15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility

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With a thriving business and tourist industry, Brighton is home to many reputable SEO agencies. Choosing the best one for your business can take a lot of work with many options. 

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the 15 best SEO agencies in Brighton based on extensive research. These agencies are screened through a stringent process and picked up after in-depth research.

Choosing the right SEO agency is tricky, considering SEO is a huge investment. However, with this list, you’re likely to go right.

Let’s see what these agencies have to offer.

1. SiteVisibility

SiteVisibility Agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 16

SiteVisibility is among the best SEO agencies in Brighton, offering digital services since 2001. 

The agency has experience working with large and small organizations and increasing organic traffic and revenue. Their team of experts develops adaptable and future-proof strategies that produce superior outcomes at reasonable costs.


  • They have co-founded BrightonSEO, the largest free SEO conference in the world, where 3.5k SEO professionals gather to network and exchange knowledge about the industry.
  • The agency has enclosed some of its past work in its case studies section. You can browse and identify if they will be the right choice.
  • The agency is a Google Partner, which enables them to learn new SEO and marketing algorithms and implement them on clients’ websites.
  • The agency boasts of being a finalist in Brighton and Hove Business Awards.
  • You get a free consultation before you invest real money. It allows you to ask all your queries regarding their services. 


  • They haven’t mentioned if they provide you with a monthly report regarding website SEO.
  • Live chat is one of the most convenient ways to connect with the company for help or support. The feature is missing from their site, even though they’re one of the best SEO services in Brighton.

2. Vixen Digital

Vixen Digital
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 17

Starting in 2017, Vixen Digital is an independent SEO company in Brighton. They provide consulting, training, campaign setup and administration, and digital marketing strategy. 

The agency aims to provide affordable SEO services to help businesses rank higher in SERPs. 


  • They do not bind you with any long contract months. Moreover, the pricing is also straightforward and adaptable to fit your budget.
  • The agency is a Google partner and Microsoft-certified professional. Apart from that, they are Wired Sussex Member and Dan Member.
  • You can go through several case studies of their previous clientele. Reading case studies helps you set correct expectations.
  • They have assisted businesses like Vision Direct, EDF Energy, Drusillas Park, StreamZ Global, Infinity Group, Studio Society, TriVista, and Advice Cloud, Elucidat.


  • None of the well-known listing bodies have accredited them, nor have they received any honors yet for their work in digital marketing.
  • Despite being an established agency, they don’t offer free SEO audits or consultation prospects.

3. Oban International

Oban International
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 18

Since 2002, Oban International has collaborated with many businesses to achieve challenging worldwide goals. 

Their ability to audit, design, implement, and deliver at scale and across the region is unmatched. It includes performance-oriented customer acquisition campaigns and brand-led content promotions.


  • They have won innumerable awards, including Sussex Business Awards in 2019, Global Agency Awards in 2020, Travolution Awards in 2017 & 2018, and International Performance Marketing Awards. 
  • Designrush, a listing company, has accredited them as the best SEO agency in the city. They are also members of the Sussex Chamber of Commerce.
  • They deliver precise and timely reporting regarding activities, keyword visibility, conversion data, and more.
  • The agency has assisted top businesses, including Dell, Lloyd Register, BBC World Service, Caxton, and Mitsubishi.


  • They do not offer free SEO audit reports for their potential customers, which may be a concern. 
  • It would have been better if they had provided some case study results of their past clients.

4. RocketMill

RocketMill marketing agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 19

RocketMill supports businesses in establishing and achieving objectives by utilizing the best marketing strategies. 

The company’s SEO experts focus on boosting sales by increasing brand awareness, organic website traffic, and overall revenue.


  • The agency has grabbed numerous marketing awards. Some of them are the UK Social Media Awards 2022, the Agency of the Year (The Drum Awards), and the UK Paid Media Awards.
  • You can study some of the case studies published on their website. 
  • The agency provides personalized plans, saving you money!
  • They hold an experience of more than 13 years in the industry and have served businesses like National Geographic, Kimberly-Clark, Peugeot Citroën, and Aldermore Bank.


  • Unlike most SEO agencies, the agency does not offer free SEO audits and consultations.
  • It would have been better if they had some partnerships with other organizations.

5. Dotsquares

Dotsquares agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 20

Dotsquares is a world-recognized agency and one of the best SEO agencies in Brighton. It has headquarters in England and offices in the United States, Australia, Europe, the United Arab Emirates, and India. 

The company maintains strong contacts with each of its clients and always strives to establish long-term business partnerships.


