16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth

Markham has Canada’s most diverse culture and community. However, finding an SEO company is still daunting even after this diversity.

It’s not like there are fewer companies—no. But finding the agencies that don’t ghost you after payment and deliver results—that’s what you’re after.

So to ease your suffering, we had to do something. We asked our research staff for some hard work. And today, we have compiled the list of the 16 best SEO companies in Markham.

Do you want to know the best part? All these companies are vetted and screened before they get a place on this quality list.

Let’s see which one’s is the right fit for your business:

1. EdKent Media

EdKent Media
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 17

Edkent Media is one of the best SEO companies in Markham, focusing on achieving outstanding outcomes since 2014. Their talented specialists will help you take your company to new heights. 

Additionally, the agency aims to improve your online presence and information’s precision, consistency, and visibility. 


  • The agency got featured in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Inc., Tech Crunch, and The Huffington Post.
  • You may avail of their 30-minute complimentary strategy session to discuss your queries and understand your current SEO status.
  • They are a Google Partner, which enables them to work closely with marketing experts at Google, learning new techniques.
  • Designrush has recognized them as the top SEO service company in Markham. 


  • They have enclosed only 2 SEO case studies of their past work, which is not enough to demonstrate their past record. 
  • The agency hasn’t mentioned if they provide monthly reporting and statistics to clients.

2. True-E Digital Marketing

True-E Digital Marketing
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 18

True-E Digital Marketing is one of the top SEO agencies in Markham that assists customers in becoming the finest leaders in their respective industries. 

They value long-lasting relationships with their clients. Further, the company’s SEO specialists raise brand awareness to boost organic website traffic and increase sales.


  • The agency got accredited by top listing bodies like GoodFirms, and DesignRush for its SEO services.
  • The agency provides free digital marketing courses to students around the world. That’s a sign that proves they are leaders who care for the community.
  • If you want to set the right expectations from them, read their case studies published on their website.
  • They offer their customers a monthly quantitative report and a free website SEO audit.


  • It would have been better if they had won any awards to strengthen their credibility.
  • The founders established the agency in 2018, which means they are a new player in the field. 

3. Admysys

Admysys digital marketing company
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 19

Admysys is a digital marketing company providing affordable SEO services in Markham. The agency aims to enable businesses to flourish through a more prominent internet presence, lead generation, and sales. 

Further, their specialists will work with you to develop a customized strategy for your goals and financial situation. 


  • Admysys holds 15+ years of industry experience.
  • The agency is a Google Certified Partner. They are also in partnership with Youtube Ads, Shopify, and Adobe.
  • You get a free consultation with Admysys before you put in any real money. Moreover, you can also ask your queries regarding SEO services and pricing. 
  • The company believes each business has its requirements, which is why they provide a customized plan to fulfill your needs.


  • None of the renowned agencies have accredited them, nor have they won any awards for their digital marketing services. 
  • They have not enclosed case studies or portfolios, so it’s a bit hard to know what sort of success they have had in the past. 

4. Rooter Marketing

Rooter Marketing
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 20

Rooter Marketing offers plumbing marketing services to help you move qualified leads through every stage of the sales funnel. They collaborate with you to develop a custom marketing strategy that fits your financial constraints and professional objectives.


  • You can learn where you stand and what you might accomplish by requesting a free SEO website analysis.
  • The well-known business accreditation agency Better Business Bureau has given them an A rating.
  • The agency doesn’t bind you in any contract; you can pay on a month-to-month basis. Consequently, they provide one of the plumbing industry’s most affordable SEO services in Markham.
  • Additionally, you get weekly marketing strategy meetings to discuss further plans for your ongoing projects.


  • They only provide SEO services to the plumbing industry. It’s a con for other industries but a massive advantage if you have a plumbing business. 
  • The agency hasn’t included past case studies results of their SEO services. 

5. WSI Comandix

WSI Comandix
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 21

WSI Comandix has offered superior digital marketing solutions to clients across the Greater Toronto Area since its establishment in 2000. 

Further, the agency provides SEO services, web designing, and PPC services to assist its clients in building and maintaining a robust and competitive online presence.


  • You get a 30-minute free consultation to understand your requirements and offer solutions.
  • Over the past ten years, the agency got three Web Marketing Association People’s Choice awards and seven other WMA Awards.
  • It has been in digital marketing for 21+ years and has completed 2000+ projects successfully.
  • The agency is a Google, Facebook, Senrush, HubSpot, Shopify, and Bing Partner.


