What Are Google Authority Stacks & How Does It Help Your SEO?

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In SEO, Google Stacking (also called Google authority stacking) is a technique for building an incredibly powerful multi-tiered backlinking system. It not only adds power but if used properly actually protects your main site from any bad links and ensures that only good link juice gets passed on.

Staxio Google Stacks 2021

What Is Google Stacking?

Google Stacking is intended to enhance the ranking of websites in search results by linking from a stack of Google properties like Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Cloud, Google Tag, and Google Sites. These are interlinked to enhance the ranking and build domain authority.

Google Stacking has been a closely-guarded secret of the top power SEO experts, that we are now sharing with you today.

Google has been a leader in the search engine industry for many years and continues to innovate. Google’s most recent advancement is called Entity Network, which can help you research various topics.

The private network links will show related entities based on your input query including images, videos, news articles, blog posts, and more. Additionally, Google’s new Authority Stack feature allows you to see how authoritative each result is on its own as well as in relation to other results.

How Does It Help Your Search Engine Optimization?

Staxio Google Stacks

The service is ideal for people who wish to build links to their websites safely. Because Google will not penalize its own properties, once you have a ring of Google Stacks around your main site you can throw as many links at these properties as you want as they won’t receive a Google penalty. 99% of businesses do not use Google stacking even though it is a great strategy to rank especially on Google Maps.

You can choose which Google property will link to your main site or select a few. Using Google Sites and Bloggers is popular among those actually using this innovative strategy.

Google creates an indexable page (Google Site or Blogger) with content that can rank in search engine results pages (SERPs) in its own right. As Search Engine Journal notes: “Google has been known to reward sites and domains that have high levels of activity and authority.”

The same report adds that if other websites link back to it or share links from social media posts, this could help improve its ranking further still. You can also use this technique for social media marketing.

In conclusion, using stacks allows small-business website site owners more control over their SEO strategy without risking being penalized due to penalties imposed by Google.

Major Uses Of Google Stacks

SEO people are using Google Stacking in different ways, but the major uses of Google SEO Stack are below:

Link Building: Your website gets a backlink from Google which is 100% safe for ranking. The backlink will be high authority. Together, the Google Stacks create a powerful foundation for a multi-tiered backlinking system.

Content Promotion: Utilizing Google stacks allows you to rank your document for more traffic by leveraging the power of Google.

Reputation Management: A Google Driver property can be used to suppress negative content about an individual or business for a certain amount of time. Building a stack of these properties will fill the SERPS with your pages and push any negative posts off page one.

Staxio Google Stacks

Online Marketing: Google stacks are highly valuable for SEO. They can be used to create a consistent content strategy across multiple platforms, as well as manage traffic and conversion rates on your site.

Post-SEO Article Content: Link building is the most common use of this technique because it’s such an easy way to rank a website quickly without going through any other means like backlinking or social media promotion (not that those methods don’t have their benefits).

Google My Business: Google Stacking is very effective when used to rank on Google Maps for local businesses.

The only downside is that creating Google Stacks and then link-building to them often requires some investment and time which many new bloggers may not want to make upfront. But understand how powerful they could be over time if done right.

How To Create A Stack For Your Website

Creating Google Stack links manually will take a lot of time. However, there are automated solutions for this you can use such as Staxio.

This is such an amazing tool that can create High DA Backlinks from Google Stacks all on the push of a button. It will create Google Stack backlinks automatically, creating the many Google properties such as (Google docs, sheets, slides, photos, articles, and HTML sites) which helps you improve your site’s rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

  • Google SEO Entity Stacks
  • HTML Static Sites
  • Google & Blogger Sites Builder
  • Crawling & Indexing Dashboard
  • Microsoft & Google Properties
  • Unlimited High DA Backlinks

Getting better results from SEO is easy with Staxio. With the help of Google itself, it creates properties with high Domain Authority that climb the search rankings. It might seem like SEO is easier than it appears on the surface. In reality, SEO just makes it look simple.

Google properties are a powerful way to stack trust and authority because they make use of every aspect of the Google ecosystem to the maximum extent possible. By utilizing naked URLs, shortened links, and targeted keyword anchors, Staxio heavily interlinks each Google Drive property.

Amazing Features Of Staxio

Creating an army of backlinks and optimizing properties to include header images and call-to-actions, as well as JSON-LD schema, videos, and images would take a lot of time. But Staxio does all the heavy lifting for you.

  • Webmaster’s dashboard
  • Planner for your SEO Projects
  • Runs from the inside your Gmail
  • Wizards & step-by-step instructions
  • No proxies or captcha services needed
  • 100% Cloud based web app
Staxio Google Stacks

Google sites, Blogger sites, and HTML websites can all be built automatically with Staxio. These can then be uploaded to Amazon S3 buckets, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Storage, and basically any service that can host HTML files. What a powerful Cloud Stack you now have!

From one dashboard, manage multiple properties and websites in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Register and submit sitemaps as well as individual URLs to search engines so they can crawl and index them.

Using Staxio, multiple webmaster tools are unified into a single interface, saving you from having to click around or login to different platforms.

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How Staxio Makes Google Stacks

First, we need to create advanced Google web properties like Google pdfs, Google public folders, Google docs, Google drawings, Images, Google spreadsheets, and YouTube videos.

You can then create a link network from pre-existing social profiles you have stacked inside Google Drive properties. Also, make sure to use a variety of keywords.

On sites.google.com, Google Drive +, and Google Sites are merged into a single immensely powerful drive stack.

In order to complete this step, links have to be pointing to the site.google.com that was previously created. As a result, the property will be more relevant and more trustworthy. Multi-page Google site increases your search visibility in organic search on Google.

Benefits Of Using Google Stacks

Everyone is looking for something that will help them stand out from the crowd, especially when it comes to their marketing. What to know how you can take advantage of the latest Google updates?

Staxio Google Stacks

The answer is by using Google Stacks; these are essentially links on your website that point back to pages in your site, rather than pointing outwards towards other sites.

For example, if you have a blog post about making pizza and want readers who click through from this page to be able to return easily and quickly to related posts without having to search for them again, then add a new link at the end of the article with text like “returning home” or something similar.

If someone clicks on this link they will see all relevant content relating back to the main topic – not just any old articles but posts that are appropriate and related to the topic. You can increase the domain authority of your website.

If you have an authoritative blog for your company then links at the end of posts can point back to other relevant content, such as about careers in your industry or how new employees will be supported by on-site training programs. Linking relevant content is what Google loves to see.

Google stacks not only make it easier for readers to find what they’re looking for on your site but also save them time and frustration because they don’t need to go off exploring elsewhere when all they want is information from you.

it’s also a very effective way of update-proofing your SEO. Whatever changes Google does make are very unlikely to adversely affect their own sites.


Many Digital Marketing Agencies use this technique but they don’t often share anything about it outside their inner circle. Google Stacks is a powerful way to boost your SEO and digital marketing success. It’s easy to use with some great benefits. With Staxio it’s easier for you because of automating tasks and having everything laid out for you. If you want more information on how Google Stacks can help make your SEO and content creation process smoother, more effective, and easier, check out their website to know more by clicking here.

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