SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record

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Do you need help finding the best SEO Company in Westminster? 

Westminster is on the bank of the Thames river, an important location for businesses within London. And with many SEO agencies in this region, choosing the right one for your business can take time and effort.  

Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of Westminster’s 14 best SEO companies. We have vetted them based on several factors, including their ability to deliver results, customer service, and pricing.

These agencies have a track record of delivering standout results whether you desire local or national SEO services. 

So without further ado, let’s get on with the list.

1. Regal Roye

Regal Roye SEO Company
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 15

Regal Roye offers various reliable SEO services in Westminster. Apart from SEO, you can get PPC, PR, content marketing, and web design services. 

This agency has almost a decade of knowledge of the digital marketing industry. Further, their responsive team collaborates closely with the clients to develop tailored marketing plans. Therefore, this is the best SEO company in Westminster if you need a tailored strategy.


  • You get a free SEO analysis report after filling out basic details about your company on their website.
  • They know that each business is different, so they offer a customized package to fulfill your requirements.
  • The experts at this agency will keep you in the loop about your website’s SEO status.


  • None of the renowned agencies have accredited them as the top SEO service provider in the city. 
  • They have yet to win any awards for their services. Additionally, the agency is yet to partner with Google and similar companies. 


kaida seo
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 16

KAiDA SEO provides digital marketing solutions to assist your business in scaling up and reaching its full potential. Their names get mentioned among the top SEO agencies in Westminster.

The agency is the authorized partner and distributor of KAiDA™, the world’s first AI-SEO program that uses automated keyword ranking technology. 

Further, the agency’s primary goal is to support your company’s long-term development as a business partner.


  • KAiDA got published on Fox, Digital Journal, Market Watch, and Benzinga.
  • The agency is an extraordinarily ROI-driven company. Therefore, you get a money-back performance guarantee.
  • You can opt for their no-obligation free website assessment to analyze your SEO status before hiring.
  • They also provide you with analytics and reporting. Additionally, going through their case studies can be a good option though.


  • It may be a concern if you are a big enterprise, as they are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Any listing agencies do not acknowledge them, nor have they received any honors for their SEO work.

3. Toppan

Toppan digital language solution
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 17

Toppan began as a digital language solution and now provides world-class international SEO services in Westminster. They have fantastic specialist teams, cutting-edge technologies, and global infrastructure. 

Moreover, the company’s SEO experts accelerate sales by boosting brand awareness to increase organic website traffic.


  • The agency is a Google, Microsoft, and Facebook partner. Therefore, they work closely with these tech giants and learn about upcoming SEO changes.
  • You can easily find some of their past customer case study results published on their website.
  • This agency has worked with some of the most prestigious companies in the world. Some of the key clients include American Express, Netflix, Tommy Hilfiger, Wise, and Vans.
  • They know that each business is different, so they offer a customized package to fulfill your requirements. Consequently, it’s also one of the affordable SEO services in Westminster.


  • They are language solutions — meaning SEO is not their core service. Therefore, this agency isn’t fit for established businesses that require advanced SEO expertise. 
  • It’s disappointing that any renowned listing body has not yet accredited them for their services.

4. Digital Guruz

Digital Guruz
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 18

Digital Guruz is a boutique digital marketing agency that operates in all industries and niches of the B2B and B2C sector. They have been around since 2017 and are probably the best SEO company in Westminster.

Further, the agency helps you gain online visibility, visitors, and sales. Their data-first strategy enables us to establish lofty goals and publish significant milestones and KPIs.


  • The agency provides specific reports and insights to determine keyword rankings. Therefore, you always stay in the loop about what’s happening with your project.
  • You get a FREE site analysis and one-hour consultation before investing real money.
  • In its journey, the agency has served 88+ clients and given 12k+ Google first page rankings.
  • The agency claims to provide you with guaranteed results. 
  • There are no long-term contracts to bind you; you can pay this agency monthly for their services. This flexibility makes them one of the most affordable SEO services in Westminster.


  • It would have been better if they had partnered with other marketing organizations. Nonetheless, they’re a boutique agency and not a corporate SEO company.
  • The agency hasn’t been mentioned or accredited by any reportable listing agencies.

