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Today, in response to many a review request, we have a review of HighLevel. I am going to be sharing with you the wide range of attractive features that this powerful tool has, with examples of successes with HighLevel, showing you how to get your first couple of quick wins and even how you can pick up national brands with it.

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I will also share our favorite HighLevel campaign and also share with you the challenges and things that could be improved upon in HighLevel.

If you’re looking at HighLevel because you want to grow your agency then stick around because that’s exactly what we’re talking about today.

Reasons Why To Use HighLevel

Point number one and probably the biggest pro to HighLevel, is is that it is without a doubt, the number one tool for increasing revenue, picking up clients, and opening up new opportunities and doors, of any tool that we’ve ever tried.

We run a digital marketing agency here at LinkDaddy® and we work with clients as small as your typical local business all the way up to a couple of International Groups. HighLevel had a big impact in giving us new ways of picking up clients that are so much better than the traditional models we used before.

We would previously get new clients through a lot of the traditional methods so we were doing a ton of email marketing, we were doing direct mail, we were even doing cold calling, we were on every freelancing website you could think of like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Legit, Conquer, People Per Hour. We had LinkedIn bots, Facebook bots, we were creating a ton of volume to get as many sales contacts as we could.

There is nothing wrong with those traditional marketing methods but you have to do a lot of squeezing to get just like a little bit of juice out of them. So much work for relatively little return was in danger of burning us out and so I knew we needed a better way of doing things.

Then we were introduced to HighLevel and we soon had our first couple of quick wins. HighLevel soon was saving us a ton of time and high-volume, low-return tasks. It helped us come up with a better digital marketing offer to offer to people which we could convert more effectively.

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If you’ve had similar experiences to me, the clients that tend to close when you present them the offer are either people that for whatever reason you just hit it off with or alternatively there’s already some level of trust established, it could be a referral for example. A further scenario might be where it’s somebody who’s basically desperate and they just need marketing help now.

The point of all this is that you’ve probably noticed that when you present your digital marketing offer it’s pretty hard to actually get a client to commit and close. More people tend to say no than they say yes.

If you were to break down traditional digital marketing offers, it would probably look something like this: Mr. Prospect, Mrs. Prospect, first you’re going to pay me thousands of dollars upfront. Then, I’m going to generate results for you after that. And I promise you I’m not anything like the last five companies that screwed you over. It’s not that attractive is it?

So how does this all relate to HighLevel?

The big step forward that we needed to make was improving our offer. But how to do that? I decided to put myself in our clients’ shoes. If I was a client what would be the perfect digital marketing offer that I would just have to be silly to say no to? What would it look like?

It needs to be risk-free. It needs to be fast. It needs to be big. So I guess the perfect offer would be something like: Mr/Mrs customer, I am going to generate a ton of results for you upfront. I am going to make you money first. Then you are going to be able to pay me using the money that I just helped you make. Now we are going to be able to do this fast and it’s going to produce big results.

Now that sounds a lot better than our last attempt!

That’s a pretty solid offer. If you’re a business owner and a marketing agency offers you that, to help you make a ton of money first before you pay for it with the money that they helped you just make, and it’s all going to happen really fast, and you’re going to get really big results, you’d be silly to say no to that, wouldn’t you?

This is where HighLevel comes into the picture. What we did was swap out our old digital marketing offer with our new HighLevel offer.

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Instead of going in and generating a whole bunch of new leads and hoping that the client closes them and that they see an ROI so that they keep paying you, we take a completely different approach and we take a list of existing clients and/or leads and we plug them into HighLevel.

Most businesses have thousands of leads that they’ve usually got stored somewhere in a computer or an office file. These are people who at one point or another purchased but didn’t purchase again. Or at one point or another, they expressed interest but for whatever reason, they didn’t close. Or if it’s a subscription service like a gym, they were once a member but then they canceled.

Instead of generating new leads from scratch, all we have to do is take the existing leads and run the HighLevel campaign. The campaign just sends out a very specific offer to everybody on that list and normally we can get anywhere from about one to eight percent of that list to convert into paying customers. The offer is very targeted.

Then we take it a step further. In traditional marketing, you generate the leads and you pray that your client closes them. But what we do is we get the people on that list to book an appointment. The reason why the appointment is so important is you have taken the client’s ability to close the lead out of the equation. They usually just don’t have the systems in place nor the skills and knowledge to have a well-optimized follow-up system in place.

Because HighLevel is completely automated we can add all of that on and get all of these high converting leads without actually doing any more work.

HighLevel is just insanely automated and in a very short time period you can take the client’s list, format it, and then upload it to HighLevel. Next, you press the green button and you run a campaign. Within two hours the customer’s already getting booked appointments from an old email list that they had probably been ignoring.

That’s our favorite HighLevel campaign and the reason why it works well is that it generates huge results in a short period of time.

The first client that we put through this system was a gym and we were able to get them a 120,000 pipeline in about 14 days. The second client was a mortgage loan officer and we ran the campaign for a week. We generated the leads and we got the mortgage applications in. After about two months she had 32 closed loans which was a six-figure paycheck for that loan officer. The third client that we got from that was a construction and remodeling company and we were able to get them about $300,000 in contracts. So the results were really big!

HighLevel is a Full Suite Platform for Agencies. Included in the Platform is a full-featured Page Builder to capture leads.

Create Full Websites, Funnels & Landing Pages

The intuitive platform allows you to create full-featured websites with custom menus. Create high-performing and captivating landing pages using a very professional landing page builder all in one place! There are many sales funnel builders on the market and HighLevel competes with the best.

Drag & Drop Surveys And Forms

Built right in is the ability to capture leads through Surveys and capture forms. You can integrate directly with the page builder or embed them on your own sites.

