8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022

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SemRush is the uncontested winner among the SEO tools. It’s the go-to for massive corporations such as Samsung, Apple, Walmart, Forbes, etc. 

It’s also the most expensive one on the block. But, the truth is, most users find the pricing a bit out of reach, especially small and medium-sized businesses. If you’re a business like this, you’re probably looking for alternatives to SemRush.

Let’s check out the seven best competitive SemRush alternatives with lower subscription fees. 

1. Ahrefs

8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 25

Anyone who isn’t using SemRush is using Ahrefs. If SemRush is the tech companies’ choice, Ahref is the choice for many renowned companies including but not limited to Netflix, Shopify, Uber, Huffpost, Adobe, and many more. 

Features of Ahrefs

Backlink Checker

ahrefs backlink checker
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 26

In terms of capability, the Ahrefs cloud-based web crawler is only second to Google’s web crawler. As such, their backlink database provides the latest scenario. 

You can filter the backlinks further based on factors such as organic traffic, link worth, anchors, and many more. 

The qualification of a good link is in the relevance, authority of a website, its anchor text, and placement of the link. Ahrefs helps you narrow it down until you know which sites are worth contacting. 

Backlink analysis, along with the Ahrefs site explorer tool, also gives you a peek into how your competitors are performing. 

Website-Wide Keyword Research

Ahrefs keywords research tool
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 27

This is where Ahrefs really shines as a viable SemRush alternative. 

Instead of focusing on a single search engine, Ahrefs covers ten including Google, YouTube, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex. 

The benefit of having so many search engines is that some are popular in particular countries, such as Naver and Daum in South Korea and Baidu in China. Seznam logs 14 million searches inside the Czech Republic. 

So, let’s say you want to rank your products on Amazon or become a trending brand in South Korea. Through the Ahrefs keyword research tool, you have the right search data to do just that. 

To top it off, the results come with backlink estimates and parent topic suggestions. 

The SERP position history is there, so you know which websites have consistently ranked on the target keyword. You can use it to determine how long it would take before your page can get a spot there. 

Rank Tracker

ahrefs rank tracker
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 28

The rank tracker of Ahrefs comes with a terrific visual graph, reflecting rank over time. The SERP feature gives you a percentage of all your attempted keywords. 

However, what makes the rank tracker stand out is the ability to compare competitor keywords and ranking over time to yours. Filter this more, and you will have actionable insights into how to improve your rank. 


Ahrefs is pretty generous with its list of free tools. You get a lot of solid information on website authority, backlinks, and broken links. 

Though, the feature which helps generate a detailed report is paywalled behind a $99 Lite subscription. The Standard ($199) and Advanced ($399) plan is for SEO consultants and thriving business owners. The Enterprise ($999) is for large enterprises like eBay or Huffpost.

You have to pay an extra $20 and $50 per month for each casual and power user you add. You have to pay this amount even if you include inactive users. 

Pros of Ahrefs

  • Link-building campaigns
  • SERP history
  • Content explorer tool
  • CTR metrics
  • Extensive filtering options

Cons of Ahrefs

  • Customer support isn’t satisfying 

Customer Reviews on G2, Software Advice, and Trust Radius

According to the reviews and overall scores on review sites such as G2, Software Advice, and TrustRadius, it’s apparent that people simply love Ahrefs! 

Their customer demographic ranges from SEO analysts to brand managers, CMOs, Assistant Directors, and Web developers. 

Ahref registers an overwhelming number of positive sentiments from customers when it comes to the tool itself. 

However, customer service is the biggest source of negative reviews. For instance, Ahrefs doesn’t allow you to upgrade from one plan to another once you make the yearly payment, which is something that bothers people a lot. 

2. Mangools

8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 29

The Mangools is built with total beginners in mind. If you don’t have an SEO team and have to do the job yourself, this is the one for you. 

Features of Mangools


8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 30

Mangools’ keyword finder isn’t the most innovative tool in the market, but it is an intuitive one. Enter a competitor’s domain, and KWfinder will list every keyword they’re targeting. 

