Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire?

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The biggest drivers of New Jersey’s economy are pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, finance, transportation and logistics, and real estate. Alongside them is the rapidly flourishing IT sector. 

Businesses in these sectors will not be able to grow to their potential quickly without an online presence. But do they have the time to deal with all the work involved in building an impactful online presence?


Luckily, there are many top web development companies in New Jersey that can take over the entire project on your behalf. We evaluate the best of the best based on pricing, delivery speed, expertise, and customer preference so you can make an informed choice. Let’s take a look!

Most Promising Web Development Companies in New Jersey 

The web development company you should hire depends on its closeness to your location, the ability to handle big projects, and whether they have a collaborative mindset. 

Here are our top nine picks of the best web development companies in New Jersey. 

1. Lform Design

Lform Design
Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire? 10

Address: 42 Park St, Montclair

Number of Employees: 10 – 20

Service Charge: $140 – $200 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $23,000

Foundation: 2005

Lform Design is a web development agency focusing on B2B clients in the manufacturing industries and consultancy. Their vast portfolio features names such as Dauphin, Fuji Film, Insight Partners, Kulite, and Fuso. 

Acting as part designers and advisors, Lform has maintained a steady reputation in the field for over 16 years. They have a branch in New York in addition to their New Jersey headquarters. 

Key Services

  • PHP Web development, API integration, and e-commerce structure building for B2B companies
  • SEO-focused website design and marketing
  • Website hosting and health services
  • CMS training and target market research 
  • Project evaluation and need assessment

Why Choose Them

  • Winners of Clutch Leader Awards, AVA Digital Awards, GDUSA Awards, and many more
  • Owns several certificates and accreditations
  • Will take over the entire website design and customer outreach program, but only to the extent you want

B2B companies end up forming a long-term relationship with Lform Design. Small businesses appreciate the agency’s decision to stick to a schedule and fulfill all its promises. 

2. JSMT Media

JSMT Media
Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire? 11

Address: 92 W Front St, Keyport

Number of Employees: 1 – 10 

Service Charge: $110 – $125 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $10,000

Foundation: 2014

JSMT Media specializes in building custom websites with the goal of generating leads and conversions. Their client profile includes companies from many industries, such as real estate, architecture, baseball academies, and dog training centers. 

Coffee Coral, Novella Prep, ACI Medical & Dental School, and Black Tie Blinds are some of JSMT’s biggest clients and respected leaders in their industry. 

Key Services

  • Mobile-focused web design
  • Keyword research and content management
  • Google Ads management
  • Full digital marketing services

Why Choose Them

  • The Google-certified agency offers free consultations
  • Well-staffed in-house design and creative team
  • Month-to-month billing with no long-term contract

In one of the agency’s most notable projects, the customer had an outdated website that was not at all salvageable. JSMT transferred the website to a new host and revamped it to a minimalistic modern design. This dedication towards client problem-solving keeps customers coming back despite no binding contract from the agency. 

3. T. Brooks Web Design

T. Brooks Web Design
Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire? 12

Address: 3111 NJ-38 #222, Mt Laurel Township

Number of Employees: 1 – 10 

Service Charge: $50 – $80 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $3000

Foundation: 2011

Due to their remote system, T. Brooks serves clients from all across the United States and takes up international projects. Small to medium landscaping companies, construction firms, and well-drilling businesses are the areas where the company has the firmest grounds, but they are always up for a challenge. 

Their client list includes Robbins Water, WM Brooks II, Lewis Lawn, and other local giants. 

Key Services

  • Website design with manual coding
  • Logo design, backlink building, and business profile page
  • SEO content writing
  • Social media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube 

Why Choose Them

  • The owner hand-codes every website they design
  • Realistic promises and multiple reviews
  • Advice on niche issues, such as how to get a previous domain back 

Clients love T. Brooks or Terri’s service because she accounts for server space while coding new websites and simplifies complex ideas so that clients can easily understand them. 

4. Sagapixel SEO

Sagapixel SEO
Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire? 13

Address: 523 Hollywood Ave Ste 201, Cherry Hill,

Number of Employees: 40 – 50 

Service Charge: $50 – $100 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $2000

Foundation: 2017

Sagapixel is a digital marketing agency with the aim to provide the same quality of service that an in-house team can provide. As a result, they have played a vital part in the digital transformation of many traditional businesses. 