  • Apart from WMA Awards, they haven’t won other honors and awards like Global Search Awards. So they may not be as prestigious as some other agencies on this list. 

6. FlipAware SEO Services

FlipAware SEO Services
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 22

FlipAware SEO Services is a well-known and trustworthy company providing SEO services in Markham. 

The agency aims to help businesses develop and achieve their objectives using the most effective marketing techniques.


  • The agency got featured in NBC News, FOXNews, CBS News, Digital Journal, and Daily Herald for excellence in providing SEO services. 
  • You get a free consultation and an SEO audit which you’ll get via email within a few hours.
  • The company is an active member of the Markham Board of Trade, so they are well-connected and active within the local business community. 
  • The agency focuses more on ramping up the online visibility of small and mid-sized businesses in the city via local SEO.


  • The agency has only provided one SEO case study, which is insufficient to demonstrate its past achievements. 
  • None of the renowned agencies have accredited them, nor have they won any awards for their digital marketing services. 

7. HellMedia

16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 23

Founded in 2002, HellMedia is dedicated to assisting you in creating a solid digital presence in relation to your competitors. 

In order to make that happen, the agency focuses relentlessly on providing incredible SEO service that can take you higher in SERPs. 


  • The agency has been featured in Inc., Market Watch, The News Wire, and SEMFirms, among other renowned publications, for its achievements. 
  • The talented team at HellMedia has helped hundreds of businesses achieve 2x and 3x revenue growth in just 90 days.
  • If their claims seem a bit too outlandish, you also get a free 30-minute consultation to assess whether they are really capable of driving such results. 
  • The agency is a Facebook and Google Partner and has been accredited by GoodFirms, among other listing bodies. 


  • The agency has yet to win any awards or recognition for its SEO services. 

8. Kogneta

Kogneta digital marketing Company
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 24

Kogneta is a company that uses specialized digital marketing techniques to help regional businesses expand successfully. 

It aims to implement ROI-focused SEO, PPC, and content marketing tactics to help companies beat the competition and generate more sales and leads.


  • You can request a free strategy consultation with their specialists to discuss how they can support you in achieving your business objectives.
  • The agency has published its past client’s results in the case studies section of its website.
  • The firm has assisted businesses like Pizza Pizza, Marcuson Industries, and Bin There Dump That.
  • GoodFirms has listed them for their SEO services. Furthermore, they offer customized plans, making them one of the most affordable SEO services in Markham.


  • The agency has not partnered with Google or any other marketing agencies.
  • The firm hasn’t won any awards or recognition, but they have been listed as one of the best SEO agencies in Markham by some listing sites. 

9. Advery Solution

Advery Solution
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 25

Advery Solution provides SEO services in Markham, allowing your company to rank locally and internationally on Google. Further, their mission is to assist businesses in targeting appropriate audiences for their adverts and exposure while generating inbound traffic. 


  • You get a free consultation with the agency that answers all your queries before you bring real money into the picture. 
  • The agency boasts of serving 85+ businesses, developing 500+ web pages, and managing 70+ campaigns. 
  • You get monthly reports for your projects showing your current position in SERPs, website traffic, and strategies being deployed.


  • The company hasn’t received any recognition from top listing bodies. Therefore, it can be a concern for some business owners.
  • You also don’t get any case studies from which you can understand their successful past campaigns. 

10. Digilite

Digilite digital marketing Firm
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 26

Established in 2006, Digilite specializes in digital marketing, SEO, designing, and development services with clients worldwide. 

The agency aims to offer SEO services in Markham that meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Further, its main objective is to assist in your organization’s long-term growth as a partner.


  • It’s good to see that the agency has enclosed some SEO case study results on the website.
  • The agency is a Google Certified, Mailchimp, GoDaddy, and Shopify partner.
  • You also get monthly reports on your projects to help you stay in the loop. 
  • If you contact them and discuss the requirements, you might qualify for a free SEO assessment for your website.


  • None of the renowned agencies have accredited them as the top SEO service provider in the city. 
  • The agency has not won any awards or certifications for its SEO work.

11. iTechnolabs Inc

iTechnolabs Inc
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 27

iTechnolabs Inc. is one of the best SEO companies in Markham, providing consultation services to help clients reach their goals and objectives. 

Further, their data-driven approach to SEO and other digital solutions can help you generate more brand awareness among your target audience and get more qualified leads. 


  • You get four reports monthly in their platinum plan to track your website’s SEO.
  • The agency offers tailored plans depending on the business’s size, marketing requirements, and objectives. Therefore, it is one of the most affordable SEO services in Markham.
  • You can easily schedule a free consultation call by filling in a basic form on their website.
  • The listing agency, GoodFirms, mentions it as one of the top SEO agencies in Markham city.