You can filter those down to locality or search history. Mangools succeeds by keeping all features in plain sight with a combination of advanced and basic tools. 

As a relatively novice SEO practitioner, you’ll know the next course of action easily because Mangools makes it clear. 

SERP Checker

Mangools SERP Checker
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 31

SERP checker is there so you can spy on your competition. It provides a straightforward analysis of your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses. 

After analyzing their featured snippets, answer boxes, and carousels, you get an estimate of whether it’s possible to beat them and what you need to do in order to outrank them. 


8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 32

The Linkminer tool allows you to mine, gauge link health, view link placement inside the tool page, and save the best links into a list. 

However, this isn’t Mangools’ own link support but integration with the Majestic SEO API. 


After the 10-day free trial is up, you have to pay $29.90 per month if you make an annual payment for Mangools Basic. Otherwise, it’s $49 per month. 

The Mangools premium is $39.90 per month on one-time pay and $69 per month. Mangools Agency plan is $79.90 per month annually or $129.00. 

Both Premium and Agency plan offers unlimited keyword searches. You can also get your money back within 48 hours if you change your mind or the tool turns out to be ill-suited to your needs. 

Pros of Mangools

  • Customer support includes a responsive live chat feature
  • Extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers
  • Website and link preview
  • Wide range of keyword suggestions 

Cons of Mangools

  • The SiteProfiler tool doesn’t offer anything KWFiner, and SERPchecker already doesn’t 

Customer Reviews on G2, Software Advice and Trust Radius

Mangools registers some pretty solid and positive reviews on all the popular user review sites like G2, Software Advice, and TrustRadius. 

Despite the high scores, there number of total reviewers on each site is very low for this tool. From all the reviews, it seems that the KWFinder tool has made the most impact on those who use this tool regularly. 

Moreover, many customers expect more from the backlink tool, which Mangools isn’t living up to at present. 

3. UberSuggest

8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 33

Almost on par with SemRush and Ahrefs in terms of accuracy, UberSuggest packs all the important features for a significantly lower cost. It particularly stands out as a SemRush alternative because of its lifetime subscription offer. 

Features of UberSuggest

Chrome Extension

ubersuggest chrome Eextension
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 34

Many SEO tools offer Chrome extensions, but few are as useful as the one provided by UberSuggest. You can research on the go rather than sticking to the confines of a tool. 

To try it out, search any term. The results will come with monthly searches, CPC, SEO difficulty, search volume, mobile or desktop searches, clicks or no clicks, and age range of the searchers. 

You can see the DA, estimated visits, and social shares of any sites which appear on the SERP. Furthermore, you have access to features such as keyword suggestions, related terms, traffic, prepositions, questions, and a backlink volume graph.

You can enter your domain and multiple domains of your competitors on the UberSuggest tool. This will generate information on competitors’ traffic sources, common keywords, and content gaps for you to use in the process of devising your future SEO strategy. 

Site Audit

uberuggest Site Audit
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 35

UberSuggest doesn’t have the best site audit feature, but it’s solid enough. You get your SEO score, critical errors, warning, and site speed graph. 

They pull up a list of the SEO issues, ranking them in descending order to signify which one you should fix first. 


In all honesty, with the number of tools packed in the free version, you might not have to pay for UberSuggest at all. 

If you do choose to pay for it, the lifetime subscription for an Individual plan is a mere $120. On the other hand, the Business plan costs $200, and Enterprise will set you back around $400. 

If you go for the monthly subscription, it’s still $12, $20, and $40 per month for Individual, Business, and Enterprise plans, respectively. 

Pros of UberSuggest

  • 7-day free trial
  • Free chrome extension
  • Integrated AnswerThePublic
  • Good customer support

Cons of UberSuggest

  • Tool loading time is long 

Customer Reviews on G2, Software Advice and Trust Radius

G2, Software Advice, and TrustRadius reviews suggest that UberSuggest is the choice of many users who have a lot of positive things to say about the tool. 

For instance, it seems to be the go-to tool for many people who can’t afford either SemRush or Ahrefs. 