When we scrutinize their clientele, the majority appear to be manufacturers, healthcare workers, and plastic surgeons. Each has a story to tell about how they noticed a 3x increase in traffic since their association with Sagapixel. 

Key Services

  • WordPress website design and development
  • PPC benefits from Google as a partner
  • Local and On-site SEO
  • Content creation and lead generation

Why Choose Them

  • Free of charge advice
  • Responsive 24-hour working staff
  • They provide advice, recommendations, and an action plan for the future of your website, irrespective of whether you actually hire them for the project or not

Clients most often recommend Sagapixel for its fast response time and for delivering exactly what they claim. You can find numerous stories from clients about the growth they have witnessed in their SERP rankings and website performance since collaborating with Sagapixel. 

5. New Age SMB

New Age SMB
Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire? 14

Address: 4390 US-1 Suite 110, Princeton

Number of Employees: 250 – 300 

Service Charge: $25 – $90 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $5000

Foundation: 1995

NewAgeSMB is a New Jersey software company with a global client base. In their 25 years of experience, they have engaged in web development, UI/UX design, and mobile app creation. 

Global Access, Redify Inc., StatChat, Sportable, and Travel GTS are some of their business associates. They take care of small issues other companies tend to ignore, such as cross-platform integration. 

Key Services

  • App design and testing
  • Mobile browsing mapping and development
  • Dynamic app and technical feasibility

Why Choose Them

  • Free Quotation
  • NewAgeSMB can plan your mobile app development from scratch
  • Reasonable pricing with a tendency to overdeliver
  • They code mobile apps, which is a rare service

Customers prefer NewAgeSMB for their project management skills. Once they hand the job over to the agency, the clients know they have nothing to worry about. 

6. Semgeeks

Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire? 15

Address: 602 Main St, Belmar

Number of Employees: 40 – 50

Service Charge: $90 – $125 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $1000

Foundation: 2006

Semgeeks’ presence is prominent in both the B2B as well as the B2C space. The highly adaptable company has lent its services to law firms, influencers, hospitality, finance, SaaS, and eCommerce clients. 

You may recognize the names of some of their clients, such as Surf Taco, Oak Hill Academy, Penn Graduate School of Education, and Marina Grille. 

The agency shows equal consideration for its employees, as evidenced by the coworking spaces, geek events, beach badge giveaways, and consulting privileges. 

Key Services

  • Web development and print design
  • Video and photography services coupled with brand storytelling
  • HTML5 animated banner 
  • SEO, SMM, and email marketing services

Why Choose Them

  • Clutch Awards winners for several years in a row
  • Partners with Shopify, Wix, Google, Salesforce Pardot, and Bing Ads 
  • Keen to supply lateral insights on services you may not have employed them for

Small-scale, freshly spawned businesses especially appear to appreciate Semgeeks’ counsel. Many have stories to tell about how their business achieved new heights within a short time after joining hands with Semgeeks. 

Therefore, if you’re a new business with a desire to scale up really fast, Semgeeks can be the right partner for you. 

7. Bower Web Solutions

Bower Web Solutions
Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire? 16

Address: 1 Cheshire Ln, Ringwood

Number of Employees: 1 – 10

Service Charge: $90 – $150 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $1000

Foundation: 1999

Bower Web Solutions began its journey when websites had to be created through hours of painstaking manual coding and continue to be a big name in New Jersey when website builders and other advanced software make things easier. 

The platform combines digital marketing, branding, and web design to offer the full suite of internet solutions. Antler Bookkeeping, Rafter Reality, Mansion Ridges Homes, and The Felt People are only a few names among their diverse range of clients. 

Key Services

  • Web hosting, design, speed optimization, and fixes
  • Marketing automation and social media management
  • Branding and photography
  • Drone supply

Why Choose Them

  • Trains employees and clients through the Goldman Sachs accelerator program
  • Considers ADA guidelines while forming promotion campaigns
  • Video packages for your website to increase CTR

Clients appreciate the professional yet affordable services provided by Bower Web Solutions. As Mr. Bower is a philanthropist, customers often reach out to him for philanthropic or non-profit work. 