5. Figment Agency

Figment Agency
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 19

Figment Agency is among the best SEO company in Westminster, serving clients since 2006. 

The agency provides you with a team of experienced specialists dedicated to generating rapid growth that maximizes your potential. Furthermore, they aim to rank you in the top pages of search engines and drive maximum results.


  • The agency was a finalist in the UK and Global Search Awards for 2022. Additionally, they won the Kingston Borough Business Awards in 2021.
  • You get a simple KPI dashboard that lets you track your project’s progress in real-time. Moreover, you also receive monthly reports for the same.
  • The agency got published in major publications and magazines such as Entrepreneur, Real Business, Business Junction, and others.
  • The website’s results section includes some of the case studies of their previous clientele.


  • They do not offer a free SEO audit to their prospects, unlike most SEO companies in Westminster.
  • The SEO services are costly, making them unfit for small businesses and startups.

6. Pure Marketing

Pure Marketing
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 20

Pure Marketing is next on the list of the best SEO company in Westminster. Their top-notch services drive targeted visitors to your website, resulting in increased sales of your products or services. 

Furthermore, the agency focuses on delivering an ROI for your company to prove its worth.


  • The agency has partnered with Google. Therefore, they can learn about new SEO changes quickly and work closely with the experts at Google.
  • They don’t bind you to any long-term contract. You can also choose a monthly payment system and leave anytime you want.
  • The firm lets you view the outcomes on a centralized dashboard, making monitoring simple.
  • You can also get a free, no-obligation SEO analysis of your website after filling out a generic form on their website.


  • The agency is yet to win awards or certifications for its digital marketing services.
  • It’d have been better if some reputable listing organizations had acknowledged them for their SEO services in Westminster.

7. My SEO Experts

My SEO Experts
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 21

My SEO Experts is an award-winning SEO firm with a record of producing exceptional results. 

The agency focuses on increasing the ROI and prioritizes conversion rate optimization. Further, its team has all the local and goal-oriented SEO resources to help you rank worldwide.


  • My SEO Experts have won 88 SEO Awards in 2018 and 56 SEO Awards in 2019.
  • The agency has been featured in Entrepreneur, Inc., Forbes, Fox, and The New York Times for its excellence in providing SEO services to clients based in Westminster and elsewhere. 
  • You get monthly reports to track your progress, including rankings, traffic, local exposure, and revenue.
  • Before beginning work, they will provide you with a free SEO analysis of your website.
  • The agency is a Google Premier Partner, which should help them be more effective on your behalf. 


  • It’s hard to find case studies of their prior clients, as the link on their website needed fixing last we checked.
  • None of the well-known listing bodies mentions or accredits this agency for their work. 

8. Kwayse

Kwayse SEO Agency
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 22

Kwayse is an award-winning web design and SEO agency that helps businesses to improve their online presence locally and globally. 

They achieve it by fulfilling their demands and offering them the best services while applying SEO best practices.

Moreover, the agency has provided its SEO services in Westminster since its establishment in 2018 and is gaining popularity fast.


  • Kwayse guarantees that they will rank your website on the first page within 90 days, or they will work for free till it ranks. 
  • You can use their free website SEO tester to obtain your free website audit.
  • The agency has enclosed mixed case studies to prove their reliability and trustworthiness.
  • You will receive a thorough monthly report outlining key indicators regarding SEO growth.


  • Because the agency is new to the SEO industry, you may not be able to verify some of their claims unless you actually work with them.

9. Tanit Web

Tanit Web Agency
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 23

Tanit Web is an SEO company in Westminster that has been serving since its establishment in 2007. The agency assists businesses in realizing their digital potential and helps them to rank in SERP. 

They succeed because of dedicated work culture, rigorous management, and strategic vision.


  • The agency won MEA Business Awards in 2020 for its impeccable web designing services.
  • Over the past 15 years, they have handled 500+ successful projects.
  • They offer you a free SEO audit that clears all your queries regarding SEO services and pricing. 
  • You may witness their past work on the website. Their key clients are BMW, Mini, and Atlas Interactive.