  • They have contributed to Forbes Technical Council. They have won Innovation For Asian Awards and Ecommerce Awards. 
  • The company has 22+ years of experience and serves international clients as well.
  • They have enclosed some of their past clients’ results in the case studies section. 
  •  The agency has partnered with Google, AWS, Microsoft, Adobe, and Drupal. In addition, the UKAS Management System also accredits them.


  • It would have been better if they had offered a free SEO audit report or consultation. It’d have been beneficial for prospects, but unfortunately, they don’t do this yet. 
  • They work with a limited number of industries. So check them before you finalize them as your SEO company.

6. Seed

Seed SEO Agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 21

Founded in 2014, Seed is an SEO agency that assists brands in achieving long-term, sustainable growth. 

They accomplish this by providing performance marketing services at the forefront of their industry and are results-driven. Further, the agency’s primary goal is to support your company’s long-term development as a business partner.


  • The firm is a Microsoft Advertising and Google Certified Partner, continuously learning new techniques from the experts there.
  • They are a DAN and BIMA member, and The Drum also recommends them.
  • Some of their clients have gotten a 700%+ increase in organic revenue. Additionally, you can head to the case studies section on their website and assess on your own.
  • The agency does provide customized packages, making them one of the most affordable SEO services in Brighton.


  • It’s sad to see that even as an established company, they do not offer any free SEO audit to their potential clients. 
  • It would have been better if they had received any recognition or awards for their SEO work.

7. AddMustard

AddMustard digital marketing firm
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 22

AddMustard is a full-service digital marketing firm that works with start-up companies to accelerate their growth. 

They collaborate with their clients in their offices and use their expertise to create cutting-edge approaches and elite methods that help their marketing flourish.


  • They are more intended for small and mid-sized businesses. If you fall under the category, they can be suitable for you.
  • It’s good to see that the agency has enclosed some SEO case study results on the website.
  • This agency is a Google Certified partner company. Further, it gets a listing on Designrush, a reputable listing body.
  • They offer affordable and customized plans as per your business requirements.


  • If you’re a huge enterprise business, this agency might not fit your needs based on its track record. 
  • They haven’t won any awards and recognition apart from listing companies.

8. Bamboo Nine

Bamboo Nine SEO agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 23

Established in 2014, Bamboo Nine is an SEO agency focusing on e-commerce sales, lead generation, and brand promotion. 

Their journey started at a rented place with two people, and today they have 50+ members serving clients worldwide. Further, they apply data-driven strategies to understand and generate better results for their clients.


  • They provide customized reporting that supports and substantiates their collaborative efforts.
  • The agency does not bind you in any long-term contracts or commitments, which allows you to get the best ROI.
  • You can view their past clients in the case studies part of their website if you want to determine whether they are a good fit for your company.
  • They have been accredited as the best SEO service provider in Brighton by Designrush.


  • It would have been better if they had provided you with a free SEO audit report or consultation. 
  • They have not won notable awards or made significant partnerships in the industry. This could suggest a lack of expertise in some respects. 

9. Woya

Woya SEO Agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 24

Whether you’re an established company or a new start-up, Woya offers tailored SEO services in Brighton for each business. 

Their team collaborates with you to develop custom, organic SEO growth plans that produce outstanding outcomes. Further, the agency offers brand positioning, online visibility, and conversion rate enhancement services.


  • Their PAYG (pay as you go) option enables you to be free from long-term contracts.
  • You can learn where you stand and what you might accomplish by requesting a free SEO website analysis.
  • They provide you with monthly reports that contain accurate measurements and statistics.
  • The agency is a Google Certified Partner and Facebook marketing partner.


  • They haven’t enclosed any case studies on the website. Case studies imbibe trust and show that agency is capable of driving results.
  • None of the renowned listing bodies have accredited them for their SEO services. 


SEOMG Agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 25

SEOMG is an award-winning SEO agency in Brighton. They’ll assist you in setting the stage for a strong SEO foundation so you can succeed in your goal. 

The agency aims to help businesses develop and achieve their objectives using the most effective marketing techniques.


  • They have won the title of Best SEO Agency in the UK Search Awards 2021. 
  • The agency has some big names in its portfolio, including Reed Group, Dropbox, Work The World, and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
  • With the help of their specifically designed reporting dashboards, you will be able to evaluate your website’s performance much better.
  • They offer you personalized SEO plans as they believe every business has specific requirements. 


  • You don’t get any free SEO audit which is not good as most agencies provide this service to their prospects.
  • The lack of case studies would concern a few customers regarding work completion and better results.

