14 Best Software Companies in Miami

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Are you looking for the best SaaS services in Miami?

Though Miami is home to many software companies, finding a reliable and trustworthy company can be daunting for businesses. 

If you are a company looking for a reputable and trustworthy software agency in Miami, you have come to the right spot.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best software companies in Miami to assist you in focusing your search and enhancing your software development approach.

We have selected these software development firms based on their expertise, reputation in the industry, track record, and reliability.

1. Branger_Briz

14 Best Software Companies in Miami 15

Among the best software companies in Miami, Branger_Briz, founded in 2006, is one to consider for custom software development. The agency offers custom software development, mobile app development, e-commerce development, and other application development.

Further, it develops and supports specialized digital products and software for well-known brands, startups, and multinational corporations worldwide.

Branger_Briz Features

  • The agency has served Adidas, ESPN, Warner Music, Burger King, Cerizlon, and Miami Children’s Museum.
  • Its team designs efficient and scalable cloud-based digital products by starting with the specific demands of each customer.
  • The agency got listed as #5 on the list of top software agencies in Miami by The Manifest.
  • In its 15 years of journey, the agency delivered numerous apps in different niches to its loyal customers.
  • You can read through the case studies published on their website and make an informed decision.

2. Kobe Digital

Kobe Digital
14 Best Software Companies in Miami 16

Kobe Digital adds substantial value to its clients’ marketing objectives through its SaaS services in Miami. 

The company has collaborated with various customers in various businesses and areas. Additionally, their full-service approach and rigid working framework significantly increase the impact on their clients.

Kobe Digital Features

  • The agency has included development, marketing, and web design projects on its website and is among the best software companies in Miami.
  • You can book a free consultation to clarify any questions about your requirements.
  • Kobe Digital has received accreditation from Agency Spotter, DesignRush, Digital.com, and TopSEOs for their services.
  • The agency was named in the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing companies. It also got featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and The Huffington Post.
  • You get a detailed monthly report on your campaign’s progress. Moreover, you can also access the analytics via an online client portal.

3. WebtrixPro

14 Best Software Companies in Miami 17

WebtrixPro is a top software agency specializing in developing and designing custom websites and mobile apps. 

The company uses cutting-edge web software and a results-driven perspective to assist our clients in expanding their businesses. Further, it uses the DEV-IX Model, a unique approach to development that includes your goals with a strategic growth strategy.

WebtrixPro Features

  • The agency has served 150+ clients with a 100% satisfaction rate in the last 17 years.
  • You get a risk-free double guarantee. If unsatisfied in the first seven days, you are eligible for a 100% refund. The offer remains the same for 14 days.
  • Their team comprises 50+ top industry developers who provide top-notch, risk-free development solutions.
  • You can schedule a 30-minute free discovery call to discuss your requirements and ask your queries.
  • The company has included its work samples on its website. Additionally, The Manifest has accredited them as the top software company in Miami.

4. Digital Silk

Digital Silk
14 Best Software Companies in Miami 18

Digital Silk is among the best software companies in Miami, offering site design, app development, and marketing services. 

Its specialty is developing engaging yet different digital products to increase brand exposure. Further, it provides a team of prominent industry experts to each project to ensure success and an aggressive approach.

Digital Silk Features

  • The agency has got featured on CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Adweek, Fox News, and ABC News. 
  • The website contains various case studies of past clients. You can evaluate them to see if they meet your needs. 
  • It is a full-service digital agency that provides web and app development, mobile app development, and hybrid app development.
  • Some key clients are IBM, AT&T, NFL, P&G, Amazon, HP, Xerox, Impendi Analytics, and Hearst.
  • Digital Silk provides businesses with numerous financing choices to keep things running smoothly. You also get in-depth minute-to-minute updates.

5. Active Logic

Active Logic
14 Best Software Companies in Miami 19

Founded in 2014, Active Logic builds custom software with the latest technology and database solutions. 

The company works closely with its customers to actively communicate and collaborate to develop excellent digital products. Further, its specialists have designed digital products for Fortune 500 companies, governmental agencies, and startups.

