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Email finders are a particularly useful tool as they help users, well, find emails easily. It’s better than the alternative – which is to manually scrape emails off thousands of websites one at a time. So, it’s no surprise that email finding services are gaining the attention of many professionals and companies., for instance, has amassed over 3 million users since its emergence in 2015. The service saves you time and energy by allowing you to scrape, gather, and organize email and other information quickly and easily. 

But if there’s anything constant about technological tools, it’s that they can’t serve everybody. There’s simply no one-size-fits-all solution. So if you’re reading this article, we guess doesn’t cut it for you. Or maybe their pricing plans have been burning a hole in your budget. 

Whatever the case, you need alternatives. That’s why we’ve reviewed the best competitors on the market so you can make a more informed decision for your business.

1. FindEmails

Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 18

FindEmails is one of the best-paid alternatives to Businesses looking for an efficient yet reasonably priced email finder should use FindEmails. 

FindEmails employs its proprietary technology to search and validate probable emails. It allows you to extract your required data with a simple one-click procedure.

Additionally, FindEmails provides a thorough score in addition to finding addresses. All you need to access this feature is the person’s website or a browser plugin. 

This makes FindEmails an excellent choice if you’re looking for the ideal balance of precision, features, and cost.

Additionally, FindEmails brings you the best in email contact finding by curating emails that you can easily integrate into a mailing list to boost your lead prospecting.

FindEmails Pricing 

FindEmail Pricing 
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 19

When it comes to pricing for FindEmails, there are three categories: Basic, Better, and Best.


The basic plan is $29 per month and includes:

  • 1,000 Credits
  • API Key and Support
  • Bulk Import and Export
  • Phone & Email Support

You can cancel the plan anytime if it doesn’t match your requirements. 


The better plan is $49 per month and includes:

  • 2,500 Credits
  • API Key and Support
  • Bulk Import and Export
  • Phone and Email Support

You can cancel this subscription anytime if the plan doesn’t match your needs. 


The best plan is $99 per month and includes:

  • 10,000 Credits
  • API Key & Support
  • Bulk Import & Export
  • Phoned & Email Support

Like all the other plans, this plan can also be canceled if you are not satisfied with the offer. 


  • API for email tracking and automation
  • You can extract not only email addresses but also LinkedIn addresses, phone numbers, and, in some cases, social media as well
  • The email search engine is simple and user-friendly


  • No free trial
  • No multi-user capabilities for teams

2. GetProspect

Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 20

If you’re a business selling to other businesses, GetProstect is an email-finding tool you should have your eyes on. This is especially important if LinkedIn is a major avenue for your lead prospecting. 

GetProspect makes it easy for B2B businesses to find emails and add them to a mailing list right from LinkedIn. 

With this email-finding tool, you can segregate contacts into segments according to their job title, industry, and firm size, among other things. The best part?

You don’t need a separate CRM system. You can manage the contacts right in GetProspects, making the lead prospecting as well as the management process rather convenient.

That’s not all. With GetProspect, you get even more filters so you can narrow down your search and find the right prospects. For instance, you can find a list of names with the role of the prospect, their line of work, their work emails, LinkedIn profiles, and other things. 

Other useful tools you’ll find in GetProspects is the Bulk import and export feature. Here, you can quickly export emails in the form of XLS files with ease. It’s one of the biggest reasons users choose Hunter, so you won’t miss that when you subscribe to GetProspect.

Additionally, you receive vital company details, including the organization’s physical addresses, website, and personnel count.

One important feature every email finder user looks out for is integration. You’ll most likely have an already established CRM, so having the chance to integrate your email finder into it is a major plus. 

GetProspect knows this; thus, it has over 750 integrations to apps most marketers use. You can find the likes of Hubspot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive in GetProspect’s extensive list of integrations. Again, this is more than what Hunter offers.

Hunter and GetProspect both have chrome extensions, but GetProspect lacks Hunter’s more thorough email inspections, so you can’t be sure that emails will be delivered.

Hunter and GetProspect all offer five pricing plans so you can choose your pick according to your budget. Here’s what those options look like.

GetProspect Pricing

getprospect pricing
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 21

GetProspect has free, starter, basic, plus, and pro packages for its clients. It also has various plans and some features, which we’ll look at below. 


