23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco

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San Francisco is the sixth-largest economy in the United States. The city plays a significant role in the world economy, with a GDP of $501 billion. A large portion of this comes from high-tech businesses in the region.

The city bustles with software development companies. But finding a reliable tech company that stays true to its word is a complex task. It requires research and an attentive eye to trust with your hard-earned money.

If you’re looking for SaaS services in San Francisco, you’re at the right spot. This guide will list the 23 best software companies in San Francisco.

We have selected these software companies based on their expertise, credibility, track record, and reliability.

1. SiliconMint

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 24

SiliconMint is a top software agency in San Francisco with an experienced team of developers. The company has developed high-load, sophisticated software systems, such as trading platforms, real-time IoT engines, and packet-switched software. 

Furthermore, the agency has a wealth of experience in custom software development (Java, .NET, C#, C++, Python, Go, React, and Angular).

SiliconMint Features

  • The company has served 43 Fortune 500 businesses in their 10+ years.
  • You can read through the case studies published by the company to set the right expectations before purchasing their services.
  • Some of their top clients are Verizon, Yahoo, Goldman Sachs, Hightail, and Motif investing.
  • They have a software product named MintData, a platform for no-code application development. They create software up to 12 times faster than conventional software development teams.
  • DesignRush mentions them among the best software companies in San Francisco.

2. Smart IT

Smart IT
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 25

Smart IT provides SaaS services in San Francisco, turning your concepts into industry-leading software solutions.

The company’s team collaborates with small to medium-sized businesses and startups to create digital products solving real-life problems. 

Furthermore, it creates a specialized software engineering team for long-term projects and provides core IT development services.

Smart IT Features

  • The agency got listed as a top software agency by GoodFirms and DesignRush. 
  • The company first understands your business objectives and target audience and then offers you a tailored plan fulfilling your specific needs.
  • The company has 10+ years of expertise and has provided excellent software services to more than 46 firms in San Francisco.
  • It got featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Smartsheet, and Hackernoon.

3. SF AppWorks

SF AppWorks
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 26

SF AppWorks has been among the best software companies in San Francisco, serving since its establishment in 2012. Its committed software development staff works closely with you to plan and create their web platforms and digital presences. 

Furthermore, it aims to assist product owners in innovating, quickly prototyping, and validating new concepts for their companies.

SF AppWorks Features

  • The company got listed as a top software development agency by GoodFirms, Superb Companies, Irate, and DesignRush.
  • It has big names under its portfolio, such as West Elm, Georgetown, Covia, Vanguard, Laurel Springs, Tenor, and Boyd Entertainment.
  • Apart from core development services, you can also get IT staff augmentation, prototyping, and no-code development services.
  • The agency has 10+ years of experience providing outstanding software development services for businesses in the city.
  • It is best suited for small or medium-sized companies considering its past track record.

4. iTechArt Group

iTechArt Group
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 27

Since 2002, iTechArt has partnered with 500+ innovative startups and businesses worldwide as a market-leading software development partner. 

The talent pool at iTechArt currently boasts more than 3500 engineers with expertise in all of the most recent technologies. Also, the agency believes in establishing long-term relationships with each client.

iTechArt Group Features

  • The agency has won American Business Awards and IT World Awards for its software solutions. 
  • It gets frequently listed in the lists, such as the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies since 2018 and the Financial Times Americas’ Fastest Growing Companies.
  • The agency is an AWS Consulting Partner, Google Cloud Partner, and Salesforce Consulting Partner.
  • The company creates tailored plans after outlining your requirements. Consequently, you don’t pay what you don’t need.
  • It has helped customers like Freshly, Classpass, and Dealcloud raise over $13 billion through acquisitions & 21 client IPOs to date.

5. Tivix

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 28

Established in 2008, Tivix operates around the US, Europe, and Asia, with its main office in San Francisco. 

