10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling

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To run a successful business, you must keep up with the latest market trends and your competitors. Therefore, you need a technology tool like BuiltWith to understand your competitors’ operations. 

However, there are other BuiltWith alternatives that help you check website data, such as the frontend technology, backend services, themes, and other crucial data necessary for lead generation.

Also, while BuiltWith is in use for years as a web profiling tool, it’s not ideal for all types of businesses. So, if you need a better option for your business, this article will look at the best alternatives you should consider.

1. Hunter TechLookup

Hunter TechLookup
10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 11

Image source: Hunter TechLookup

Hunter TechLookup is a profiling tool that you can use to get detailed information about the technology used on a competitor’s website. As a free tool, it’s a good BuiltWith alternative that lets you find information about your competitors’ actions. Additionally, it has different technologies that you can choose to track websites and download data. 

Key Features

  • Easy-to-use interface: This tool is easy to use and has a sleek interface that’s easy to navigate. You can easily pick the technologies from the provided categories to extract information from websites.
  • You can build a custom list: Hunter TechLookup allows you to create a custom list that you can use to profile different websites. Additionally, you can narrow your searches and change the website categories to include only popular sites.
  • Email addresses: Unlike BuiltWith, Hunter TechLookup has additional capabilities to find your prospects’ email addresses. What’s more, the emails are usually accurate. Therefore, besides pulling website data, this tool can get you an email list for your marketing campaigns.


The Hunter TechLookup profiling tool is free to use. You can gain insights and search technology for free, making it an attractive tool than BuiltWith. You can see the first 5,000 websites for free. You can get a custom list of 50,000 websites if you choose a premium plan. 

2. W3Techs

10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 12

Image source: W3Techs

W3Techs is a technology survey company that maintains a database of the technologies used on different websites. You can use this tool to retrieve technology information across the web. Some details you could get using this tool include the content management system, programming languages, server locations, traffic analysis tools, operating systems, SSL certificate authorities, web servers, and more. 

With W3Techs, website developers can track trends in technology usage. As a business owner, you can use this information from your competitors to make informed decisions about the technologies. You can also see the top 10 users of specific technology stacks, which is essential if you are trying to determine how popular the technology is. 

Key Features

  • Quality alerts: The web technology reports also include alerts on websites with technical issues.
  • Multiple types of surveys: With W3Techs, you can get different surveys, including technology changes, usage, historical trends, and cross-technology statistics.
  • Sales intelligence system: This tool provides detailed data on sales tactics used by the other players. This information can be helpful for your sales team.  
  • It sources contact information: The web technology tool also draws details such as contact information from the website. Therefore, you can initiate conversations with your prospects. 
  • Daily updates: The world of website technologies changes daily; therefore, you must stay up-to-date and use the latest tools. Compared to BuiltWith, W3Techs is updated more frequently, which gives it an edge.  


W3Techs is more affordable than BuiltWith. The free version of this tool is sufficient for most businesses. However, if you need to access more features and the full range of data, you can subscribe to the paid plan, which goes for $9 monthly. 

3. Netcraft

10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 13

Image source: Netcraft

Since its establishment in 1995, Netcraft has been a market leader if you want to conduct internet research. With this tool, you can explore the internet and get information about hosting providers, the market share of web servers, content technologies, and ISPs. This information lets you make informed marketing, sales, and hosting investment decisions. 

The advantage of using Netcraft is that it has collected internet data for over a decade. Therefore, they generate long-term trends and results. With Netcraft, you can see growth over time, find prospects, gain insights into your competitor’s business, track market share changes, identify emerging trends, and spot key investment opportunities. 

This alternative is a comprehensive website intelligence tool with essential statistics allowing businesses to make informed and valuable decisions. You can use the data to change the direction of your sales, marketing, and investment decisions. 

Key Features

  • IP geolocation: Netcraft makes it easy to track servers when conducting internet research. 
  • Hosting history: You can rely on the tool to get website records from your competitors.
  • Daily database updates: The website intelligence tools provide regular updates to keep you informed.
  • Free API: Developers use this tool to access Netcraft’s crucial data.
  • Access to contact information: You can get key contact information, including emails and LinkedIn profiles.


The Netcraft iOS app has a 28-day free trial period that allows you to access all features. After the trial period, you must pay a monthly or annual subscription for $1.99 or $9.99.

4. Wappalyzer

10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 14

Image source: Wappalyzer

Created in 2009, Wappalyzer is a well-developed profiling tool used to find the technology stack of any website. You can use this tool to create a list of websites that use particular websites and access contact details. Besides technology lookup, Wappalyzer is also used for market analysis, lead generation, and competitor research. 

