15 Best SEO Companies in Atlanta That Deliver Results!

Have you been looking for SEO agencies in Atlanta? You know, it’s not easy to find a good SEO agency that you can rely on. Every agency claims to bring results, but not everyone delivers.

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best SEO companies in Atlanta that you can trust. These agencies are vetted by our team based on their track record, services, pricing, and many other factors. 

In this digital age, visibility, particularly in the online space, is vital for businesses to draw in clients, and SEO plays a crucial role in achieving that.

Let’s see what these SEO agencies have to offer.

1. M16 Marketing

M16 Marketing, an SEO Company located in Atlanta

M16 Marketing is one of the best SEO companies in Atlanta that believes in developing and executing a good plan. They started their journey in 2013, and today they are bringing their clients an average boost in conversions of more than 250%. 

The agency offers website designing, application development, PPC, social media management services, and SEO services.


  • The agency has successfully provided 380% SEO growth to small businesses and generated 487% Google Ads revenue growth in less than ten years.
  • Several reputed bodies have recognized them as the top SEO company in the US from 2017-2022.
  • The Better Business Bureau gives them an A+ rating. Further, they’re a certified Google Partner and work closely with their team to provide fantastic results. 
  • The agency also offers a free SEO audit for its potential clients. You can also read the case studies of their past clients on their website.


  • The price may concern you if you are a small and medium-sized business. The base SEO plan starts at $2400 per month.
  • You only get customized proposals for website development services. There’s no explicit mention of SEO-related services.

2. Media Frenzy Global

Media Frenzy Global, a digital marketing company based in Atlanta, USA

Media Frenzy Global, founded in 2013, is an SEO and marketing company providing SEO services in Atlanta. 

They specialize in building brands for companies both domestically and abroad. The agency’s only aim is to provide incredible SEO services to help your business rank higher in SERPs. 


  • The company has been listed in Inc 5000 as one of America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies. Several reputed bodies have recognized them as the top B2B company in Georgia for 2020.
  • They have won Vega Digital Awards and w3 awards. Both awards are for excellence in marketing, videos, creators, and websites worldwide.  
  • The agency has provided case studies of some of its past work on its website. Reading about their past work will help you understand their capabilities better. 
  • They have served some of the top businesses in the country. Some of their top clients are Rev.io – IoT & Telecom Billing, Belay – Virtual Assistants, Vensure, and Stratix – Mobile Managed Services.


  • You don’t get any free SEO audit or consultation. 
  • You don’t get any core SEO services except content marketing.
  • Their site is a little too complex to understand for the average user looking for SEO services.

3. AIS Media Inc

AIS Media Inc, an award-winning SEO agency in Atlanta, USA

With over 20 years of experience assisting businesses achieve exceptional growth, AIS Media Inc is among the top SEO agencies in Atlanta. 

This agency makes all efforts to raise search engine rankings and enhance organic traffic to clients’ websites. They have received almost 70 awards in the last seven years alone.


  • The agency won the prestigious Landy Awards by Search Engine Land in 2018. Additionally, they have won three international Davey awards among other accolades.  
  • They cover all the verticals of SEO, ranging from on-page to video-SEO services.
  • They have served small businesses as well as large Fortune 500 businesses. Some of their clients include companies such as Nextraq, American Deli, Hulsey Environmental, United Bank, 28 Black USA, Surround, and AT&T.
  • Many well-known listing companies have honored them as the best digital and search engine marketing agencies. Furthermore, they have been recognized for local and national excellence by many reputed bodies. 
  • Some of their clients have reportedly enjoyed a 600%+ increase in traffic as a result of their support. You may review their past client’s results in the case studies section of their website. 


  • The agency offers no free SEO consultation or audit to potential clients.
  • You don’t see any mention of email or live chat support in case prospects require quick help. 

4. YEAH! Local

YEAH! Local, an SEO Agency in Atlanta

Started in 2014, YEAH! Local gets its mention in the list of the best SEO companies in Atlanta. 

Their success formula is intriguing: Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategies + Content Marketing = Increase In Revenue. Furthermore, they have driven results that back up their formula.


  • You don’t have to get bonded into a long-term contract or sales process. Instead, they deliver monthly results, and you must pay for that. 
  • You will find various SEO case studies of their past clients. Case studies will help you understand their results and the validity of their claims. 
  • The company offers you a free 9-page SEO audit score within 15 seconds. The audit can help you analyze where you are lacking in terms of SEO. 
  • Several top listing and review websites have mentioned them as the leading SEO agency. For instance, Designrush has accredited them as one of the best SEO companies in Atlanta. 


  • The agency didn’t enclose its email address on the website. Your only option is to connect to them via call or by filling out the contact form.
  • You can only find a few case studies of SEO. The agency hasn’t won that many awards or recognition from reputable organizations for its SEO services.
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5. LYFE Marketing

LYFE Marketing, a Social Media Marketing Agency in Atlanta

Social media marketing firm LYFE Marketing has been in operation since 2011. Though they’re known for their social media marketing services, they also do well in other SEO and digital marketing verticals.