  • 100 verifications
  • Unlimited accept all emails
  • Unlimited users


The starter plan is at $49 monthly and includes: 

  • 2,000 verifications
  • Unlimited accept all emails
  • Unlimited users


The basic plan is at $99 monthly and includes: 

  • 10,000 verifications
  • Unlimited accept all emails
  • Unlimited users


The plus package is at $199 monthly and includes: 

  • 40,000 verifications
  • Unlimited accept all emails
  • Unlimited users


The pro package starts at $399 monthly and entails: 

  • 100,000 verifications
  • Unlimited accept all emails
  • Unlimited users


  • Option for team accounts, export of prospects (XLS)
  • Options for searching include a complete prospect profile, bulk domain searches, emails from specific addresses, company profile searches, social URL searches, and social network searches (LinkedIn)
  • Email checker


  • Its primary prospecting source is limited because it only works on LinkedIn 
  • Its retrieved contact information can contain obsolete or missing data

3. Lusha

Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 22

Lusha is one of the best free alternatives to It’s an email-finding tool accessible as a Chrome extension. The program helps create prospect lists by collecting contact information, including phone numbers and email addresses.

Lusha provides precise B2B contact information that helps sales professionals in lead generation and outreach. Luckily, Lusha has perks for everyone – not only sales professionals. Recruiters, for instance, can get phone numbers and emails of their most promising applicants so they don’t have to skim the web and social networks for it.

We recommend installing the Lusha extension to your browser to connect with those difficult-to-reach prospects and develop a personal relationship with them. In addition, the software provides excellent strike rates and reliable data for the best outcomes.

Hunter offers a free plan, but Lusha provides a free trial that gives you five free contact details each month.

Lusha Pricing

Lusha pricing
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 23

Lusha has free, solo, primary, team, and business packages to accommodate users with different use cases and budgets. We’ll also look at what features you’ll get access to at each price point. 


The free plan entails:

  • Email addresses
  • Landline phone numbers
  • Direct phone numbers
  • Basic prospecting platform
  • Chrome extension


The solo plan is $29 per month and entails all the features stated in the free package as well as,

  •  List management and export 


The team package will set you back $51 per month and entails all the features stated in the solo box in addition to:

  • Basic usage analytics
  • Basic team management
  • CRM Integrations: Hubspot, Zoho, Pipedrive, Bullhorn
  • Prospecting bulk (as many as 25 contacts)
  • Extension bulk (as many as 25 references)


You’ll need to contact Lusha to negotiate a price for the business package. The package comes with everything stated in the team package in addition to:

  • Prospecting bulk show as many as a 1,000 contacts
  • CRM Integrations: Salesforce, Outreach, Salesloft & MS Dynamics
  • Advanced usage analytics
  • SSO (Okta)
  • Lusha API
  • Tailored onboarding
  • Advanced team management
  • Customer Success Manager
  • CSV enrichment


  • Optional team accounts
  • The extension automatically scans the profile page you are viewing to offer contact information and includes social network search (LinkedIn, Twitter), current email, and phone number


  • Inconsistent
  • Credits in the trial edition are pretty low

Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 24 is another alternative to Hunter you should be looking at. Here’s why. Snov helps sales professionals locate quality leads, follow up with them, and convert them more effectively. 

Snov isn’t limited to your sales team. Once you have departments that are in the business of business development, lead generation, and recruitment, you can use Snov. 

What’s the big deal with Snov? helps you find key decision makers in organizations that are connected to your audience so you can maximize success, elevate your marketing, and effortlessly connect with prospective customers.

You’ll find that Snov is a little different from Hunter. Hunter doesn’t leverage LinkedIn since it doesn’t comply with LinkedIn’s terms of service. This can be a disadvantage as some businesses primarily use LinkedIn for lead prospecting. With Snov, you don’t have this problem. only allows you to pay for confirmed email addresses, but it lacks Hunter’s powerful search tools. The program provides a free alternative. But as you’d expect, these free tools aren’t as powerful as the paid tools Hunter offers. 

Essentially, is an excellent option if you’re on a budget and only need about 100 verifications (or less) each month.

Furthermore, you receive an all-inclusive outreach tool with pre-verified emails from different sources that meet most of your demands.