It has all the features customers tend to look for when it comes to an affordable all-in-one SEO tool. The only thing they appear to bemoan is that UberSuggest doesn’t allow you to export enough keywords to a CSV file in one go. 

4. Seobility

8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 36

Seobility is a relatively new SEO tool. In fact, it’s so fresh, the affiliate program is still kicking off. Despite being a relatively new entrant to the field, this all-in-one SEO software has renowned companies like Targo Bank, EU Business School, WWF, and Baxi as some of its customers. 

Features of Seobility


tf idf tool
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 37

The TF*IDF Tool is essentially the keyword research tool. However, it has a more simplistic setup than most SEO tools and only focuses on a couple of vital pieces of information. 

Once you enter a keyword, it analyzes the total value of the term, search intent, and alternatives for the given keyword. It also finds recurring words on the top search results.  It’s a good tool to help you find long-tail keywords and content ideas. 

You can perform search checks in specific countries and websites. As such, it’s also a competition analysis tool since you can gain insight into what value some keywords are providing your competitors. 

Rank Tracking

Seobility tracks your ranking on multiple search engines, devices, and regions. The ranking reports for mobile and desktop are automatic and also paired with competitors’ rankings. 

The rank tracker monitors your on-page performance with your ranking on search results. So, your evaluations come with tips on areas you can improve. 

The individual visibility value is one of the key features of this tool. It gives you the exact position of your site on the search term and alerts you when you move up or down. 

On-Site Audit

Seobility crawlers check more than 300 website factors to determine your optimization score. It evaluates your content quality and alerts you if there are duplicates on the web. 

The crawlers also analyze the structure of the website from the perspective of the search engine and visitors. 

The best feature of the crawlers is the technical and meta-analysis. It evaluates if there are crawling issues, general technical errors, and issues with meta tags. 


The Basic version of Seobility, which is also the beginner’s version, is free. Sign up and you can use it without paying a penny. 

The Premium plan is $50 per month with a 30-day free trial available. You have to pay $200 per month for the Agency plan with no trial option. You get to work on 15 projects and 100,000 pages so it’s a fair deal. 

The best thing is that you can save about 20% if you pay yearly. Premium is $480 per year and the Agency plan is $1920. 

Pros of Seobility

  • Analysis of problematic page titles
  • Search term suggestions
  • Excellent service
  • Automatic crawl reports 
  • Backlink checker to spy on competitors

Cons of Seobility

  • The visual interface needs improvement

Customer Reviews on G2, Software Advice, and Trust Radius

Even though there have been few user reviews for this tool on sites like TrustRadius and Software Advice, those who have published reviews have a lot of great things to say about this tool. 

For instance, many have written about how it takes some time to get used to the Seobility tool. But, once they got used to the tool, they loved the visibility feature more than anything. 

5. SpyFu

8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 38

The name gives you a good idea of what SpyFu focuses on. Yes, SpyFu tries to bring you the best result via extensive competition research. 

It’s the choice of digital marketers and SEO specialists. As far as Semrush alternatives go, it is one of the most mentioned tools. 

Features of SpyFu

PPC Competitor Research

Drop the name of a competitor and you can get an entire history of their search ad tests and bought keywords. 

It doesn’t stop at listing out the keywords but also gives you the results from those ads and the pricing of each. You can compare the keywords you bought with your competitors’ too. 

Additionally, you can monitor the biddings of other domains on your Google Ads. 

SEO Research

You can track the content and ranking of every website in your keyword niche. You can check competitor backlinks, ranking history, and find keyword gaps. 

You can track your own keyword ranking as well as get suggestions for backlinks. 

List Builder

The list builder provides effective reports on which domains are ranking in specific categories.

For example, you can get reports on which domain ranks the most on Twitter or Facebook. You can also filter these lists by organic traffic or paid traffic. 


The Basic plan is $39 per month, the Professional is $79 and the Team costs $299. 

If you do the one-time annual payment, it costs $33 per month for Basic, $58 for Professional, and $199 for Team. 

