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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for all types of businesses. As a key digital marketing strategy, SEO comes in handy whether you are looking to create long-term brand awareness, earn more revenue, or expand your target audiences. Because of this, different SEO agencies in Kelowna work with businesses to boost their SEO efforts.

If you are looking for SEO solutions in Kelowna, this article will look at the top agencies, their service focus, tool, and pricing to help you choose the best option for your business.

8 Top SEO Agencies in Kelowna

As of 2021, statistics show that some of the leading SEO factors for search rankings include on-page elements, organic user behavior, depth and accuracy of content, structured data, and fresh content. Working with a top SEO agency ensures you get these services to improve your rankings.

Here are the top SEO agencies to consider.

1. StraightNorth

StraightNorth - SEO Agency in Kelowna
Best SEO Agencies in Kelowna 10

StraightNorth is a results-driven digital marketing agency that offers multiple services, including SEO, web design, and PPC. You can rely on their services to increase traffic to your e-commerce sites and generate qualified sales leads.  Since its establishment in 1997, the full-service internet marketing company has worked with B2B and B2C clients to improve their SEO.

Here are the SEO services you get from StraightNorth:

●  Free SEO audit

●  Local and national SEO

●  E-commerce and enterprise SEO

●  Monthly SEO services

●  SEO consulting

●  Link building

●  Google penalty recovery

Search engine optimization is one of their most popular services; therefore, they would be ideal if you are looking for experts for lead generation marketing campaigns. In addition, they work with businesses that serve local markets or multinationals working with regional target markets by offering local SEO services.

StraightNorth has not included pricing for its services. If you need details about this, you can request a quote by calling their office line or filling in the consultation form on the website.

2. SEO Resellers Canada

SEO Resellers Canada
Best SEO Agencies in Kelowna 11

SEO Resellers Canada is a trusted SEO agency in Kelowna. As a white-label SEO reseller, the agency provides web design, social media solutions, and authoritative link-building solutions. The company has existed for more than 18 years; therefore, they are well experienced in developing solutions that work with any agency or business.

As one of the top SEO firms, the company has a team of creative marketers and SEO experts to help you develop campaigns. Additionally, these technicians will collaborate with your internal team to audit your SEO strengths and weaknesses. You can rely on the company to generate greater results to help you with organic visibility and increase traffic conversions.

Their SEO services include:

●  White label SEO

●  SEO solutions

●  SEO consulting

●  SEO outsourcing

SEO Resellers Canada has five pricing plans: Starter, Basic, Pro, Advanced, and Premium. The fully managed SEO programs start at $279. You can request pricing if you need to sign up for a specific plan.

3. SmartSites

Best SEO Agencies in Kelowna 12

SmartSites is one of the top digital marketing agencies. Their exceptional customer service professionals have a track record of building successful businesses. Thanks to their SEO services, you can acquire more customers, get more traffic and sell your products no matter the size of your business.

With SmartSites, you can achieve measurable results by working on all variables that impact SERPs. They have a proven track record of maximizing your online visibility and ensuring you succeed.

Their SEO services include:

●  E-commerce SEO

●  Local SEO

●  National SEO

●  Technical SEO audit

●  SEO copywriting

●  Mobile SEO

●  SEO consulting

To get the quote for SmartSites, you’ll need to request a quote from the team.

4. Vancouver SEO Agency

Vancouver SEO Agency
Best SEO Agencies in Kelowna 13

If you are looking for a top SEO agency in Kelowna, consider the Vancouver SEO agency. The company uses white-hat strategies; therefore, your website won’t be penalized. In addition, this SEO agency helps you fill the website with the right content. They provide the priority keywords to help you build content.

Their highly-experienced team is constantly looking for ways to rank your content higher on Google algorithms with the highest level of accuracy. Some of the SEO services you’ll get from Vancouver SEO agency include:

●  SEO marketing plan and competitive analysis

●  Referring backlinks and domains

●  Google My Business & local listings

●  Keyword-rich content

Vancouver SEO Agency offers a free consult for clients. You can schedule a strategy call by filling out the form on their website. Afterward, the team will send you a custom proposal to help you choose your pricing structure.

5. Sitely Pro

Sitely Pro
Best SEO Agencies in Kelowna 14

Sitely Pro is a digital marketing agency that you can use to reach new clients using a targeted online campaign. Using the company’s SEO services, you can increase your ROI, enhance conversions, and attract quality visitors. This agency offers digital marketing services like search engine marketing (SEM), SEO, content optimization, and generation.

It’s one of the agencies that offer SEO services in Kelowna; therefore, you can use the company to grow your business and boost brand recognition. The company creates customized SEO strategies for your business requirements and target audience. In addition, they create a technical SEO strategy that will help you convert your organic visitors into leads.

Here are the SEO services you get from Sitely Pro:

●  Content optimization

●  LSI & Keyword research

●  Off-page considerations

●  Mobile responsiveness

●  Page speed improvements

●  Tag optimization

●  Mobile UX optimization

●  Title tags and headers

To get pricing for SEO services from Sitely Pro, you can contact the company via phone, email, or by filling in the contact form on the website.

6. Roketto

Best SEO Agencies in Kelowna 15

Roketto is an inbound marketing agency that works with ambitious brands and businesses to hit growth goals. Started more than 9 years ago, Roketto is one of the leading SEO agencies in Kelowna. The company conducts content research and builds customized SEO plans for companies; therefore, they are a good option if you want to gain website traffic.