  • The agency is yet to win awards and honors for its SEO services.
  • Further, it hasn’t partnered with Google, Facebook, or similar marketing agencies. 

10. CEEK Marketing

CEEK Marketing
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 24

CEEK Marketing has been assisting businesses with their online presence since 2016. The agency provides a comprehensive range of marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes and sorts. 

Moreover, the agency conducts analysis, aligns with your goals, and offers personalized services based on your website’s SEO audit data.


  • You may see some of their previous clients’ work in the case studies section, which is enough to prove their credibility and set correct expectations.
  • You get a free SEO audit that is scored on a scale of 1 to 100 points, outlining brief details about your website’s SEO status.
  • You will get regular updates allowing you to track your project status.
  • The agency provides custom plans for each of its clients. Therefore, it is also one of the most affordable SEO services in Westminster.


  • None of the reputed organizations or listing bodies accredits them for their SEO services.
  • The company hasn’t won any industry awards either.

11. Barracuda Digital

Barracuda Digital
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 25

Barracuda Digital is Westminster’s oldest digital marketing firm. They are also the first in the UK to be formally recognized by Google. 

They’ve assisted businesses in finding ingenious solutions to their marketing challenges and expanding their operations since 2000. Furthermore, if you’re looking for cross-channel marketing, this agency is the best SEO company in Westminster.


  • The agency was a finalist in UK Search Awards 2020 and European Search Awards 2019.
  • They have 15+ years of experience with SEO and have successfully sailed through drastic algorithm changes over that period. 
  • The agency is a Google Certified Partner and won The Drum Search Award 2019.


  • It would have been better if they had provided a free SEO audit to prospects.
  • The agency is yet to receive accreditation from listing organizations for their work in digital marketing.

12. DubSEO

SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 26

DubSEO aims to assist clients in improving their SERP position to get more leads and achieve better sales.

The agency applies its skills and tested strategies to help you grow your business and increase your ROI. 

From research through growth, they stay focused on your goals, which makes them the top SEO agencies in Westminster.


  • You can request a free SEO audit to determine your website’s SEO state.
  • The agency provides 2-8 hours of SEO consultation and monthly reports as part of your monthly package.
  • If you are on a shoestring budget, you can pay them monthly. So this agency is among the most affordable SEO services in Westminster.
  • You get several case studies published on their website. Reading them will help you make an informed decision.


  • No major listing companies have recognized or accredited ​​DubSEO.
  • The agency hasn’t received any honors or certifications for its SEO work.

13. SEOi

SEOi SEO Company
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 27

SEOi is a well-known and competent company providing SEO services in Westminster. 

The agency aims to support clients worldwide in growing their businesses and achieving their objectives. Further, they have experience and are suitable for all sizes of companies.


  • They offer you a free, no-obligation SEO consultation, site audit, and SEO strategy session before real money comes into the picture.
  • There are no long-term contracts. Moreover, you can choose or even customize SEO packages as per your needs.
  • After onboarding, you get an SEO management dashboard to track the progress of your project. Additionally, you get reports via email as well.
  • The agency offers free guides and resources which allow you to learn how to run your SEO campaigns on your own.


  • There are no case studies on the website, and there are no noteworthy mentions on the pages of listing bodies and other media organizations about this agency. 

14. Threepipe Reply

Threepipe Reply Agency
SEO Company in Westminster: The 14 Best With Terrific Track Record 28

Threepipe Reply is the last best SEO company in Westminster and is on our list. 

This agency provides comprehensive digital marketing solutions to offer you a competitive advantage. Further, they have experts in analytics, search, media, public relations, and technology who’ll help you achieve your business goals.


  • Threepipe Reply is a Google Premier, Meta Business, and Bing Partner company.
  • You get easy-to-understand daily reporting metrics through their “Any Data” reporting suite.
  • Some of the key clients of Threepipe Reply are Virgin Money, ECB, Panasonic, Liberty, and


  • The agency doesn’t offer its prospects any free SEO audit. 


So, if you have been looking for the best SEO company in Westminster, this list will surely help you find one. All the agencies listed here aim to aid in the growth and boost your company’s revenue.

From this list, review all the agencies carefully and choose the one best suited for your needs.

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