19 Best SEO Companies in Seattle

If you have been searching for the best SEO agency in Seattle, you may have already realized that stumbling upon the right one is easier said than done. 

So, in order to make the search for the best SEO agency in your state easier for you, we have vetted the top agencies that have a proven track record of driving results for companies of all sizes in the state. 

You can find our picks in the list below; it has been made after thoroughly analyzing client reviews, services, extra offerings, awards, portfolios, and other metrics. 

1. Seattle Organic SEO

Seattle Organic SEO Company

Located on S Charles Street, Seattle Organic SEO is an award-winning SEO company that serves small to medium-sized businesses. They have been providing SEO and other digital marketing services since 2010.

Email: hello@seattleorganicseo.com

Phone: 425-289-6008

Pricing: Base plans start from $549 (which makes them one of Seattle’s best and most affordable SEO services).

Seattle Organic SEO Features

  • They are recognized as “Best SEO Experts in Seattle” by Expertise.com. Goodfirms has also listed them as a Top SEO Service Company in Seattle. All this means that you will be getting top-notch SEO services from experienced professionals.
  • You will get monthly reports via email and monthly consultations over a call. This will help you track your growth and let you understand how the agency is actually helping you achieve your goals.
  • Though their website has a clean user experience, it lacks a live chat option. So, if you need quick support, you can only call or email them.

2. Clarity Online SEO

Clarity Online SEO in Seattle, USA

Founded by a self-educated and Google-certified SEO expert, Clarity Online SEO is a company that believes in transparency and communication. 

They are a new company with limited experience, but they have carved out an established position of their own within a short period of time, thanks to their outstanding services. 

Email: shane@clarity-online.com

Phone: 206-208-9001

Pricing: The base plan starts from $699

Clarity Online SEO Features

  • They offer a free SEO audit and a free consultation that might help you to understand your company’s needs and requirements. 
  • Their basic plan, Google My Business SEO, includes local SEO and can be completed within 3-5 business days, giving you results within two weeks. 
  • They also offer WordPress maintenance plans. So if your website runs on WordPress, they might be a perfect fit.
  • They also offer customized pricing. So, you can take their services per the budget that suits you.
  • The agency provides you with monthly reports, frequent calls, and emails to update you about what’s happening with your business. 
  • UpCity and Expertise have honored them with the tag of Best SEO and digital marketing agency in Seattle in 2019 and 2020, respectively. 
  • It could have been better if they had a live chat option on their website.

3. iLocal, Inc

iLocal Inc, an SEO Agency in Seattle, USA

iLocal has helped small businesses increase their online visibility and generate leads since 2009. Apart from good SEO services in Seattle, the company provides social media management, web design, and content generation services.

Email: jason@ilocal.net

Phone: 206-790-1999

Pricing: $100/hr – $149/hr

iLocal, Inc Features

  • In 2021, the agency was awarded for its excellent services by UpCity, a marketplace for digital marketing service providers.
  • They have been featured on Expertise.com and earned A+ for their reputation and professionalism. 
  • On their site, you get a free option called “Test Your Website’s IQ.” It will let you know your site’s performance on Google. Afterward, you may connect with them for a better plan. 
  • They also offer customized plans as per your website’s requirements. It can be beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • They go above and beyond their office hours to ensure you get the best SEO services possible which genuinely shows their dedication to customers.
  • As per some clients’ reviews on Customer Lobby, their customer service is not up to mark. They lack communication and quality service in some respects. For instance, they haven’t disclosed their email address on the site. The only way to connect is through call or live chat. 

4. Logic Inbound

SEO approach of Logic Inbound agency

Logic Inbound, with 40+ years of experience in SEO, has successfully generated results for its clients and has five-star ratings on Google and Clutch. 

Well-known listing agency Expertise has rated Logic Inbound with A+ for their SEO services in Seattle.

Email: sales@logicinbound.com

Phone: 206-895-6398

Pricing: $150/hr-$199/hr

Logic Inbound Features

  • They create quarterly goals and set KPIs to meet your requirements. Additionally, they call you every other week to discuss progress and see how it’s affecting KPIs and quarterly targets. 
  • They have several case studies of their previous clients on their site. Reading them can allow you to understand their process better and consider whether they will be the right agency for you. 
  • They offer a free consultation where they’ll assist you and answer your queries before you purchase their services. 
  • They have worked with prestigious companies like Kia, Clickbank, and Exotic Motors. However, it doesn’t matter if you are a small or large enterprise; they treat you equally.
  • The good thing is that they are a fully-fledged SEO company. So, if you’re specifically looking for SEO services in Seattle, go with them.
  • The agency doesn’t offer any live chat on its website, which can be a bit of a disadvantage considering it’s a reputed SEO company. 

