18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta

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There’s no shortage of software companies in Atlanta. However, finding a software company to help you develop the perfect digital solution for your business takes time and effort.

Before selecting a software development company in Atlanta, a business must examine several factors. 

Software designing abilities, knowledge & expertise in software development, customer satisfaction rating, and communication abilities are some key factors.

It’s a complex process. But we went one step ahead and screened some software agencies to produce this vast list.

Let’s see what these software companies are and what you can expect from their services.

1. KMS Technology

KMS Technology - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 19

KMS Technology is one of the best software companies in Atlanta if you want to build industry-leading software for your business.

The company uses a customer-centric strategy to upgrade your current software systems and encourage organizational creativity. It provides IT solutions such as DevOps, mobile app development, software testing, AI & ML, and data analytics.


  • The agency has been listed in Inc. 5000 as one of America’s best SaaS service providers in Atlanta. It has experience in assisting 200+ companies in the last 13 years. 
  • You can schedule a free consultation anytime to discuss your software development requirements.
  • You can read-through success stories published by their previous clients on their blog. It’ll help you make an informed decision before investing a penny.
  • Some key clients are AgreementExpress, Assurance, Medidata, and LexisNexis.
  • The Manifest and GoodFirms have included them in their list of top software agencies in Atlanta.


  • The agency is yet to win awards and recognition for its software development services.
  • This company prioritizes working with software enterprise companies and private equities. 


SOLTECH - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 20

SOLTECH has been providing SaaS services in Atlanta since its establishment in 1998. Also, it offers national and local businesses strategic technological solutions. 

It’s a custom software development company that helps you with IT staffing. 

From B2B web development to Salesforce implementation, SOLTECH experts help you with everything in between.


  • The company has spent 20+ years in the software development industry and has helped 500+ companies on 1200+ projects.
  • It works in partnership with Microsoft, Salesforce, Fullstory, and Jitterbit.
  • This IT company has some big names under its portfolio, including AdvancED, Coca-Cola, Global Payments, and Hemophilia of Georgia.
  • You get a free consultation call before purchasing its service. The company understands your requirements, such as timelines, technical constraints, and budget, and proposes a custom solution per your needs.


  • Despite being a relatively well-known company, they have not won any awards or recognition for their SaaS services in Atlanta.
  • The company focuses more on small to mid-sized businesses, so it may not be the best option for large enterprises. 

3. Tyrannosaurus Tech

Tyrannosaurus Tech - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 21

Tyrannosaurus Tech is one of the best software companies in Atlanta when it comes to developing custom software, websites, and mobile apps. 

It has been in business since 2016, and its team devises solutions to complicated challenges and delivers the highest ROI for its clients. 

The company assists businesses in utilizing technology to meet their most significant difficulties via tried-and-true agile, transparent processes. 


  • You may use their case studies to understand their working system and determine if they suit you. 
  • GoodFirms and The Manifest have accredited them as the city’s best and most reliable software agency in Atlanta. 
  • They also run a podcast, “The Digital Footprint,” where they interview innovators and entrepreneurs.
  • The agency has had the privilege and experience of working with renowned companies like MailChimp, Emory University, Porsche, and Georgia Tech Research Institute.


  • The company needs to gain experiential knowledge as it is relatively young, which could create suspicion for a well-established company.
  • Their website loading speed is slow and lacks information, which is unlikely for a software company claiming to help you with the technology.

4. Thoughtworks

Thoughtworks - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 22

Thoughtworks is a top software agency in Atlanta comprising dedicated software professionals whose mission is to transform development while promoting constructive, progressive reform. 

Also, its agile development technologies support its clients’ ongoing software quality delivery and improvement.


  • This IT company started its journey in 1993 and is now spread worldwide, including India, China, Canada, Brazil, the UK, Singapore, and Spain.
  • It has assisted businesses like Bird Vision, iProperty.com, Discovery, Curtin University, Standard Chartered, and Standard Bank develop custom software solutions. 
  • The best part? It is one of the oldest software development companies in Atlanta, with 29+ years of expertise. Furthermore, you can avail of its services in multiple languages.
  • A well-known listing body, GoodFirms, has accredited them as the best software company in Atlanta.


