12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle

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Are you looking for a web development company in Seattle to help you develop websites for your product or business?

Finding a reliable web development agency is a complex task that requires attention to detail.

While many companies claim to be the best, only some remain faithful to their promises. Therefore, we went ahead and did the hard part for you.

We have screened several top web development agencies in Seattle and taken input from expert web developers to produce this guide. 

Here, you’ll learn about the 12 best web development companies in Seattle that will get an amazingly beautiful and elegantly functional website up and running.

1. HyperBeans

HyperBeans - Web Development Company In Seattle
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 13

HyperBeans is a web development company in Seattle that has been offering user-friendly web solutions since its establishment in 2011. 

The agency’s technical team comprises talented web developers in Seattle. They work tirelessly to ensure that their clients receive quantifiable outcomes. Also, the agency boasts tremendous adherence to principles such as transparency and results.

HyperBeans Features

  • HyperBeans has been developing websites since 2010 and has successfully worked with hundreds of clients worldwide.
  • The agency offers you a free consultation which you can use to outline your requirements and get your queries resolved.
  • This web development company has published several case studies on its website, which acts as social proof for its reliable services.
  • Some of their key clients include Maruti Genuine Accessories, Quaker, Jiffylube, Tata Genuine Parts, Standard Chartered, Kutchina, BSE Samman, and the World Book of Records.
  • AppFutura and Top Developers have mentioned them among the best web development companies in Seattle.

2. Jordan Crown

Jordan Crown - Web Development Company
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 14

Jordan Crown is among the top development agency in Seattle that can design and develop beautiful websites for you. It employs the best professionals and works on the latest technologies and frameworks. 

The company uses responsive design to ensure your website appears terrific on any device.

Jordan Crown Features

  • You get a free 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your issues and requirements. 
  • You’ll find several case studies published on their website. Use it to assess the growth it has brought to past clients and whether it aligns with your goals.
  • The agency is an official member of the Forbes Agency Council and has gained recognition from several reputable organizations. 
  • The agency has 10+ years of experience and has served some top brands, including Scantron, Comcast, T-Mobile, LinkedIn, CDK Global, and PeopleFirm.

3. Bonsai Media Group

Bonsai Media Group
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 15

Founded in 2009, Bonsai Media Group is a web development company in Seattle comprising a group of enthusiastic web developers and designers. 

The company manages every stage of helping its clients build a successful internet presence. It uses a thorough strategy for website development and creates an approach that improves your brand’s online presence and affinity with target customers.

Bonsai Media Group Features

  • The agency has won the W3 Gold winner for 2018 and 2021. Also, it has won local excellence awards for its services.
  • DesignRush and GoodFirms have accredited them as the best web designing and development agency in Seattle.
  • The agency has developed hundreds of websites during its tenure of 10+ years in the digital marketing space. 
  • Some of their top clients are Samsung, Amazon, the U.W School of Law, Microsoft, Prosper, and Costco.

4. Seattle New Media

Seattle New Media
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 16

Seattle New Media is one of the best web development companies in Seattle, specializing in Webflow, Woocommerce, Airtable, Shopify, and WordPress development. 

It specializes in making customized websites. Also, their core team members get actively involved in your project at every stage, ensuring you get the best support possible. 

Seattle New Media Features

  • This company has 7+ years of experience and has completed 500+ projects during this period. 
  • It offers a free consultation to prospects. You can take advantage of it and discuss your requirements before purchasing their development services.
  • The agency provides affordable packages to meet your specific web development needs.

5. W3care Technologies Pvt Ltd.

W3care Technologies Pvt Ltd.
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 17

Since 2010, W3care Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been helping businesses in developing responsive and fast-loading websites. 

The agency’s primary goal as a business is to provide customers with better web solutions that adhere to international standards at a fair price. Its industry-specific expertise gives you an advantage and saves time on the development process.

W3care Technologies Pvt Ltd. Features

  • The agency has developed websites and mobile apps for 3000+ clients in over 35 countries. 
  • The company has developers with experience in ExpressionEngine, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, CakePHP, CorePHP, CodeIgniter, and Android and iOS app development.
  • The company has included a featured work section where it showcases the work done for past clients. Read through it to set the right expectations and make an informed decision about them. 
  • GoodFirms lists this agency in its list of the best web development companies in Seattle. 

6. UpTop

UpTop - Web Development agency In Seattle
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 18

Founded in 2000, UpTop is a design and web development company in Seattle that helps you design and develop beautiful, functional websites for your product or business. 

It aims to assist its clients in achieving their objectives and advancing their businesses. And they achieve it by creating better websites that result in more enduring customer connections and increased sales. 