The company creates scalable, secure, and completely dependable enterprise-grade software. Furthermore, it serves clients in various sectors, such as FinTech, healthcare, industrial, government, and non-profit organizations.

Tivix Features

  • Its clients include NATO, Apple, United Nations, Zoetis, SolarCity, VMware, Bayer, and Syapse.
  • The company has worked on various latest technologies, including Django/Python, Node.js, React, Angular, Polymer, Objective-C, Java, Ansible, Docker, Swift, AWS, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • Its core service is web and custom software development. And it serves all types of businesses, i.e., from startups to big enterprises.
  • It believes every company has specific requirements, so it offers a tailored package to each client.

6. Simform

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 29

Simform provides software solutions that assist businesses in becoming leaders in innovation by resolving challenging software engineering issues. 

The company has aided various organizations, including Fortune 500 corporations, NGOs supported by the WHO, and startups. It is one of the best software companies in San Francisco, with offices in India and Canada.

Simform Features

  • It has published numerous ebooks to download regarding software, web, and app development, along with marketing and lead generation. Consequently, it sets them into an authority position in the industry.
  • You may check its featured case studies to see how it has served its past clients and given the best growth.
  • It has been recognized for its outstanding SaaS services in San Francisco by DesignRush. Additionally, it has received 4.9 ratings on GoodFirms.
  • It is a Microsoft Gold, Vonage API Integration, and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.
  • Since 2010, it has helped 900+ companies with its services. Some of its key clients include Hilton, Redbull, Sony Music, Marriott, and Pepsico.

7. Dayspring Partners

Dayspring Partners
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 30

Established in 1997, Dayspring Technologies is a company that develops specialized software and websites. 

They create web apps and e-commerce platforms in addition to specialized software development for internal platforms. Thanks to their proficiency in full-stack web development, iOS, and Android, they can dig as deep as you need.

Dayspring Partners Features

  • The company has served well-known clients like American Red Cross, BSN Sports, Fund for Shared Insight, and Golden State Warriors.
  • The company has 20+ years of experience in the software industry, serving 600+ clients.
  • It’s good to see that they have enclosed their past results in the case studies section supporting software services.
  • Their highly qualified team will create a tailored strategy to help you achieve your business objectives via software solutions.
  • Some technologies they use are Angular, APEX code, AWS, Axure RP, CSS3, HTML5, iOS/Objective-C, JavaScript, jQuery, Node.js, PHP, PhpStorm, Python, etc.

8. TekRevol

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 31

TekRevol was established in 2018 and focused on offering startups and businesses innovative digital solutions. 

They are one of the best software companies in San Francisco for application development, websites, games, and e-commerce platforms. 

Furthermore, the business supports creative problem-solving and inventive thinking and prioritizes increasing customer pleasure. They also take pride in establishing enduring relationships with their clientele.

TekRevol Features

  • They offer software services in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, and Ukrainian.
  • Some key clients are The University of Toronto, Waste Connections, Beach Bandits, The Mobius Risk Group, and the University of California SF.
  • The agency is AWS Advanced Consulting, Google Developer, Adobe Solutions, and Microsoft Consulting Partner.
  • You get a free consultation call to discuss your requirements.
  • Inc. has listed the company 5000, won C.MM Awards Horizon Interactive Awards, and was a finalist in Timmy Awards.

9. LeewayHertz

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 32

If you’re looking for a top software agency in San Francisco that can develop web3 software products, try LeewayHertz.

The company’s team has expertise in working with technologies like Hyperledger, R3 Corda, Ethereum, and Hashgraph. Further, its company guiding principle is reflected in its motto, “You Dream It: We Build It.”

LeewayHertz Features

  • GoodFirms has recognized them as the best software development service provider in San Francisco.
  • It has assisted businesses like ESPN, Siemens, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey, US Army, P&G, GeoEye, O’Reilly, Danaher, Astellas, and Oberweis.
  • Over the past 15+ years, it has achieved achievements despite the most challenging situations.
  • You can look through its several past featured works (case studies) to learn more and make an informed decision. 
  • It serves all types of businesses, whether you own a small business or a big enterprise. It also has assisted 30+ top fortune 500 companies.