  • The company only works with a select number of industries which you can find on its website.
  • Only one listing agency has recognized them, which is not enough to prove their reliability. 

5. Band of Coders

Band of Coders - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 23

Band of Coders has been assisting companies in creating software products since its establishment in 2003. 

The company has a talent for intelligent software engineers and, therefore, can meet ever-changing business needs. It can help you with custom software, web, and mobile app development. 


  • The company has worked with 200+ clients on 500+ projects over 30+ industries in their 21 years of journey.
  • It works with businesses in various niches, including small and large-scale enterprises, and offers them customized solutions.
  • You can easily set the monthly budget and control how much you spend.
  • Its 20+ case studies are enough to tell you whether or not the company’s past track record demonstrates its suitability for your business. 
  • They have been accredited by GoodFirms and The Manifest as one of the best software development companies in Atlanta. 
  • The company has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, like Uber, Airbus, and Yamaha.


  • It hasn’t received any awards for its top-notch SaaS services in Atlanta, which is unusual for an established software company.

6. My Web Programmer

My Web Programmer
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 24

My Web Programmer is a full-service software development company focused on developing unique web, mobile, and corporate solutions. 

It combines technical expertise, tried-and-true techniques, and business domain understanding to produce high-quality solutions. 

The company aims to offer small and medium-sized businesses high-tech software outsourcing services.


  • The company offers custom software development services that are high-quality, reasonably priced, and suited to the individual needs of clients. 
  • You can read all about their previous happy clients in the case studies section and set the right expectations before doing business with them.
  • You can request a free quote and consultation to discuss your product requirements before bringing money into the picture.


  • The agency is yet to win awards and certification for its software development solutions.
  • It has a track record of working with small and mid-sized businesses.

7. Stable Kernel

Stable Kernel
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 25

Stable Kernel is next on our list of best software companies in Atlanta. It offers unique end-to-end software solutions for clients that confront their business difficulties and strengthen the brand. 

Additionally, it results in unrealistic time frames without compromising quality, thanks to our innovative methodology. 

The agency provides several tech solutions, from web, mobile, and custom software development to API integration, data analytics, and automation.


  • The agency has worked for clients like BMW, CDC, United Natural Foods, Inc, Honeywell, and Sallie Mae Bank.
  • It has won 20+ awards, served 10+ Fortune 500 clients, and helped 1M+ users with its software.
  • You can easily schedule a briefing and request an assessment by filling out basic details about your business.
  • It stays transparent and will show you how your money is spent on your projects and what growth it’s bringing.


  • The company lacks experience, so it may not be the best fit for companies who have very complex needs. 
  • They are more focused on small and medium-sized businesses, so they may not be able to deliver an exceptional result for large-scale enterprises. 

8. The NineHertz

The NineHertz - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 26

The NineHertz is one of the best software companies in Atlanta for custom software, web, and app development. 

It has been serving clients since 2008, and the best part is that it provides full-scale digital solutions. 

From the development to marketing of your product, you can trust The NineHertz with the technology services you seek.

The company has a well-experienced team that has aided start-ups, multinational corporations, and businesses in digital transformation.


  • You can schedule a free consultation to discuss your development requirements before paying them any money. Also, you get 24×7 support across all time zones as a client.
  • The company has won several honors and recognition from App Futura and Good Firms as the top software agency in Atlanta.
  • Its client retention rate is 92% and it has completed 1800+ projects in the last 14 years.
  • The agency also works on the latest technologies, such as web3 and metaverse development. Also, it is a pioneer in game app development too.


  • This IT company serves only a select number of industries, so it may not be the right choice for you if your business doesn’t belong to any one of those sectors. 
  • This company has some challenges related to transparency and timely reporting. 