For instance, they provide SEO, PPC, SMM, and other digital advertising services. Moreover, they help businesses develop and achieve their objectives using the most effective marketing techniques.


  • The agency has generated $108 million in revenue for clients by ramping up its SEO efforts and delivering 200+ successful campaigns and 6 million leads. These results are enough to prove their worth.
  • Since they are focused on small and medium-sized enterprises, their price is affordable. The base plan only requires a one-time payment of $750.
  • You can use their free SEO audit and consultation to better understand why you are struggling with traffic, conversions, and so on. Then, they’ll give you actionable plans to tackle the situation. 


  • SEO isn’t their core service. But since they claim to be a full-service digital marketing agency, they also offer really good SEO services along with other digital marketing services. 
  • The agency is ideal mainly for small and medium-sized businesses as they’ve experience working with such organizations. 

6. Joseph Studios

Joseph Studios is a digital marketing agency who provides SEO services as well

Joseph Studios is a digital marketing agency founded in 2016, which provides SEO services in Atlanta. They mainly assist companies looking for organic growth and provide affordable SEO services in Atlanta. 

The company’s founder and CEO, Daniel Klein, has more than 15 years of expertise in digital marketing.


  • Several reputed bodies have accredited them as the best PR firm in Atlanta on several occasions. Moreover, they have been listed as the top SEO and B2B company by many publications and companies. 
  • The agency best suits small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to grow their online presence with organic traffic.
  • You can ask them for a free consultation where they will analyze where your company stands in terms of SEO and what can be done to improve the situation. 
  • They have published case studies that will help you understand how they’ve helped their clients achieve their desired results and determine whether they are the right agency for you. 
  • You also get monthly reports regarding progress on your project.


  • They do not offer a free SEO audit report but that is something you can get at many other similar companies. 

7. EverSpark Interactive

EverSpark Interactive, a full-scale digital marketing company

EverSpark Interactive is a full-scale digital marketing company that uses data-driven methodologies to deliver results. 

Their SEO strategies use cutting-edge and exceptional methods to locate, attract, engage, and impact your target customers. With them by your side, your SEO efforts will bear fruit across multiple metrics and you’ll be well-placed to enjoy exponential growth in revenue. 


  • The agency offers a free SEO analysis report within two days which is quick and convenient.
  • Many organizations have recognized them as the best SEO experts in Atlanta in 2021. They also got featured for being exceptional SEO service providers. 
  • The company’s past work has been featured in multiple leading publications such as The Washington Post


  • The agency has not released any case studies of its past work on its website. 
  • They haven’t won many awards or accolades from industry experts and organizations. Moreover, they offer their services to limited industries.

8. Brain Bytes Creative

Brain Bytes Creative, a Digital Marketing Agency

Brain Bytes Creative was established in 2010 by a group of low-ego, creative experts focused on finding digital solutions. They provide digital marketing services along with development and design services.


  • The company has released some valuable case studies of its work on its website. You can quickly analyze and decide whether they can help your business or not. 
  • Since they are Google Certified Partners, they can work closely with the Google team and understand the latest trends and algorithms. 
  • The agency is a good fit if you want design and development services along with SEO services.
  • They have an impressive list of clients. For instance, Resurgens, Hodges-Mace, Greenway Health, and Kimberly Clark are some of their world-class clients.


  • Sadly, you don’t get any free SEO audits for your website.
  • The agency has not received any awards or certifications for its SEO services. 

9. Precision Creative

Precision Creative, an Atlanta based agency

Established in 2016, Precision Creative is a one-stop solution for website, branding, and marketing services. 

The firm aims to add value to its clients by offering top-notch creative media services. They collaborate with businesses of all sizes and shapes to deliver high-caliber services that help them grow.


  • The agency won a national excellence award in the US in 2021 for its SEO services. Furthermore, many reputed sites have listed them as the best web designers in Atlanta for 2021.
  • They have been recognized as a top-rated SEO company by SEOblog in 2022. Also, Goodfirms has accredited them as the top digital marketing company in Atlanta.
  • You can take advantage of their free SEO audit option before you invest any real money.
  • They offer customized pricing because they believe each company has unique requirements. 


  • Though they have mentioned a blog and case studies section on the website, you won’t find any case studies through which you can access their past track record. 
  • Their website isn’t that readable. On some pages, you’ll face nothing but vast walls of text.

10. Hughes Media

Hughes Media, an SEO Company in Atlanta, USA

With 20+ years of experience, Hughes Media is one of the best SEO companies in Atlanta, offering customized advertising strategies for long-term success. 

They respond swiftly to changing algorithms and trends and change their strategies to keep clients one step ahead of the competition.


  • They have been recognized as a top digital agency on numerous occasions by numerous parties. Moreover, they are a Google Certified Partner, which means that they are always updated about the latest algorithmic changes. 
  • You can witness their success stories in the case studies section. You can sort the results as per any industry or service you want to analyze. 
  • They provide you with a monthly report where you can quickly analyze what tactics they are applying and how effective those tactics are to your business. 