10. Infuse

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 33

Infuse is a software development company that offers SaaS services in San Francisco. 

It has worked alongside leading payment processors, medical startups, and tech companies. Whether you need a product strategy, software development, or UI/UX development, Infuse covers all.

Infuse Features

  • It is among the few companies that are both HIPAA and PCI-compliant, guaranteeing the security of your sensitive data even after the project completion.
  • The agency has published past work samples in the work section on the website.
  • Some top clients are Ready Responders, Card Connect, Clover, Donors Choose, PayPal, and Greenbits.
  • The Manifest and a few other listing agencies have recognized it for its software development services.
  • It focuses more on small and medium-sized businesses.

11. Appstem

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 34

Appstem creates and develops custom software and assists you in resolving challenging business issues. Furthermore, their strategic, research-driven technique enables us to produce the appropriate solutions for their client’s objectives.

Appstem Features

  • They have extensive experience in various industries and have launched over 200 successful apps.
  • Their portfolio is vital, as they have worked with Tesla, Johnson & Johnson, JSX, UC Davis, and Mazoola.
  • They have an excellent track record of keeping customers; you may see it in the case studies section.
  • The agency applies some latest technologies, including React, Typescript, HTML5, and CSS, to fulfill the client’s needs.
  • They will guide you with the right customized plans after analyzing requirements.

12. Asap Developers

Asap Developers
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 35

Founded in 2008, Asap Developers is another San Francisco-based app development firm. The company has expertise in mobile and full-stack development. 

Furthermore, it aims to aid businesses, entrepreneurs, and organizations in exploring and developing cutting-edge technologies to develop life-changing digital solutions.

Asap Developers Features

  • GoodFirms, Top Developers, and The Manifest have listed them as the top software development companies in San Francisco.
  • The company focuses more on serving small and medium businesses. However, it has helped businesses like UNDP, Toyota, PE4H, zInspector, and Alooma.
  • You can quickly look at some of their previous work to clearly understand past clients’ results.
  • No matter the size of your company, it will work with you. And this idea has made it create 100+ products, MVPs, and platforms.
  • Its team has over 14 years of experience building custom software and mobile app development.

13. Yeti LLC

Yeti LLC
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 36

Yeti LLC is among the best software companies in San Francisco, serving businesses with mobile app development, eCommerce sites, Web3, and custom software development. 

The company’s team works closely with clients through meaningful dialogues throughout the process. Furthermore, it has aided its clients in maintaining their position as market leaders in an environment of continually evolving technology.

Yeti LLC Features

  • The agency is proud to work with Google, Westfield Corporation, Sony, Qualcomm, AKQA, Hershey’s, wikiHow, MIT, UC Berkeley, and Harvard.
  • If you want to know if it is the right agency for you, go through its past clients’ results in the case studies section. 
  • The agency has a diverse team with extensive experience working with various industries.
  • The Manifest has listed it in 20th position on their list of the top 100 best software companies in San Francisco.

14. BairesDev

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 37

BairesDev is the top provider of scalable, high-performing nearshore software development solutions. 

The company’s ultimate objective is to generate lasting value across the digital transformation process. Furthermore, they have more than 3,000 experienced engineers working for Fortune 500 organizations and leading startups.

BairesDev Features

  • The agency has won various awards, including American Business Awards, Grand Trophy Winner, and Best Software Development Company by Tech Times.
  • Some key clients are Google, Rolls-Royce, Johnson & Johnson, Pinterest, eBay, Salesforce, Burger King, and ViacomCBS.
  • You may read their success stories on the website to help you make an informed decision. GoodFirms and DesignRush have also acknowledged it for its SaaS services in San Francisco.
  • They have been listed in Inc. 5000 and Fast 100 as Fastest Growing Companies in America. They are also an official member of the Forbes Agency Council.
  • The company provides a free consultation call to prospects to clear any doubts.

