14 Best Software Companies In Dallas

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Finding the best software companies in Dallas is a challenging job. With so many agencies bustling in the region, choosing one becomes hugely complex.

We have done the hard part and researched to produce this list of the 14 SaaS services in Dallas. And it will help you find a reliable company for your software development needs.

From web development to custom software development, these agencies cover various services and work on the latest technology stacks. 

Additionally, they have got a place here after a thoughtful screening process. Several factors, such as customer reviews, awards and recognition, and past work records, have played a role.

Let’s see how these software companies in Dallas will help you.

1. Unique Software Development

Unique Software Development
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 15

The first agency on our list of top software companies in Dallas is Unique Software Development. Their team is passionate about working together and finding digital solutions to create engaging and interactive experiences. They aim to assist their clients in converting their concepts into successful digital products.


  • In their 12+ years of journey, they have completed 100+ projects. They also have offices in Athens, Greece, India, and Karachi. 
  • Some of the technologies they work on are .NET, NodeJS, Scala, Python, Swift, Kotlin, React Native, Angular React, Ionic, Vue.js, jQuery, and Razor.
  • You will get 24/7 customer support with chat/phone/email capabilities.
  • GoodFirms has listed them as the top software agency in Dallas.


  • The agency is yet to win awards and recognition for its software development services.
  • It’d have been better if they’d enclosed some of their past work on their website to support their claim of top-notch work.

2. Ascendix Technologies

Ascendix Technologies
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 16

Founded in 1996, Ascendix Technologies is a software development firm that has international offices across Europe. Their services include CRM development (Salesforce, Dynamics 365, and custom solutions), custom software development, and app and web development. Also, you will get additional support on your projects even after completion.


  • With 25+ years of practical experience, the company has completed 300+ projects.
  • You can easily schedule a free CRM consultation session by filling out some basic details about your company.
  • Numerous listing agencies, like DesignRush, The Manifest, and GoodFirms, have recognized the agency as the top software agency in Dallas.
  • The agency has published various case studies of its past clients.


  • They outsource software development services, which may be a concern for quality of work and timely delivery.
  • The agency has not won any awards or certifications for its SaaS services in Dallas.

3. Pixel and Texel

Pixel and Texel
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 17

Since 2011, Pixel and Texel has produced custom apps, VR experiences, websites, and backend solutions. Their staff is aware of your business’ needs and strives to produce the best outcomes. 

Further, the company has experience working in many different industries, such as retail, aviation, and consumer goods & services.


  • The agency has won Web Excellence Awards, and is listed by top listing agencies like The Manifest, and GoodFirms.
  • They have big names under their portfolio, including Chevrolet, Meta, AMEX, Verizon, WNBA, Fara, Qualcomm, Marriott, and Bayer.
  • You get services like app development, Web 3.0 Development, AI Development, and VR Development.
  • GoodFirms has included this agency in their list of the best software companies in Dallas.


  • Only one listing body has recognized them, which is not enough to prove their reliability. 
  • There is a lack of information on their website regarding their software solutions.

4. Ideas2IT

Ideas2IT software development company
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 18

Ideas2IT is one of the best software development companies that provides services for building custom software and mobile apps. They have collaborated with top medical start-ups, and tech firms. Further, the company takes great pride in its openness, efficiency, and ability to create high-quality software.


  • The agency has 13+ years of experience in developing custom software and has served 150+ clients worldwide.
  • Their engineers have received training in a number of technologies, such as AI, ML, IoT, cloud computing, and data warehousing.
  • You can read their prior happy clients in the work section to know if they are the best option for you.
  • You may ask them for a free estimation of your project. Some of their clients are Bloomberg, Facebook, Microsoft, Oracle, and Netsmart.


  • No leading magazines or listing agencies have published or featured them for their services.
  • They do not disclose any honors or awards received from credible institutions.

5. HeavyTask

HeavyTask software development agency
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 19

Established in 2016, HeavyTask is yet another software development agency that provides IT consulting and services. They develop solutions for difficult problems and obstacles that commercial organizations face on a daily basis. Their creative team is made up of industry leaders in the creation of mobile apps, enterprise software, customized websites, and other digital goods.