  • Unlike other digital marketing agencies, the agency does not offer any free SEO audit and consultation. 
  • This SEO agency focuses only on small to medium-sized businesses.

11. Webstuffguy

Webstuffguy, an Advertising and SEO Agency based in Atlanta, USA

Founded in 2007, Webstuffguy is a small business that creates distinctive websites and offers affordable SEO services in Atlanta. 

They are committed to giving you the solutions you need to succeed online over the long term. That’s why they align their strategies and tactics with your goal and deliver the results that you seek. 


  • You get a free SEO audit where they’ll thoroughly examine your and all of your competitors’ websites.
  • In the last 16 years, their client retention rate has been 96%, where they have successfully handled hundreds of projects and satisfied 690+ clients. 
  • One thing that makes them stand alone is the free SEO-integrated tools on its website. You can find a meta tag generator, link analyzer, backlink checker, and keyword position checker. 


  • Most reputed listing websites do not recognize the agency. They also haven’t earned any awards or certifications for their SEO services. 
  • You won’t get any case studies or reports regarding past results on their website. 

12. FluidRank

Fluidrank is an SEO agency in Atlanta, United States, that focuses on eCommerce business
15 Best SEO Companies in Atlanta That Deliver Results! 16

FluidRank is another best SEO agency in Atlanta that focuses on an eCommerce business. They have produced over $450 million in revenue for their clients in past years. Their team ensures that they collaborate very closely with your company’s aim and work towards achieving maximum results. 


  • The agency offers their clients a free consultation and SEO audit to analyze your website’s SEO status. 
  • They have enclosed some of their past clients’ results in the case studies section of their website. 
  • Several top publications and bodies have listed them among Atlanta’s best SEO companies. 


  • Their base plan is costly compared to average plans. It costs $6500, which can be a concern for small and medium-sized businesses. 

13. SangFroid Web LLC

SangFroid Web LLC, a Content Marketing, SEO and Web Design Agency in Atlanta

Atlanta-based SangFroid Web LLC is a digital company focusing on content marketing, search engine optimization, and web design. 

They assist businesses in assembling all the components of a strong web presence to generate more revenue.


  • The Manifest, a renowned news media agency, has listed them as one of the top web designing companies in Atlanta.
  • As a Data Privacy Certified Partner, they aim to keep your data as safe as it can possibly be kept. Thus, you should choose them if data privacy is one of your top concerns. 
  • You can access free guides (e-books) on their website by entering your email. These guides included their past clients’ results and helpful information for the ones who want to DIY. 


  • Although they provide SEO audits, they don’t mention if it’s free or included in the package.
  • Despite being in existence for more than a decade, the agency has not really received any awards or certifications from other bodies, organizations, or industry associations. 

14. Trajectory Web Design

Trajectory Web Design, a Web Development, SEO and Digital Marketing Agency

Trajectory has 16+ years of experience in the website design industry. They have an experienced team of strategists dedicated to creating engaging digital experiences. 

The agency aims to provide top-class SEO services to all industries to help them rank them better in SERPs.


  • Several esteemed institutions have recognized them as the top web designing company in Atlanta on several occasions, the most recent being in 2021. 
  • You can read various case studies of their past projects in the work section of their website. That should give you an idea about their capabilities and what they can do for your business. 


  • It would have been better if they had offered a free SEO audit report or consultation to discuss and analyze your website’s current SEO metrics. But unfortunately, they don’t. 

15. The ABM Agency

B2B SEO Services of The ABM Agency, located in Atlanta

Starting in 2007, The ABM Agency boasts remarkable expertise in terms of SEO and they deploy that to conduct effective marketing campaigns that result in phenomenal client success. 

The best thing about working with them is that they provide customized plans for businesses to help their websites rank above their rivals. These tactics are based on tried-and-true SEO techniques.


  • The agency provides you with a monthly report. They collaborate with your business to plan strategic steps and deliver real-time data across all digital marketing channels. 
  • They are a Google Partner and also enjoy partner status with other notable companies such as Hubspot among others. 
  • The agency claims to have provided 9X ROI to their past clients. You may review their past case study results (which are available through their website) to validate their claim and also assess whether they suit your business.
  • They have satisfied some of the most popular brands like Manhattan Associates, Okta, Fleetcor, Medpost, and Hire Dynamics among others. 


  • The agency does not offer any free SEO audit reports and consultations to their potential clients. You can only work with them once you have committed to a paid plan. 


So, these are the top SEO agencies in Atlanta that you can rely on to provide top-notch SEO services that can take your business to new heights. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a small business or a big enterprise, SEO is crucial to reaching your potential customers. 

Therefore, when choosing an SEO company, you must ensure that the company is recognized by industry experts, has a good track record, and has good customer reviews. 

The ones you just learned about in this article pass all those tests. So if you choose to do business with any one of them, you can expect to have a good experience as long as you do your research to identify the one that has the right skill set to make your goals become a reality. 

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