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A lot of changes already happened in the SEO industry in the past months and you can expect more too before the year ends. Before 2022 began, Internet marketers already predicted that there would be major changes in the Google search engine algorithms. Actually, it is not a difficult prediction since it is bound to happen one way or another.

To Stand Still in SEO Is To Go Backwards

If you’re wondering about the changes in the past months and how they can affect your website and brand, there are a few things that you need to understand.

Featured Snippets has taken the Internet marketing industry by storm. It became one of the targets of Internet marketers because being included in the featured snippets can lead to a lot of traffic to your website.

Microdata is needed to make this possible. Search engines and browsers will use this to provide a better browsing experience to all users. If you can create proper microdata, you can also have a higher chance of having your articles featured by Google. Microdata tells the search engines what your content is all about.

Page Experience As A Ranking Factor On Google

Internet marketers have not been thinking about page experience too much, but during the update last May 2021, Google ensured that it would be a part of the ranking factors going forward.

SEO Changes 2021

It pertains to the signals that measure the experience of a user with the website or webpage beyond its information value. It means that page experience will factor in loading performance, visual stability, interactivity, and more.

Google will still favor websites that offer valuable content to the users and this will not change. But, page performance will be a big deciding factor for websites with the same relevance, as Google will have to look at page experience to decide which will be ranked higher.

Mobile-first Indexing For All Websites On Google

This was probably one of the most dramatic changes that would happen in 2021 and this particular update affected a lot of Internet marketers. Although some marketers had already adapted to have a mobile version of their website, they were still focused on the desktop version. But, with this update, they will have to change their approach and focus on the mobile version first.

The indexing and ranking of websites in Google will now be made through their mobile version. If your website doesn’t have a mobile version, then say goodbye to your Google rankings as they won’t be looking at your desktop version.

Voice Search Is Becoming More & More Prominent

Voice search is now one of the best ways to look for things on the Internet. It is more convenient than typing the things you want to look at. You can multitask and do other things while getting the answers that you need.

You can do your chores and search for food deliveries while doing so. You can cook food while searching for recipes on the internet. There are so many things that you can do by using the voice search capability.

Focus On Building A Brand

SEO Changes 2021

When you’re doing SEO, you are also building your brand. Your goal is not only to make a sale and earn money but also to have a solid footing in the industry and make sure that your brand will be recognized as one of the best in your target niche.

SEO marketers usually focus on building your brand and this is to make sure that the traffic will flow naturally to your website. Once customers find out about your brand and that you’re offering high-quality products and services, they will always come back for more.

Direct Changes To Search Engines

These changes on search engines have been very much expected. While the actual improvements and changes came as a surprise, marketers already knew that Google would be making some updates this year. When the pandemic started last year and resulted in the Internet becoming an even more prominent platform for all types of businesses and inquiries, it was expected that Google will release updates tackling these changes.

Now, a lot of people managed to predict what would happen. If you’re a marketer, you would have reacted to the pandemic last year and improved your websites. Take note that the changes are not yet done and there is more to come.

How You Can Prepare For Further SEO Changes In 2021

Changes and improvements in SEO are very common and these are things that all marketers expect. As a reaction to these changes, you need to avoid any big website changes. Don’t make any big movements and opt for incremental changes instead.

Observe the changes and don’t rush to react. It would take time to fully absorb these SEO changes so you need to completely understand them before you start doing anything on your website. Remember that haste makes waste, especially when it comes to SEO.

Use An Agency For Peace Of Mind

SEO Changes 2021

If you’re doing SEO or you want your website to rank on the search engines, the best way to do it is to find an agency that will perform the tasks that you need. With LinkDaddy, you won’t have to do anything and you can just wait for your website to soar through the rankings.

We have a lot of SEO professionals with a solid background so you can guarantee that all of the SEO techniques used will work wonders on your website. If you want to build your brand, rank your website on the search engines, or you want to have a social media presence, LinkDaddy will do everything for you with a guarantee that you can get the best services possible.


All SEO changes will likely have an impact on your website. It might be positive or negative depending on your efforts in the past few months. If you’ve been affected negatively, take a deep breath and try to understand the updates. You should make the necessary improvements and find a way to get back on track.

If you would prefer a professional to do this for you then reach out to us here at LinkDaddy.

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