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The answer to the higher ranking of your YouTube videos is YouTube SEO. YouTube is now the 2nd largest search engine online and that means there are 2+ billion active YouTube users every month, watching 1 billion + videos daily.

YouTube SEO Optimization - How To Rank Videos On YouTube 1

For people to notice your videos among all of these, you will need to know how to play the YouTube SEO game and optimize them.

YouTube SEO Optimization

Focus On A Keyword:

You will need a keyword to focus on even before you start recording your videos. YouTube also uses search engines to match what users are looking for. You need your video to focus on the keywords being searched for. You can use keyword search tools to help with this.

Optimize Your Title:

The best way to go about this is to have the keyword in your title. The title should also be compelling enough to entice viewers to watch the video content.

YouTube SEO

Optimize Your Description

YouTube will display the first 125 characters of that description and so you need to make sure this intro pulls people in. You should also use keywords throughout your video description as this will help you appear well in searches.

Keep The User Engaged

YouTube will reward videos that keep people engaged throughout the video. Longer watch times indicate valuable content. You can make longer videos like these will give you longer watch times if they are put together well.

How To Succeed With YouTube SEO in 2021

Create Seed Keywords

These are the keywords that describe the broader topics. Examples are Social Media, LinkedIn Marketing, or Facebook Page.

Long Tail Keywords

Turn the seed keyword into long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are less broad and more specific and are often easier to rank for. E.g. How To Use Social Media To Promote A Blog Post. Use the “YouTube suggest” strategy to identify the long-tail phrases that viewers are looking for.

YouTube Competition Analysis

Work with keywords that have a low competitive volume but have decent search volume. TubeBuddy is very helpful in helping you do this. VidiQ is also another tool that produces great results.

Optimize “Watch Time”

The goal is to keep people engaged on your YouTube channel. YouTube places a lot of importance on Watch Time. Focus on having more people watch the entire length of your video. This will boost your ranking. Focus on longer videos, avoid fluff in your intros and include pattern interrupts into those videos.

Script Your Videos

Script every line or follow a detailed outline. This will avoid fluffy content and make your videos look more professional.

How To Rank YouTube Videos Fast

To rank your YouTube videos faster in 2021, do the following:

Target Keywords

YouTube SEO

Go for those keywords with an estimated search of at least 1000 each month. Pick as high as 10,000-50,000 searches monthly.

Basing your videos around keywords that people search for will help you rank well.

You should keep your whole channel based around a particular group of keywords and create several pieces of content per topic. Try to avoid exceeding 8-10 topics per channel and create a playlist for each group of videos. Playlists will interlink relevant content helping viewers to find more of your content and will also help you rank better.

When creating similar content around the same topic, keep the length of the videos similar, use similar tags and create similar content in your own style.

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Google Trends is a free tool provided by Google that finds trending searches. Use this information to create content that is similar. It’s almost a full guarantee that you will rank well for your keyword.

How To Rank YouTube Videos On Google

Go For Topics With Traffic Potential

Work with topics that will attract traffic. Ensure that you work with a topic that people are making searches on. Otherwise, no one will be viewing your videos even if they rank.

You should also ensure the topic has video intent, meaning that searchers would rather watch a video on that than read about it. This is the kind of video that will rank well on Google as well as YouTube.

Optimize Your Video

YouTube SEO

Avoid unnecessary content, ensure your video is high quality, and show on the screen what you are talking about. Create a video that people will love. If you have done your Keyword Research then your content should be optimized around that.

Fix Closed Captions

Google automatically includes closed captions to your videos. These are rarely correct. So make sure that you check and edit them, taking advantage of any opportunity to optimize the content as you do.

Use Enticing Thumbnails

Use attractive and original thumbnails. These are the first thing that attracts the attention of potential viewers and so need to stand out. Use bold colors and consider using a templated approach. This will improve brand awareness and attract more people to click on your content.

YouTube for SEO

How do you ensure that your videos rank well in search engine listings?

Use Your Videos To Solve Problems

Through your videos, provide excellent content with the aim of solving problems for your users. Include new information which will attract new viewers.

Host The Video On Your Domain

If the video attracts a huge following, it will bring benefits to your website if you host it on your domain. Backlinks from YouTube to your website is also valuable link from a high authority domain. This is also the way to avoid adverts that interrupt YouTube videos.

Enable Video Embedding

Running a video syndication campaign will help the ranking of your YouTube videos. Ensure others can embed your video as well. This in return increases the backlinks coming to your website and to your YouTube video. All basic SEO practices that work.

Use Metadata

Metadata is a great way of making sure that the search engines really understand what your content is all about. They play a major role in on-page optimization that increases the rates of clicks on your videos while boosting your SEO results.

What is YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

The YouTube platform is growing at a constant rate. It’s critical to learn how to remain competitive in the ocean of videos that are now listed there. You will need to understand YouTube SEO in order to stand a chance of making this happen.

SEO optimization is the practice of ensuring that your content is structured in such a way that it ranks highly on the SERPs. YouTube SEO involves the optimization of your playlists, videos, channel, and descriptions.

The search engine bots do not have the capacity to watch videos. They depend on accompanying text data so as to index them accurately. Your description, titles, tags and metadata all help with this.

One key factor of YouTube SEO is to enhance your videos in the form of transcripts, subtitles, and the use of accurate closed captions.

Ensure to keep improving user experience as well as engagement to increase viewership. Longer videos that keep the attention of viewers and have long “watch times” will help you rank your videos.

Make your videos accessible so that the users who are deaf or hard of hearing can also enjoy and understand your videos.

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YouTube Keyword Tool

It is not a walk in the park to create a good YouTube video. To get more views, you will need to take time on your videos and use all the resources available to you. However, the results are worth it.

To get those results, people should be able to access the videos you create. Your target audience should have the videos right in front of them when they search.

The role of the YouTube keyword tool is to help you make sure that your content is built around relevant targeted keywords. It helps you search for the keywords people are using when they make their searches on YouTube.

The keyword tool is great because it uses the Autocomplete feature on YouTube to help generate keywords that are long-tail as well as highly relevant. It helps you access over 750 long-tail keywords. It then attaches various numbers and letters to the keywords you specify, to prepare an exhaustive list of relevant keywords.

Build your content around these keyword lists, trying to provide videos that answer questions or provide solutions to related problems.

YouTube SEO Tools

Pumping out one video after another, will not boost your videos to rank better. Focus on quality instead of quantity, although the consistency of publishing is also something you should be striving for.

SEO tools are extremely helpful in providing you with more information to help boost your videos. The optimization tools help your videos to be more easily found in search engine results.

When your videos are in their best-optimized status, you can then share them across social media platforms, to increase their reach.

Tube Buddy is a browser extension and offers a wide range of ways you can effectively manage your YouTube channel. It will include video SEO, promotion, productivity and much more.

YouTube Analytics shows you where your channel is having success and where it is not. It reveals the kind of content that appeals to your viewers.

VidiQ is a browser extension that shows the stats of your YouTube videos and channels.

You should learn to use all these tools to help you improve your success on YouTube, or you will need to use a professional YouTube marketing team such as LinkDaddy®

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