How to Get the Best SEO Services for Real Estate and Why You Must Need It!

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If a real estate agent tells you they can handle all their website SEO work entirely on their own, they’re probably lying. OK, they may not be lying. But there is more to this story. 

See, SEO involves many parts that all need to be fixed and improved for your website to be fully optimized for search engines. It’s possible that your busy schedule may not allow you to do all the work needed for SEO. And that’s where SEO services for real estate come in. 

Before you jump in and start looking for SEO services, there’s a lot you need to know. Consider this the only guide you need to make an informed decision.

Why Do Real Estate Firms Need SEO?

While it’s not mandatory to do SEO, doing it can make a big difference in your business. Here are five reasons why you should consider using SEO services.

Better Ranking and More Clients

SEO will allow you to optimize your website, social media channels, and even mobile apps. SEO will also allow you to rank high on search engines, creating more visibility for your real estate business. 

With better ranking and visibility comes more organic traffic which you can use in your sales funnel to get clients.

SEO Has High-Quality Traffic

One unique thing about organic traffic acquired through SEO is that this traffic is always high quality. The traffic from SEO comes from people who are already looking for answers related to real estate. These types of people are likely to take action, even if it’s not immediately. 

Better Chance at Competing with Competitors

With SEO, you can compete with anyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a small real estate firm or just starting your business. You can optimize your website and compete with competitors and even stand a chance to outdo them. 

Get Long-Term Results

SEO allows you to obtain long-term benefits from a fixed initial investment. You don’t have to go back and redo things (unless you did something wrong or some new change mandates a review of past actions). You just need to keep up with the latest practice and continue creating more content that’s optimized for your audience and the search engines. 

SEO Creates a Positive Online Reputation

SEO Creates a Positive Online Reputation
How to Get the Best SEO Services for Real Estate and Why You Must Need It! 5

SEO can help you build a real estate brand with a positive online presence. 

See, it’s one thing for your loyal customers to trust you, and it’s another for search engines to trust your business. For search engines to rank you high, they must see your business as credible and trustworthy. So when they rank you high, it’s a green light to anyone visiting your website that your business is credible. 

What SEO Services are Available

Every SEO service team has a different approach to how they do their work. However, all services can be clustered together into three different categories. 

Here’s an evaluation of what to expect once you start working with an SEO expert for your real estate website.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO refers to optimization done on your website to make it more visible for search engines and more valuable for your audience. It encompasses everything that’s under your control. 

Here are the things that fall under the broader umbrella of on-page SEO:

  • Site audit
  • Content creation and marketing
  • Local SEO
  • Technical SEO

Site Audit

A site audit is technically part of on-page SEO, irrespective of the fact that many would like to view it as a stand-alone service – though it can be a stand-alone service. 

Site audit helps determine the current state of your website. It analyzes what is working and what is not working. It enables you to determine your site’s performance on search engines and what can be done to improve its ranking. 

A site audit can be very extensive, depending on whoever is doing it for you; they can dig as deep as they like. Some of the things that are typically checked during a site audit include keyword usage, content quality, metadata, site mobile-friendliness, broken links, video optimization, and page speed. 

Content Creation and Marketing

Content marketing
How to Get the Best SEO Services for Real Estate and Why You Must Need It! 6

Content creation includes crafting well-optimized web content and blog posts for your real estate website. This step is very important as content is king. Simply put, content has the power to influence your audience to either trust you or close your page faster than you can say thank you. So, your content needs to be high quality. 

Content creation starts with keyword research and analysis. Using the right keywords is very important for SEO, as keywords tell search engines what your web pages are about. To optimize your content, your SEO agency will guide you on the keywords to use and how to use them. 

Note that content creation and marketing are very extensive. There’s a lot that needs to be done, from optimizing your headlines, titles, metadata, and headers to creating and adding images and infographics. 

Local SEO

Local SEO involves optimizing your website for a local audience. It’s a very smart move, and every real estate agent doing SEO should aim to include local SEO as part of their overall marketing or SEO strategy. 

Local SEO presents many opportunities as it narrows down the geographical area, increasing your visibility. 

Some ways to optimize your site for local clients include creating content that’s centered on a specific local geographical area. This means if you’re a real estate agent in Georgia, you can have keywords that target cities and towns within the state.

You can also list your business on Google Business Profile, where people will come across it just as they search for related services first.