  • The agency is relatively new to the SEO market and lacks experience.
  • It has not published any case studies of its past clients. 

12. A2A Web Solutions

A2A Web Solutions
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 28

A2A Web Solutions is a reputable digital firm providing SEO services in Markham that helps your business gain organic growth in SERPs. 

Further, the agency uses data-driven strategies to generate better results. It maintains communication with each client and strives to establish long-term partnerships.


  • The agency offers several courses to educate its prospects, including SEO, content management, and data analytics.
  • The best part? The agency has enclosed its work samples on the website.
  • Further, A2A Web Solutions believes each business has unique requirements, so they provide tailored plans to clients.
  • It has an experience of 10+ years and a track record of successfully sailing through ever-changing harsh SEO algorithms.


  • The agency hasn’t received any honors or recognition from a listing site. 
  • Unfortunately, you don’t get a free SEO analysis unless you hire them and start working with them. 

13. Insiteful Solutions

Insiteful Solutions
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 29

Founded in 2002, Insiteful Solutions is an online design and development company in Markham. It works with you to create intelligent online marketing tactics to find and appeal to your ideal clients. 

Further, the agency’s mission is to assist clients in getting better organic growth in Markham.


  • You get a 45-minute, complimentary consultation at their locations or over the phone.
  • The agency has an experience of 20+ years and boasts of serving over 510 companies globally.
  • You get customized plans after it thoroughly analyzes your company and your requirements. For this reason, the agency provides affordable SEO services in Markham.
  • You can read through their case studies in the website’s portfolio section.


  • The agency has been in the business for a while now yet hasn’t won any awards or certifications. 
  • The agency hasn’t mentioned how often they report back to clients or whether they even do recurring reports. 

14. Hydensiq Digital

Hydensiq Digital
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 30

Markham-based Hydensiq Digital is a full-service digital firm that uses creative and data-driven techniques for your company’s organic growth. 

The agency assists clients in maximizing their digital presence to boost sales and ROI while keeping the vision in mind. Further, they are among the best SEO companies in Markham.


  • The agency is a Google Certified Partner, followed by Shopify, Adobe, and Meta Business Partner.
  • You get specialized branding and digital marketing solutions that help your company’s digital presence.
  • You can use their free consultation session to clear your doubts and learn improvement tactics.


  • Strangely, they have not been listed in any of the listing sites as one of the best Markham SEO companies. 
  • There are no case studies of previous campaigns on the website. 

15. Wisdek

Wisdek Digital Marketing Company
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 31

Wisdek has made companies digital leaders and assisted international enterprises since 1998. Their skilled team collaborates with you to develop custom, organic SEO growth plans that produce outstanding outcomes. 

Further, you get brand positioning, online visibility, and conversion rate enhancement services.


  • You can schedule a complimentary discovery session with Wisdek’s experts to learn about your SEO status and potential improvements.
  • The agency is a Google Certified Partner and accredited by Better Business Bureau.
  • After you start working with them, you get monthly reports about site metrics, keywords rankings, and conversions on your website.
  • The agency has 20+ years of experience and has completed 10,000+ projects since 1998. 


  • The agency is suitable for small and mid-sized businesses. If you’re a big business, you should avoid getting their digital services.
  • It would have been better if they had provided some case study results of their past clients. 

16. Seller Interactive

Seller Interactive
16 Best SEO Companies in Markham To Get Organic Growth 32

Seller Interactive is the last agency on our list of the best SEO companies in Markham. 

Its expertise in SEO and years of experience enable it to tailor solutions specifically to its customers’ needs. They accomplish it by satisfying their requirements and providing them with the best services.


  • They are a Google, Semrush Certified Agency, and Amazon Advertising Partner.
  • You can easily schedule a free consultation by filling out a basic form on their website.
  • The agency has published case studies. You can read through them and assess their working system to make an informed decision. 
  • They have served some top businesses like Youth Lab, Primal Life, Mented, and Fera.


  • The agency targets Amazon sellers and offers Amazon SEO services to them.
  • The agency seems to lack honors and accolades from industry bodies and listing agencies. 


So, this was our list of the best SEO companies in Markham for businesses of all sizes. 

These companies will produce exceptional results if you want local, nationwide, or international SEO. All the firms mentioned above are trustworthy and will help you achieve your goals and objectives. 

However, make sure that you choose one that has some experience within your niche or has a record of achieving the sort of results you are looking for.

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