17 Best SEO Companies in San Francisco to Get Higher Rankings

Are you looking for the top SEO agencies in San Francisco? Look no further. As easy as it may sound, finding a reliable SEO company isn’t a cakewalk even though it’s probably one of the most crucial decisions that you’ll make for your business. 

In order to lend you a hand in your search for the right agency, we have prepared this list of the seventeen best SEO companies in San Francisco. All of the agencies in this list have a stellar track record, impressive customer reviews, and numerous awards and accolades among other things. 

1. Victorious SEO

Victorious SEO, an ROI-focused, data-driven marketing agency

Victorious is a San Francisco-based SEO company that works with domestic and foreign clients. The agency deploys data-driven and ROI-focused campaigns and SEO tactics to assist businesses in achieving their growth objectives. 

Victorious SEO Features:

  • Inc Magazine has listed them as one of the fastest-growing private companies in California on multiple occasions. They have received countless other awards, mentions, and shout-outs. 
  • You get a free SEO consultation to understand how they can help before you commit to a paid plan. You can avail it by filling in some basic details of your company. 

2. Jives Media

Jives Media, an SEO Company in San Francisco

Started in 2012, Jives Media is a San Francisco-based SEO company offering some of the best SEO services in the area. The agency has completed over 500 projects for more than 16,000 businesses among whom there are many Fortune 500 firms. 

Jives Media Features:

  • You can see the results of their past clients on the website’s portfolio section. They have a track record of delivering 150% ROI for their clients on average. 
  • The agency has won several awards and accolades from many industry experts and reputable organizations.  
  • Despite being a reputable SEO agency, they don’t offer any free SEO audit or consultation. 

3. Proleadsoft

Proleadsoft, a web design, digital marketing, PPC, and SEO services company in San Francisco

Established in 2012, Proleadsoft is a full-service web design, digital marketing, PPC, and SEO services company. They have provided incredible SEO results for numerous clients from all over the world. 

The company promises to use white hat SEO techniques to boost organic traffic & search rankings.

Proleadsoft Features:

  • According to The Manifest, a leading business newspaper, they are one of the Top 100 On-Page SEO Companies in San Francisco.
  • Apart from SEO, you also get web development, web design, and other marketing-related services. So if you need a lot of varied marketing services in one place, this company might be a good fit.
  • They are a socially conscious organization. Every year, Proleadsoft works to provide free services to a handful of deserving charities whose goals are compatible with them.

4. Upgrow

Upgrow, an SEO Company in San Francisco, United States

Upgrow is an SEO company that assists clients in identifying and improving their online presence at the best possible price by using data-driven strategies. 

The firm has helped clients through the deployment of various practical digital marketing tools, thoughtful execution, and strategic thinking to maximize their return on investment.

Upgrow Features:

  • This agency is a Google Premier Partner 2022 and Facebook Blueprint-certified planner which means that they have better access to the latest updates and are better positioned to help their clients stay a bit ahead of the competition. 
  • Among several laurels is the fact that, according to Inc. 5000, Upgrow is one of America’s fastest-growing private companies.
  • You get a free consultation before you invest real money. You can use this consultation to clear your doubts and learn about their strategies and processes.
  • You can find details about their SEO plans on their website. They also provide custom plans as per your requirements.

5. SocialPulsar

SocialPulsar, a Digital Marketing Agency in San Francisco, California, USA

SocialPulsar uses AI to promote business and digital advertising to potential customers to turn website visitors into paying clients. The agency has served various sectors like healthcare, education, retail, and others.

This agency has two offices in the USA, one in San Francisco and another in San Jose. Furthermore, they also have physical offices in UAE and India.

SocialPulsar Features:

  • They are a trustworthy company with a track record of generating mind-boggling results for their clients. For instance, they have reportedly generated 6M+ leads, 3M+ calls, and 9M+ e-commerce transactions for their customers. 
  • They have the honor of working with some of the top companies in the world, like Oppo, Volkswagen, Renault, and Speak Inc. The agency has 100+ clients testimonials from their happy clients (available on their website). 

6. Thomas Digital

Thomas Digital is providing SEO services in San Francisco
17 Best SEO Companies in San Francisco to Get Higher Rankings 18

Established in 2010, Thomas Digital is a website design company specializing in creating unique WordPress websites and providing SEO services in San Francisco. They aim to provide small and medium-sized companies to rank better in SERP.