Pros of SpyFu 

  • PPC research
  • Comprehensive report
  • Historic traffic
  • Accurate SERP ranking 

Cons of SpyFu

  • Weak backlink database 

Customer Reviews on G2, Software Advice and Trust Radius

SpyFu has a really impressive overall rating from users on G2, Software Advice as well as TrustRadius. 

Past users have been particularly impressed with the cheaper pricing combined with robust tools. It’s unthinkable for an SEO tool to provide PPC competitor data for free the way SpyFu does. 

Most complaints come from the complex interface. Customers state they had to set aside time to go through the tutorials before they could use the tool properly. 

6. Moz

8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 39

Originally an online community operating under the name SEOmoz, it was a place the SEO experts of the world would congregate and communicate. Now, it’s the SEO tool of choice for big companies like Zillow, Trivago, Razorfish, 99desigsn, and more. 

Features of Moz

Site Audits

moz site audit
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 40

Moz performs a deep crawl of your site and lists out new and recurring issues. You receive an explanation for each issue, how it can harm your site’s SEO and how to fix it. 

You can choose to fix or ignore issues, based on their priority level. Moz also performs site crawls weekly and sends out alerts for new and demanding issues. 

Link Explorer

moz link explorer
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 41

This is your link analysis and link-building tool. 

You can analyze your website’s inbound links to recreate well-ranking content. Additionally, you can get information on broken links, spam scores, and competitor backlinks. 

Monitor everything about your links including when a link is broken and when someone links you recently. Moreover, the anchor text data helps you contextualize why certain sites are linking to you. 

MozBar Chrome Extension

8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 42

The MozBar chrome extension allows you to customize your search based on the city, country, region, and device. 

You can sort links by type, locate and highlight keywords on a page and find page elements such as schema markup and HTTP status. Get domain authority, page authority, spam score, etc and export the data for later use. 


The standard Moz plan is $99 per month. You pay $179 for the Medium plan, $299 for the Large, and $599 for the Premium plan. 

The alternative choice is to save 20% on each plan by paying yearly. There is also a 30-day free trial. 

Pros of Moz

  • Not only do they have good customer support but Moz also has an entire online academy and community for SEO learners
  • An expert walks you through each tool when you first subscribe
  • Good at analyzing the behavior of site visitors
  • Excellent breakdown of statistics

Cons of Moz

  • They don’t offer reports for mobile ranking

Customer Reviews on G2, Software Advice and Trust Radius

Going by the reviews on G2, Software Advice, and TrustRadius, it is safe to say that the tool has lots of champion users. 

In particular, users have reported that they like the crawling feature of Moz more than anything. They have a fast crawler that doesn’t leave out any page. 

At the same time, customers wish they could get more insight into website visitor behavior. 

7. Woorank

8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 43

Woorank is the one-stop digital solution for agencies, marketers, developers, and small businesses. The tool tracks your SEO performance along with your content strategy and social media presence 

Features of Woorank

Website Review and Site Audit

woorank website review and site audit
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 44

The website review feature is simply the site audit feature that you will find in other SEO tools. Except, you are looking at a more simplified version of it. 

Every website gets a score with actionable tips, which you can then use to increase the score. 

The site audit performs a deeper crawl to present how Google views your website. You can download the results so you can capitalize on them later. 

Though, the best part of using Woorank is how it explains technical jargon in layman’s terms. Site auditing isn’t of much use if you don’t understand how to fix it. 

Keyword Tracker

Woodrank Keyword Tracker
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 45

The keyword tool takes care of a couple of things. It is for keyword research, monitoring, localization, and content strategy. 

You can also compare your efforts against your competition’s keywords to monitor your performance against theirs. 

Woorank Assistant

The Woorank assistant isn’t a tool. Rather, it is a feature that allows you to integrate different tools like Google Analytics and offers filters for reports. 


The monthly subscription for Woorank will cost you $79.99 for Pro and $199.99 for Premium. They don’t disclose the pricing for the Enterprise plan because the subscription and the price are customized according to your needs. 

If you have the ability to pay upfront for the whole year, the monthly cost will be lower. It will then cost $53.25 monthly for Pro and 133.25 for Premium on yearly payments. 

