23 Best Software Companies In Houston

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If you’ve been searching for software companies in Houston for a while, you know it takes work.

Houston is a primary corporate sector of the US with over 23 Fortune 500 companies. With so much demand for software services, plenty of software companies exist.

But, finding a reliable software company that will serve your needs and creates beautiful digital products takes time and effort. We’ve prepared a list of Houston’s 23 best software companies to ease that pain.

While researching these companies, we’ve gone deep to ensure they’re the best ones. Some metrics that we looked for include reviews, technologies, pricing, and case studies. 

Let’s get you some software help!

1. Aldridge

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 24

Aldridge is a top software agency in Houston, serving since 1984, focusing on small and midsize businesses. The company also provides IT services like consulting and support in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Seattle.

Along with consultation, you can get IT audits and assessment services that help you recognize the risk of cyber threats on your business.  

Aldridge Features

  • It has a dedicated helpdesk and network monitoring teams working 24/7, 365 days a year, to solve all your problems quickly. 
  • It makes a well-planned schedule and ensures timely implementation. You also get customized solutions as per your need.
  • Gold Microsoft Partners trust Aldridge for its quality SaaS services in Houston. 
  • The agency offers you to schedule a free consultation to solve your initial queries and set a budget regarding your product.

2. TekRevol

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 25

TekRevol is one of the best companies in Houston, offering innovative digital solutions to startups and businesses since 2018. The company can help you with the development of applications, websites, games, and e-commerce platforms.

Further, this agency supports creative problem-solving and inventive thinking and prioritizes customer delight. It also takes pride in establishing enduring relationships with its clientele.

TekRevol Features

  • You get services in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, and Ukrainian.
  • Some of their key clients are The University of Toronto, Waste Connections, Beach Bandits, The Mobius Risk Group, and the University of California SF.
  • The agency is AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Google Developer, Adobe Solutions Partner, and Microsoft Consulting Partner.
  • You can schedule a free consultation to discuss your requirements before giving money. 
  • Listing companies like The Manifest, DesignRush, and GoodFirms have acknowledged it for their SaaS services in Houston.
  • Inc. has listed this company. It has also won C.MM Awards and Horizon Interactive Awards and was a finalist in Timmy Awards.

3. App Maisters

App Maisters
23 Best Software Companies In Houston 26

App Maisters is a leading software company in Houston offering complete digital transformation services. 

It offers services across different industries like healthcare, banking and finance, oil and gas industry, among others.

It can assist you in consulting, cloud, mobility, business intelligence and analytics, blockchain, IoT, artificial intelligence, and app development services.

App Maisters Features

  • App Maisters has an expert team with 10+ years of experience. So, you can get assured of quality services. 
  • The company uses a refined development capability and vast code repository, offering affordable options to build certain digital products and solutions. 
  • You can read numerous case studies on their website to set the right expectations before hiring.
  • GoodFirms and SoftwareWorld have recognized App Maisters as Houston’s best app development company.
  • The agency got featured on Mobile App Daily’s top mobile app development companies in 2022 and Business of Apps’s 2022 top app development companies. 

4. Tietronix Software Inc

Tietronix Software Inc
23 Best Software Companies In Houston 27

If you are looking for a top software agency that works on the latest technologies, check out Tietronix Software.

It is a leading software company in Houston, providing services like mixed reality, software development, medical services, gaming, training, simulations, and more. 

The agency has a technical expert team with an agile response mechanism. Further, it uses an innovative approach to find solutions for your industry needs.

Tietronix Software Inc Features

  • The company’s team has expertise in government, medical, commercial, industrial, training, education, gaming, and IT industries.
  • Established in 1999, Tietronix has a diverse workforce to cater to government and commercial clients. 
  • The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) has evaluated its software development process at Maturity Level 3 for the entire organization.
  • The agency has received multiple awards, including NASA JSC Exceptional Software Award (2017) and NASA JSC Director’s Innovation Group Achievement Award (2015).
  • Tietronix’s list of customers includes top companies like Abengoa, SolarBaylor College of Medicine, Cyberonics/LivaNova, and Houston Community College. 

5. Softeq

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 28

Established in 1997, Softeq is among the best software companies in Houston that work on the latest technologies. Moreover, the company has a multicultural team of 500 expert developers and consultants.

You can get help with end-to-end full-stack development solutions beginning from any stage. Furthermore, the company offers related services, including IoT Solutions, embedded development, and hardware design. 

Softeq Features

  • Softeq has served well-known clients like Coca-Cola, Lenovo, Western Digital, HP, Microsoft, HEMPEL, and EPSON. 
  • The Manifest and DesignRush have listed them as a top software agency in Houston.
  • The agency has experience serving customers across various industries. Additionally, you can read through some of its case studies on the website to make an informed decision.
  • It has 3 ISO certifications of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001, and ISO 13485:2006.
  • The company has a global presence across Houston, Los Angeles, Monterrey, London, Munich, and Vilnius.