Thomas Digital Features:

  • Though their base plan is expensive, they offer customized plans if you are on a tighter budget. 
  • Apart from SEO, they provide top-notch web designing services as part of which they offer a free website mockup within seven days.
  • They have a fully-furnished portfolio page on their website. You can browse their work and see their work quality.
  • Though their core service is web designing, their SEO services have pretty solid reviews and are known to be effective and reliable. 

7. Razorfrog

Razorfrog, a web design and SEO company based in San Francisco, California
17 Best SEO Companies in San Francisco to Get Higher Rankings 19

Razorfrog is a small web design and SEO company based in San Francisco. On top of implementing SEO strategies, they can help you design a website that will appeal to customers, increase traffic, and strengthen your brand. 

Razorfrog Features:

  • The agency is considered an experienced digital marketing solution in San Francisco. It was founded in 2008 and has provided quality service to small and big enterprises alike. 
  • They are recognized as one of the best SEO agencies in San Francisco and nearby regions by many of its past clients, industry experts, reputable industry organizations, etc. Their awards and listings attest to this fact. 

8. SevenAtoms

SevenAtoms, an eCommerce SEO service provider based in San Francisco

San Francisco-based SEO company SevenAtoms works with e-commerce companies to help them optimize their site, increase revenue, and achieve measurable financial results. 

The company was founded in 2012, and since then, they have employed cutting-edge techniques for PPC, social media, content marketing, and SEO.

SevenAtoms Features:

  • SevenAtoms is an e-commerce SEO expert and specializes in this field. Therefore, if you have an e-commerce business, they could the best SEO agency for you.
  • The agency offers a free consultation where you can ask questions regarding all the things you need to do to optimize your website.
  • Since they are a HubSpot accredited firm and a Google Partner, they have the knowledge, expertise, and best practices to handle even the most challenging SEO projects.
  • The agency’s website includes many case studies related to its past SEO projects. You can assess their strengths from those studies and decide whether they can help your business. 
  • They are an ideal option for small to mid-sized businesses considering the fact that they have worked with many such organizations in the past.

9. Espresso B2B Marketing

Espresso B2B Marketing, an SEO company
17 Best SEO Companies in San Francisco to Get Higher Rankings 20

Espresso B2B Marketing is an SEO company located in the heart of San Francisco. They help B2B companies attract more website traffic and boost conversion rates with the latest and most effective tactics. 

Espresso B2B Marketing Features:

  • IBM, Demand Solutions, Autodesk, Jama Software, and Servicenow, are some top reputable companies that they’ve worked with. 
  • You can find case studies on their previous clients published on their website. From such studies, you can understand how they operate and what sort of results they can bring to your company. 
  • They have made many varied packages for different sorts of services you may require. For example, their Blogging Package fits companies who want to publish blogs and get more eyeballs.

10. Level343

Level343 LLC, a global marketing and SEO firm, based in San Francisco

San Francisco-based Level343, LLC is a global marketing and SEO firm working with clients worldwide since 1998. 

The company’s marketing experts design distinctive SEO strategies based on reliable data to increase conversion rates and aid firms in attracting targeted traffic.

Level343 Features:

  • They are a Google Partner and are recognized as one of the top SEO firms in the area. 
  • They offer local, national, and specialized international SEO services. Therefore, this agency might be a perfect choice if your brand is global.
  • You also get a free consultation before you start a long-term contract with them. 

11. Taurus Media

Taurus Media, an seo agency in San Francisco,

Taurus Media focuses on offering result-driven SEO services to businesses in the communications and e-commerce sectors. 

They use the latest and Google-approved SEO techniques to improve the rankings of businesses in SERPs.

Taurus Media Features:

  • Taurus Media has offices at different locations in the USA including San Francisco, New York, and Orlando, so this makes them a good choice for companies who do business across the US. 
  • Their packages include a wide array of SEO services including website audit and link-building. But you can also ask for individually customized plans. 
  • You can avail yourself of the advantage of a free SEO consultation with them. You just need to fill out a contact form, and they’ll get back to you. 
  • The agency has worked with some big brands like DHL, Allstate, Toms, and Park Eve. 

12. GrowthExpertz

GrowthExpertz, an SEO agency in San Francisco

GrowthExpertz is an entirely remote digital marketing agency that assists recently-funded B2B and B2C start-ups globally in scaling up quickly. The company was founded in 2016. However, the team has 50+ years of combined experience in SEO and digital marketing.