Roketto focuses on creating the right plan for your business, whether you need technical on-page optimization, keyword research, or effective content strategies. You can work with them on the specific areas you need to meet your company goals. Here are the SEO services you’ll get from this company.

●  Monthly SEO reports

●  Quarterly reviews

●  Call tracking

●  Implementation team and account manager

If you want to use Roketto services, you can set up a free discovery call with the team. After this call, you can get a pricing plan for your business.

7. BlackBean Industrial Marketing

BlackBean Industrial Marketing
Best SEO Agencies in Kelowna 16

BlackBean Marketing is an SEO agency in Kelowna for blue-collar innovators. The company offers unique services because its marketing expertise is in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. You can get services like strategic consulting, website, and content development.

They offer B2B SEO audits that involve researching and choosing high-value keywords for different businesses. In addition, they will explore your current keyword performance and identify ways to improve the rankings. Some of the factors BlackBean Marketing considers include:

●  Mobile website quality

●  Technical speed and performance

●  Design best practices

●  Keyword density

Once the audit is complete, you’ll receive a document with recommendations on how to improve your SEO performance. If you need to work with BlackBean Marketing, you can contact them for a quote.

8. Project Pi Consulting

Project Pi Consulting
Best SEO Agencies in Kelowna 17

Project Pi Consulting was established to help businesses in Kelowna improve their online presence. Therefore, they help businesses in developing digital marketing plans and websites. Project Pi Consulting works with small and mid-sized businesses that need SEO services.

Once you reach out to Project Pi Consulting, you can access SEO services like:

●  Keyword research

●  Technical SEO

●  Site structure

●  SEO copywriting

●  Multilingual SEO

●  Structured data

In case you need a quote, you can fill in the form on the website to get affordable SEO prices for your business.

9. Rank It

Rank It
Best SEO Agencies in Kelowna 18

Rank It provides SEO services in Kelowna. Having been in the internet services industry since 1997, the Canadian company specializes in keyword search engine ranking and the latest search engine optimization services. Their services are business-friendly because you only pay them once you rank.

The company has 100% White hat SEO marketing strategies; therefore, they won’t use any shortcut techniques that can jeopardize your business. Additionally, they can develop campaigns for your business using local SEO analysis. The key SEO services include

●  Local SEO

●  Online marketing

●  Internet marketing

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your SEO Agency

You need to hire the right agency to get the best SEO services. Here are key factors to consider when looking for an SEO agency in Kelowna.

Evaluate the Company’s Expertise

Engaging the wrong partner could hurt your company’s reputation. You need to choose a reputable SEO agency with the right expertise. To get the best agency, you can ask for the portfolio of clients and past projects to determine whether they are a perfect fit for your business.

A reputable agency will have years of experience and industry knowledge to guide them in optimizing your content and websites.

Determine the SEO Goals

Before hiring any SEO solutions provider; you should develop your business goals. Some SEO goals include boosting your search rankings, optimizing conversions, or boosting brand visibility. An agency can help you achieve all your goals, or you can focus on a single one.

Once you have a goal, you can set deliverables for the agency. This also allows them to create a good plan for your business. The agency should provide monthly reports to show whether progress is being made.

Consider the Pricing

Although the cost of SEO services seems high, the ROI is worthwhile in the long term. For instance, an agency may have initial costs, such as an SEO audit to assess your online presence and visibility, but this will change once a custom strategy is implemented. To best use the services, you should budget according to your goals and business needs.

As you choose an SEO company, you should consider the pricing model. Some firms have a time-based pricing model, while others have a monthly fee. In addition, some agencies will offer different pricing plans depending on the number of services and company size. Therefore, to avoid overspending, you must inquire about all the packages and get a fair pricing structure.

Check Past and Current Clients

Some agencies specialize in specific industries, while others can work in businesses across multiple sectors. If you are looking for niche agencies, you can check the list of past clients before paying for their services. You can use this information to decide whether the SEO agency is worth it.

Additionally, you should check reviews to get insights into the agency.

Type of Services

Each SEO agency has its own set of services. Since SEO is a part of digital marketing, these firms will offer other services to help you achieve your goals. Some common SEO campaigns include keyword research, search intent research, website audit, competitive analysis, technical SEO, on-page SEO, local SEO, and off-page SEO.

Use of Latest Industry Trends

As you choose an SEO agency, check whether it’s up to date with industry developments and new trends. With the rapid growth of digital marketing, there are new changes in the industry; therefore, you need to partner with a company that adapts to changes in strategy or direction.


SEO is an important aspect of digital marketing. You need to invest in SEO to improve visibility or boost your rankings. Fortunately, there are several SEO agencies in Kelowna that you can contact to get these services. 

Each of them offers multiple services; therefore, you should choose the best option based on your business goals.

Consider the company’s SEO goals, pricing, past and current clients, and the type of services before engaging one of these companies.


Is it Worth Paying for SEO Services?

SEO services are worthwhile if you want to boost your visibility, drive traffic to your website and improve your ranking on the search results.

How Much is SEO in Canada?

SEO pricing varies significantly depending on the niche, location, and type of company. For instance, SEO services can cost 250 CAD or more per hour in Vancouver and Toronto. However, in smaller towns, the local SEO for a small business can cost about $50-$100 per hour.

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