15. Zazz

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 38

Founded in 2009, American digital agency Zazz has led the way in innovative software design and development. They are an enterprise app modernization, UX/UI design, and development expert. 

Furthermore, the agency has designed digital solutions for numerous Fortune 500 firms, governmental organizations, and startups.

Zazz Features

  • Inc. 5000 has recognized them as one of America’s fastest-growing companies. Moreover, they are also a certified B corporation.
  • They have developed 397 apps, delivered 763 projects, and generated 770M+ in revenue with 95% customer satisfaction.
  • Some of the big names in their portfolio include Harvard Innovation Labs, BBC News, Citibank, Honda, McDonald’s, NBA, HBO, PayPal, and ESPN.
  • You can easily schedule a 30-min free consultation session via an in-person meeting or zoom video call by choosing a date and time.
  • The agency is AWS Consulting, Google Cloud, Apple, Google Developer, and Salesforce Consulting Partner.

16. Gecko Dynamics

Gecko Dynamics
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 39

Gecko Dynamics is one of the most reliable software companies in San Francisco regarding web and custom software development.

It uses PHP, Python, and Vue.js in addition to the main stack of Java, .NET, Angular, and React. 

Furthermore, its whole process includes analysis & scoping sessions, prototyping & specification, design, development, launch, and support & maintenance.

Gecko Dynamics Features

  • The agency has spent 20+ years in software development with its four offices worldwide. Also, it has 80+ happy and satisfied clients on its list.
  • Gecko has published various case studies that can help you make an informed decision.
  • Numerous listing bodies like DesignRush and GoodFirms have recognized the agency as a top software company in San Francisco.
  • The agency works with technologies including Java, Angular, React, .net, Python, AWS, PHP, Node.js, Android, Azure, etc.
  • It has won the Central European Startup Awards for Best Software Development.

17. JetRuby

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 40

For the last 11 years, JetRuby has developed applications for over 100 startups. The company employs more than 100 in-house engineers who are experts in 12 well-known technologies and consistently work on new technologies.

JetRuby Features

  • GoodFirms, Top Developers, and The Manifest have listed them among the top software development companies in San Francisco.
  • In their 12+ years of journey, they have completed 250+ apps. They have served clients from 24 different countries. 
  • The agency has served 16+ industries. Some industries they serve are healthcare, education, real estate, e-commerce, travel, logistics, health & fitness, finance, and retail.
  • They provide a free audit and consultation before purchasing any service from them. 
  • The company has numerous case studies on software development projects on their website, demonstrating how their SaaS services in San Francisco have helped businesses achieve goals.

18. Mangosoft

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 41

Founded in 2016, Mangosoft is one of the best software companies in San Francisco for small and mid-sized business clients. It works on the latest technologies, including Python, Java, Node.js, .Net, and PHP. 

The company develops digital solutions that help you in increasing revenues, lower operational expenses, and improve business effectiveness. 

Furthermore, it makes long-lasting relationships with clients and generates 62% of recurring business with its transparent SDLC process, crystal-clear communication, and top-notch services.

Mangosoft Features

  • It has operations in the USA and Eastern Europe, and has completed over 250 projects for clients in more than 30 countries.
  • The agency has served well-known businesses, including HoneyBee, Liveraise, Veggie Weekend, Nucleus, and Rage of Realms.
  • It has received recognition for its services from several listing agencies, including DesignRush and The Manifest.

19. Xicom Technologies

Xicom Technologies
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 42

Xicom Technologies is well-known for providing SaaS services in San Francisco, specifically for web and mobile applications of any complexity. 

It has a staff of 300+ highly qualified IT professionals who provide software development, eCommerce development, cross-platform app development, Android app development, and cloud application development. 

