5 Free and Paid Alternatives to BuzzSumo You Need To Know in 2023

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You’ve probably heard of BuzzSumo if creating or marketing content is an integral part of your business. 

The marketing industry is familiar with BuzzSumo, a terrific tool for finding out what people are talking about on websites, communities, and social media. This way, you can get involved and create content around these trending subjects to gain attention for your business.

Why You Should Care About Buzzsumo

Even though BuzzSumo has several advantages, two of its key components are easily noticeable; 

  • Find influencers tool: You can learn about the leaders in any industry and the content they share. This information will be helpful if you wish to employ influencer partnerships to promote your work.
  • Content insight tool: This tool may help you improve your content strategy by displaying the standard topics in any category. This real-world data provides you with current and pertinent information that enables you to create content with the most significant potential impact.
Buzzsumo influencers tool
5 Free and Paid Alternatives to BuzzSumo You Need To Know in 2023 7

Aside from that, the following BuzzSumo features can assist marketers:

  • Content idea generator 
  • Brief generator 
  • Content analyzer
  • Backlinks 
  • Monitoring and alerts 
  • Competitor analysis
  • Curation of content. 

BuzzSumo is particularly intriguing to content marketers as it aids in locating the most popular content online. In fact, you’ll be valued by these marketers for your ability to monitor competitors and use data effectively.

Influencer data will enthrall SEO marketers because it can be utilized for outreach and link development. It has fantastic features for everyone and is quite versatile.

Although BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for digital marketing, some companies may find its cost unreasonable. You can test it out for 30 days before investing, but it’s also worthwhile to look at some alternative solutions that might be a perfect fit for your business.

1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a popular tool for marketers and professional bloggers for competitor and keyword research because it offers many capabilities comparable to BuzzSumo subscriptions. Link Builders is a practical application that helps you get more backlinks by running and automating regular outreach initiatives. 

SEMrush has 40 additional tools for SEO, content marketing, competitor analysis, PPC, and social media marketing. If you are thinking about BuzzSumo, it would be wise to look into SEMrush.

SEMrush - BuzzSumo Alternatives
5 Free and Paid Alternatives to BuzzSumo You Need To Know in 2023 8

SEMrush is open to the notion of a free trial, just like Buzzsumo. It only applies to SEMrush Pro and is only suitable for 14 days. If you’re lucky, one of its affiliate partners may make you an offer that essentially makes the trial period last for 30 days.

You might at first sneer at the concept of paying a minimal amount of $100 monthly for an SEO tool while determining if you should pay for SEMrush. On the other hand, SEMrush offers exclusive features that are great value for money. 

It relies mainly on where your company is right now. Are you just starting off with a limited budget? In that case, SEMrush may not be the best option for you. However, if you have a growing company and have some cash flow, you should have no trouble justifying this investment.

You’ll find that the SEMrush dashboard can be quite unnerving. It shouldn’t take hours, though, to experiment with the features and become familiar with their locations. It’s a little like Photoshop in that you most likely won’t utilize all the functions, but it’s wonderful to know you have them in your arsenal as your company scales.

SEMrush is your best solution if you operate a huge organization that is quickly growing, operate an online service, have a small or medium-sized business with a strict budget, or are seeking the top competitor analysis tools available.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, would prefer to continue with a more straightforward way for keyword ideas and monitoring, or don’t like the user experience, avoid SEMrush.

2. Ahrefs

One of the best SEO tools on the market today is Ahrefs – and it’s easy to see why. Ahrefs helps improve your search rankings and web performance with its rank trackers, site audits, and other wonderful features.

Ahrefs - BuzzSumo Alternatives
5 Free and Paid Alternatives to BuzzSumo You Need To Know in 2023 9

You may find hundreds of trending topics in your sector with Ahrefs’ content explorer. Like BuzzSumo, when you input a phrase, a plethora of data is delivered. You can then leverage that data for your content needs, like content discovery.

These hot articles may also be sorted by the number of shares they have received overall, social shares, and a variety of other factors. BuzzSumo allows you to browse the most linked-to and shared subjects, while Ahrefs goes above by letting you explore the most popular pages.

It will also be useful to look at who tweeted about each article to identify prominent persons. The information may then be exported and filtered according to each influencer audience’s followership for your outreach activities.

You receive several of the same capabilities as BuzzSumo in addition to the many beneficial SEO tools, like:

  • Link Building
  • Keyword research
  • Alerts
  • Rank Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis

You can create notifications for branded keywords with Ahrefs’ Professional Brand Management. In order to receive updates, all you need to do is submit your email address. Developing relationships and managing your brand is made easier with the help of this effective site explorer feature.

But it’s not just that. One of the simplest methods to get backlinks is to do site audits to detect broken connections. Obviously, this would only be true if you already have a backlink profile. Furthermore, the choice to link to you is established with a referring domain already.

The difficult phase of the outreach strategy can thus be skipped entirely. When it comes to backlink statistics, Ahrefs has the largest backlinks database.

How Does Buzzsumo Fare Compared to Ahrefs?

BuzzSumo is not nearly as strong as Ahrefs. When comparing BuzzSumo with Ahrefs, Ahrefs is unquestionably the better value and more effective tool.

3. Social Animal

If you are looking for a tool with massive content marketing capabilities, Social Animal is one of the best tools. It’s an advanced platform for content exploration and discovery for bloggers using social media networks. 

