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When a prospective client searches “dentists near me,” the last thing you want is for your competition to show up before you.

Local SEO statistics show that 97% of people use search engines to find local businesses and services, with 46% featuring “near me” or location. Therefore, optimizing your website for Google’s Search Results is essential for your dental practice.

But as a dentist, you don’t have time to keep up with all of Google’s updates and learn SEO from scratch. You want to be free to see patients and grow your business.

We’ve compiled a list of the top SEO service providers specializing in dental SEO to make your research easier.

1. Cutting Edge Digital Marketing

Cutting Edge Digital Marketing
Top Dentist SEO Companies Right Now 7

Cutting Edge specializes in digital marketing for dentists and surgeons. The team has a wealth of experience in the industry and offers services such as SEO, website design, social media management, and pay-per-click advertising.

Some of the top features of their service include:

  • Tried and tested SEO strategies
  • AMP powered high converting websites
  • SEM skills
  • Patient review platform with reputation management
  • Lead tracker
  • Marketing dashboard and data-driven reporting

Cutting Edge also offers a Neural Machine Translations service that helps to make your website multilingual. This service can translate your website into more than 90 languages using Google neural translations.

This is beneficial if your dental practice has a multicultural/multilingual clientele. The translated pages will be indexed by search engines, making it easier for patients to find you in their native language.

They also provide separate URLs for each language, making the pages search engine friendly and boosting their multilingual SEO strategy.

Cutting Edge’s strategy on SEO focuses on getting your website to rank for relevant keywords that prospective patients are searching for. This will help you to attract more visitors to your website and increase your chances of generating new leads. They also make sure your website is formatted to tell prospective clients:

  • About yourself
  • Explain the benefits
  • Share steps and guides
  • Show pricing

Their portfolio showcases some clients like Petrungaro Plastic Surgery, Lakeview Dental, Lorton Springfield Dental Implant & Oral Surgery, etc.

2. KickStart Dental Marketing

KickStart Dental Marketing
Top Dentist SEO Companies Right Now 8

KickStart Dental Marketing is a full-service dental marketing agency specializing in the dental industry serving:

  • General dentists
  • Cosmetic dentists
  • Orthodontists
  • Pediatric dentists
  • And dental start-ups

Their SEO strategy focuses on identifying your business’s unique selling proposition and finding the right dental keywords to help you rank higher in Google’s SERP.

They also track your leads and website’s progress using their DENTALFLOW™ system. This system even automatically follows up with your leads through texts and emails.

KickStart Dental Marketing ensures you have quality content published weekly, creating quarterly press releases for you and negotiating budget-friendly sponsorship deals with local organizations to help you reach the community.

In addition, they offer website design and development services to ensure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly. They can even build another website for you if your current website needs a complete makeover.

More services offered include:

  • Online advertising.
  • Social media strategy to help build followers.
  • Review marketing – This is a system to get reviews from your patients and turn those reviews into new leads.
  • Front desk training – They train your staff to increase treatment acceptance rates by improving their handling of “cold” patient leads.
  • Reactivation campaigns – They will develop a plan to bring back your inactive patients and existing patient base.

3. Progressive Dental Marketing

Progressive Dental Marketing
Top Dentist SEO Companies Right Now 9

Progressive Dental has a mantra that “production per patient is more important than the number of new patients attracted,” and their marketing strategies live up to that.

Progressive Dental is also a coaching agency, and its dental marketing services are designed to increase production while reducing costs.

They ensure that they are not just attracting new patients but the right patients. This helps to create a steady stream of quality leads that are more likely to turn into appointments and new patients for your practice.

Some of their services include:

  • Dental implant marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Traditional marketing
  • Videography

They believe your website should be a 24/7 marketing tool and salesperson for your dental practice. They will work to increase the number of leads that come in from your website by tailoring the content and design to match your ideal patient.

They have a team of web designers and copywriters who will ensure your website is visually appealing but also informative and keyword-rich. The process includes the following:

  1. Strategy and Planning – They will help you to develop a dental marketing strategy that meets your goals and budget. In order to do this, they will use market data, your ideal patient profile, and your competition to create a custom plan for your dental practice.
  2. Development – They will design and develop a custom website that is responsive and mobile-friendly. They will incorporate SEO and patient psychology into the site design to attract and convert leads into new patients. Each page will be individualized to showcase your dental practice’s unique selling points.
  3. Site Presentation – This is how your website will look to potential patients. They will ensure it is easy to navigate and include effective and well-positioned calls to action, encouraging website visitors to contact your dental practice.
  4. Site Launch and Optimization – They will launch your new website and then continuously optimize it to ensure it ranks high in search engines and helps you convert leads into patients. They will be testing and tweaking to improve your website’s performance on an ongoing basis.

4. The SEO Dentist

The SEO Dentist
Top Dentist SEO Companies Right Now 10

The SEO Dentist is a small marketing agency that focuses on dental professionals. They pride themselves on helping their clients avoid the disadvantages of working with big SEO agencies.

The SEO Dentist continuously tests, learns and innovates its SEO strategy to provide the best results for its dental clients.

They are ROI-focused and believe that getting more patients through the door is the best way to grow a dental practice. Before any campaign, they run an ROI analysis to focus on strategies that will provide the best return on investment.

In addition to SEO, their services include:

  • Google Ads – They can create and manage your campaigns to ensure you get the most out of your budget.
  • Facebook Ads – Using Facebook’s targeting capabilities, they will create and manage your Facebook Ads campaigns to reach your ideal patients.
  • Website Design for Dental Practices – They will design and develop a custom website to help drive leads, sales, and user engagement.

