Google My Business – Why You Need One & How It Can Help

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You cannot separate getting more leads for your business and Google My Business. This is because online searchers are mostly searching for something to buy.

Google My Business

Study shows that 78% of the mobile searches that happen daily, lead to a purchase, either in a store or an online platform. The role of Google My Business is to attract these people to your brand.

It makes sense that Google properties will help you rank better on Google SERPS and as Google My Business is a free option it really is a no-brainer.

What Then Does Google My Business Do?

Google My Business offers advertisers an affordable way to advertise their businesses without having to spend thousands on traditional advertising campaigns. Advertisers can also track where their advertisements are running, which can give them greater insight into how well their ads are working.

As an additional benefit, Google My Business has a built-in connection system between advertisers and online presence owners. This connection system, which is called Google Connect, allows businesses to share information about their products and services with other businesses. This type of sharing provides another stream of income for the online business owner as well as providing exposure to new customers.

How To Find Your My Google Business Account Login

Whenever you think of My Google Business account login, always think of When you click on that, it will take you right into the My Google Business login page. Click on “manage now” and you can either manage or sign in.

How Do You Set Up Google My Business Account?

Google My Business

First, sign in to Google My Business. Go to to do so. You can use an existing account or create a new one.

A good tip is to use your business email domain to create brand awareness.

Enter your business name. Check if you can see it on the drop-down menu. If you don’t, then click on “add a business to Google”.

Do you have a physical store, or do you operate in a service area? Specify that.

Categorize your business– This is the only way searchers will find you on Google’s search result page.

Set the business details you need your customers to see.

Then finish and verify your business.

Adding Your Google My Business Website

The Google My Business website feature comes in handy for every businessperson and should be used by every business that has a physical location.

You will easily set up your website in less than ten minutes, and the tool is free.

The website is mobile-friendly, and it also allows you to customize yours. It automatically picks your details from your Google My Business account and updates the website.


  • Login to your My Business account and click where you see “website”.
  • Click on the set-up wizard.
  • Pick your theme color to match your brand.
  • Get some photos and business details to help customize your site.
  • If you are happy with what you see, go ahead and publish it.

If you would be more comfortable with somebody doing all that for you LinkDaddy® has dedicated packages to help you take full advantage of your Google My Business account.

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How To Manage Your Google My Business Reviews

Go to and log in to see your My Business page. This is where you will see your business reviews and respond to your client’s feedback.

Encourage Customer Reviews

Google My Business

Check your company name from Google maps, and see the link that allows one to post a review. Copy the link and shorten it using bitly. Paste the short URL to the company website, business cards, email signatures, and any other possible material. This will make it possible to review posts without the need to search for the business on Google.

Enable Review Alerts

This is vital to help you quickly respond to the reviews. Respond to the negative reviews and fix the issue.

Create Your Google My Business Listing

Having your GMB profile come up in the Local 3 PACK for highly valuable local search terms can mean that you can tap into increased revenue as your business shows up in top results.

Because you do not pay to show in the Local 3-packs, your Google Business listing is something that you do not pay for and when you compare to the PPC rates that those that show in the first few search results on the page will have paid, makes a Google My Business campaign a no-brainer.

Google My Business also allows advertisers the ability to target specific audiences. They can also choose to display ads based on the content of each ad, rather than focusing on every ad in a row. Ads that are clicked on will be shown to users based on their location, gender, age, and what kind of ads are searched for the most.

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How To Set Google My Business Page


  • Get on Google- Visit There is a green button that has a “Start Now” button. Click that.
  • Sign into your Google account or create a new one.
  • Create your page- Once you find your business, click it and confirm you are the authorized person to manage it.
  • Verify your business- Google will send you a code at this stage. Use either of the options to verify your business; email, phone call or postcard.
  • Add the finishing details- For your page to be more effective, add photos, website, reviews feature and other needful details.

How The Google My Business App Works

This is a free tool that comes in handy to attract new customers.

Manages Your Business Appearance

Google My Business

The app helps you to manage how your business appears on Google Maps and Google searches.

You can use the app whenever you need to edit your business information. Do you have a phone number? What are your hours of operation? Do you have an address? Use the app to edit that information. To share photos or post updates on upcoming events or special offers, do so on the app.

Respond To Your Customers

Responding to your customer questions, reviews and messages will help you build a stronger relationship with them. The app will help you do all that. It enables you to see your clients’ interaction with your business.

How Google My Business Management Works

The first impression your business gives the client is very crucial. Using Google My Business helps you grow your online presence. This means that your clients can more easily find you. It gives more opportunities for new clients to also find you as they do their online searches.

Managing your Google My Business account leads to an increase in leads and conversions. This results in business revenue growth.

It gives your business room to improve its online reputation. The platform allows your clients to post positive reviews about your products and services. You also get a chance to handle negative reviews and learn from customer feedback. It gives the impression that you care and are there for your clients.

Managing your Google My Business account helps to boost your local ranking, gaining a competitive advantage.

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In Conclusion

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free option that Google offers to help you boost your online presence and performance in the GG SERPs. When people search for your target search terms, you want to be found.

If you have a physical address GMB should be an integral part of your Online Marketing or you will be losing out on opportunities that you can bet your competitors are taking.

We understand that it is hard to be on top of your business and be an Online Marketing expert at the same time.

To find out how LinkDaddy® can help you get the most out of the opportunities that Google My Business offers your business, just click here. You will also be able to find out about our free trial and the popular Google Maps Booster package.

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