GrowthExpertz Features:

  • The company has served more than 30+ companies in its small tenure. Their years of combined experience have led them to drive better results for their clients.
  • They specialize in fast-growing start-ups. So if you’re a new business, GrowthExpertz should be the perfect fit. They’ve helped companies like Tinder (Match Group) and BBVA scale their businesses.
  • They understand that every company has its unique requirements, so they offer customized plans for each company. 

13. California SEO Professionals

California SEO Professionals provide SEO services

California SEO Professionals help companies grow their search engine visibility by generating organic traffic and raising the domain authority of your site. 

Most of the organization’s services involve a thorough analysis of the root problems, link-building, and keyword research.

California SEO Professionals Features:

  • You get a free strategy session with them. Furthermore, the agency also offers a free SEO audit to analyze your website’s current SEO situation and recommend essential steps. 
  • They have provided clients with 6x growth in SERPs ranking, a 398% increase in organic traffic, a 129% increase in visit duration, and a 1000% increase in top 10 placements. 
  • Search engine optimization is their core service. However, they also provide other related services such as social media, PPC, content marketing, and email marketing.

14. RSO Consulting

RSO Consulting, a San Francisco-based, SEO firm

RSO Consulting is a San Francisco-based, full-service SEO and digital marketing firm that develops inventive plans to help businesses grow and generate more leads. They offer smaller companies and venture-backed start-ups website design and other digital marketing services.

RSO Consulting Features:

  • They’re a full-scale digital marketing agency providing all the essential services in one place.
  • The agency is a Google Partner, which means that they are always on top of Google’s algorithmic changes and updates. Consequently, that leads to them being able to serve you with more effective tactics. 
  • The agency has worked with several small to medium-sized businesses. They have also served notable global brands, including HP, Coleman, Total Wine, Adobe, Pearson, and Discovery.
  • They offer a free digital marketing consultation. You can use this option to clear your doubts before you put in real money.

15. Spokes Digital

Spokes Digital, an emerging SEO agency based in San Francisco
17 Best SEO Companies in San Francisco to Get Higher Rankings 21

Founded in 2017, Spokes Digital is an emerging SEO agency based in San Francisco. Their main USP (unique selling point) is that they thoroughly understand all facets of information technology and digital marketing. 

In addition to SEO, they provide many other services including PPC, affiliate marketing, and so on. 

Spokes Digital Features:

  • The agency fosters valuable partnerships with Google, Adobe, Criteo, and Taboola. It enables them to stay abreast of the changing landscape and helps their clients stay ahead of the curve. 
  • They are the first digital marketing company to serve the Cannabis and CBD industries. For instance, they have launched campaigns for Medmen, a billion-dollar company. 
  • The company is data-driven and offers free consultation and free audits. It can help you understand how they can help you grow your business.

16. Palmer Ad Agency

Palmer Ad Agency assists small and large businesses in branding and marketing their services in San Francisco

For more than 34 years, Palmer Ad Agency has assisted small and large businesses in branding and marketing their services in San Francisco. 

They produce excellent advertisements for digital marketing and assist clients in achieving high rankings on well-known search engines.

Palmer Ad Agency Features:

  • The partnerships that they have with brands like Hubspot and Databox work in their favor and allow them to provide successful and secure SEO tactics. 
  • You can access many free and useful resources on their website regarding SEO, content marketing, and much more. 
  • They also offer free consultations which you can get by filling out a generic form on their website. This consultation can help you make up your mind about this company. 

17. Voxturr

Voxturr is a Digital Marketing Agency

Voxturr is another amazing company that provides SEO services in San Francisco. They have experience working with various companies, including Fortune 500 firms. 

Voxturr Features:

  • This agency provides affordable SEO services in San Francisco compared to other agencies in the same area. So if you’re on a tight budget, consider this company one of your top choices. 
  • They have worked with some really big companies like ITC, Himalaya, Tata, and StudCred. It shows they are a reliable and trustworthy agency. 
  • You can read case studies published on their website. Case studies on their website can help you understand the impact they have had on clients in the past. 


You need SEO to reach your potential customers and grow; it has become a non-negotiable aspect of digital marketing today. Thus, it’s crucial that you select an able, affordable, and responsible agency to help you ramp up your SEO efforts. 

Our list of the best SEO companies in San Francisco that you just read can help you do that. 

Each one of them can help you increase your search engine rankings and enjoy high-quality organic traffic and rising revenue growth. You just need to do some due diligence on your own and pick the one right for your business! 

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