5. Visualwebz

Visualwebz, an SEO and Website Design Company in Seattle

Visualwebz is an SEO and website designing company in Seattle, operating since 2008. Clutch recognizes the company among the Top Global 1000 companies for its services. They have also been awarded for their local excellence in 2021 as well as their national distinction in 2020 by UpCity

Moreover, they are the market leaders in linking international service providers with multinational corporations.

Email: info@visualwebz.com 

Phone: 425-336-0069

Pricing: $100/hr-$149/hr

Visualwebz Features

  • The agency has served small as well as big businesses in every industry. So, you know you’ll be served by experts. 
  • You get a free analysis of your website, which helps you understand your business’s SEO status. Consequently, you know the areas where you need to improve yourself.
  • They may claim to provide the best SEO services, but their core service is web design and development. So, it may concern a few people, including yourself. However, their SEO results are satisfactory. 
  • You may get various SEO case studies on their website. SEOblog, a well-recognized listing company, has accredited them as Top Rated Local SEO Agency in 2022.
  • They offer customized plans, allowing you to select the services your business needs.
  • You may not find a live chat option on the site, which is disappointing as it’s the best option to get in touch quickly.

6. SEO Seattle

SEO Seattle Marketing Agency

SEO Seattle was founded to assist businesses with leads, conversions, and profits and has over 20 years of combined marketing experience. 

The company has been providing exemplary SEO services to boost web traffic, at times by over 500%.

Email: marketingagencyseattle@gmail.com 

Phone: 206-279-3440

Pricing: Customized plans

SEO Seattle Features

  • They provide a free consultation where they thoroughly examine your website, business objectives, existing marketing plan, and your expectations for the future.
  • They offer customized pricing, and all their plans include content writing, social media marketing (SMM), logo and banner design, and detailed analytics reporting.
  • You can also avail yourself of their free SEO audit by requesting them via call or by filling out a form on the website. 
  • The agency is a Google and Facebook-certified marketing partner.

7. Actuate Media

Actuate Media, a data-driven SEO Agency in Seattle, USA

Actuate Media is a data-driven company focusing more on B2B and B2C relationships. Top listing companies like UpCity and Clutch have accredited them as Top SEO Agencies in 2019 and 2020, respectively. 

Email: sales@actuatemedia.com 

Phone: 888-810-0708

Pricing: $100/hr-$149/hr

Actuate Media Features

  • They are a Google partner and are featured in Expertise with “A” ratings for their professionalism in SEO. 
  • The agency’s core service is SEO, and it holds an experience of 25 years in the industry. SEMfirms, a listing agency, has crowned them the best SEO firm in 2019. All this indicates you can trust them to get SEO services for your business.
  • They provide a free SEO audit and consultation to discuss and analyze your business before making you commit to a paid plan.  

8. Coalition Technologies

Key Features of Coalition Technologies SEO Agency, located in Seattle, USA

Does the idea of working with a company that claims to have generated over 600% more revenue than a typical SEO agency interest you? Then you need to look into Coalition Technologies

Coalition Technologies apply advanced AI technology and the latest trends to drive you to the maximum ROI. 

Email: sales@coalitiontechnologies.com 

Phone: 888-473-6513

Pricing: $50/hr-$99/hr

Coalition Technologies Features

  • They have 700+ case studies published by their previous clients. These studies can help you intricately understand their work process.
  • They believe in a month-to-month contract instead of a six or 12-month contract at once. This can be quite helpful for small businesses. 
  • The collective work experience of the team members in digital marketing is over 18 years. And that’s why they have retained 98% of their clients.
  • With their new flexible payment options, you can pay for your projects over up to 6 months.
  • They have partnered with big names such as Google, Big Commerce, and Shopify. They have also been featured in Bloomberg, PC World, ABC News, and Fast company.

9. Thrive Design

Thrive Design, a Web Design and SEO company in Seattle, USA

Thrive Design is a web design company with 20+ years of experience, providing outstanding SEO services for businesses in Seattle. They were honored for national excellence by UpCity in 2022 and received the Top Digital Agency tag by Clutch in the same year. 

Email: hello@thrive.design 

Phone: 206-451-7326 

Pricing: $2500-$5000/month 

Thrive Design Features

  • They also provide design and development services. So if you need these services along with SEO, this agency is a good choice.
  • Their expensive services make it hard for small and medium-sized businesses to afford them. 
  • You get monthly SEO and Google Ad reports along with a bi-weekly campaign performance update. So you stay in the loop and know what’s happening with your money.

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10. Exo Agency

Exo Agency, an agency providing Web Development, SEO and PPC Services

Exo Agency is a marketing agency providing SEO, web development, and PPC services. Their goal is to assist companies of all sizes to grow and succeed by implementing cutting-edge marketing techniques. 

