The Pros & Cons of Buying Backlinks

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Those familiar with SEO and legal marketing already know the term backlinking and should also have a good understanding of why backlinks are necessary for SEO.

Building Backlinks

If you have ever tried to create backlinks, you have an idea of how hard it is to create high-quality backlinks. In fact, it is no coincidence that many SEO agencies offer backlink-building services especially.

Some people complain about their website’s ranking dropping suddenly. This issue could be remedied by buying backlinks.

Getting knocked off the first page of Google search engine results can be as devastating as a knockout punch in boxing, as it can have a large impact on the traffic and revenue of your website.

You may be wondering whether or not to purchase backlinks to rank your website. This blog post will explain the pros and cons of buying backlinks.

Why do SEO’s and business owners still buy paid links? What do they consider an effective backlinking strategy? Do paid links actually work? Find out here.

But first, in case you don’t know what a backlink is, let us tell you. A backlink is an incoming link from another website to the one you’re linking, and because Google values links as a measure of how important your content is, they are vital for SEO.

1. A do-follow link can tell all search engines that the outbound links should be influenced by its PageRank.

2. No follow links are the exact opposite of do-follow links. They don’t pass on page rank to other sites.

Both links types are important to create a backlink profile but there should be a ratio of links. Like 70% dofollow links and 30% nofollow. This is not exact, you can create your own. Also, create an anchor text ratio.

Buying Backlinks

When we talk about paid link building, this is the most common question we get asked. Using Google’s definition of a paid link, you see that it’s “exchanging money for links or posts containing links; exchanging goods or services; or sending people free products to write about them.”

In other words, even sponsored guest posts and paid reviews are considered paid links.

Creating natural backlinks is important if you are in a competitive niche, but I’m not saying that you don’t create backlinks for a low-competition niche. Building backlinks are very important if you don’t want to give your first position on SERPs to anyone else.

Improve Your Ranking

  • Get ranked for more keywords.
  • Increase the Authority of the website.
  • Establish an EAT.
  • Build new Relations.

Most people say that you don’t need backlinks to rank on Google. They are right and also wrong at the same time. As I said, some niches require backlinks to rank on Google and some niches don’t.

Increase in website traffic as referral traffic from purchased links: This can be a major downside if they use spammy websites. This will have a negative SEO impact on your site. It’s important to only buy backlinks from reputable sites with high-quality content and follow the best practices for buying backlinks. This will help avoid any type of penalty or bad ranking effect.

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Buying Backlinks Now

Increase in website rankings for target keywords: Aas a result of adding high-quality links, you will see a jump in the ranking for different keywords. This can be a permanent feature if you buy the best, high-authority links.

An increase in conversions from traffic increase/placed links: Of course when your website will rank on Google, you will get more traffic, sales, or leads.

An increase in domain authority: Adding high-quality backlinks increases the authority of a website.

Can outrank your competitors without any SEO effort on your part. No doubt but only if you have chosen the right backlink building service.

Bad quality backlinks can lead to your website being flagged as spam and removed from SERPs for a period of time. This can be recovered with the help of an expert agency, but better to buy your links from a professional service in the 1st place.

Can cost money: Freelancers and agencies charge more for high-quality backlinks but they don’t give any guarantee for those links. Again don’t cut corners, go with a professional backlink building service.

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You don’t know anything: If you don’t know anything about SEO and just know that backlinks can increase traffic, then you are thinking wrong because there are over 200 ranking factors. You will not even know that the backlinks are human-generated or automatic by using robots.

Loss of reputation, which can lead to lost business. If your site will be removed due to buying spammy links, nobody will know you again until you are able to regain any lost positions.

Buying backlinks can be a very powerful way to increase your search engine ranking. However, before you go out and buy some links, it is important that you understand the pros and cons and what type of backlinks you should buy for your website. There are many different ways in which SEO agencies and freelancers can create these external links.

When you hire someone for paid backlinks to improve your keyword positions/domain authority, domain rating, or something we have discussed above, make sure you let them know about the following factors to make sure that your website will avoid any Google Penalty.

The first thing is that the backlinks should be diverse. This will help you avoid artificial links, and Google penalties for unnatural linking patterns or domains with low-quality content.

The next thing is that there are two types of paid link building services: White hat Link strategy vs black hat SEO.

Buying Backlinks Pros Cons

If your website has been penalized before by using blackhat techniques such as buying spammy links such as blog comments, purchasing illegitimate social media followers or likes/shares, etc, then do not use a service provider who sells these types of services. This might result in an additional penalty to your site which could lead to its deindexing from all SERPs permanently.

The third thing is to make sure to check the traffic of the website from where you want to get a backlink, because if the site has high-quality, relevant keywords and content but gets low traffic then it will not be as good a backlink for your website. Higher traffic will mean a higher chance of referral traffic filtering through.

In order to help improve your website visibility and drive traffic, think about the link placement on the site you are purchasing them from, and whether the links are relevant to it. Will readers of the linking website feel inclined to visit your resource when they see the link?

Check if the website is a real website, not a PBN (Private Blog Network). Some PBNs are good but if they have organic traffic because google loves it. Low-quality websites are not good.

Avoid using exact match anchors in every backlink. Use a different type of link in your link-building campaign. Not all exact matches and not all generic types of links. You are looking for a natural link profile whether you are linking buying or creating your own backlinks for SEO.

One more important thing is that make sure the website doesn’t have thin content with a lot of outbound links. It will reduce the backlink power that you will get for your website. Relevant content is required to help you rank but every piece of content needs to be high quality.

Avoid unnatural link placement, only use contextual links. A professional link-building service should only provide high-quality backlinks from an authority site.

Always avoid backlinks coming from Gambling sites even if the site has authority, traffic each and everything. An authority website is a great source of outbound links but it needs to be a relevant site, relevant to your topic/niche.

Check the link-building strategy of the agency you are going to hire. Spammy backlinks will do more damage than good.


We hope that we have helped provide some insight into how important it is not just to buy backlinks but also why they can be an essential part of your SEO strategy.

Buying backlinks should read buy quality backlinks from a reputable professional backlink building service.

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