This tool detects over 2,000 technologies in different categories. Some of the technologies include e-commerce platforms, content management systems, server software, contact details, analytics tools, and technology stacks. 

Key Features

  • Scalable app integrations: Wappalyzer has a mobile app and scalable integrations which are convenient for users.
  • Intuitive user interface:  The UI makes searching for a technology or website stack easy. You can also monitor business details to stay up-to-date with any changes. 
  • CRM integration: You can view the technologies of your leads.
  • Email verification: This tool gives you access to accurate emails to improve the quality of your mailing list.
  • Website alerts: Wappalyzer makes it easy to monitor websites and stay up-to-date with all changes. This is ideal for tracking competitors. 


Wappalyzer users can take advantage of the free plan. In addition, the tool has four paid pricing plans, including the Starter plan at $149 per month, the Team plan at $249 monthly, the Business option at $449 per month, and Enterprise at $849 monthly. The plans are much cheaper than BuiltWith.

5. Competera

10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 15

Image source: Competera

Competera is a pricing tool designed using deep learning algorithms. This tool is used by businesses looking to improve their pricing strategies. Therefore, it searches the internet for valuable data about the available pricing options. For instance, if you run an e-commerce store, you can use this tool to get valuable insights about competitor pricing and the state of the market. 

Moreover, AI-based algorithms provide accurate data. Therefore, you can analyze the data to determine the connection between product parameters and pricing. Competera is an excellent alternative to BiultWith because it has unique tools and customizable data acquisition plans. In addition, it also has a more comprehensive set of features.

Key Features

  • User-friendly dashboard: You can navigate the dashboard to access all the available tools and features you need
  • Competitive data: Competera provides competitive data; therefore, you can use it to make informed decisions.
  • Price advisor: If you want to adjust your pricing to compete in the market, Competera provides accurate pricing data to help you develop proper pricing strategies.
  • Pricing automation: Automation capabilities make repricing at least 50% faster and reduce the risk of human errors. 
  • Automatic email notifications: You get alerts when prices change, or your competitor adjusts their product cost. You can use these notifications to reprice your products. 


To start using Competera, you can view the options available and pick one according to your business needs. The pricing is available upon request.

6. WhatRuns

10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 16

Image source: WhatRuns

WhatRuns is a free browser extension that identifies technologies used on specific websites. This tool is one of the BuiltWith competitors that shows you everything that powers a site. For instance, if you are tracking your competitors, you can view the apps they pay for, how they track visitors, the CDN that hosts them, fonts, WordPress plugins used, and more. 

You can easily keep up with other websites because the extension informs you when a specific website stops using a particular technology. WhatRuns sends notifications as soon as these changes happen. You can also use data from WhatRuns to avoid making the same mistakes as your competitor. 

Since it’s an extension, you don’t have to visit the WhatRuns website whenever you need to collect data about your competitor. 

Key Features

  • Email notification system: When a website adds new technology, you receive instant alerts.
  • Access to contact information: WhatRuns provides details about who operates and owns a particular website.
  • Multiple technologies: WhatRuns adds about 50-100 new web apps daily, so you don’t have to miss out on the latest ones.


One of the main advantages of this BuiltWith alternative is that it’s a free tool. 

7. SimilarTech

10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 17

Image source: SimilarTech

SimilarTech is a sales insights platform used to research markets, spot trends, and find prospects. This software makes gaining insights from millions of websites easy and uses this information to generate leads and grow businesses. 

This powerful website profiling platform can scan about 30 billion web pages monthly. You can rely on it for a comprehensive analysis or when you need to compare two technologies and pick the best option for your business.

Key Features

  • Easy to use: Thanks to its intuitive user interface, you can navigate it easily for technology lookup. If you just enter a website URL into the search bar, you get details about the website in seconds.
  • Historical data: The data on SimilarTech goes back to 2007; therefore, it’s a better option if you are interested in looking at the trends over the years. 
  • Tech comparison: You can use SimilarTech to compare two technologies before choosing one for your business. 


SimilarTech has four pricing plans. If you pick the Basic plan, it will cost you $199 per month; the Pro goes for $299 monthly, while the Team option costs $499 per month. To get the Enterprise plan, you need to book a demo first.

8. Rescan

10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 18

Image source: Rescan

Rescan is a tech profiling tool that’s updated and modern for all types of businesses. With this lookup tool, you can get your results much faster. When you use it to search, you’ll get a list of technology shortcuts, such as e-commerce technologies, that you can use immediately.