8. David Taylor Digital

David Taylor Digital
Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire? 17

Address: 156 Carteret St, Glen Ridge

Number of Employees: 40 – 50

Service Charge: $50 – $100 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $3000

Foundation: 2007

David Taylor Digital’s proficiency in website development is obvious from their own website. Animated content and elegant yet simple designs mark their signature style. 

Catbridge, Mactec, Severna, Inteplast Group, Cornerstone, Spirit Music, etc, make up their diverse client base.

Key Services

  • Organic marketing and campaign testing
  • Responsive mobile website and defining a brand voice
  • Stats analysis and solution
  • Website research and design 

Why Choose Them

  • Best web designers award winner from Expertise 
  • Affiliation with EO New Jersey, Hubspot Certified Partners, and Google Analytics Professional
  • The security team regularly checks for malware attacks and hacking attempts
  • They do one hour of technical support and quarterly check-ins 

9. ShoreSite Web Designs

ShoreSite Web Designs
Top 9 Web Development Companies in New Jersey: Who Should You Hire? 18

Address: 725 NJ-35 Suite A, Wall Township

Number of Employees: 1 – 10

Service Charge: $35 – $90 per/ hr

Minimum Project Size: $2000

Foundation: 2009

ShoreSite Web Designs is a full digital agency with clients from industries such as real estate, renovation, healthcare, sports, dating apps and so on. In the 10 years since its inception, the company has served VFT International, Moorish Movers, The Chocolate Bar, Aok Landscaping, and other local and non-local businesses. 

They have the fastest turnaround time with 48 hours as the usual deadline since the contract agreement with the client. They have a seven stage strategy, where the initial time is spent on research, conversation with clients, and planning. 

The later stage consists of swift testing, development, and maintenance. The firm has packages customers can opt for where they check the developed website from time to time with no extra or hidden charges.

Key Services

  • Android and iOS app development
  • Domain registration, hosting, and SSL security purchase
  • Website maintenance, backup, and live support
  • Full site development and design continuity help
  • Motion graphics, drone video, photography, and interview for content

Why Choose Them

  • ShoreSite Web Designs has creative staff separate from software developers, allowing them to tackle all facets of website design 
  • Builds custom templates according to your taste 
  • Builds websites in non-English languages for clients 

The clients of ShoreSite Web Designs contact them with complex projects because they know that the agency is unlikely to fail to deliver. In addition to the team’s professionalism, clients also like the fact that the company can help make their website accessible in other languages. 

Final Thoughts

The top nine web development companies we have listed in New Jersey have their strengths and specialities. Some approach web designing from a technical viewpoint, while others focus on aesthetic and SEO appeal. 

However, no matter the agency you opt for, you should ensure some things are in order. For instance, 

  • Even if it’s a new company, it should have samples and past case studies which illustrate its capabilities
  • You should use Clutch and Glassdoor to gather social proof of the company’s competency 
  • You should check the certificate level of their engineers and ask enough questions to gauge their expertise

When all these line up to your expectations or requirements, assess their how communicative or transparent they are likely to be. Web development requires constant back and forth between clients and a collaborative spirit. 

You will find a web designing company with an understanding of how to mix the technical side with creative aspects via this method. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Should You Hire a Web Developer?

Web developers know the secret to fixing technical issues you can’t necessarily grasp on your own, such as:

  • Reducing initial server response time
  • Faster website loading
  • How to make it mobile and voice search friendly 
  • Making it ADA-compliant

None of it is impossible to learn, especially with the CMS software made available by web developers. Yet, there remains many things – such as things needing advanced knowledge of coding or SEO – which is better left to experts. 

Is It Better to Create an Internal Team or Source Out Web Development?

As with most dilemmas, there are pros and cons to creating an internal team over hiring a web development company. 

Your in-house employees would have a higher stake in your project, encouraging them to work harder. However, you need to have some knowledge yourself or place a software developer in charge to run the team.

Web development companies only employ the best in the field, so they either have experienced staff or fast learners. You can leave the entire process up to them and monitor the progress from time to time. 

Why Do You Need Web Design?

Much of the internet runs on an algorithm fueled by web page crawling and user behavior. If the website lacks optimization, it won’t reach the target audience. Thus, you need web design to ensure that your website is well-designed for users and well-optimized for search engines.

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