  • The Manifest has included them on their list of the finest software companies. Their key clients are FieldPros LLC, Discount Dumpsters LLC, and Hooray Health LLC.
  • The agency works with technologies including Java, Angular, React, .NET, Python, Swift, Next.js, Flutter, AWS, MangoDB, HTML, CSS, Firebase, etc.
  • The agency provides individualized solutions with complete transparency to ensure that you only invest money in accordance with your company’s needs.
  • You can get an estimate of your project requirement by scheduling a free consultation.


  • They haven’t been published by any reputable publications or listing services (apart from The Manifest).
  • The agency was founded in 2016 and is a relatively new software development company in the market.

6. TatvaSoft

TatvaSoft IT Solution
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 20

TatvaSoft is a multinational company skilled at offering first-rate IT solutions for the expansion of the web and mobile technologies. Its professional staff and broad range of domain expertise enable you to avail business-focused digital solutions. Further, it is one of the best software companies in Dallas, with offices in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India.


  • It is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a CMMi Level 3 and ISO 27001 accredited company.
  • It has 900+ software professionals who are proficient in Microsoft.NET, Java, Node, PHP, Angular, React, Mobile Apps, and E-commerce.
  • From Startups to Fortune 500 companies, the agency has successfully handled more than 1800 sizable projects for its 800+ global customers.
  • The agency has enclosed a few case studies and success stories which is a great way to make an informed decision. 


  • It’s surprising that being a settled software company in Dallas, it hasn’t been awarded for its services. 
  • It would also have been better if some more listing bodies had recognized this agency.

7. Squareball Studios

Squareball Studios
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 21

Squareball Studios is a top software agency that helps entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, and creative professionals realize their goals with strategy, development, and design. 

The agency has a strong staff of highly trained professionals backing up their exceptional services. Further, they offer you innovative, safe, and scalable IT solutions.


  • The agency has been featured and published in leading magazines, including Business Insider, Fox Magazine, and Inc.
  • Since 2015, they have launched 100+ projects for 11 different industries for 40+ clients. Furthermore, DesignRush has accredited them.
  • The agency has enclosed a few featured works, which is enough to strengthen their reliability. 
  • You can easily schedule a 30-min free consultation session to discuss their requirements.


  • Founded in 2015, the agency is a relatively new software development company in the market compared to other listing agencies.
  • They may concern big businesses as they are ideal for small and mid-size businesses.

8. Dialexa

Dialexa technology and design solution
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 22

Dialexa offers specialized technology and design solutions to distinguish your company and give you a competitive edge. 

Its team creates cutting-edge tech products to shape and transform each business into a successful tech giant. And recently, the agency has joined IBM and is among the best software companies in Dallas. 


  • It has collaborated with top businesses for over ten years to develop cutting-edge technology.
  • Some of its key clients are Toyota, Uber, FedEx, JLL, Surgical Directions, Cox Automotives, and Intermountain Healthcare.
  • You will find many published whitepapers and case studies of its past work on its website.
  • GoodFirms and The Manifest have listed it as the top software development companies in Dallas.


  • The agency hasn’t mentioned which technologies it employs in its software solutions.
  • It hasn’t mentioned any awards or certifications from reputable organizations on its website.

9. Intelegain Technologies

Intelegain Technologies
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 23

Founded in 2000, Intelegain Technologies is a multinational firm with 15 years of expertise in technology consulting, development, and servicing. 

The company creates software products for medium and large businesses, as well as for start-ups. It has offices in Dallas, Mumbai, Singapore, Dubai, and Sydney.


  • The agency has completed 1200+ projects for more than 900+ clients in over 25 countries.
  • It has assisted some top brands, including Pfizer, DP World, Ericsson, Bennett Coleman & Co, ShareKhan, and Amplifon.
  • The agency has won CRN Channel Awards, IAMCP Awards, and is accredited by GoodFirms, and Software World.
  • It has spent the last twenty years improving its development process to adapt to the shifting business climate.


  • The company outsources software development, which raises questions about the caliber of the job and the timely delivery.

10. Projekt202

Projekt202 software agency
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 24

Projekt202 is the global leader when it comes to the development of experience-driven software. The agency is committed to and passionate about enhancing people’s interactions with technology. 

Apart from expertise in software development, it also offers program management, strategy & insight, visual design, and digital marketing.