Consequently, they won the Best web developer, local SEO, and local excellence awards by UpCity, Clutch, and Expertise in 2022.

Email: info@exoagency.com 

Phone: 650-254-6267 

Pricing: $50/hr-$99/hr 

Exo Agency Features

  • The agency is a Semrush, Google partner, and Microsoft advertising certified professional. They also featured in Inc. 5000 as America’s Fastest Growing Private Company. 
  • They provide a free SEO evaluation of your website before you purchase their services. 
  • They offer customized and highly affordable SEO plans. So, if you’re on a tight budget, this agency should be your choice.
  • You receive monthly reporting, customized strategy, backlinks and keywords audit, and all types of SEO (on-page, off-page, and technical) in all their plans.
  • If you need instant support, you must rely on a voice call or email, as their site doesn’t have a live chat option. 

11. Add3

Add3 Online Marketing Agency
19 Best SEO Companies in Seattle 20

Founded in 2010, Add3 is an online marketing agency that offers SEO services in Seattle. They focus on small to medium-sized enterprises and do extensive data extraction to assist you better. Moreover, Expertise and UpCity have honored them with the Best Digital Marketing Company award in Seattle in 2022

Email: info@add3.com 

Phone: 206-568-3772 

Pricing: Customized plans 

Add3 Features

  • They won US Search Awards (an award for best PPC, marketing, and SEO services) in 2016. They got several other awards like Landy Awards and Pulse Awards. These awards show their services are trustworthy and credible.
  • Inc. 5000 has listed them as the fastest growing private company in the USA. It’s a clear indication that they’ve satisfied customers.
  • You get monthly reports, which help you understand what steps the company is taking on your behalf.
  • You won’t find any live chat option on the site, which can disappoint you if you want to contact them quickly.

12. SEO.co

SEO.co, a full-fledged SEO Company in Seattle

If you are looking for a fully-fledged and dedicated SEO company in Seattle, you should try this one. They have been in the SEO market for over a decade and have provided superior ROI to clients.

Email: info@seo.co 

Phone: 877-545-4769 

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $2,000/month 

SEO.co Features

  • They count many of the big and reputed Fortune 500 companies as their clients, which shows that they’ve ample experience working with the best. 
  • SEO.co offers several free tools on their sites. They include a free SEO audit, broken link tool, site speed tester, AI writer, SEO training, and title tag checker.
  • In addition to SEO strategy, they offer related services such as content marketing and link building which can streamline your SEO efforts. 

13. Connection Model, LLC

Connection Model, LLC, a result-driven, digital marketing agency

Connection Model concentrates on using realistic digital marketing strategies to help brands increase their income, produce qualified leads, and gain new, valuable customers. 

They have over ten years of experience in the SEO industry. Furthermore, UpCity awarded them the Local Excellence Award in Seattle in 2019. 

Email: inquiry@connectionmodel.com 

Phone: 206-400-7724 

Pricing: $100/hr-$149/hr 

Connection Model, LLC Features

  • They were the first company to get Platinum Agency Partner status with Hubspot in 2019.
  • They also got the tag of 20 most promising Hubspot marketing partners. If you’re not aware of Hubspot, they are among the most well-known marketing software companies in the world.
  • You won’t get any package and pricing on the site, which might be a bit of a challenge if you want to make a quick decision. 

14. Chair 10 Marketing, Inc

Chair 10 Marketing Inc, an SEO company in Seattle focusing on SEO and PPC

Chair 10 Marketing Inc, founded by Mark Kelly, is another SEO company in Seattle focusing on SEO and PPC. 

Clutch, a popular listing site, has verified and listed them as a “good” SEO company in Seattle. Moreover, they are also a Google partner indicating their services are top-notch. 

Email: Not publicly available.  

Phone: 206-529-4310 

Pricing: $100/hr-$149/hr 

Chair 10 Marketing, Inc. Features

  • They offer other related services like PPC, SMM, and web development. So, getting them all in one place is excellent if you want full-scale digital growth. 
  • They work with clients from across the USA and Canada.
  • They also publish blogs and post educational videos on YouTube, which shows their expertise in the services they’re providing. 
  • They offer a free SEO consultation. So, you may call them to get into a discussion about your current performance and future objectives and get a plan before you commit to a paid plan. 

15. Scott Keever SEO

Key features of Scott Keever SEO

Scott Keever SEO is a client-focused and results-driven digital marketing company in Seattle. 

The agency has dramatically enhanced the online presence of several clients worldwide, from small companies to high-profile businesses. Furthermore, they have been listed in the top reputable magazines like Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Forbes, BuzzFeed, and USToday.com.

