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We have created an affiliate program and you can use it to promote our site. If a customer clicks your affiliate link, they will go to our site and then you earn a commission if they buy something.

Make sure you read our Affiliate Program Term Of Use.

How To Use Our Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program is a good way to make money online. The program has been designed to be as easy to use as possible, so you can start earning money quickly.

To become an affiliate first, you need to register yourself as an affiliate on the Affiliate Registration form. Please give us more data about yourselves and your goals. It will help us in the approval decision.

Once you have been approved, you will have access to a Dashboard where you can generate affiliate links, QR code and view stats, payouts, creatives, etc.

Affiliate Area
  • Affiliate URLs, here affiliates can generate custom links.
  • Statistics provide the data of paid and unpaid earnings, the number of referrals, conversion rates, commission percentages, store credits, and more.
  • Graphs reveal the performance trends in visual mode.
  • Referrals provide a list of the affiliate’s referrals.
  • Visits indicate the number of visits generated by each of the affiliate URLs.
  • Payouts provide a payouts list.
  • Creatives give access to the linkdaddy.com brand assets, such as images or text links that you can publish on your website.
  • Direct Links allows you to link directly to our site without the need for an affiliate link.
  • Lifetime Customers here you be able to see the customers that are linked to you.
  • Information you can find more information about our affiliate program.
  • Settings allow you to change payment addresses, such as the email ID associated with their PayPal account.

Affiliate Program Features

We have worked hard to create an affiliate program that is easy to use and offers everything you need.

Real-Time Reporting

All the activities from your affiliate links will be updated on your affiliate area dashboard in real-time. You can track the performance, as well as earnings, without any delay.

Tiered Affiliate Rates

Our affiliate program provides tiered rates based on the number of successful referrals you make. The more you succeed, the higher your commission rate will be:

  • 0 – 25 referrals = 10% commission rate.
  • 26 – 50 referrals = 15% commission rate.
  • 51 – 100 referrals = 20% commission rate.
  • 101+ referrals = 25% commission rate.

Store Credit

We are happy to pay a commissions with store credit and then you can spend them on the next purchase. Available Store Credit you can check on Affiliate Area>Statistics.

Store credit

You can apply your store credits on the Checkout page.

Checkout store credit use

Direct Link Tracking

Direct Link Tracking allows you to link directly to our site without the need for an affiliate link.
When a visitor comes to our website from your site, our Affiliate system is able to see the URL of the referring website. You can setup up to 5 domains.

An example:

  • John (the affiliate) is promoting our site on a specific website, which he owns. The domain for that blog is JohnCoolBlog.com.
  • John writes about the products/services on linkdaddy.com, and create links to linkdaddy.comwithout using his affiliate referral variable (eg, linkdaddy.com/?ref=35).
  • Every purchase coming from JohnCoolBlog.com to be automatically credited to John’s affiliate account on our site, without John needing to use his referral variable.
Affiliate area direct link

Custom Slug Settings

You can set your custom slug from the Affiliate Area>Settings tab. You can also remove your custom slug entirely, or change it at any point.

Custom Slug Setting
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