Active Logic Features

  • The Manifest and DesignRush have declared them Miami’s best custom software developers.
  • In the last eight years, they have completed 200+ projects with the help of their 35 software exports.
  • The agency works with technologies including Java, Angular, React, .net, Python, Swift, Next.js, PHP, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, Firebase, etc.
  • It is a Laravel Partner listed by Inc. Magazines as one of the top software companies in the Midwest region.
  • The agency strengthens its spot by providing various case studies of its past clients.

6. Solved Puzzle

Solved Puzzle
14 Best Software Companies in Miami 20

Solved Puzzle has helped businesses develop and launch effective digital marketing campaigns with its SaaS services in Miami. 

The agency staff knows your business needs and strives for the best outcomes. Further, it has a team of experienced developers who provide site design, app development, and custom software services.

Solved Puzzle Features

  • The agency has included case studies with the results of previous clients. You can go over them to see if they are appropriate for you. 
  • The firm will provide you with a free consultation. You can get it by giving some basic details about your firm.
  • It provides you with monthly reports that detail the strategies they are adopting. 
  • The agency has over ten years of software development experience and has achieved outstanding results for its clients. 
  • You get customized services as per your needs.

7. EagerWorks 

14 Best Software Companies in Miami 21

Eagerworks is a software development company serving clients in the US, UK, and Canada since 2015. 

The company aims to create connections beyond designing and coding to assist companies in succeeding. Further, it uses the most up-to-date technology to produce digital products. 

EagerWorks Features

  • The company has experienced professionals proficient in Ruby on Rails, Java, Node, React, and mobile app development.
  • You can easily schedule a 30-min free consultation session to discuss your project requirements.
  • The company has completed 70+ projects across numerous sectors, including retail, travel technology, prop technology, sustainable technology, and fashion.
  • If you want to hire them, review their past case study results to see if they suit your needs.
  • Listing agencies like DesignRush and The Manifest have accredited them as the best software companies in Miami.

8. Krafted Digital

Krafted Digital
14 Best Software Companies in Miami 22

Krafted Digital is another Miami-based firm that provides SaaS services in Miami, like mobile apps and custom software development. 

The agency has assisted hundreds of businesses in growing and sustaining their operations. As a result, they seek to assist businesses in reinventing themselves online and showcasing their work to a new audience.

Krafted Digital Features

  • The company builds highly personalized digital strategies considering its clients’ goals. 
  • You can quickly uncover some of their previous customer case study outcomes to determine their suitability for your organization.
  • The company provides free consultation calls to help you with your concerns and needs before you bring in real money.
  • The agency got published in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Harvard Business Review, and Fast Company.
  • With over ten years of expertise, it has worked with clients such as JPMorgan Chase & Co., ZodCharger, and Lufthansa.

9. Cobuild Lab, Inc.  

Cobuild Lab, Inc.
14 Best Software Companies in Miami 23

Cobuild Lab, Inc. is one of the best software companies in Miami that provides custom software development, product design, and UX/UI design services. 

The staff is passionate about collaborating and developing elegant solutions to build engaging interactive experiences. Further, the company aims to help its clients turn their ideas into profitable ventures. 

Cobuild Lab, Inc. Features

  • The agency has served many businesses in its eight years of journeys, including Avsee, Massone Mechanical, and Collab To Grow.
  • Its team uses modern technologies like Javascript, Python, Ruby, and Solidity. Further, it also employs AI, machine learning, and big data to drive better results.
  • The company has published various success stories and portfolios of prior clients on its website. You can read through it to make an informed decision.
  • GoodFirms, DesignRush, and The Manifest have listed them as the top software development companies in Miami.
  • Whether you are a startup or a big enterprise, they provide tailored plans suitable to your requirements. 

10. Creative Mindworks

Creative Mindworks
14 Best Software Companies in Miami 24

Creative Mindworks is a well-known development and marketing agency providing SaaS services in Miami since its establishment in 1998. 

The company develops solutions for complex daily problems and obstacles that commercial organizations face. Further, their creative team comprises industry leaders creating mobile apps, enterprise software, customized websites, and other digital goods.