  • It has helped Mercedes-Benz, Capital One, Samsung Electronics, Dell, Daimler Trucks, PSCU, and Canon with its services. 
  • Digital.com, GoodFirms, and The Manifest have recognized it for its software development solutions.
  • In the last 18 years, the agency has worked with more than 25% of the Fortune 50 as well as start-ups and mid-sized businesses.
  • The company has served businesses from 20+ nations.


  • The agency puts more focus on working with big and mid-sized businesses.
  • It hasn’t gotten any awards or certifications even after 18 years of service.

11. ISHIR 

ISHIR SaaS Agency
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 25

ISHIR is next on our list of the best SaaS services in Dallas. It was established in 1999, and offers a wide range of services, including custom software development, web development, and mobile app development. Further, it provides clients with significant outcomes focused on developing efficient custom software.


  • It has spent 20+ years in industry and served top businesses like Honda, CareNow, Hyatt, Microsoft, Samsung, Motorola, and Yahoo.
  • The agency has been listed by Inc. 5000 and FortWorth Inc. as the fastest growing company.
  • The Manifest, GoodFirms, Appfutura, and DesignRush have declared this company as the best custom software developers from the USA.
  • You get a 30-min consultation call for prospects to discuss your needs and get an estimate of the work.


  • It has not mentioned any awards or recognition from reputable organizations on its website.

12. Agency Partner Interactive

Agency Partner Interactive
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 26

Agency Partner Interactive has aided thousands of companies in achieving their objectives. Its typical customers are small or midsize organizations in the IT, advertising, and marketing industries. 

It is one of the best software companies in Dallas, helping product owners innovate, swiftly prototype, and test out new ideas for their businesses.


  • The agency has worked on over 1500+ successful digital projects for more than 500 businesses since 2010.
  • Some of its key clients are Edwards Lifesciences, Inc., Ag-Power Inc., Delivra, Flourish Curls, Trinity Hardwood, and Parsec Technologies.
  • The best way to assess its past performance and evaluate it is to look at several case studies.
  • The agency is America’s Fastest Growing Fastest Company by Inc. 5000. Furthermore, The Manifest has recognized it as the top software agency in Dallas.


  • No leading magazines or listing agencies (apart from The Manifest) have published this software agency.
  • Startups and small businesses may not fit its client criteria as it prioritizes big enterprises.

13. Zazz

Zazz digital agency
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 27

Since its founding in 2009, the American digital agency Zazz has been a pioneer in the creation of cutting-edge software. 

It has professionals in app development, UX/UI design, and corporate app modernization. Further, its specialists have developed digital products for a variety of Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, and startups.


  • Inc. 5000 has recognized them as one of America’s fastest-growing companies. It is also a certified B corporation.
  • It has deployed 397 apps, delivered 763 projects, and generated 770M+ revenue with 95% customer satisfaction.
  • You can easily schedule a 30-min free consultation session via an in-person meeting or zoom video call by choosing a date and time.
  • The agency is AWS Consulting Partner, Google Cloud Partner, Apple and Google Developer Partner, and Salesforce Consulting Partner. 


  • The company puts more focus on medium and large enterprises, which may be a little concerning for small businesses and startups.

14. AppShark Software 

AppShark Software
14 Best Software Companies In Dallas 28

The last agency on our list of the best software companies in Dallas is AppShark Software. It offers Salesforce implementation, integration, and development services to help all types of businesses. Further, it provides a cost-effective combination of resources to finish your projects effectively, on time, and within budget.


  • You can get a free estimate of your project by scheduling a consultation. It’ll call you back to understand your queries and discuss your needs.
  • In its 15 years of journey, the agency has delivered 1000+ apps to its loyal customers.
  • It has been featured and published in Inc., Business.com, Forbes, Yahoo, and Appfutura.
  • You will find many portfolios of its past work on its website. Furthermore, DesignRush, GoodFirms, and Mobile App Daily have accredited it.


  • It does not disclose any honors or awards received from credible institutions.


These are the 14 leading software companies in Dallas that provide top-notch development services to aid in your company’s growth and financial success.

Before trusting any agency with your money, always do due diligence. Please check to see if the company has a good reputation, has received widespread recognition, and has received acclaim from reliable listing organizations. Also, ensure the chosen business has a track record of success and has received accreditation from reputable agencies.

The businesses above are all accredited and deliver top-notch client outcomes.

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