YouTube Backlinks – Why You Need Them

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YouTube backlinks help your content to be discoverable, which helps you achieve ranking and brings in referral traffic.

YouTube Backlink building

You can build backlinks in two ways. You can choose the natural or organic way, or you can pick the paid way, or you can use both.

Here you promote content on either Google or other social media platforms. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or other established Social Media sites. That content then gets you traffic and people start to follow your content. The more you build this traffic, the more the search engines trust your content, which results in your ranking. Guest blogging to get links back to your site works well too.

This involves ventures such as advertising campaigns for example in Google Adwords or on YouTube itself. This includes cost-per-click advertising, display ads, and pre-roll ads being the most popular.

This formula comes in handy when you need traffic to grow fast.

Article To Video Software

YouTube Backlink building

The current demand for video content is really high. There are many ways one can convert written articles to video content, but one of the easiest ways is to use the software.

How then do you know which software to choose? What do you look for and what are the features that you need?

Time-Saving: You want to save as much time as possible when creating the videos. It would then help you reach as many people as possible. So, get software that quickly does its job.

Usability: Do not go for software whose functionalities and features are complex. Get one that allows you to easily navigate and get the job done. The software you pick should make the video conversions as easy as copying the text, as the software turns that into a video.

If you would rather have someone else make the content for you than just get a free backlinks campaign valued at $35 please click here.

Guest Vlogging
This is similar to guest posting on blogs, only that you do it for your YouTube videos. Pick your niche, and make a vlog for that niche.

Add YouTube Videos To Your Website
Embed YouTube Videos in your website. This will help rank the YouTube videos on both YouTube and Google as well as boost site traffic and engagement rapidly.

Sharing On Social Media
Share your YouTube videos on as many different social media platforms as you can, and as widely as possible.

Sharing On Pinterest
Pinterest has a wide video following. Creating a video pin creates more traffic to your vlog and again helps with ranking.

If you do not want to do the manual work of creating backlinks yourself, then your best option is to use a professional backlink building service such as LinkDaddy®.

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YouTube Backlink building

Building backlinks is worth all the effort. What one needs to know is that Google interprets backlinks as a vote of confidence. You raise your ranking chances when you build backlinks.

Experts advise that the on-page SEO optimization level should be at its best before building the backlinks.

Keep the video description at a word count of 500 minimum. The first 125 characters will show on the listing and should therefore be used to entice people to watch the videos.

The title of the video should include the primary keyword.

Check the videos of your competitors. Is there a pattern their keyword construction follows? The beauty of using LinkDaddy® is that it will check all that for you. LinkDaddy® will help optimize your YouTube Videos.

Using a professional link-building service is a safer way to build backlinks to your YouTube videos.

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Spintax Generator

The current world of marketing demands lots of content. Therefore, getting different versions of the same article is a good way of achieving this.

What for example the bloggers are doing, is creating small sites and dedicating them to one topic. This boosts the blogger’s visibility across the web.

YouTube Backlink building

The same need for bulk content is with companies and individuals who need to promote their products. Bulk content helps them to pull in new buyers.

This is where the spintax generator comes in. It works to generate massive amounts of content.

To use the tool correctly, do not keep the original version. Instead, continually bring in new versions to avoid penalties.

The other factor is to avoid too many synonyms. Simply work with words that mean the same thing. Then, proofread to avoid mistakes.

It is a complex method that can cause damage to your properties if not done correctly. You can always ask us here at LinkDaddy® to take care of content production for you.

Increasing Ranking: When the search engines find the backlinks, they understand that your videos are both credible and popular. This helps the engines to rank you when searches take place. The videos eventually accrue organic traffic.

Become More Discoverable: For the search engines to find your video content faster, get backlinks from popular sites. The engines will most likely go back to familiar sites to get new content. They are not always too quick to check on new properties for new links.

Referral Traffic: We would not create content if it was not going to reach as many people as possible. The backlinks are useful as they bring in referral traffic. The fact that the links are clickable, many people can access your content. The linking shows that your content is credible.

YouTube Video Embeds

YouTube Backlink building

You can help view your YouTube videos from their source. You do this using an embed code. You can do that using HTML, and embed it anywhere that will accept HTML code such as WordPress, Wix, etc. This way, you do not need to have the video on your site for viewers to view.

How then do you embed the YouTube videos? The procedure is so simple, you can do it with your eyes shut!

Start off by going to the video on YouTube. Click on the share tab and then copy the HTML embed code.

Now, go to your website such as WordPress, and add the embed code you copied into the text tab of the post. It will display the video in the editor.

Preview, then publish the post when you are satisfied with the results.

When creating your YouTube Video playlist, focus on using the correct keywords. To get it right, use the terms people will type on YouTube to search for your content.

When you can keep the viewers watching, it means you keep them engaged. That helps the search engines to rank you as they see higher time spent watching your videos as a show of relevance from your audience.

Use click-Through-Rate. The idea is that if people can watch content, it must be relevant to them. Google therefore keenly checks the click-through rate on the content. That is why you need to share the videos widely with links in the description. Also, use the subscribe links to help build backlinks as well as traffic.

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