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A lot of businesses online know they need help with getting their websites to work better for them but they don’t know how to get that help or where to find it.

Local SEO

Local SEO Gets Results

If you are in business, you want to get yourself in front of your local clients. You will want your business to have as much much of your local market as it can give you, as much business as possible.

The best way to go about this is through local SEO services. Studies show that 45% of the Google searches that take place are for local businesses. It is very important therefore that you understand what it takes for a searcher to locate your online store or your firm.

The search engines ensure that the one searching gets results that are the most relevant to their search query and also relate to their current location.

Why You Need To Understand Local Search Engine Optimization?

When you are feeling unwell, and you need to find your nearest clinic, the first thing you do is to Google it. If your car needs some repair, the first thing that comes to mind is to Google for the nearest car repair shop. What helps you find the nearest restaurant, mechanic, plumber, or any service provider, is the local search engine optimization.

The role of the local search engine is to help people find what they are looking for and in turn, this helps local businesses increase visibility, especially for those that serve their local clientele face-to-face.

Such businesses mostly will have a physical location where you can find them. The local search engine optimization can therefore be defined as a marketing tactic, which helps market the local businesses.

When you are in business, you would want to have your business positioned in a way that the one searching would quickly find it. That is why you need to understand local search engine optimization because that is the tool that will do that for you.

It is critical to ensure that your brand gets connected to the high-intent consumers in your area. The way to do this is to ramp up your SEO optimization efforts.

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How Do You Get The Most Out Of Local Seo Services?

Local SEO

Research shows that 93% of consumers make use of the search engine, to determine the business that they will do business with. It also shows that 83% of the visits the local stores receive are from mobile phone Google search, plus the vast majority receive calls from those visits within 24 hours.

The role of SEO services is to ensure that your business ranks high. The result is increased revenue for your business, and every firm needs that.

Unlike traditional SEO which would focus on how visible a business is global, local SEO services enhance the visibility of the business locally. The reason is, there is so much business potential in the local area. Millions of consumers daily search for those businesses near them, and that is not an opportunity you want to be missing out on.

The local search focuses on businesses “near me”. You want to have your business not only focus on the walk-in clients but also fetch as many online clients as possible.

You do not necessarily need a business website for your brand to benefit from your local clients. This is because local SEO services help to bring more physical traffic to your company’s location.

If you don’t have your own website, then a good local SEO agency would set up a Google My Business (GMB) site for you, which is provided by Google and allows you to capture local traffic for your business independent of a company website.

Do not harm your business by operating without a local SEO services strategy.

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How Should You Approach Local Search Engine Marketing?

Local SEO

To build a local search presence, optimize your online information. It will ensure that the search engine places your brand in the right places when a search is happening. To ensure the search engines have placed your business in the right places for the search, you need to give the detail they need about your business.

The search engines need to know where you are located and what services you provide. Provide an accurate and consistent NAP. The initials stand for your Name, the Address you are using, the contact Phone number. Provide that info to the important directories. Being consistent helps the search engine to identify and build trust in your brand.

Start by doing a search on the following websites for your business to see how it appears:

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo
  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places For Business
  • Yelp

Create your profiles on the website if your business is new. If you find entries, verify and update the website info. Ensure all details are accurate and consistent across all the platforms.

The search engines will check the info on Infogroup, Factual, Acxiom, and Localeze. Ensure that all your data across the channels is accurate. These search engines get more data from different directories to verify accuracy.

Which Is The Best Local SEO Company For You?

Google explains what is called a micro-moment. It is the moment someone turns to a device so that they can go, buy or act on a need. The role of the local SEO company is to make sure your business gets the best of those micro-moments.

Below is the guideline on how to find the best local SEO company:

  • Ask them to provide several case studies
    A local SEO company that knows its job will have several case studies to show you. You need to verify that your service provider is a guru, because you cannot afford any business risks. Let the company show and explain how they made other small enterprises to thrive online.
    Many SEO companies will have a list of case studies to showcase their work.
  • Check their knowledge of
    You need to ascertain that your SEO company knows how to configure everything accurately.
  • Check if the company majors on Local SEO
    SEO can either be global, international, local, just to mention a few. Make sure that your SEO firm majors on local SEO.
  • Check their overall SEO strategy
    Check if the firm handles SEO across different businesses and industries. The firm should meet your business needs and it would be a bonus if they have experience in your particular niche

When you check the current business and technology trends, you will see the need for local business SEO. The need for SEO optimization is so high, but it is time-consuming, and many local businesses do not have the expertise or knowledge to optimize their websites on their own.

