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How To Create Product Review Videos

Whether you are dealing with a product or a service, a product review will break or make it.

Reputation Management

Studies show that videos are a big deal in boosting sales. That is why it is critical to get it right with your video review.

How To Create Product Review Videos For YouTube

  • Your content is king- Focus on content that will answer the possible questions your clients might have.
  • Let it be brief- Make your content brief and to the point. Lengthy content can put off potential clients.
  • Focus on the product – Do not talk about the reviewer, but focus on what the product can do. The video is about what the product can do for your clients not about you.
  • Talk about key product benefits- Not the major features of the product. Discuss that, remember to be honest and balanced.
  • Be natural- Try to sound conversational, and keep the points flowing. Do not read it out robotically, better to sound natural and let your character come through.
  • Make use of clean quick edits- You will need lots of these edits. Focus on giving both informational and entertaining quality videos, but remember to keep it brief and focussed.

Review Videos For YouTube

YouTube has a vast public following, and your quality must remain top-notch to show up on there.

For each scene, create a storyboard you will easily follow through.

Reputation Management

Write Your Script
Let the language you use in writing this be as natural as you can. Keep it simple for beginners. If you are doing an in-depth analysis, use terms common in the industry so that you keep relevance.

Write A Short List
This kind of list will help you remember the tiny details you will need.

Organize The Scene
From the word go, remain professional. Organize the scene that will help showcase your brand as you take the video. Plan; shoot your video as planned, edit it and upload the product.

Let it go live when all is ready.

How To Make Review Videos

Unboxing the product
Capture the moment when you are unboxing the product. Don’t make the moment be about yourself, but about the unboxing of the product.

Use the product
You become a great source of a review when you have used a product. Get to learn the merits and demerits of the product. It will help you to give an honest review to your viewers.

Get proper video hardware
You will need a quality camera, a tripod that will serve the purpose and an excellent microphone. Get a portable charger for your smartphone, and an additional battery for the camera.

Show yourself
At the start of the video let the viewers see you in possession of the product. Hold it and show it. You should look comfortable.

Review Videos – Why Use A Service Provided By A 3rd Party

Video reviews help your viewers to build confidence in your product. How can LinkDaddy® help?

Build Your Brand
Using a trusted 3rd party figure to review your products helps boost trust in your brand. LinkDaddy® will help your potential clients understand how your business can help them increase sales and solve problems.

Reputation Management

Boost Online Presence
LinkDaddy® is the power you need behind your digital marketing. To boost your online presence, our experts will work on the details that will make you heard and seen online.
LinkDaddy® will help you generate traffic and grow your brand awareness.

Customize Services
Since each product or service is unique, LinkDaddy® will customize our services to meet your needs. Our experts check your specific needs through competitive analysis. You will also get help with strategic planning that will increase traffic to your website.

Reputation Management

How To Do Online Reputation Management

Keep an eye on your social media mentions. It is important to frequently check what people are saying about your brand on Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. This allows you to solve customer issues and understand their sentiments.

Quickly Respond To Client’s Questions

Respond in a timely manner to your clients. It is expected because you are on social media. Dealing with issues quickly allows you to stay in control of the situation.

Consider Google & Yelp Reviews

Get reviews from these two platforms. This will help attract buyers to your product.
Also, encourage your happy clients to post their reviews on these channels. If you have a large clientele base, use email marketing to get the reviews. You may consider giveaways or a competition to help drive even more reviews.

What Is Online Reputation Management

Online reputation involves following and influencing the image of a brand in the online environment. It allows you to control negative reviews which are visible to visitors on the search engine results pages (SERPS).

Reputation Management

ORM, also known as Online Reputation Management is where you take charge of the online conversations about your brand. It checks for any negative messages and stops them from spreading. This helps you to keep your online reputation in good condition.

We have two types of online reputation. The vicious cycle and the virtuous cycle.

The vicious one is where you allow a negative reputation to keep spreading. This causes the brand to fall out of the market. The virtuous cycle is where you help keep only the positive trend going, and helps grow your brand.

Do Online Reputation Management Services Work

ORM has many benefits:

  • Building reputation credibility: Building a brand takes more time and effort than what it takes for it to go down. That is why a bad word will spread so fast. Any bad reputation needs to be stopped as fast as possible. You should keep the positive trend going.
  • Keeping a proper brand image: ORM ensures that only what is said positively about you keeps spreading. It finds a way to keep the negative reputation away from your brand.
  • Boost Sales: When your brand can be trusted, clients will have more confidence to buy from you, and this eventually helps build your traffic.
  • Improves ranking: ORM helps the search engines to give you a good ranking

How To Tell If You Need To Use A 3rd Party Reputation Management Service

Using a 3rd party expert professional service has many benefits:

  • You save time over doing it yourself
  • You are able to take advantage of an expert in the field
  • Which guarantees you results.
  • Expert services are irreplaceable.
  • An expert knows their work and role so well.
  • They have the insight it takes to move your business forward.
  • What they can deliver for your business will be far better than a well-meaning amateur.
  • You cannot hope to match the results that an expert will produce.

LinkDaddy® gives you results based on our many years of experience. Once you engage our professionals your clients will keep coming back for more. LinkDaddy® bases its growth on an increasing number of happy, repeat clients.

Help boost your online marketing. LinkDaddy® services ensure that online clients can find your brand and product as easily as possible.

There are many factors that go into successful reputation management. LinkDaddy® has the experience to provide solutions in all situations.

Expert services are irreplaceable. An expert knows their work and role so well. They have the insight it takes to move your business forward. They can deliver great results for your business that you would not be able to get from a well-meaning amateur or over-worked entrepreneur.

To find out how we can help you with your Reputation Management and generation of Client Reviews click here.

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