the top software development companies in Arizona.
  • For more transparency, they offer a dedicated server where you can review the daily progress of the work. 
  • Their clients range from start-ups to large enterprises to small businesses

9. DreamzTech Solutions

DreamzTech Solutions - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 22

DreamzTech Solutions is among the best software companies in Arizona, with numerous locations, including India, the  UK, and South Africa. 

The company has aided over 800 startups, SMBs, and Fortune 500 enterprises worldwide. 

Further, you get comprehensive software solutions by utilizing the power of New Age Technologies, including IoT, Blockchain, PWA, and AR/VR.

DreamzTech Solutions 

  • It got accredited by GoodFirms, SoftwareWorld as the best software development company in Arizona. 
  • Dreamztech Solutions offers a special 15 days free trial and a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with their services. 
  • They have an experience of 10+ years with certified professionals in the latest technologies like Node.js, .NET, C#, Python, PHP, RoR, React.js, Flutter, Blockchain, IoT, and more.
  • You can hire a developer for as low as $20 per hour. Additionally, you can also book a free consultation to ask your queries.

10. Softhub

Softhub - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 23

Softhub provides custom software development services in Arizona. In addition, it helps to get tailored results for businesses as per their need.

Their services span across the globe and with a blend of careful design and engineering. Softhub experts use the latest technologies of .NET, Angular, PHP, and React to produce the best results.

Softhub Features 

  • The company has delivered more than 5000 projects successfully across different industries with a team of 70+ full-stack engineers.
  • They provide services like custom software design and development, web development, a dedicated programming team, and Q&A testing. 
  • If you’re looking for mobile app development services, Softhub is a top software agency in Arizona to consider. You get Android app development, iOS development, and cross platform mobile development services. 
  • You can find past project details and results they have achieved from their previous clientele and make an informed decision.

11. Youtech

Youtech - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 24

Youtech is among the leading software companies in Arizona that provide a combination of marketing and development services. 

Under development services, you get web development, mobile app development, CRM development, and database development services.

YouTech offers month-on-month contracts and documents every change in real-time while offering accounting ownership to clients to ensure proper collaboration at every step. 

YouTech Features 

  • This company has a 95% client retention rate, making them a top software agency in Arizona. 
  • Youtech has been ranked among the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies list 6x in a row.
  • The agency has three offices across the U.S. to serve clients locally in the country.
  • Alongside, it was featured in the lists of Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, ABC, and more.
  • On their website, you will find their case studies with leading clients like J&J Ventures, Gory Gains Gym, Steak 48, and Heavy Equipment College, among others. 

12. AKOS

AKOS - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 25

AKOS provides guided development services with the best-in-class technology and design. 

Akos offers different services, like helping you build an MVP, improve current systems, and design a custom website and custom app development. 

Further, the company takes great satisfaction in their transparency, effectiveness, and capacity to produce high-caliber software.

AKOS Features 

  • Akos works on many latest technologies like Angular, React Js, Java Script, WordPress, Drupal 9.0, Stripe, and AWS.
  • It uses a modular approach with Cloud Architecture and Process Modernization to offer the best Results. 
  • You can easily schedule a 30-min free consultation session via an in-person meeting or Zoom video call before bringing real money into the picture. 
  • Some of its key clients include Arizona State University, Odyssea Aquarium, Dune Sport, Aurora, Honor Health, Pristine Breaks, Rise, Mindup, etc.
  • The company analyzes each customer’s needs and offers a customized plan with 24/7 support.

13. Sataware

Sataware - Software Company in Arizona
13 Best Software Companies In Arizona 26

Sataware is one of the best software companies in Arizona if you are looking for mobile/app development services. 

Further, some of their other services include web development, UI/UX development, and custom software development. 

The company has an in-house office-based team that works on high-quality codes. Also, they use trending technology stacks like Swift and Objective-C for iOs, Java and Kotlin for Android, and Node Js for the backend.

Sataware Features 

  • Sataware offers 100% transparency to their clients, who can access their tools and reports updated weekly to check the progress.
  • They have 10+ years of experience and have developed 500+ Software projects for clients across 35+ countries. 
  • They offer a 100% confidential consultation by signing an NDA to keep your work private 
  • The best way to get to know them is to review some of their past projects on the website. 
  • Also, they offer 24/7 support through Phone, E-mail, Skype, and Hangout to solve your queries and doubts.

The Bottom Line 

After knowing the top 15 software development companies in Arizona, you are close to selecting the best one for your business.

But, along with price and services, you need to take a look at their case studies to understand whether they will be able to fulfill your needs or not. 

For instance, if you are a small business, the company must have experience of serving your specialized needs. At the same time, look at the technologies they use to deliver their work. 

All the companies in the list have a variety of client outcomes serving across different industries. And we have rated them on their services, achievements, and previous work to include the best ones in this list.

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