9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas

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Dallas and Austin can easily claim the top spot for having the best web development companies in Texas. San Antonio is not very far behind either. 

Thus, Texas can boast about having some incredible web design and development companies spread across the state. 

With so many options, selecting the web developer that would be best for you becomes challenging. 

We took the initiative to narrow your choices by finding nine companies specializing in different kinds of web development and design projects. Read on to know their best features!

The Finest Web Development Companies in Texas

When it comes to website branding and planning, the mobile version and the apps should always have the same amount of attention. 

Thankfully, Texas has a bunch of agencies that have the same belief. All nine ones in our list demonstrate deftness at both. 

1. Benson Web Design

Benson Web Design
9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas 10

Address: 17806 W IH 10 #300 Promenade One at Eilan, San Antonio

Number of Employees: 1 – 10

Service Charge: $100 – $150 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $5,000

Foundation: 1985

Benson Design has run with one motto for the past 35 years. They wish to grow alongside small businesses. In order to do that, they consult with their clients and try to take customer feedback and preferences into account as much as possible. 

Their flexibility has allowed them to work with real estate, media houses, construction, and even recycling businesses. LMG Communications, Spread The News, Tech Sage Solutions, and Greene and Associates are part of their client base. 

Key Services

  • Corporate and mobile e-Commerce website development
  • Drone video production
  • Inbound marketing and sales funnel creation
  • Social media tracking and management
  • Hosting, security, and daily backups
  • National and local SEO

Why Choose Them

  • Selected as the best by Design Rush, San Antonio, and Expertise 
  • Email, eCommerce, search, social, and analytics certified staff
  • Well-rounded company with experience in advertising, packaging, and graphic output

Clients favor Benson Designs due to their complete marketing services.  Their work quality remains top-notch, whether you ask them to do a brochure or a complete website redesign. Additionally, they always provide multiple design options with quick responses every time customers request a revision.

2. Digitech Web Design

Digitech Web Design
9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas 11

Address: 7703 N Lamar Blvd Suite 510, Austin

Number of Employees: 10 – 20

Service Charge: $140 – $200 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Foundation: 2011

The Digitech website takes you through an immersive visual experience, a massive indication of its web development capabilities. No wonder The University of Texas at Austin, UMG, and the American Heart Association are their long-time clients. 

In nine years, they have seen 112 projects to completion and featured on Forbes, Inc., and Entrepreneur. In addition, they are masters at predicting trends and designing accordingly. 

Key Services

  • User-first website design and digital products
  • SEO focused on reaching high-profile customers 
  • Cost-efficient leads through paid marketing
  • Visual branding for the target audience

Why Choose Them

  • They are a multiple award-winning firm with accolades from Clutch and National Excellence 
  • They provide customer support even after project completion
  • The team takes client input into account and makes quick corrections 

A primary reason for choosing Digitech for clients is the simple onboarding process. Clients just have to give instructions and explain their brand vision, and Digitech is able to deliver excellent work within days. 

3. Red Spot Design

Red Spot Design
9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas 12

Address: 3010 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy #1200, Dallas

Number of Employees: 10 – 20

Service Charge: $180 – $230 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $25,000

Foundation: 2001

Red Spot Design offers its services across all of Texas and the USA. The company has experience building websites and brand logos for authors, retail, medical, restaurant, and technology industries. Their biggest pride lies in working with non-profits. 

Starting out as a website design initiative, Red Spot Designs’ service list has expanded to internet marketing and website hosting. 

Among the small to mid-sized businesses they have served, Dallas Custom Closets, AeroWake Airboats, LifeWorks, and Vet Ranch are notable clients. 

Key Services

  • Mobile and website redesign
  • Managing review and online reputation of clients 
  • Video production and content writing
  • Designing client logo

Why Choose Them

  • Winners of several awards from UpCity, Expertise, and Clutch, including top web designers and advertising agencies 
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with excellent reviews on Clutch, Facebook, and Google 
  • Always delivers within the promised timeline 

Red Spot Design gets a call whenever someone needs their website redesigned in Dallas. They analyze website issues, strengthen security measures and have the website running in under two weeks. 

4. Direct Line Development

Direct Line Development
9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas 13

Address: 9009 Mountain Ridge Dr #200, Austin

Number of Employees: 200 – 250

Service Charge: $50 – $100 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $5,000

Foundation: 2015

While Direct Line Development’s main office is in Philadelphia, PA, their branches in Denver and Austin have shown equal competency. They take on industries other companies are unwilling to tackle, such as auto repair, lawyers, consulting, and CBD. 

Their clientele includes GRH Kratom, Speed Raceway, BlueWater Performance, and Colorado Wealth Group. They work locally but are happy to help out clients worldwide. 

Key Services

  • Local SEO services
  • eCommerce website development and design
  • Customized CRM and ERP software
  • Graphics and logo design

Why Choose Them

  • Winners of Marcom, W3, Hermes, and Dotcomm awards 
  • Provides free tools on their website
  • Thorough research and planning before making the first blueprint 

Direct Line works in close collaboration with its clients. The patrons love having affordable but dynamic websites. Even those with designing and SEO knowledge come to Direct Line. 

5. Seota Digital Marketing

Seota Digital Marketing
9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas 14

Address: 2591 Dallas Pkwy #300, Frisco

Number of Employees: 40 – 50

Service Charge: $100 – $2150 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $5,000

Foundation: 2009

Seota’s first agency was in Frisco. Their success allowed them to open branches in four cities across three continents. They are the choice for large advertising companies, as Seota has managed to build of team composed of impeccable technical wizards. 

To give you an idea of their famous patrons, they have worked with:

  • Ferraris
  • Clean Pasture Beef
  • Lauren Davis

They will be with you from the brand planning process to engineering the website marketing until you see ROI. 