Creative Mindworks Features

  • The company has served some top businesses like Citi Bike, Gastro Health, Tower 155, Carnival Corporation & PLC, and Gastro Corporation.
  • The agency has received over 80 Creative Design Awards, including the ADDY (AdFed Miami), Creativity Awards, and The Best Awards.
  • Magazines and organizations such as Entrepreneur, the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, and the South Florida Business Journal have recognized them.
  • The company has 20+ years of digital expertise in providing top-notch results and demonstrating trustworthiness.
  • Whether you are a small or large firm, they provide personalized strategies based on your needs.

11. Crea7ive

14 Best Software Companies in Miami 25

Crea7ive is the next company on our list of the best software companies in Miami. The agency offers all enterprises real-time marketing, brand strategy, and web development. 

Further, their team promises to develop and implement a comprehensive online marketing strategy for their customers. Additionally, the company aims to increase leads and sales for your organization with its solutions.

Crea7ive Features

  • The organization has been featured and recognized by TEDx, Forbes, and the National Minority Supplier Development Council.
  • Some of its Fortune 500 clients include Zumba, Armani Casa, Wendy’s, Pizza Hut, and Airbnb.
  • The agency has enclosed a few featured works, which is enough to strengthen their reliability. 
  • The company will advise you on the best-customized strategies because they understand each organization has unique needs.

12. iAnalyst

14 Best Software Companies in Miami 26

iAnalyst has been among the best software companies in Miami, providing top-tier full-service SaaS services.

The company aims to optimize websites and solutions for search engines to increase exposure and traffic to their client’s businesses. Further, it focuses on your goals, from discovery to development.

iAnalyst Features

  • The company is a Google Premier Partner, Microsoft, and Facebook Advertising Partner. Their key clients are Reebok, BMW, PlayStation, and Audi.
  • You will receive a complimentary consultation where they will provide methodology-related insight into your company.
  • Seeing that they’ve included their previous results in the case studies section is encouraging. 
  • The company has 19+ years of experience in the development sector and has developed user-friendly software.
  • iAnalyst got featured in prestigious journals such as Yahoo Finance, CNN, CNBC, and Business Journal.

13. Lounge Lizard

Lounge Lizard
14 Best Software Companies in Miami 27

Since 1998, Lounge Lizard has been the top marketing and web development agency with a strong experience in technology. 

The agency infuses exceptional innovation into a clever mix of cutting-edge technology. Further, it ensures to follow best practices, resulting in consistently excellent results.

Lounge Lizard Features

  • You can review various case studies from the past to see how successfully they performed for their previous clients. 
  • Since 2021, the agency has been an official member of the Forbes Agency Council. They also write for Forbes magazine.
  • The agency has served businesses, including Motorola, National Geographic, Canon, The Walt Disney Company, and Isuzu.
  • They are a Hubspot marketing partner and a Google Certified Partner. Semrush, YouTube, and Shopify are some other companies that have collaborated with them. 
  • The agency employs native programming languages and follows Apple’s and Google’s design style guidelines to provide the most remarkable possible user experiences.


14 Best Software Companies in Miami 28

NEWMEDIA is a top software agency in Miami that has aided countless businesses in achieving incredible achievements. 

The company works with its clients to determine short- and long-term growth goals. Afterward, it develops and implements a thorough, specialized web development plan to assist you in achieving those goals. 


  • Inc. 5000 has been listed twice by NEWMEDIA as among the fastest-growing businesses.
  • Its portfolio has some big names, including the Almond Board of California, Delta Sky Club, PostNet, and CBS Television.
  • The Better Business Bureau has accredited them with A+ ratings. Additionally, they have won Mashable Global Awards.
  • You can read through the case studies published on their website. It’s a great way to examine their prior performance and determine if they fulfill your requirements.
  • The agency offers a no-obligation consultation call to potential clients to discuss their requirements.


This ends our thorough review on the list of Miami’s most reliable software development companies.

These companies will ensure a solid online presence and increase your customer base and income generation over the coming years.

You must pick trustworthy SaaS services in Miami to accomplish your business goals.

Additionally, it must have received the award and recognition from several listing agencies and delivered outstanding outcomes for its previous clients.

By selecting one of the software development companies mentioned above, you can receive the greatest digital solution and improved outcomes.

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