What Data is Google Analytics Goals Unable to Track?

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If you operate a business website, it’s important to use an analytics tool to help you understand your audience much better. Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics platforms businesses use to track visitors, goals, and behaviors.

Although Google Analytics is quite helpful in breaking down information about the amount of traffic coming to your website, it does not track some aspects. So, what data is Google Analytics Goals unable to track? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

The Basics of Google Analytics 

Google Analytics provides free tools to analyze all your business data from one place. Therefore, you can track your blog posts, websites, and social media pages to get the necessary information to make smarter decisions for your business. Some of the key features of this tool include the following:

  • You can get Google’s unique insights and capabilities to interpret your data.
  • Complete information that allows you to fully understand your website and app users and check the performance of your marketing content.
  • Analytics works with other advertising and publisher features from Google, giving you comprehensive insights.

Google Analytics stands out because it works with other Google tools. Therefore, you can use Analytics on other platforms like YouTube, AdWords, or Blogger. 

What are Google Analytics Goals?

To get the best results from Google Analytics, you need to set specific goals that the tool can measure. This web analytics platform will generate a report based on the goals you’ve set up. For instance, if your goal is to track web purchases, you need to set this so that Google can accurately collect the data. 

Defining these goals for your business provides you with critical information, such as your app’s or website’s conversion rate. Additionally, these goals are important because they allow you to see areas you can improve on. Failure to collect this information makes it difficult to evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. 

What Data is Google Analytics Goals Unable to Track?

One of the metrics Google Analytics Goals can’t track is the customer’s lifetime value. Google does not have a way to record this data because this activity is not an interaction. Additionally, this parameter is not discoverable on an app or a website. Therefore, your business may not get these lifetime value numbers for particular customers. 

For Google Analytics to meet your goals, you need suitable data. You can only use information such as purchases and page visits to make your own assumptions about the customer’s lifetime value. 

The Bottom Line

Google Analytics Goals allow you to add up to 20 different goals. These goals measure how well your app or website fulfills its objectives. Therefore, when you complete this activity, your business will be on its way to success. Now that you know what data Google Analytics Goals cannot track, you can use the web analytics platform to set smarter goals.

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