Email: scott@keeverseo.com 

Phone: 206-202-4983

Pricing: Customized plans 

Scott Keever SEO Features

  • They promise to increase your visibility by 200%, which sounds unreal, but the claim is supported by past work.
  • The company offers a free site analysis to help you better understand where your site stands and how to improve it. It’s also a great way to choose SEO plans accordingly. 
  • If you are a small-scale business and want to grow locally, they can be an ideal option, as they are more dedicated to local SEO for small businesses.

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16. Growth LogiQ  

Growth LogiQ, a marketing agency located in Seattle, USA

Growth Logiq is a digital marketing agency focusing on all facets of SEO. It was established by a well-known SEO and SMM specialist Efrain Sanchez in 2019. Their objective is to provide all types of businesses with increased organic visibility, traffic, and conversions. 

Email: hello@growthlogiq.co 

Phone: 602-699-4661

Pricing: $200-$300/hr 

Growth Logiq Features

  • Before Growth LogiQ, the founder and CEO of the company, Efrain Sanchez, worked with Fortune 500 companies and provided them with the best SEO results.
  • The agency has ranked an average of 450+ keywords and delivered a whopping 115% increase in average traffic to their clients. One of their clients even got a 500% increase in traffic if the testimonials are to be believed. 
  • The core service of the company is SEO. So you can rest assured that they are experts in the field. 
  • You may find the results of their past clients on the site. You can call them directly or get a free consultation for 15 minutes before you make a monetary commitment. 

17. Blue Yarn Media

Blue Yarn Media, an agency that specializes in SEO and SEM

Blue Yarn Media was founded by Heather Darab, an SEO and SEM expert with more than 13 years of experience in the field. The agency has been providing local and national SEO in Seattle since 2012.

Email: info@blueyarnmedia.com 

Phone: 425-998-8503

Pricing: Customized plans 

Blue Yarn Media Features

  • Clutch awarded the agency as the best B2B company in 2021
  • They have published various case studies of their past work on their website. If you want to understand their process and past record, you may go through them.
  • You can get a free SEO audit from them. It’s a great way to know where you need to improve to rise up in search engine rankings. 
  • You can also easily calculate an approximate budget needed to achieve your goals using their on-site calculator. It helps you define a clear budget and set the right expectations.

18. Pivotal Point Marketing

Pivotal Point Marketing Agency, located in Seattle, USA

A company with more than 11 years of experience and a demonstrable record of only hiring the best talent can be one of your safest bets in terms of an SEO agency in Seattle. You know, among Google Certified Marketing strategists, they only employ the best 1% to drive phenomenal results.

Email: team@pivotalpointmarketing.com 

Phone: 206-249-7137

Pricing: $125/hr-$175/hr

Pivotal Point Marketing Features

  • Pivotal Point Marketing is a Facebook Preferred Partner, a Shopify Plus Partner Agency, a Google Premier Partner, and an Upwork Top-Rated Agency.
  • Their base plan starts at $750 per week, where they’ll work 8-10 hours per week. The advance plan includes 35-49 hours a week. Furthermore, you can also hire them on an hourly basis. 
  • You can get a free consultation to clear any queries and doubts before entering into a financial agreement with them. 
  • They provide you with weekly reports through which you can easily track the progress they have been able to make for your business. They also offer optional weekly team WIP (work in progress) updates so that you know what’s happening with your business.  

19. Fujisan Marketing

Fujisan Marketing, an Online Marketing Agency in Seattle, USA

Last but not least on our list of best SEO companies in Seattle is Fujisan Marketing. The company started in 2014 and offers services that include campaign management, internet marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and SEO.

Email: contact@fujisanmarketing.com 

Phone: 844-385-4726

Pricing: Customized plans

Fujisan Marketing Features

  • They are recognized as the best SEO and digital marketing agency in Seattle for 2022 by Expertise.
  • The agency is a Google and Bing partner. They are also certified Digital Marketing Associates with Facebook (Meta). So if you need PPC along with SEO, they’ll be a great choice.
  • If you want to know about their performance in the SEO field, you may scroll through some of the case studies on their website. 
  • They offer customized plans to each customer. First, they analyze your business, learn about your goals, and suggest the best package. But the final decision is always yours.


Regardless of whether you are a small, medium, or large company, choosing the right company for SEO is quite crucial. The right company will analyze your requirements and provide services accordingly. 

According to us, these are the 19 best SEO companies in Seattle that you can choose from right now. Based on your specific needs, you can choose any of the agencies listed here and they will help you grow your business and drive better revenue. 

However, please make sure that you do your own due diligence and analyze all the companies in terms of experience, recognition, records, customer service, and so on before making a final decision. 

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