How To Index Backlinks In 2022

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Before we can answer the question How To Index Backlinks In 2022 let’s take a closer look at what we mean by indexing and why it’s important to get your inbound links indexed by Google and the other search engines.

How To Index Backlinks In 2021

A backlink runs from one website to another and in addition to sending visitors is also counted as a positive factor when the search engines calculate which site appears wherein the search engine result pages. In order for that backlink to be taken into consideration by the search engines, they need to know about it.

The search engines send out literally millions of little bots across the Internet to find new content and once they have found that new content, it is said to be indexed. With the myriad of new pages being created every day, as I’m sure you can imagine, to be able to get new pages indexed is an art form in itself.


Knowing how to index backlinks is a valuable skill to have. But one of the easiest ways of getting those backlinks indexed is to have the backlink on a page of content on a website that Google already knows and considers important enough to keep returning to. This is one of the biggest problems that we find with the many methods that are employed to create new backlinks, the sites that these backlinks appear upon are of such low authority or importance in the eyes of Google they just simply don’t get seen.


So to put it bluntly a backlink from another site only has any value once it has been discovered or indexed by Google and the other search engines. The better quality the content and the higher authority of the website, the more likely that Google will send their bots to index new posts and the more chance you have of your backlink being discovered.

Google and other search engines follow links in order to work out how the pages linked together by outbound links and internal links, relate to each other. This allows Google to improve its understanding of the content on the original page and it then uses that data to put the content of the page that is linked to into context.

Your sitemap is very important in this process as it lists all the pages on your website. Once Google finds this file they will follow the links it contains and discover every blog post or page on a site.


This journey along the links between articles allows Google to discover new and established relevant sites with related content. When it comes to new content on a website the algorithm then helps to rank that content in terms of relevance to answering search engine queries. So get your search engine optimization right and you will see a boost in organic traffic.

If the link takes it to content that it has seen before it’s then able to register the multiple backlinks to a piece of content which helps to improve the standing of that content in Google’s eyes. If these are considered high-quality backlinks or authoritative links then they will add more power. The more high-quality incoming links, the more search traffic the page will receive as Google upvotes in the search engine result pages.

The processes that Google and the other search engines use in order to rank the content that it discovers is extremely complex, highly secret, and ever-evolving. Google’s intention is simple, it is to make sure that anybody searching on their site receives the best possible information that provides the answers that they are looking for. Any attempt by website owners or SEO’ers to influence the results is something they both seek out and penalize. This is considered a black hat.

There are a couple of places that you can check to see if the page containing the external links has been indexed by Google. If you go to the Google search engine and in the search field enter:

Google will return all the pages that they have indexed for that site.


There are many tools that you can use that will do the same thing for you and they can be great time savers. Most of the SEO tools will have a free plan option and often they can be enough for a website owner to check the backlinks pointing at his site.


Ahrefs is a good example, as are Majestic and Moz. They all operate in a similar way, you enter the domain and they’ll go find everything that links back to that domain. However, you will notice that they tend to find different numbers of backlinks. Historically Ahrefs seems to do the best job of finding backlinks. It will also analyze the anchor text links, the told of the linking domains plus a lot more valuable information in its reports.

How Much Time Does It Take To Rank On Google In 2022?

As you can see from the discussion above, there are quite a few variables that have to be taken into account in order to answer this question. If the content is published that contains the backlink appears on a website with good authority and plenty of indexed content already, the new content will be picked up by Google a lot quicker than a brand-new site or Web 2.0 thrown up just to contain the piece of content that holds the backlink.


In order to get backlinks indexed quickly in 2022, it’s important that you focus on getting backlinks from websites that have already established some authority with Google.

Google’s own websites are obvious candidates. Backlinks in the description of a YouTube video will get picked up very quickly and the link authority of a Google site is extremely high so that backlink will be credited almost straight away.

Other Google-related sites that are also great targets for indexing:

  • Google Sites
  • Google Docs
  • Google Presentations or Slides
  • Google Photos
  • Files that contain backlinks that are stored on a Google Drive
  • Google Sheets
  • Google My Business listings

Other domains that also carry massive authority:

  • Amazon S3
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Many Social Media and Web 2.0 sites

It is easy to see from the information above creating backlinks that will add value to a website and help the target piece of content rank well in the search engines is a very complex business. There are so many variables to consider; the competition within the niche, the authority, and standing of the website the link is on, that site’s link profile, the authority and standing of the website receiving the backlink, the anchor text used for the backlink, and many more factors. If you feel that you have the experience, the time, and the proficiency to tackle this mammoth task yourself then I hope the information shared above will prove of help to you.

However, if you are left wondering where to start and with very little confidence that you could achieve the results that you need on your own, then you will be pleased to know that here at LinkDaddy we are happy to take care of things for you. Buying backlinks will definitely make your life easier but you should only be entrusting that to someone that specializes in this type of task.


We have already invested the time and massive resources required to create many thousands of niche-relevant, high authority, well-established properties, that we are able to place backlinks on. We are able to offer you total peace of mind that we will be able to put in place an effective backlink campaign that will boost your domain authority, help you get your content ranking where you want it to in the search engine result pages, and get actual search traffic coming into your blog content.

All of our properties are niche-focused so that the content on the site has high topical relevance. This helps reinforce in the eyes of Google and the other search engines what your site is all about and the content that we link to in particular. Relevant content on authoritative sites is what Google is looking for.

Because these are all well-established and seasoned properties, new content on them is indexed very quickly. It would take you years and years and a large investment into content and site-building to establish such a powerful network of authority sites yourself.

We are also able to construct a very effective strategy for building backlinks, a tiered structure of backlinks to backlinks.

It makes more sense to use the time that this would take on projects within your business but you are more qualified to do. Using LinkDaddy saves money, avoids a waste of time that could be well-spent elsewhere, and removes the risk of getting it wrong.

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