Krieger Orthodontics Case Study

Krieger Orthodontics are experts in orthodontics and dentistry located in Lewisville, Texas. They wanted a dental marketing agency that could develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to attract new patients, grow their practice, and build them a unique website.

In short, they wanted their practice to grow fast and were looking for an agency that could make that happen. 

The SEO Dentist took up the challenge. They came up with a strategy to help Krieger Orthodontics achieve its goals through: 

  • Creating a unique website that is responsive and optimized.
  • Launching an SEO campaign to increase the Krieger Orthodontics website’s visibility in search engine results pages.
  • Supplement organic SEO with Google Maps Pack optimization and Google My Business management to help them rank higher in local search results.


In a month, they developed a website. After launching the website, Krieger Orthodontics site traffic grew by over 400% and ranked number 1 in their city in organic traffic.

5. The Guerrilla Agency

The Guerrilla Agency
Top Dentist SEO Companies Right Now 11

The Guerrilla Agency understands how hard it was for you to go through dental school and become a dentist. Now that you’ve made it, they want to help you grow your dental practice so you can achieve your dreams.

They look to build long-term partnerships with their clients and want to help them grow their dental practice at a rapid pace. They are results-driven and will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.

The Guerrilla Agency has experience in adapting quickly and effectively to algorithm updates, so they can implement the latest SEO best practices to help you rank higher in search engine results pages.

Services they offer include:

  • SEO – They will help you develop and execute an SEO strategy to help you rank higher in search engine results pages.
  • PPC Advertising – They will create and manage your pay-per-click advertising campaigns to help you get more patients through the door.
  • Web Design – Their team of web designers will create a custom website that is conversion rate optimized to help you increase leads and sales.
  • Content Marketing – They will create blogs and landing pages with call-to-action buttons and targeted keywords to ensure potential clients find you easily.

To make your content SEO optimized, they leverage videos, infographics, guides, and press releases to make it easier for your clients to digest content.

What does The Guerrilla Agency SEO process look like:

  1. Goal Setting – Every dental business is unique. One business might be looking to grow its practice by 30%, while another might be looking to double its patient base. Whatever your goals are, The Guerrilla Agency will create a custom dental marketing strategy designed to help you achieve them.
  2. SEO Strategy – One practice may be looking to sell implants, while another might be looking to attract pediatric patients. Depending on their goals, each business’s SEO strategy will differ. So they will work with you to develop landing pages and content relevant to your goals. 
  3. Core SEO Messaging – They will look at your business’s unique value proposition. They will then create web copies and blogs that will be SEO-optimized and relevant to your target patients. This gives you a higher chance of ranking for your target keywords and landing the right patients.
  4. SEO Content Marketing – The Guerrilla Agency will create a content marketing strategy that includes blog posts, infographics, and videos. They ensure you are above your competitors by being a thought leader.
  5. Link Building – According to Guerrilla Agency, a good SEO strategy is 60% links and 40% content. Link building helps search engines discover new pages on your website and understand what your pages are about. This is done through link acquisition, the process of getting links from high-quality websites. The Guerrilla Agency helps you with link building and avoids algorithmic penalties by helping you acquire links from websites relevant to your dental practice.
  6. Reports – The Guerrilla Agency will give you bi-monthly reports on traffic and rankings to see progress made. This helps you to make changes to your strategy if needed.

6. Dental Marketing Guy

Dental Marketing Guy
Top Dentist SEO Companies Right Now 12

Dental Marketing Guy uses one dentist per market approach, meaning they won’t work with anyone else in your geographic location. This allows them to focus all their efforts on growing your dental practice.

Unlike many agencies that pitch SEO services to you at first instance, the Dental Marketing Guy will help you see if SEO is the best marketing solution for your dental practice. If it is, they will then develop an SEO strategy tailored to your goals and needs.

They will first do a comprehensive marketing analysis for your business and then propose solutions. This comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you can confidently take the plunge and see what the company does for you. 

Their SEO process includes the following:

  1. Assessing Your Competition – The Dental Marketing Guy will look at your top competitors in your neighborhood and analyze their SEO efforts. This helps them to understand what you are up against and what to expect.
  2. Marketing Analysis – Looking at your neighborhood, how successful will an SEO marketing campaign be for your dental practice? Which are the best strategies to take? How much should you budget for an effective campaign? Dental Marketing Guy will help you answer all these questions.
  3. SEO Strategy – They do a cost-benefit analysis to help you understand what strategies are worth investing in. They will also help you to set realistic goals for your SEO campaign. This transparency is what sets them apart from other agencies.
  4. Implementation – The Dental Marketing Guy team will help you to implement the agreed-upon SEO strategy. Or, if SEO is not the best strategy, they will advise you on the best marketing solution for your dental practice. This ensures you are getting value for your money.

Grow Your Dental Business With SEO Services

Not all dental SEO service providers are created equal. It is important to choose an agency that believes in transparency and focuses on helping you grow your business.

Once you find an agency that you like, check for online reviews and case studies to get an idea of the service quality. When you have a shortlist of dental SEO companies that you feel like you can work with, schedule a consultation call to get to know them better and see if they are a good fit for your dental practice.

The first step to a successful SEO marketing campaign is getting the right agency on board. With the right partner, there is no limit to how far you can increase your site traffic and patient conversions.

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