Like Hunter, allows you to search for emails with different filters. You can search by:

  • Domain
  • Company
  • Name

Snov leverages a Boolean search system for segmenting prospects based on their geography, job responsibilities, or position. Pricing pricing
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 25

With, you get about 50 credits every month and for free immediately when you sign up for their service. You can also sign up for an “Unlimited Freemium” plan without providing a credit card.

The premium plan costs $615 monthly. This plan gives you 100,000 credits for any number of users you want. The least expensive program starts at $33 and offers unlimited users but only 1,000 credits.

Hunter is more expensive than, and for good reason. Snov has an XXL subscription, which includes 70,000 credits, so you can find all the emails you want.


  • Exporting a prospect list to Google Sheets, XLS, or CSV (for all paid plans)
  • Several search capabilities are available, including complete prospect profiles, bulk domain searches, emails from specific people, and company profile searches
  • Email drip campaigns, email trackers, and email verifiers


  • Low direct integration rates (some users find integration through Zapier expensive)
  • Doesn’t display the most frequently used email from each contact

5. Skrapp

Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 26

Email marketing experts can create useful mailing lists using Skrapp

You can use Skrapp to find confirmed B2B emails by matching data algorithms and certain email verifying strategies.

You can also locate emails outside and inside your client bases and sheets. In addition, you can run bulk jobs to identify confirmed emails right away by importing a “TXT” or “CSV” file, including names, company names, or even websites.

When it comes to chrome integration, Skrapp isn’t very different from HUnter. Skrapp fashions a Chrome plugin that seamlessly links with Sales Navigator or LinkedIn and instantly provides verified email addresses of your leads. Doing this allows you to see the decision-makers, essential leads, and business emails while browsing any website.

Once Skrapp verifies an email for the user, it deducts email credits from your account and accurately verifies the email.

Additionally, it keeps track of every email you’ve looked up since joining Skrapp.

Skrapp Pricing

Skrapp pricing
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 27

Similar to Hunter, Skrapp also has a free plan; however, it’s limited to one user. This user is allowed to find a total of 150 emails.

Then there’s the Starter premium plan, which costs $49 a month and offers 1,000 emails. If you want to go big, the Global program is for you. It costs $299 and offers 50,000 emails. That’s not all. 

Compared to Hunter, Skrapp comes on top in turns of the number of emails you get for the top tier pricing plans – 20,000 more email searches, to be exact.


  • Prospect list export in the form of CSV and XLSX files, team account option, API (for paid plans)
  • Search by name or corporate name, bulk email finder, and domain search
  • Email checker


  • Skrapp only works with LinkedIn
  • You may have to re-validate emails as the status Skrapp provides isn’t always correct

6. Adapt.Io

Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 28 stands out on the list of alternatives mainly because it facilitates communication between you and more than a million sources according to your aim. It also assures the authenticity of data so that your list remains up to date at all given moments.

As people switch jobs or relocate, their data will also inevitably change. Once extracted, data can become obsolete quite quickly and this tool takes that fact into account. So they promise to help you build a flexible database that continually updates to give you the most up-to-date data. 

Adapt.Io Pricing

Adapt.Io pricing
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 29

Adapt has not set a price for its services. To know their pricing, simply visit their website, and input the number of contacts you need per month. The quote or price will be emailed to you. 


  • The primary benefit of Adapt is the ability to locate an email address and track emails within its extension
  • Accurate emails and phone numbers


  • Users say Adapt is more overpriced compared to Hunter and other alternatives
  • Adapt offers limited credits to users 

7. AnyMail Finder

AnyMail Finder
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 30

Anymail Finder is a standard email finder that includes a bulk research tool, a traditional email finder search engine for various addresses, and APIs to help you integrate their system into your devices.

Additionally, the reason we chose to include Anymail finder in this list is that it concentrates more on managing large quantities of leads and has excellent API support and connectors, making it a good option for individuals looking for an email crawler to incorporate into their solutions.

AnyMail Finder Pricing

AnyMail Finder pricing
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 31

AnyMail finder offers a free trial with 20 verified emails per month. Their cheapest plan starts at $49.00 per month for 1,000 verified emails. They also offer a package that starts at $99.00 for 5,000 verified emails. 

Their most expensive plan starts at $149 per month for 10,000 verified emails. 