Xicom Technologies Features 

  • The agency has completed 7500+ projects for 1500+ clients worldwide in the last 20 years.
  • It offers high-performance solutions and services for developing custom software as per your requirements.
  • You get 30 days of complimentary support after the product launch. Additionally, it promises 100% transparency with a 95% probability of on-time delivery.
  • You can get a free estimate of your project by scheduling a consultation.
  • Some listing agencies like GoodFirms, CIO Review, and Mobile App Daily have accredited its services.

20. Fusion Informatics

Fusion Informatics
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 43

Fusion Informatics is one of the best software companies in San Francisco with a track record of producing useful Web, Mobile, and Cloud apps. 

It creates special applications that assist firms from various industries in increasing their growth. Furthermore, its experts have served numerous businesses from different sectors.

Fusion Informatics Features

  • The company offers startups, small and medium-sized businesses, and large corporations end-to-end applications.
  • Corp America has awarded it with the best app development company. USTCI has also awarded it for its excellence in software solutions. Moreover, Software World, Mobile Firms, GoodFirms, and DesignRush accredit its software services.
  • The agency has enclosed some success stories to help you make informed decisions. 
  • It has completed 1000+ projects in the last 20 years of its service. It has offices in 4 countries.

21. Clarika Group

Clarika Group
23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 44

Since 2007, Clarika Group has assisted clients with mobile app and web development. The agency deploys agile approaches with incremental and iterative development. 

Using the Agile approach, they use the top talent in South America as an offshore software development firm. Furthermore, its team assists you in assembling a team that can meet your company’s demands. 

Clarika Group Features

  • The agency is a perfect fit for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • In its 15+ years of journey, it has served clients, including Budweiser, VISA, and Junior Achievement.
  • The agency works on technologies including Java, Angular, React, .NET, Swift, React Native, AWS, PHP, Node.js, Android, and more.
  • You can go through some of its past projects published on its website to learn more about it. 
  • The listing agency, Goodfirms, has accredited it as the city’s top software development company. 

22. Railwaymen

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 45

The multinational tech corporation Railwaymen develops web and mobile applications. They can help you to increase revenue by making your apps more aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly custom software. 

Since the agency also offers project management services, they can guarantee a seamless and open delivery process. Consequently, they are among the best software companies in San Francisco.

Railwaymen Features

  • Some of their key clients are Frindow, Shawarmer, LaunchMatic, Protenders, HomeAhead, Apple Seeds, Remark, Rally Charge, and Safe Driving.
  • They have been recognized by GoodFirms, DesignRush, and Software World for their SaaS services in San Francisco.
  • Some of the technologies this agency works with include: Ruby, Javascript, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, PostgreSQL, Golang, Swift, Java, Kotlin, React Native, RxSwift, CoreData, RoomDB, and RxKotlin.
  • This tech company has developed over 150 online and mobile applications and worked for clients across many industries.
  • The agency got listed in Forbes, Inc. 5000, Liberty Global, and Techstars.

23. Galliot

23 Best Software Companies in San Francisco 46

Galliot is the last agency on our list of best software companies in San Francisco. It specializes in DevOps and custom software and provides cloud consulting and web development services. 

The company has a strong team of highly qualified specialists who provide clients with creative, secure, and scalable IT solutions.

Galliot Features

  • The Manifest has ranked Galliot in the 28th spot on its list of top 100 software companies in San Francisco.
  • The agency is an expert in Kubernetes, Pytorch, Terraform, Tensorflow, React, Android, GCP, and AWS.
  • It analyzes each customer’s needs and offers a customized plan. You also get 24/7 support.
  • It puts more focus on small and medium-sized businesses.


You are one step closer to choosing the right agency with this list of the best software companies in San Francisco. However, it would be best if you did some due diligence.

For instance, your agency must have won recognition from several listing agencies and delivered outstanding outcomes for its previous clients.

All the businesses mentioned above have accreditation and provide excellent client outcomes. We screened them based on several criteria to ensure that we only list the best.

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