9. GRSP Tech

GRSP Tech - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 27

GRSP Tech is a boutique software development company providing SaaS services in Atlanta. It has a small team of experts committed to doing work of the highest caliber. 

The agency deploys senior developers with a minimum of five years of experience for your projects. It has worked in various sectors, including retail, aviation, and consumer goods & services.


  • The company is transparent in all corporate operations and client-team communication.
  • It provides you with a free consultation before you decide to buy its service.
  • You will find many portfolios or case studies of their past work on their website.
  • The Manifest and Techreviewer have mentioned it as the top software agency in Atlanta.


  • The business was started in 2016 and is still a young player in software development.
  • It has not received any awards or recognition from any reputable body.

10. American Software Inc

American Software Inc
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 28

American Software Inc is among the best software companies in Atlanta. The company has certified experts with practical expertise, utilizing the most recent technology stacks. 

Additionally, its solutions strongly emphasize ongoing development and revolutionary improvements in product quality and customer satisfaction.


  • Its enterprise software solutions provide businesses with value thanks to its 45+ years of industry experience.
  • The agency has won several awards, including Manufacturing Leadership Awards and Food Logistics 100+ awards.
  • Its software solutions are compatible with enterprise resource planning, information technology consulting, and supply chain management.


  • Some businesses may doubt their services as they haven’t enclosed any case studies on the website.
  • It would also have been better if any listing agencies had recognized them.

11. Winnona Partners

Winnona Partners - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 29

Winnona Partners is a tech company offering business consultancy and custom software development services since 2014. 

It develops custom software solutions that will benefit your company and help you save money as it grows. And they’ll achieve it by understanding your long-term goals and using effective techniques.


  • Its work has been featured in Atlanta Tech Edge, The Huffington Post, Market Watch, and Atlanta Magazine.
  • The agency has enclosed a few featured works, which is enough to strengthen their reliability. 
  • It provides prospects with free consultations to discuss requirements before hiring.
  • The agency has published free guides on developing Android, iOS, and web apps, making itself an authority in the industry.


  • No listing body has recognized this company for its software development services except the Manifest.
  • It is a new player in the market and offers services to small and mid-sized businesses only.

12. Blacc Spot Media

Blacc Spot Media
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 30

Blacc Spot Media is a consulting firm providing application development services deployed with cloud communication services.

It collaborates with businesses committed to utilizing the most recent technology stacks. Consequently, it reduces operational expenses and streamlines business operations. 


  • The agency has been placed in the list of America’s Fastest Growing Companies by Inc. 5000.
  • The Manifest mentions it on the list of the best software companies in Atlanta.
  • The agency has worked with some of the best brands, including Smile Direct Club, Capitol Corridor, and Outdoor Adventures.


  • You won’t find any featured work or case studies on their website.
  • No leading magazines or listing agencies (except The Manifest) have rated them or listed them as one of the best software development companies in Atlanta. 

13. Vates

Vates - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 31

Vates is another Atlanta-based custom software development business with 30 years of experience in the industry. 

No matter your company’s size, it helps you design the ideal software solution to meet your needs. Also, the company only hires talented developers to provide high-quality solutions at a significantly reduced cost.


  • The company has worked with some of the world’s top tech giants. A few names include Motorola, Intel, IBM, and Oracle.
  • G2 has awarded them the top software agency in Atlanta. Techreviewer has also rate them as one of the best software companies in the state. 
  • It offers software for departments, specific businesses, and corporate and customer self-service apps.


  • There is no mention of industry-leading awards for their services.
  • It would be better if some more listing agencies recognized them.

14. Azul Arc

Azul Arc - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 32

Azul Arc has been providing digital solutions to complex business problems for more than ten years. It helps you with websites, application development, UI/UX, and business applications.

The company’s primary goal is to support clients’ front-end customer experiences by offering innovative solutions. It delivers the necessary knowledge at the most attractive value thanks to its focus on human contact and user experience.


