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Artificial Intelligence For Content Writing

Artificial intelligence is not new. It has been around for several years now. It is amazing that already, 37% of the industries in the world are using AI, one way or the other.

Jarvis AI

Content writing and marketing strategies cannot be separated. That is why AI writing has exponentially grown. It is being adopted everywhere.

Further research showed that Jasper AI could write content that could not be told from that written by humans.

However, Jasper is a tool and not a magic wand. You need to use it to help you write quality content.

What Can Jasper Do?

To start with, Jasper is very helpful when you need to create bulk content. It can create new unique articles for you. You will find this helpful especially when you need content for your blog, or your tweets, especially when you need bulk content.

t makes use of keywords. Jasper is smart and creates content based on the keywords you choose. It focuses on creating content around the topics that interest you. This is made possible by using machine learning capabilities. It uses Natural Language Processing, (NLP).

Worried that Jasper will replace the writers and the content creators? Relax it has no intention to do that. It makes it easier when one needs to create content, especially for the web pages as well as newsletters.

Jasper Can Write Content For You

Jasper has three plans you can subscribe to. It has templates, to create content when given basic prompts.

The Starter Plan: It also includes templates for content creation. It is the lowest cost plan you can take. This plan has 50+ templates for content creation. The templates are designed to create content in 25 different languages. The starter plan allows you 20,000 words per month. However, it gives ways you can earn extra word count.

Pro-plan And Long-form Editor Package: The plan has long-form assistants. It allows you to create content for your blog. Its templates help you create an outline for blog posts. It creates content for you.

Boss Mode: This takes the long-form editor but tells Jasper what to do with the use of commands that you give it.

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Best Way To Use Jasper

Jarvis AI

Jasper a cloud-based SAAS. You use Jasper AI to write proven, high converting copy for increased conversions and higher ROI. Instantly generate high-quality copy for ads, emails, websites, listings, blogs, and more.

Turn on “Boss Mode” to take control of the AI and write 2x faster. You can type a command like, “Jasper, write a Facebook ad for my store” and instantly see the magic happen on the page.

Product Description Template: It helps to write product descriptions on your website, email campaigns or social media.

Jasper is a tool to help you write quality content at a much faster rate than possible without it.

Pricing Plans

How is Jasper priced? Since Jasper comes in packages, each package is priced differently. What makes the distinction are the features available under each package.

Starter Plan It costs $29 per month. It offers 20,000 words. It does not offer the Long-Form Assistance feature. It supports 11 languages, and 400 input character limit.
If you just need to do emails, write ads, or simply social media content, this plan will work for you.

Pro Unlimited Plan The plan is available for $109 per month. It offers unlimited word count. It comes with Long-Form Assistance. It works well for bloggers or those that need to create bulk content. It can handle unlimited project folders. The Pro plan allows a 600-input character limit. It supports 11 languages.

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How To Activate Jasper 10,000-word Free Trial

It makes sense if you say you do not want to invest in Jasper without a feel of how it works. Jasper understands that concern. That is why it has provided access to a 10,000-word free trial for you. You get to see how it works before making any investment.

Copywriter, content creator,

The first step is to visit the Jasper website. Click on the “start a free trial” link. It should take you about two minutes. You do not need to pay anything.

The second step is to follow the prompts you see on that screen.

The third step is to start off with your first document. Let AI start working for you.
And that is all! You have access until the free trial expires.

Boss Mode

When you need to write high-quality content very fast, the boss mode comes in handy. How do you activate this Jasper feature?

The three steps to do this are as follows:

Access the Long-Form Editor To access this feature, you must first subscribe to the Pro+ plan. That will unlock the command that tells Jasper what to write.

Give Jasper The Command The next step is to command Jasper. The software works under the instructions you give it. For example, you could command it like this; “Write a paragraph on Healthy Living in English”.

Watch Jasper do its magic. Relax and watch the magic happen. Watch as Jasper creates content that is original, with no plagiarism at all, in just a few seconds. The content is high quality.

Jasper Can Help

Jasper comes with several benefits which we will outline below.

Saves Time: Most content creators are fast, and their typing speed is good enough. However, Jasper works at even greater speeds. You can create bulk content within no time. It saves your precious time helping you to attend to other matters.

Save Costs: Content creation comes with its costs. Jasper will give you bulk content at an affordable cost. All you need is the subscription fee.

Quality Content: What Jasper creates is unique and can be used as original material. You do not have to worry about the quality.

Saves You From Writer’s Block: Writers will attest that writer’s block is no joke. Jasper comes in handy to make light work of keeping your creative talents flowing. It just creates content for you to work with at the click of a button.


Jasper AI does an incredible job of helping you create quality content. It’s a tool and doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do anything but it sure makes life easier for anyone who needs to create content on a continual basis.

Find out how Jasper can help you write all the content that you need: click here

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