What’s more, when someone searches for a real estate agent, their search is typically compiled in an area close to them, which means if you’re already listed on Google Maps, you’ll be among the top people visible on the SERP.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is also part of on-site SEO. Technical SEO involves optimizing your site to make it easy for search engines to crawl and index your site. 

Your site will undergo some changes to ensure it’s well optimized technically, from improving your site speed to adding a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to adding a structured data markup for your real estate website. 

Your site will also be made mobile-friendly by optimizing its navigation process for a mobile device. 

Off-page SEO

Link Building
How to Get the Best SEO Services for Real Estate and Why You Must Need It! 7

Off-page SEO involves taking actions outside your website to help your site rank high on search engines. The most common off-page SEO service is link building. It involves acquiring links from other sites. It helps with SEO as search engines see it as a vote of confidence from other sites.  

What’s more, when you get more high-quality links from authoritative sites, it helps improve your domain authority which can help boost your visibility on search results. 

What To Look at in an SEO Service Team

While every SEO service team out here may promise to optimize your site for search engines and for your audience, not all of them will deliver desirable results. For this reason, it’s wise to do thorough research before settling on a team. Here are some of the things you should look at:

Customization of SEO Services

The SEO service team should be able to create a tailor-made strategy around your goals. They should be able to look at your website and come up with recommendations that are reasonable and capable of achieving a positive return on investment. 

If the SEO service team has never worked for a real estate agent before, they may not be experienced enough to know what works for real estate websites, even though they may be knowledgeable about all SEO practices. Therefore, aim to work with a team that has already worked with real estate companies. 

To make your work easier, ask them for case studies and examples of successful SEO campaigns they have performed before. 

Remember, it’s very easy for someone to say very nice things about their services, but looking at their past performance (especially for real estate businesses) can tell you what to expect from their services. 

Transparency in the SEO Approach

Transparency in the SEO Approach
How to Get the Best SEO Services for Real Estate and Why You Must Need It! 8

It will save you so much time, energy, and money if everything is clear between you and your SEO service team. So before you start working together, try to understand their level of transparency. 

Also, demand for clear and open communication. Ask them how frequently they will send you updates, and ask them to explain their approach to SEO. 

When there’s transparency, you can easily identify when things are not done right. For instance, you can tell if they are using black hat methods and passing them as white hat SEO methods. 

SEO Services that Guarantee Results (Watch Out!)

If it sounds too good to be true, be suspicious. No true SEO service team will guarantee you results. This is because no one can clearly predict the exact results of any set of SEO techniques. 

Search engines don’t reveal the exact way they rank websites. So anyone claiming they already know how and where your websites will be ranked as a result of their strategies is already lying to you. 

The best SEO service team can provide you with before and after results for other websites in the same field to give you an idea of what to expect. 


SEO services for realtors and real estate firms are very important. It can make a big difference in the number of conversions you make. The available SEO services are on-page, off-page, and technical SEO. You can get all these done by one team, or you can have several agencies take on each service. 

When selecting an SEO team to work with, don’t fail to check their level of service customization and experience; this is absolutely essential. Also, go for a team that’s transparent in its services. And avoid an SEO team that guarantees results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about SEO services for real estate. 

How Is SEO Used in Real Estate?

SEO is used to optimize websites, so they are ranked more highly on search engines and are more visible to their target audiences. So, by using SEO, real estate agents and service providers can make themselves more visible for potential clients to find them.

How Do SEO Services Help Realtors and Real Estate Firms?

SEO services help realtors and real estate firms by allowing them to be more visible on search engines. That results in more site traffic, ultimately leading to more conversion, i.e., paying clients. 
SEO also helps build solid brand awareness and establish it as an authority in the online space. 

What’s more, SEO creates an enhanced user experience through informative content, which is a good thing to offer people visiting your site.

What Is Included in SEO Services for Real Estate Companies?

Well, different SEO teams will offer different SEO packages. Some only do on-page SEO or just off-page SEO, while others offer complete, all-in-one managed SEO services. 

Whether you have your site handled by one team or many, if you’re looking for SEO services that will cover everything, you can expect the following to be included: 

On-page SEO – keyword research, content creation, image optimization, site speed, site structure optimization, etc.

Off-page SEO – link building. 

Technical SEO – creation and submission of XML sitemap to Google search console and Bing webmaster, adding SSL, adding structured data markup, mobile-friendliness optimization, etc. 

It’s always wise to have a conversation with your SEO team prior to the project to get an idea of what will be included, how, and why.

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