Pros of Woorank

  • Available in 6 languages 
  • Clean, efficient interface
  • Quick report generation
  • Excellent pricing

Cons of Woorank

  • You have to manually enter your competitors. This is difficult if you’re a small business unaware of the market’s big players.  

Customer Reviews on G2, Software Advice, and Trust Radius

Woorank developers seem to have built a beast of an SEO tool if one looks at the glowing reviews on G2, Software Advice, and TrustRadius. 

But if there’s one thing Woorank users dislike, it’s how limiting the information is when one uses Woorank for free. This is easily rectified with the wealth of information Woorank offers when you subscribe to their services. 

Otherwise, from the browser extension to competition analysis, SEO audit reports, and scoring system, every feature seems to have impressed the existing users of the tool. 

8. Raven Tools

Raven Tools
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 46

Raven Tools is the perfect fit for marketing agencies and advertisers. It generates reports covering different social channels along with multiple common SEO tools. 

Agencies get to show a comprehensive report to their clients with the help of Ravel tools. 

Features of Raven Tools

Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio

You can incorporate the data from all your social media campaigns under Raven Tool and transform it into a visual dashboard via Google Data Studio. 

In other words, you can connect data from your Facebook page insights and ads, LinkedIn Pages and ads, Snapchat ads, Hubspot analytics, Adroll, and Mailchimp. 

The best part? You can compare the data from all those different analytical tools. 

Ravel Tools is looking to add more integrations, so you can try requesting if you want, say, something like Instagram Insights or other tools. 

Competitor Analysis and Comparison Tool

Competitor analysis and comparison tool
8 Best Competitive SemRush Alternatives in 2022 47

Raven imports its data directly from Majestic and Moz. So, it’s no SemRush, but you get mixed data from two APIs to present a somewhat accurate version. 

You can read an analysis of your competitor’s content, their entire backlink sources, speed, and domain authority. You can check your competitor’s keywords and compare how it differs from yours. 

The most defining feature has to be the comparison tool. You can line up your website against multiple competitor websites and get an overview based on 16 metrics. 

Semantic Analysis

Despite being a big part of keyword research, semantics analysis is a rare feature for any SEO tool. Yet, semantics plays a key part in how Google decides to rank your content. 

It is due to the crawlers’ understanding of semantics that if you make a post on “tools like Ahrefs” you’ll also rank for “Ahrefs alternatives”. 

Raven Tool analyses your website’s semantic information along with your competitors, which can open up the opportunity to surge ahead of your competitors by giving you insights that users of other tools don’t have access to. 


Raven Tool has five subscription tiers. If you pay for the subscription yearly, you can get the Small Biz plan at $39, Start at $79, Grow at $139, Thrive at $249, and Lead at $399 per month. 

In the event you choose to make monthly payments, the prices drastically increase. This means Small Biz is at $49, Start is $109, Grow is $199, Thrive is $299, and Lead costs you $479. 

Pros of Raven Tools

  • You can add bits of information to the report to give a fuller picture
  • Automatically generates basic reports on all metrics
  • Incorporates all key data and resources into a single system
  • Connects to Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console

Cons of Raven Tools

  • It takes time to understand how the software works

Customer Reviews on G2, Software Advice and TrustRadius

This tool rates quite highly across review sites such as G2, Software Advice, and TrustRadius. The consistency definitely suggests that the tool is a well-liked and reliable tool. 

Furthermore, from customer evaluations, it seems most users appreciate the fact that it is easy to set up and integrate the tool. The deciding factor for choosing this tool is the automatic reporting system. 

Some complain the auditing for WordPress websites isn’t the best. 

Final Thoughts: Which Is the Perfect Semrush Alternative?

If you can afford it, Ahrefs is the logical SemRush alternative. Its pricing is slightly more affordable compared to SemRush. Yet, Ahrefs offers similar tools as well as many unique ones that SemRush doesn’t have. 

But if you’re in a situation where you can’t pay upward of $90 per month but don’t want to fall behind your competitors, then the tool you should go for is UberSuggest. It packs all the essential features while offering a price tag that is quite hard to beat.

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