Key Services

  • WooCommerce, web development, and WordPress design
  • B2B eCommerce API integration
  • MSP marketing and paid ads
  • SEO covering local and worldwide locations

Why Choose Them

  • Awarded by Clutch and Expertise
  • Specializes in customizing Shopify websites
  • Jumpstarts SEO to get leads in under 30 days

Clients feel safe with Seota’s giant in-house team. All the software developers and creative heads in the team help them have one of the fastest turnaround times in Texas. There is also someone always around to answer last-minute questions. 

6. Web Loft Designs

Web Loft Designs
9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas 15

Address: WeWork in The Shops at Legacy, 7300 Lone Star Dr c200, Plano

Number of Employees: 40 – 50

Service Charge: $180 – $220 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $6,000

Foundation: 2003

Nineteen years since its inception, Web Loft has launched over 2000 sites for clients and helped them save millions through cost-effective strategies. In addition, they have team members with skills in hand coding and CMS software. 

They can employ either depending on what you find more reliable. 

Additionally, they have a somewhat marvelous client base. They have planned and executed designs for gyms, thermal companies, consultancies, and contractors. 

Key Services

  • Mobile website development and optimization
  • Provides training for client’s in-house team
  • Customizes eCommerce websites
  • Analytics, reports, and conversion

Why Choose Them

  • Web Loft does free CRO audits for potential clients 
  • Comes with a project management team 
  • Works side by side with clients until the business becomes an expert at managing its website

Web Loft regulars feel grateful for the agency’s dedication to always keeping them in the loop. No changes are made without informing the client, yet they are so fast at communicating that no necessary time is lost. 

7. Glide Design

Glide Design
9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas 16

Address: 501 Congress Ave. STE 150, Austin

Number of Employees: 1 – 10

Service Charge: $150 – $200 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $25,000

Foundation: 2002

For some web development companies in Texas, you don’t have to read their About or Service page to know they are developers. One look at their website and you just know that you’re staring at some really expert level work. Glide Design falls into this category. 

The smooth transitioning video you come across when you open their website should tell you enough about their capabilities. 

If that were not enough, you can look at their portfolio of clients, which consist of Yeti Coolers, Just Energy, WP Engine, and TacoDeli. They know what to do whether you are in the food or SaaS business. 

Key Services

  • Mobile responsive websites
  • Custom web design with user experience as the primary consideration
  • Q/A testing and prototypes for eCommerce websites
  • SEO, SMM, and paid ads
  • Commercial website rebuilding

Why Choose Them

  • Websites in more than one language
  • A passionate and diverse staff vital for different website needs
  • Professional staff good at fixing coding mistakes

As for client reviews, Glide is renowned for building a strong relationship with customers from the start, and almost none of their past clients have reportedly walked away in disappointment. 

8. Big D Creative

Big D Creative
9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas 17

Address: 1801 N Lamar St #430 A, Dallas,

Number of Employees: 1 – 10

Service Charge: $100 – $150 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $5,000

Foundation: 2001

You know your business is in good hands when not a single customer has negative reviews about a web development company. This is a reality with Big D Creative

You know it when you visit their website too. Every element on the page is connected seamlessly yet comes with polished motion graphics. 

Big D Creative is the agency you hire when you want your consumers never to leave your website, or even if they leave, keep coming back. 

Real estate, technology, finance, law, and collateral are merely some industries they have expanded their wings into. Even if your business is in an industry where the company has not worked before, they will be happy to take on the challenge too. 

Key Services

  • Responsive mobile-friendly redesign
  • Graphic and logo planning
  • Content writing with SEO
  • eCommerce Web and mobile development

Why Choose Them

  • Among Clutch top three designers in Dallas and UpCity Top Agency
  • Creates functional websites while continuously communicating with clients
  • Reform outdated websites into modern and dynamic ones 

While a website design company is bound to have great software developers, clients also love the agency’s SEO and content writing team. Clients are also happy with how quickly the Big D team incorporates any criticism or suggestion they receive. 


9 Best Web Development Companies in Texas 18

Address: 3904 Goodnight Trail, Leander

Number of Employees: 40 – 50

Service Charge: $100 – $150 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $1,000

Foundation: 2003

SEOLEVELUP approaches website development from an SEO perspective. The team comprises content writers, digital marketers, and software developers, all working together. 

As a result, they have been able to serve a portfolio of clients including White Oak Tree Care, Chicago Copiers, David Rothstein Music, and Milton Township. So it’s not surprising that businesses from mental and health care, law, household items, and food service space appear to contact them frequently. 

But the most surprising aspect is that they count many renowned SEO agencies among their clientele! 

Key Services

  • Dedicated website hosting, design, and development
  • Managing the reputation of your business by controlling comments online
  • Graphic, logo design, videos, whiteboard, and animation
  • Mobile app development
  • Cloud computing and system merging
  • Voice search assistance and geographical relevancy boosting

Why Choose Them

  • Get a free SEO audit to understand where your current site stands 
  • You can rent giant billboards from them with design as part of the service
  • The staff knows how to blend link building with website development

SEO Level Up’s expertise lies in working with small businesses. They keep their rates competitive, and clients look forward to professional SEO websites being delivered within two weeks of commissioning. 

Customers also use SEO Level Up to grow their social media channels, starting with eye-catching logo designs. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding a web design agency, you should always opt for the ones providing the services you need. 

While most web development companies are adept at website development, you may have other criteria, such as more conversions or app users. You want a company with more experience in areas such as local SEO or dynamic app coding. 

Call up the companies with services closest to the ones you require, let them walk you through their plan, and you will know if they are the one. This may be a tiring process, but you will save a ton of time and money over the long run. 

Hopefully, you will find the best web development company in Texas from our list.

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