11. Creative Bloom

Creative Bloom company
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 26

The purpose of Creative Bloom is to support people in running excellent enterprises that prosper and enrich society. 

The company’s objective is to value its clients by delivering excellent creative media services. They work with companies of various sizes to offer top-notch services that promote their growth.


  • The company has an experience of 10+ years and has successfully sailed through strenuous, ever-changing SEO algorithms.
  • They have the privilege of working with businesses like Clean Growth, Pure360, ICTD, Green Blue Urban, and Sussex County Councils.
  • You can witness their success stories in the case studies section to see what you can expect.
  • Your business size doesn’t matter; they offer a customized plan per your need. Therefore, the agency provides affordable SEO services in Brighton.


  • None of the renowned agencies have accredited them. 
  • Unlike most SEO agencies in Brighton, you won’t find any free SEO audit or consultation.

12. Pallant

Pallant digital marketing firm
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 27

Pallant is a digital marketing firm with offices in Brighton and Chichester. They take responsibility for SEO and marketing so that you can concentrate on expanding your operations. Further, their team aligns with your company objectives and assists in a better way.


  • Since its establishment in Chichester in 2003, Pallant has been providing incredible SEO services.
  • You can book a 30-minute consultation call by choosing a date and time that works for you. 
  • The agency offers a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with your website work. Further, your Ads Management will be free till it grows.
  • The agency is a HubSpot Academy inbound certified and a Google Certified Partner. 


  • It’d have been better if they had won any awards or accreditations from any listing agency.
  • Compared to most SEO agencies in Brighton, you do not get any free SEO audits before investing real money. 

13. Hive19

Hive19 agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 28

Hive19 offers assistance to developing brands to increase their credibility and online visibility. Their expertise in SEO and decades of experience enable them to tailor solutions specifically to their customers’ needs. 

Furthermore, Hive19 has recently become a “Climate Friendly Workforce” by regularly planting trees with Ecologi. They aim to assist customers worldwide to expand their businesses and accomplish their goals.


  • They are an active member of BIMA, the Federation of Small Businesses, and a Living Wage Employer.
  • The agency has provided an average 260% traffic value increase, followed by an 82% organic keywords increase within a single quarter.
  • You get a free, no-obligation SEO audit. However, you can only get the website audit report after waiting 3-4 business days.
  • You will get access to an online dashboard where you can track your project’s progress.


  • They are relatively new to the SEO market and lack experience. We wouldn’t recommend them if you’re on a shoestring budget or have very little knowledge about SEO. 
  • You also won’t be able to see any case studies of their prior clients to understand them better. 

14. Focus Mode

Focus Mode digital marketing agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 29

Focus Mode is a boutique digital marketing agency with a strong ROI focus. They assist purpose-driven businesses in acquiring new clients through SEO, content creation, paid media, and email marketing. Further, they aim to help next generating technology-driven companies increase traffic, leads, and sales.


  • They support low-income business owners and students in more than 80 different countries by donating a portion of their earnings through Kiva. The purpose of Kiva is to “connect people via lending to reduce poverty.”
  • You can easily schedule a free consultation call by filling in a few basic details about you and your company.
  • They are a Google Certified Partner. They are also a member of The Drum, Wired Sussex Member. 
  • They have delivered 5,600% ROI on a client SEO campaign. You can find some results in the case studies section.


  • They’re a relatively new agency, established in 2018.
  • The agency has not won any awards or certifications for its SEO work.

15. Brighton SEO Agency

Brighton SEO Agency
15 Best SEO Agencies in Brighton That Will Boost Your Online Visibility 30

The last in our list of best SEO agencies in Brighton is the aptly named Brighton SEO Agency. They can improve local rankings, raise online exposure, establish online visibility, and expand your business. 

The company takes pride in its specialists, who are incredibly creative, passionate, and goal-oriented.


  • They are more focused on increasing online visibility for small businesses in the city via local SEO.
  • The agency offers thorough monthly reports that enable clients to recognize the success of their efforts and commitment.
  • Their SEO plans start at a very affordable price which may benefit those on a low budget. Indeed, the agency provides one of the most affordable SEO services in Brighton.


  • The agency is not well-suited for big businesses and enterprises.
  • They have not been accredited by any listing company and they have not enclosed any previous case studies.


There you have it! The best SEO agencies in Brighton. These agencies provide excellent SEO services to aid your business’ growth and increase revenue.

By choosing any of the above-mentioned companies, you can rest assured that it checks all the necessary boxes for a reliable and good SEO company.

SEO is essential for every business in the online world to reach out to potential customers. 

It will not only increase your online visibility but also helps in generating more leads and boost your revenue.

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