6. Plego Technologies

Plego Technologies
23 Best Software Companies In Houston 29

Plego Technologies is an award-winning web, mobile, and software development agency. 

The company has helped clients achieve business goals through its bespoke application development and design services. 

Furthermore, the agency tries to keep up with recent trends and technologies, which is essential for success.

Plego Technologies Features

  • Plego Technologies has worked for renowned brands around the world. Some names include Apple, Fitbit, Intel, Chicago Park District, Motorola, Samsung, and Wipro.
  • With 20 years of experience, the company has created 1000+ web/mobile apps for its clients.
  • It has received multiple awards and recognitions, like the Clutch Top Web App Developers Award (Houston) 2023, for its high-quality services and commitment to results.
  • The agency works on the latest technologies like PHP frameworks, Flutter, Ruby on Rails, Microsoft Technologies, CMS Applications, and AngularJS development.

7. Tevpro

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 30

Tevpro is a top software agency in Houston that provides tech services to businesses in the finance niche. 

The company provides various software services like UX/UI design, application development, mobile development, and enterprise architecture.

Furthermore, Tevpro is a highly technical software development consultant with a highly efficient implementation model focusing on ROI.

Tevpro Features

  • The company offers meaningful technology solutions and ensures 100% customer satisfaction. 
  • You may go through various case studies to understand their past clients’ outcomes and set the right expectations.
  • The Manifest, DesignRush, and Good Firms accredit this agency as a top software development agency in Houston.
  • The company has existed since 2016, and since then, they have transformed several businesses from reactive to proactive. 
  • Some of its key clients include Herbalife Nutrition, Houston Oil Firm, and Microsoft Azure Cloud. 

8. Octaria

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 31

Octaria is a software development as a service (SDaas) company in Houston. The agency offers end-to-end services beginning with problem discovery and solution discussion, continuing with design and implementation, and ending with continued support. 

Furthermore, they’re one of the best software companies in Houston if you’re a startup. The company will help you with MVP development and other digital solutions to kickstart your growth. 

Octaria Features

  • You get mobile and web app development, custom software development, and business process automation services. 
  • The Manifest and GoodFirms accredit this agency as a top software agency in Houston.
  • The company uses the latest technologies, including Typescript, NodeJS, ReactJS, Amazon Web Services, and NextJS.
  • You also get custom packages based on your needs.
  • You can ask for a free consultation to discuss your requirements and ask your queries before bringing real money into the picture.

9. Cynosure Technologies

Cynosure Technologies
23 Best Software Companies In Houston 32

Cynosure Technologies offers various SaaS services in Houston. The company has a team of certified technical experts to ensure you get the best of your capabilities.

Furthermore, you also get dashboard and analytics consulting, onshore IT, managed services, mobile app development, and content management services.

Cynosure Technologies Features

  • The agency has experience serving industries like oil and gas, healthcare, higher education, and government. 
  • It believes that each firm has unique requirements, so they offer you tailored plans.
  • Some of its key clients include Houston Methodist Leading Medicine, UCSF, Heath Consultants, Tech Mahindra, and Dunkin Donuts.
  • It specializes in consulting services for tools like PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle Applications, Java, .Net, and more. 

10. Simublade

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 33

Simublade is an award-winning software company that offers futuristic SaaS services in Houston.

It has a team of ex-Silicon Valley experts that helps companies at every stage to build digital solutions from product strategy and design to revolutionary engineering. 

The best part? You get fast delivery of your work without any compromise on user experience and quality.

Simublade Features

  • The Manifest has put them in 8th rank in their list of the best software companies in Houston. GoodFirms acknowledges them as well.
  • The company has enclosed samples of its work in the work section of its website. Read through these case studies to make an informed decision.
  • Apart from other services, the company works on emerging technologies like machine learning, blockchain, crypto, natural language processing, and AR/VR.
  • Simublade is a CMMI level 3 certified organization. 
  • The agency offers a free consultation before you invest money or hire them.
  • It has assisted renowned names like Accenture, Amazon, Tavus, Dou, Cotravel, Stripe, and Clutch.

11. Cybersoft Technologies

Cybersoft Technologies
23 Best Software Companies In Houston 34

Cybersoft Technologies has been a leading developer and provider of innovative software solutions since its establishment in 1998. It specializes in assisting schools across the country.

Furthermore, the agency focuses on school nutrition solutions. So that they can enable administrators to easily manage menu planning, control inventory, apply nutritional guidelines, and provide online payments.