  • Option for team accounts, API, and export of prospects (CSV)
  • Features for searching include bulk domain searches, emails from names, and domain searches
  • Email checker


  • Search results might occasionally be deceptive or unclear

8. Voila Norbert

Voila Norbert
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 32

You’ll notice that the tools for finding email addresses are very similar in nature. This makes it challenging to determine what to compare between tools as the majority of them have more or less the same features, services, and price.

But this email finder promises value through its VoilaNorbert Enrichment feature. And what exactly does it do? It adds context that fosters relationships and promotes conversion. 

Viola Norbert enhances your lists with data points like businesses, job roles, locations, and social media profiles. 

The correct message to the right person, in the right place, together with these data points can ensure that you reach your target audience properly.

As you’ll find, Viola Norbert has dedicated pay-as-you-go plans for bulk email verification and adding additional “flesh” to your contacts. By adding rich data to your email contacts, you can communicate with your prospects in a way that is even more personalized.

The platform itself has a simple user design, with the email finder input fields at the top and a menu with a few tabs on the left. And there is an API available to you too! You can even automatically verify email addresses using third-party platforms like Hubspot and other CRMs, and blogger outreach and email automation tools like Mailshake and Mailchimp by using Voila Norbert’s API.

Let’s see this in play. Say you’re looking for a place to submit a guest post and you find the author’s name on a website you want to pitch to. You need an email before you can even deliver your pitch. All you have to do is go to “Manual” in the “Prospecting” section of Voila Norbert to perform this action:

Voila Norbert mail finding
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 33

Put Tim Suolo’s name (or anyone else’s, for that matter) and the domain URL in the appropriate fields (1) and (2) if you want to find his email address (2).

Keep in mind that using the person’s full name makes this work better! In terms of the domain, Voila Norbert will make an attempt to deduce the pertinent domain as you type.

It normally takes a few seconds to locate the appropriate email address. If you place your mouse over the name, you’ll notice a confidence rating; in the example shown above, Voila Norbert indicates that it is 80% certain the address is accurate.

If you click on the email address, you can find out more information about your potential customer. Additionally, there are two hotkey buttons that enable you to send emails and add email addresses to lists, respectively.

Although it belongs to the same class as, VoilaNorbert does have a few drawbacks.

It lacks a chrome extension, which can restrict your options while conducting research. Furthermore, compared to some of the other tools reviewed here, it provides fewer leads each month for the $50 price range.

Also, you only receive 50 leads to test the system; there is no free plan you can use endlessly. Due to this, it may not be the best decision if you are on a tight budget or simply need a free tool to conduct a few email searches infrequently. 

Voila Norbert Pricing

Voila Norbert pricing
Top 8 Alternatives You Didn’t Know About 34

The email finder has valet, butler, advisor, and counselor packages. The prices and details are listed below. 

  • Valet: Starts at $49 per month with up to 1,000 leads. You can add unlimited team members and have access to bulk and API usage with this plan. 
  • Butler: This plan starts at $99 per month with up to 5,000 leads. This plan also allows you to add unlimited team members and access bulk and API usage features. 
  • Advisor: The plan starts at $249 per month with up to 15,000 leads. You can add unlimited team members and have access to bulk and API usage. 
  • Counselor: The final package starts at $499 per month with up to 50,000 leads per month. Like all other plans, you can add unlimited team members and also have access to bulk and API usage. 


  • Option for a team account
  • Domain search, bulk domain search, emails from names, and social media search are all available for LinkedIn
  • Email tracker, email campaign distribution, and email drip campaigns


  • Possibly discover emails that are invalid or none at all
  • If there are too many open tabs, the Chrome extension can close

Final Verdict 

These are the best alternative email-finding tool to for your company’s needs. If doesn’t cut it for you for some reason, you should choose one of these to ensure that your email marketing campaigns and the data that you feed into them are as good as they can be. 

Ensure that you pay attention to your email marketing requirements and list out all the features that you need in your ideal email-finding tool. For instance, if you need a chrome extension, your choices will become slightly narrower because not every tool provides this. 

Once you know what essential features you need, you must also consider factors such as cost, whether a free trial is available, and the quality of the customer service and support staff, among other things. All of those things will lead you to the tool that will help you reach your desired goals!

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