The tool scans about 533,557,149 websites in 1,571 domain zones. You must type the website URL in the search bar to get results. On the homepage, you can already see how many websites use tools like Shopify, Magento, and WordPress.

Key Features

  • Simple interface: Rescan is not complicated; the interface is designed to provide a seamless user experience.
  • Export lists: With this tool, you can export your lists to use later. However, you can only access this feature after upgrading.
  • Access to emails: If you are looking for contact information, Rescan provides Alexa rank, website IP, phone numbers, web server type, country, and codepage for some of the websites.


Rescan is more affordable than BuiltWith, making it ideal for startups. The Basic plan costs $49 per month, the Pro version goes for $79 monthly, and the Ultimate subscription plan costs $169. 

9. WhatCMS

10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 19

Image source: WhatCMS

WhatCMS is a tool used to detect technologies used on other websites. Users need to input the URL and get details about the content management system (CMS) used to build the site. The algorithm from WhatCMS also shows the web frameworks, e-commerce platforms, and programming languages used.

It can find valuable information and analyze data from millions of websites for your business. In addition, you can rely on WhatCMS to track the market share and technology trends. While BuiltWith scans the website’s overall technology details, WhatCMS focuses more on CMS detection. It currently detects more than 1,000 website-powering technologies. This is an excellent tool if you want to know your competitor’s CMS. 

Key Features

  • Web app: WhatCMS is available as a downloadable PHP script and a web app. However, the web app is much easier to use if you are getting started.
  • Technology reports: WhatCMS offers technology reports that you can use to get lists of lead generation sites. You can then filter these lists based on different features such as language or type of technology. 
  • Frequent updates: WhatCMS provides you with the latest detection on the homepage. It regularly updates the detected technologies every few minutes.


The WhatCMS plans are divided according to the number of detections. For instance, if you want 20,000 detections, the pricing is $20 per month; for 100,000 detections, the cost is $80 monthly; and for 200,000 detections, the pricing is $200 per month.

10. Webspotter

10 Best BuiltWith Alternatives for Technology Profiling 20

Image source: Webspotter

You can also use Webspotter if you need a web profiling tool for your business. It profiles technologies such as CMS, analytics tools, web frameworks, and development language used on the websites. 

With Webspotter, you can get prospective customers’ email addresses and use this information to convert them into leads. Additionally, you can find technology usage statistics and a list of all websites using a particular technology. Once you have this information, your sales and marketing teams can use the tool to get insights into competitor activities and use the information for lead conversion. 

Key Features

  • Multiple search options: Webspotter has several search tools. You can search by company size, industry, geography, SAAS niches, website keywords, vertical data, tech used, and spending.
  • Scalable app integrations: This feature allows you to access the specific information for decision-making.


Webspotter is a good option if you are on a budget. It’s more affordable than BuiltWith; therefore, ideal if you are looking for a tool to get started. It has four pricing plans; the Starter plan at $7 per month, the Basic plan at $39 monthly, the Standard plan at $99, and the Professional option at $199 per month.

Why Do You Require a Technology Profiling Tool?

Let’s look at some of the reasons why you need a technology profiling tool for your business.

Market Research

Market research is quite essential for all types of businesses. Statistics show that the revenue of the market research industry was more than $76.4 billion in 2021 and has doubled from 2008. Web profiling tools come in handy if you need to conduct market research. 

For instance, if you want to add a payment system to your business, you need to research and conduct a competitor analysis to understand which software is ideal. These profiling tools can track the different payment gateways and provide details about the usage frequency and type of websites that use them. 

You can use these tools to get information about industry trends and use the data to make informed decisions. Therefore, if you are unsure about the business systems to adapt, consider getting a web profiling tool.

To Generate Leads

If your goal is to improve your sales, you need to generate leads and increase your customer base. The advantage of these technology lookup tools is that they crawl the web to find the list of technologies other players use. 

You can spot the technologies being used by top companies and integrate the same into your lead generation strategy. When implemented correctly, you’ll have an edge over your competitors. 

To Improve the Company’s Performance

These web profiling tools help companies get a detailed tech stack breakdown. This information can be used to improve performance. For instance, if you find some technologies more popular for sales intelligence, you can use them to strengthen your strategy.

Additionally, you can use the data to improve all areas of weakness to make it easier to reach your goals.


If you’re looking to monitor technology trends for your business, there are multiple BuiltWith alternatives with better features and pricing. Whether your goal is to generate leads, conduct market research, or improve the company’s performance, you need a tool that aligns with your business goals.

Evaluate each alternative and compare the features, pros, and cons to ensure you make the best choice. You need a web profiling tool that will provide valuable information that gets you ahead of your competition. 

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