Below are some further tips on what to look for when searching for a local SEO agency:

Local SEO
  • Niche Specific
    If you can find an agency that specializes in your niche that is preferable over a generic SEO firm. An agency that specialize is much more likely to know what needs to be done to get your business ranking well and you should see quicker results.
  • Check The Services On Offer
    Do you need onsite or offsite SEO? Do you need access to other marketing services? Do they offer an initial SEO audit to find out what you are going to need and help build an SEO strategy.
  • Check Their Online Presence
    Do you want to hire an SEO agency that cannot manage to rank well themselves?
  • Check Client Testimonials And References
    The best recommend you can get is from someone that has used the agency and received good results. Even better of the recommend is from someone you know personally. If they cannot give you access to this then are they hiding something or are they not as experienced as they would you to think?

You need to make a wise choice when it comes to picking your local SEO agency as they will have the future success of your business in their hands.

What Are Some Examples Of Local SEO Optimization Strategies?

You will need to understand the tactics that your SEO agency may want to discuss with you or recommend. Let us address a few of these:

GMB Optimization

Google My Business are the entries you see in the map section just after the first ad block on a search engine results page (SERP). If you can rank well here then you will receive a lot of traffic and phone calls.

Local Keyword Research

Ensure your agency will work with keywords that real people would use when doing a search. It’s easy to rank locally for some obscure such term but will be ranking for that bring you any traffic? Ask them to explain their keyword selection as this will determine what search terms you will rank for.

Check Their Research Process And How Their Data Is Organized

You want to know where they are getting their research from. It should be presented to you in an organized manner, usually, spreadsheets are used for this.

SERPS Analysis

Local SEO

SERP Analysis is where they will look at the organic search results to see what is ranking currently for the target search terms. By reverse-engineering these results, you can see what the ranking sites have done that Google likes enough to put them at the top of the SERPs. Check the content that is ranking and make your decision on what you need to write about. Looka t how the content on the top ranking sites is organized. Organize your writing to match the top-ranking sites; content topics, use of headers, images, and structure. You need to be a little bit better as anything ranking above you.

What Does A Local SEO Specialist Do?

A local SEO specialist is that person/ company that will test and analyze as they make changes to your website, with the aim of optimizing it for the search engines.

Such an expert also enhances on-page optimization. This process focuses on the content and layout to ensure that your page appears in the search results for relevant searches. The role of the SEO specialist is to ensure that the user always gets a positive experience. This results in growth in your site traffic, as they increase your brand awareness.

Local SEO

You can comfortably say that the specialist is also a marketing professional since their sole goal is to ensure more sales for the firm that has hired them. The local SEO specialist searches for relevant keywords with traffic by leveraging SEO tools, as these increase your visibility on Google.

Some SEO agencies will also manage your social media accounts. The purpose is to raise user engagement as this will raise traffic as well. Social Media can also be something that Google looks at when ranking pages.

The SEO specialist will also help to manage the costs that come with marketing campaigns. They should also ensure that they work within the budget you agreed.

Depending on what you’ve agreed, they should also help you put together a content strategy for your site, so you know what content should be produced. Many agencies will also be able to create this content for you.


The role of the local SEO services cannot be ignored by any well-intending business. As much as global and international SEO search is important, the local SEO search is more critical for a local business.

Local SEO optimization helps the business to make the best use of the business opportunities within its local area. Optimize the local SEO so that when someone searches for the business “near me”, they can find your brand.

There is so much potential in the local market. Potential clients will mostly Google the business they are searching for before they visit a store. To help these potential clients find your brand and bring revenue, maximize your online visibility. A marketing professional who has specialized SEO skills will be critical in optimizing your site to boost traffic.

Before you can hire an SEO company, ensure you check what they have done in the past. Confirm how they have helped other businesses to boost traffic. Ensure they specialize in local SEO and can give you what you are looking for. If they have had experience within your niche then that would be an added advantage.

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