Cybersoft Technologies Features

  • Cybersoft Technologies has served over 19,667 and 100,500+ schools.
  • The agency has an experience of 24 years in software development.
  • Some of their key clients are the Utah State Board Of Education, the Department Of Education in Texas, the Pennsylvania Department of Education, and the Indiana Department Of Education.
  • You get two School Nutrition Software Solutions: School Cafe — an all-in-one school nutrition solution. And PrimeroEdge — a software solution to streamline school nutrition departments across states and regions.

12. Epicenter

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 35

Epicenter is one of the top software companies in Houston offering web app development services. The agency creates business-driven and user-focused web and mobile apps for companies of all sizes. 

Moreover, you can get related services like UX design, UI design, branding design and strategy, responsive design, custom mobile apps, and e-commerce websites. 

Epicenter Features

  • It has worked for leading brands like Seamtrack, HR Options, Track with Ease, Nassco, and Rosedale Rosehill Cemetery.
  • The agency has experience working with clients of different sizes, from global organizations to startups.
  • On their website, you can find details about the various projects they’ve completed in case studies.
  • With 20+ years of experience, the company has Adobe-certified staff who deliver impeccable outcomes.

13. Lakeplace Design

Lakeplace Design
23 Best Software Companies In Houston 36

Lake Place Design is a UX design and development company that helps you transform your businesses with its UX and UI solutions. Furthermore, the agency can also help you in automating your business processes. 

The company has worked on projects ranging from mobile app development to creating professional logos for big brands!

Lakeplace Design Features

  • It specializes in working on technologies like React, Angular, AWS, and AI.
  • Its website lists some of its case studies in different industries. You can read them to understand their potential and ability to serve your needs.
  • Top listing companies like The Manifest and DesignRush have listed the agency.
  • The company has served over 129 satisfied customers with 168+ successful projects in 2200+ hours.
  • Some of its key clients are Waste Management, Imaginarium, Unify Energy Solutions, Affordable Tours, and Edge.

14. Optimum

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 37

Optimum is one of the best software companies in Houston for development and consulting. 

It delivers end-to-end software solutions and helps companies create and transform apps, automate business processes and increase operational visibility. 

Furthermore, you get other related services like application development, cloud emblement, business consulting, staff augmentation, and business intelligence.

Optimum Features

  • Leading brands like Office Depot, UPS, Biogen, and Jacob trust this agency for software services.
  • Optimum use of various software technologies across multiple industries nationwide and globally.
  • The agency has strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Smartsheet, BlockApps, Nintex, Crowd Machine, Sharegate, Binary Tree, AvePoint, Beezy, and Valo.
  • If you want to know if they are the right agency for you, review their past client’s results in the case studies section on its website.
  • Optimum has affiliations and certifications with top organizations like the Forbes Technology Council, Blockchain Chamber of Commerce, and Oil and Gas Blockchain Consortium.

15. Bursys

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 38

Bursys provides consulting, development, and integration-related SaaS services in Houston. 

Its software development outsourcing services help you handle extensive development, testing, and support teams across the globe. 

Further, the business supports creative problem-solving and inventive thinking while prioritizing customer delight.

Bursys Features

  • The company has served customers across various industries like oil and gas, energy and utilities, industrial equipment, retail and logistics, banking, finance, and insurance. 
  • The agency has been helping brands for 17+ years with its cost-effective digital solutions. 
  • It has successfully delivered 400+ projects using 100+ technology frameworks for its clients.
  • Bursys has a team of 125+ expert employees and holds a record of working 50,000+ hours on cloud development. 

16. Informatics Commerce

Informatics Commerce
23 Best Software Companies In Houston 39

Informatics Commerce is a top software agency in Houston focusing on e-commerce website design and search engine marketing. 

It specializes in designing, coding, and developing high-performing websites for small and large businesses. The company has also helped startups improve their SEO score and online visibility.

Informatics Commerce Features

  • You get services like e-commerce website design, landing page optimization, B2B and B2C Commerce, Mobile App solutions, Advanced site search, and WordPress development.
  • Some of their key clients include Capital One, Evereve, MCC, SRS Distribution, Checkpoint, Smith, Smoking Hookah, and Nike. 
  • The agency believes that everybody can have different requirements and therefore offers custom digital solutions for your needs.
  • The Manifest, a renowned listing body, has recognized them for their software development services.
  • The agency regularly sends you reports and updates on your ongoing projects, ensuring a delightful experience. 

17. Mobisoft Infotech

Mobisoft Infotech
23 Best Software Companies In Houston 40

Mobisoft Infotech is one of the best software companies in Houston. The company enables businesses of all sizes to improve and scale with its digital solutions. 

Further, it offers services like UX/UI design, test automation, infrastructure automation, deployment, DevOps, and integrations. It has experienced staff with experts in multiple technologies and industries. 