UpTop Features

  • The agency has published some success stories on its website. It demonstrates the ROI they’ve delivered to their past clients.
  • Amazon, SAP Concur, Microsoft, CenturyLink, F5, Mattress Firm, Belkin, Disney, and Sotheby’s are some of the top brands it has worked with.
  • Their team has 21+ years of experience in web design and development. It has skilled web developers in Seattle to help you create beautiful and responsible websites for your product or services.
  • The company understands different businesses can have different needs. Therefore, they serve businesses of all sizes and provide custom solutions to everyone. 

7. Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 19

Coalition Technologies claims to have generated over 600% more revenue for clients compared to other typical web development agencies. 

Interestingly, their core service isn’t web development, but they get listed among the top web development agency in Seattle. 

The agency covers everything from webhooks integration to custom design and development. 

Coalition Technologies Features

  • The agency has 700+ case studies published on its website, which can help you understand their past work and determine whether they can serve your needs. 
  • Some of their services include BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, WordPress, and Shopify site development.
  • It provides month-to-month contracts instead of a six or 12-month contract at once, making it an affordable web development agency in Seattle. Also, it has flexible payment options, and you can pay for your projects over up to 6 months.
  • Its client retention rate is 98% which means that they deliver on what they promise and provide adequate customer support to troubleshoot issues. 
  • The agency has been featured in renowned media outlets such as Bloomberg, PC World, and ABC News.

8. Thrive Design

Thrive Design
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 20

Started in 2002, Thrive Design is primarily a web design company offering website care plans in Seattle. 

The agency strives to provide design and development solutions appropriate for all business models and industrial sectors. Also, it offers top-notch design and WordPress maintenance services. 

Thrive Design Features

  • The agency has 20+ years of experience providing outstanding design and development services for businesses in Seattle.
  • Their expensive services make it hard for small and medium-sized businesses to afford them. 
  • You get customized plans after the agency understands your business objectives and audience.
  • Two well-known listing agencies DesignRush, and Three Best Rated, have recognized them as the best web designers in Seattle.

9. Exo Agency

Exo Agency
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 21

Exo Agency is a marketing agency providing SEO, web design & development, and PPC services. 

The agency develops websites using custom scripts in Java or Python. Also, it helps you integrate web apps with your CRM and capture leads efficiently.

Exo Agency Features

  • The agency got featured in Inc. 5000 as America’s Fastest Growing Private Company. 
  • It provides a free consultation to discuss your project and answer your queries before hiring them. 
  • You can go through case studies of their past projects and analyze the results. They have served 200+ clients worldwide.
  • DesignRush, GoodFirms, and The Manifest have accredited them as the city’s best web development service provider.

10. Visualwebz LLC

Visualwebz LLC
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 22

Visualwebz is a website designing company in Seattle, operating since 2008. It also has an arm that provides web solutions and support. 

The agency has a track record of creating and launching hundreds of responsive websites. Moreover, they are the market leaders in linking international service providers with multinational corporations.

Visualwebz Features

  • The agency has served small as well as big businesses in every industry. 
  • You get a free analysis of your website, which helps you understand the issues and what you need to do to fix them. 
  • GoodFirms and Three Best Rated have accredited this web development agency in Seattle as one of the best. 
  • The agency also offers customized plans, allowing you to select services based on your business needs. 

11. All Seattle Web Design

All Seattle Web Design
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 23

The next on our list of best web development companies in Seattle is All Seattle Web Design

Even though their services don’t include everything in web development, you can hire them for WordPress development and maintenance.

All Seattle Web Design Features

  • The agency provides a free website review consultation to help you discover potential areas of improvement in your site. 
  • It is the best fit for small and medium-sized businesses based on its track record so far. 
  • The company believes in one-time payment without any monthly maintenance fees. However, it does provide customized packages as per your needs upon request.
  • Some of the top brands they have worked with include Port of Seattle, Ellipse Global, Orion, and Woodstone.

12. Black Antelope

Black Antelope
12 Best Web Development Companies in Seattle 24

Black Antelope is the last web development agency in Seattle that has made it on our list. 

The agency works in various sectors, including e-commerce, non-profits, higher education, enterprises, and digital startups. It uses a systematic problem-solving strategy and only employs the most effective solutions.

Black Antelope Features

  • The agency has been doing development since 2009 and has expertise accumulated over 13+ years. 
  • The company has big names among its list of clients, including UC Berkeley, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Fujitsu Laboratories Of America, Cloudwords, and Democracy Live.
  • Their team has experience developing on Drupal, WordPress, Symfony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Django, Flask, Vue, Node, React, and Angular. 


So there you have it—our list of best web development companies in Seattle for all kinds of businesses. It should help you find the web development agency in Seattle that fits your needs. 

However, it would help if you also did due diligence from your side. It always helps to stay extra cautious when it comes to the reputation and growth of your business. 

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