For example, you can use it to examine articles and obtain suggestions on which social media channel will best suit your material. Additionally, the software offers advice on essential criteria like title length.

Social Animal - BuzzSumo Alternatives
5 Free and Paid Alternatives to BuzzSumo You Need To Know in 2023 10

The software’s Insights tool thoroughly examines several articles and gives you suggestions on when to post them. An “influencer search engine” then uses your predetermined keywords to find suitable influencers.

Additionally, it offers an influencer score to filter your results. Social Animal includes a “Facebook Search” option that examines your rival’s Facebook pages if your central content platform is Facebook.

While you cannot claim to work nonstop, Social Animal can. Social Animal constantly searches for content and leads by leveraging interests and followings in your niche. How? Natural Language Processing (NLP).

The best part is that you can request Social Animal to email you daily reads that include an overview of any news items you should be aware of. You even get keywords and competitor analysis all in this email.

How Does Buzzsumo Fare Compared to Social Animal?

If you don’t have a large budget but still want to compete with the big dogs, this tool is for you. For example, you can get a blogger account for $41 per month per year, whereas BuzzSumo’s cheapest Pro account costs $79 per month.

The features of Social Animal are comparable to those of BuzzSumo in many aspects. However, unlike BuzzSumo, Social Animal’s Deep Keyword tool searches both the body of the article and the title.

4. Ninja Outreach

Thanks to NinjaOutreach, contacting influencers to share your work is easier than ever. It assists you in finding thought leaders and influencers that suit a specific profile and their contact information.

It also aids in the discovery of popular material. Contacting individuals who can assist you in selling your goods and services removes any uncertainty. It also offers CRM software that is customizable.

Ninja Outreach - BuzzSumo Alternatives
5 Free and Paid Alternatives to BuzzSumo You Need To Know in 2023 11

Ninja Outreach is one of the best influencer outreach tools, and we’re delighted to say that. We advise everyone who wants to begin working with social media influencers to test this tool. 

Link building may be automated using Ninja Outreach, saving you hours each week on what is usually a difficult and time-consuming task. You may find influencers to work with on social media initiatives using social networks (viral content as a side effect).

How Does Buzzsumo Fare Compared to NinjaOutreach?

In addition to having a specific Instagram Search module, NinjaOutreach also features automated outreach, Gmail integration, sophisticated lead management, notes and tagging (Relationship Labels), and offers live chat help around-the-clock.

As a marketing and research platform, it offers the features Buzzsumo offers, but typically at a lower cost (depending on your exact plan).

5. Feedly

Feedly is the “answer for information overload,” Google Alerts fuel it for consumers, professionals, and businesses.

It operates similarly to an RSS feed and provides a plethora of additional application connections, making it an essential tool for finding, reading, and sharing news that is valuable to your business.

Feedly - BuzzSumo Alternatives
5 Free and Paid Alternatives to BuzzSumo You Need To Know in 2023 12

Feedly only keeps the text and images that belong to a piece of content by eliminating any advertising and other obstacles from it. It may also be used to monitor digital platforms for your company’s entries and different relevant keywords.

The free version of Feedly is comparable to BuzzSumo’s, although it lacks many features offered by competing services.

Leo, Feedly’s AI assistant, analyzes the information you engage with to inform you better. However, Feedly’s enhanced service contains only some of BuzzSumo’s capabilities.

For instance, Feedly is a free content discovery tool; even if it doesn’t offer much in the way of influencer discovery but does show trending articles based on your feeds.

Used by more than 14 million individuals, Feedly is becoming a tool for content research rather than pleasure. Because it is unrestricted by social media analytics, it has evolved into a tool for content authors, top research assistants, marketing strategists, or intelligence.

To keep current on your chosen study topic or specialty as an online content writer, you can also follow up to 100 sources on the free forever version.

The program has a simple user interface and offers a user-friendly site finder. Create a Collection for the location or subject you are researching, then add the websites from your list of searches.

The Feedly home page features a clean, lime-green layout with the logos of several publications arranged in a row beneath it. You must sign in with a Google account. This might discourage prospective Feedly users who don’t have a Google account (maybe that’s unlikely). But if you already hold a Google account, you should feel right at home.

The “Add New Source” option is one that you’ll like. It is quite easy to add new sources. A window displaying categories like “Cooking,” “Business,” and “Gaming” appears when you click “Add Website.” 

When you select a category, a number of similar sources are displayed for you to add either one at a time or in bulk to your subscriptions. It’s a great method to find fresh material.

How Does Buzzsumo Fare Compared to Feedly?

BuzzSumo wins in terms of design and cutting-edge tools for content development, promotion, and research. BuzzSumo’s broad toolkit can be useless to a blogger still learning the ropes of content marketing.

It does not provide a free account, and its pricing options are restricted. Contrarily, Feedly offers a free forever plan which is highly helpful to writers. Additionally, its Pro account is only $5.41, making it the best option for new bloggers.

Final Summary: Which One Should You Pick?

Each tool mentioned above has benefits, even though none are functionally or operationally comparable.

While tools like Ahrefs and BuzzSumo offer comprehensive social media monitoring and content analytics features, their high costs may encourage new bloggers to search for affordable, efficient content creation and distribution tools.

Feedly Pro, for example, is a fantastic tool for content creators seeking topics that go past buzzwords and touch on viral social trends. At the end of the day, the only thing that would matter is the function these tools perform while you’re creating or developing content for your blogs or businesses.

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