  • The agency has won Davey awards, Dealer’s Choice Awards, Max, and American Design Awards.
  • Numerous agencies, including The Manifest and GoodFirms, have accredited them for their services.
  • Its portfolio includes big clients like Shaw Industries Group, Inc, Panolam Surface Systems, and Funnel Metrics.


  • Their website includes only two case studies which aren’t enough for you to develop and understanding about and trust in their services and/or promises. 

15. AppZoro Technologies Inc.

AppZoro Technologies Inc.
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 33

If you want high-quality SaaS services in Atlanta at reasonable prices, try AppZoro Technologies Inc. 

The company’s skilled team of developers works with businesses and start-ups to convert ideas into great products, from discovery to launch. It has a powerful customer-centric approach toward every client.


  • The Manifest, GoodFirms, SoftwareWorld, and Techreviewer declared them the best custom software developers from the USA.
  • You get a free no-obligation strategy session to assist you with your doubts and requirements.
  • The company follows a strategic approach to developing and launching a software product: discovery, planning & proposal, development, and delivery & launch.


  • It only serves small and medium-sized businesses, which can be a problem for big enterprises.

16. Intuitio Labs

Intuitio Labs
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 34

Intuitio Labs is one of the best software companies in Atlanta, offering its tech services since 2018.

They offer various services, including creating custom software and mobile apps, media buying, planning, and product design. 


  • The company has successfully launched 18+ software products with a client retention rate of 95%.
  • From product design to development and maintenance, it provides full-scale SaaS services in Atlanta. 
  • Some of their previous clients have reviewed them as Atlanta’s best and most reliable software company.
  • The Manifest has included them on the 7th spot in their list of the top software agencies in Atlanta.


  • It hasn’t received any honors or awards received from credible institutions.
  • The agency was founded in 2018 and is a relatively new software development company in the market.

17. Codesmith Development

Codesmith Development
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 35

Codesmith Development, a top software agency in Atlanta, thoroughly grasps clients’ needs to provide the best possible solution that satisfies or exceeds their requirements.

It creates custom software with knowledge of many different tech stacks to realize your vision. Furthermore, it can also assist in monetizing your SaaS model with its internal growth marketing team.


  • The company provides warranties on their work and optional ongoing maintenance plans to ensure bug-free software products.
  • The company deploys an adaptable approach. It maintains product plans, timetables, and budgets and doesn’t hesitate to revise the strategy if necessary to serve your corporate objectives better.
  • It has served clients like the College Football Hall of Fame, Parklync, Farm’d, and Playfare.


  • Unlike most software development companies, you only see one case study on the website.
  • It hasn’t won any awards for its work. Also, the listing organizations are yet to recognize them and list them as one of the best software companies in Atlanta. 

18. BlueFletch

BlueFletch - Software Company In Atlanta
18 Best Software Companies in Atlanta 36

BlueFletch is the last company on our list of best software companies in Atlanta. 

The agency specializes in developing mobile software solutions that enhance user experience. Also, it has worked in various sectors, including commerce, transportation, and consumer goods & services.


  • The Technology Association of Georgia has listed them as one of the top 40 innovative companies. Similarly, Inc. 5000 has also ranked them as one of the most innovative and fast-growing companies in America. 
  • The agency offers customized solutions with full transparency to ensure you only invest an amount per your business requirements.
  • Getting work reports from them is the best part. Their website makes it simple for you to check out their strategies.


  • The company hasn’t provided any case studies of past clients/projects, so it may be a bit difficult for you to appreciate their level of expertise and potential.
  • None of the listing agencies have recognized them as one of the best software development agencies in Atlanta. Also, it hasn’t won any awards or certifications for its SaaS services. 


These software companies in Atlanta offer top-class services to support your business’s expansion and monetary progress. Choosing a company from this list will help you create the best software products and/or solutions for your business.

However, do some research on your own and pick the right company for your needs/business. Make sure the software company you select has a solid reputation and has been recognized by reputed bodies.

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