Online Appointment Scheduling

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The major step for many businesses is to capture appointments and request appointments. With a built-in calendar application within HighLevel you can capture the appointment all in one straightforward flow.

“Where else can you get texting, email, phone, voice drop, in one platform?… I see this as the software of the future. Setting your internal team and your clients up for success.”
Christina Nelson
It’s Raining Customers Agency | Align Studio for Pilates | Shooting With My Dad

Nurture Leads Into Customers

The backbone of HighLevel is what you are able to accomplish after you capture the lead.

Easily Customize Your Follow-up Campaigns

The Multi-channel follow-up campaigns allow you to automate engaging follow-ups and capture engaged responses from your smart lists.

Create Multi-channel Campaigns

HighLevel allows you to connect with your leads through Phone Connect, Voicemail Drops, SMS/MMS, Emails, and even Facebook Messenger.

Two-way Communication On Any Device

The full-featured mobile app allows you to communicate with your leads on all devices.

Fully Automated Booking

Automatically book leads and prospects using calendar-booking without lifting a finger.

Automated Nurture Conversations

Create text conversations with the goal of placing booked appointments on calendars without any human interaction.

Full Customization Of Messaging

Use the campaign builder to customize the messaging.

Artificial Intelligence Built In

HighLevel allows you to leverage AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning to manage the conversation.

Create Membership Areas

Create a thriving community for your agency or for your clients by using the Membership Platform.

Build Full Courses with unlimited video hosting and unlimited users.

Offer Free And Paid Courses

With the full Platform, you can sell courses or offer courses for free, all in one product!

Unlimited Usage!

HighLevel offers unlimited users, offers, and products for your courses. You can create courses for your clients or for your own agency!

Close More Deals

The thriving community contains the most successful and visionary digital marketers on the planet. Get all the training and resources you need to start or grow your digital agency.

Manage Your Workflow And Pipeline

With the built-in Pipeline Management feature, you can keep track of where the leads are and what stage they are in the sales funnel.

Collect Customer Payments

HighLevel integrates directly with Stripe so you can collect payments on websites, funnels, and even when someone books an appointment.

All The Analytics & Reports In One Place

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Our dashboard keeps an overview of where the leads are, and how much money has been generated on each phase. Along with Google Analytics, you will have all the data that you need to make important marketing decisions.

Grow Your Agency

Join thousands of other marketers to learn how they are being successful and growing their agency with HighLevel…and how you can do the same too.

All The Tools You Need In One Platform

The HighLevel Platform is everything that agencies need to manage their client’s leads, websites, funnels, calendars, and many other services that are needed to maintain a customer.

Your Own White Labeling Platform

Out of the box, the platform allows you to White Label the Desktop Application. Your clients will see your brand, down to the URL.

White Label Agency Fulfillment Services

HighLevel offers White Label Agency services such as Facebook Advertising, Google Advertising, and Social Media Posting.

Your Own White Label Platform

Agencies love providing more value to their clients. You have the ability with HighLevel to create a custom app in the App Stores(Additional Fees Apply).

Sell It To Your Agency Customers

Offer access to the app for an additional fee or include it with your services!

Sell It At Your Own Price

Since we offer unlimited accounts and users, sell it at any price that makes sense for you.

Additional Revenue Source

The CRM and mobile app allow you to charge more than you previously were by offering a platform access fee to your clients.

Award-Winning Support

We are striving to offer the best possible support to our agency customers.

Makes Switching Easy

Within the platform, you can one-click import from your previous marketing tools.

Concierge Migration Services Available

the high level has made the platform as intuitive as possible. Reach out to the support team with Live Chat options, Email, or even Phone to assist even further.

24/7 Support

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The support team is available 24/7 with worldwide support.

The thriving community is made up of the most successful and visionary digital marketers on the planet.

This is why it’s important to get the essential skills to navigate today’s digital waters.

Get all the training and resources you need to start or grow your digital agency.

By Agencies, For Agencies

HighLevel was built and powered by an agency focused on the traditional issues agencies face. Once success was found, it was introduced to the market to help other marketing agencies solve the same issues.

Community Driven Development

HighLevel is committed to helping the Agency world. They’ve built a community-driven Ideas Board where you can share vote on ideas to help lead the direction of development.

Network With Other Successful Marketers

Their Facebook Community is a network of start-up agencies all the way to the owners of the largest agencies in the world. Learn tips and ideas of what other marketing agencies are doing with HighLevel all within the community.


HighLevel is an open-source sales and marketing tool designed for digital consultants and agencies. Functionality includes email marketing automation, SMS in/out, CRM that uses Smart-Lists, Outbound Calling, Consolidated Instagram DM/SMS/Messenger/GMB Chat/Whatsapp, Call Tracking, Call Recording, Power Dialer, Form Builder, Survey Builder, Funnel Builder, Website Builder, Online Scheduling, Workflow Automation, Reporting, Webhooks, and so much more!

Using a HighLevel you couldn’t fail to improve your marketing efforts and invigorate your marketing campaigns. You can use this to enhance your business reputation by using the features for Reputation management and promoting your marketing services.

Their development team is continually working to improve things further by responding to National Reviews and feature suggestions. It will be interesting to see which types of services are included in their Division for Sustainable Development Goals in the future.

You are able to create your own onboarding process and if you are able to think outside the box will find many uses in addition to the many marketing features. This affordable tool really is an all-in-one tool that you will continue to find new ways to use as you get further into it.

I really like the ability to add Appointment Booking to our lead generation services. We have used it as a major part of our COVID-19 recovery marketing plan and it was a key feature of the re-shaping of our marketing offer.

We have been able to use HighLevel with a wide range of clients from business coaches to high street businesses and shops. This online platform is truly now an indispensable all-in-one sales and marketing platform and an integral part of our marketing activities.

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