Mobisoft Infotech Features

  • It has an experience of 13+ years and consists of 250+ employees that are experts in the latest technologies. 
  • Mobisoft Infotech has worked with 100+ clients across 37 different countries in the world. 
  • Mobisoft Infotech has received 10+ Awards and recognitions for its quality SaaS services in Houston.
  • The agency has partnered with Samsung, Finix, At&T, Amazon, and Scandit. 
  • It works and has a workforce that knows the latest technologies like Flutter, Java, Swift, Python, Php, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, AWS, MySQL, Adobe XD, and CorelDraw. 

18. Tempora 

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 41

Tempora is a small company providing SaaS services in Houston. Its benefits include web development, e-commerce, and membership management solutions. 

Furthermore, the agency is an expert in developing beautiful websites that help you achieve your business goals. Whether your business is B2C or B2B, Tempora ensures your product and services resonate with your target customer.

Tempora Features 

  • The agency has 24 years in business and has a combined industry experience of 75 years.
  • Tempora has worked with companies like Stori Modern, Virtual Viticulture Academy, and Jean Liu Design.
  • You can see the details of the results of their past projects on their website. 
  • The agency works and knows technologies like WordPress, Magento Open Source, Big Commerce, WP Engine, Crucial Hosting, Genesis Framework, Woocommerce, and Bonjoro.

19. Timbergrove

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 42

Timbergrove is a top software agency for custom software, offering its services since its establishment in 2009. 

The agency creates next-gen online experiences with IoT, AI, real-time monitoring, data integration, process automation, and analytics. Furthermore, with a team of dedicated thinkers, it develops creative solutions with elegant and user-friendly interfaces. 

Timbergrove Features

  • You get different services like industrial IoT, custom product development, UX/UI visual design, enterprise asset management, and web app development.
  • GoodFirms, DesignRush, and The Manifest have listed them among Houston’s best software development companies.
  • The company has experience working with businesses of every size, from startups to large enterprises.
  • Some of its key clients are IBM, Canon, AT&T, Canal De Panama, and Transocean.

20. SPARK Business Works

SPARK Business Works
23 Best Software Companies In Houston 43

Spark Business offers digital marketing and SaaS services in Houston. 

The agency helps you to implement practical strategies to increase your ROI and efficiency. You get different services like design strategy, custom software development, and online marketing services. 

SPARK Business Works Features

  • Spark Business Work has a team of 45+ proud designers, developers, marketers, and strategic thinkers.
  • They have delivered 175+ successful projects and experiences to 150+ clients.
  • 90% of their clients come from referrals which shows they’re trustworthy in the industry. And the agency has worked with clients across 10+ industries. 
  • It has offered 4-10x average ROI for its client projects within two years or less. 


23 Best Software Companies In Houston 44

Ceptua IT offers professional IT services to businesses. It helps you to unlock new opportunities and grow in your industry. 

Further, Ceptua IT serves you in areas of business intelligence, software engineering, application development, and cloud-based service providers.

CEPTUA IT Features

  • The agency has partnered with Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.
  • Their professionals will consider every factor, create a strategy, and tailor the services to match your needs. 
  • Some of its clients include T-Mobile, FedEx, Charter Spectrum, Verizon, Results Group, Collabera, Brillio, and Ford.
  • Ceptua IT uses the Latest technologies like ETL, Java, DevOps toolchain, Salesforce, BI strategies and technologies, and NET Framework.

22. Clickficks

23 Best Software Companies In Houston 45

Clickficks is a top software agency in Houston specializing in creating websites and mobile apps. 

The agency primarily focuses on small companies, helping them achieve more sales and provide good digital experiences. 

Clickficks Features

  • Clickficks is a relatively new agency that has delivered 20+ successful projects for 5+ clients. 
  • It offers free business consulting to help you find ways to improve your work using technology. 
  • The company provides custom solutions tailored to your needs enhancing your business processes.


23 Best Software Companies In Houston 46

AAITPRO is among the best software companies in Houston that offer dynamic digital solutions for your business. 

You get assistance with web development, mobile app development, cloud applications, CRM applications, and UI/UX design services. 

AAITPRO Features

  • The agency has successfully delivered more than 2000+ mobile applications development projects. 
  • You can book an appointment for free to discuss your requirements and ask for tailored solutions.
  • The agency provides custom digital solutions as per your business requirements.
  • It has worked for clients across industries like oil and gas, manufacturing, chemical blending, finance and accounting, healthcare, and retail.


So, this was our list of Houston’s top 23 reliable software companies. You can choose any company mentioned in this list and rest assured of quality digital services.

All these agencies custom-make the best software solutions for your business based on your needs to skyrocket your growth. 

But carefully read about each of them and analyze their capabilities to understand whether they succeed in serving your needs.

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